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  1. Matt Eldrydge

    Mapping Etiquette (Flicker Lights)

    I think it's fine so long as you don't make it flicker the way that one map Xaser made for 50 Shades of Graytall. That one does warrant an epilepsy warning but it is a rad as hell effect for Boom. The standard light blink random and light flicker sector specials are fine. I know a couple people who have epilepsy and occasionally play Doom or see my maps in motion, none of them ever reported any issues so far. If anything, I'd avoid the light blink fast/slow special for large spaces or in multiple sectors close together. That one's effect seems more likely to cause issues IMO.
  2. Matt Eldrydge

    Planar Havoc [MBF21] - Episode 1 Alpha

    Took this for a quick spin and got past map 04, I really like the overall vibe of the set! I did find map 03 was a bit tight on health towards the end but so far that's my only feedback regarding supplies. I did find some small oddities in map 01 and 02, but they're pretty minor. Playing on DSDA-Doom 0.27.5, complevel 21 and on UV. I'll finish map 05 soon! Overall impressions so far are really good, if a bit hard for me. Will definitely give HMP a try when I have the time. :)
  3. Matt Eldrydge


    Grungo make good effort for first map, I say. Make next map bigger with more evil spirit to PUNCH and it will be gooderer. Me think Grungo should play with lead spitter you feed red and yellow berry before spit. Good for when evil spirit is standing on rock or across river.
  4. Matt Eldrydge

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    Hey, just dropping by to share a bit of an issue I found in the latest version when playing with Vesper: the centered and bobbing weapon alignment option makes the weapons' lower/raise states behave strangely. I only noticed this with Vesper as of posting but I imagine it might affect anything that has a bunch of frames, so I figured it was better to bring it up here.
  5. Matt Eldrydge

    [v1.0.0] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    Don't worry about it, it's perfectly understandable! In fact, I figured out what causes this issue already: the new weapon alignment option. Leaving it off or horizontal doesn't change anything, so it's not a big deal. I only noticed it with Vesper so far, but it could happen with anything that has a lot of frames for weapons maybe. I'll post this in DSDA-Doom's thread once I find it. :P
  6. Hey, thanks! You might need to do a little more than just the ending, most of the monsters didn't get placed - mostly just the ones in the closets are there. :P Either way, good luck! Feel free to message me if you'd like me to take a look at what you added to the map to make sure our styles work together. :)
  7. Matt Eldrydge

    Veranda - A dreamy, liminal, brutalist map

    I went expecting something chill and got my behind handed to me at least ten times in the first half, only to go flying off the platform in the second part. I don't think it's worth getting frustrated at the difficulty (which is certainly not middling IMO) in what is a beautiful and quite interesting map, so I'll probably turn monsters off and enjoy the atmosphere next time I boot it up. Good work either way!