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  1. No breakable crates or fires YET, I'm having a look at how possible it would be to do. Any takers ;) I am considering replacing the Chainsaw with the axe, mind you. Sigh, my organisational skills have suddenly failed.
  2. Well the idea of this project was to interpret Doom RPG, rather than just make an out and out copy of it. I am keeping all the same (well, basic) map layouts, themes and even some of the details of the maps, right down to the monsters in each area (where possible at least :P), but moving it into the Doom engine, 2.5D and more "free" roaming. So while it may not be COMPLETELY faithful to the original Doom RPG, I am trying to keep it as close as possible. It may feel very WolfenDoom, but thats how I want it TBH, utilising effects that the original Doom RPG couldn't; eg, crates, steps, hidden walls, scripting etc. And cheers BE :)
  3. Icarus

    [Doom2D] Need a little help with translating.

    Damn, this looks fun. I can't wait until this is fully translated and stuff :D I tryed to play it in russian, but I couldn't figure ANYTHING out, so I gave up.
  4. Not so much I wanted to move out of Zdoom, more I've never used strife format before. I'll play around with it and see what i think of it. I would quite like NPCs, mind, and Strife supports that (right?) Anyway, some screens from Sector 1. Slow going at the moment, but should pick up momentum soon.
  5. Icarus

    4 megawad ideas

    h He mumbled something about "hunt the HOM" at some point.
  6. Icarus

    4 megawad ideas

    Now you have cleared that up more, I like the idea of them all. I'd still go for constant threat, but I'd be well up for helping if the boss megawad was to go. Are you going to actually make any of these?
  7. Nice one, hop aboard. I wanted to keep it in zdoom/hexen format, I've never actually worked with Strife before to be honest. It would mean we could have NPCs, buuuut, I dunno. Feel free to do scripting and stuff though, I only know a bit of ACS, so you are invaluble now :D Cheers :) I'll get some screens up later on today I hope to shoew you how I'm doing.
  8. Icarus

    Coded Doors

    Awesome :D I'll crack that open and have a look at how you did that, if you don't mind. Cheers.
  9. Icarus

    Weird Doom dreams.

    I had a dream not so long back about Doom. It was kinda like an open E4 area, with some pillars and ledges, and a set of stairs leading up into a small alcove come chamber. I went up into the area, and there was grating on one wall of the chamber and a massive, Torm-style lever switch on the opposite wall. It just so happened a bunch of people from my school were there, and while I was investigating the room, a girl walked over and flipped the lever. This caused a wall to lower just inside the grating, and when it raised again, a load of Lost Souls had spawned behind the grating, only they weren't moving. I realise there is a massive red light next to a button on the back wall of the room on pedastal. So I hit it, and the wall lowers again. When it raises again, the lost souls have all gone. Then they spawn into the room I am standing in, and procede to slam into this girl next to me. So I proper strafe run out and arm my SSG, only to find the Lost souls are immune to Buckshot. Then I woke up when all the lost souls turned blue.
  10. Icarus

    Coded Doors

    Is there anyway to use scripting to create coded doors; that is doors where you must enter a numerical passcode in order to unlock/open them? As I am working on the Doom RPG/PC project, the coded doors are practically integral to the gameplay of the game. So yeah. Possible or not?
  11. Yeah, it's coming along. I have all of Sector one and Junction mapped out on sheets of paper, so the structure is all there. Its all down to putting it into Doombuilder, detailing and placements now. I'm using a combination of the 2 NMN Corp texture packs at the moment, but I'll merge any textures I've used later on to save space and stuff. I should have some decent screenies up by the weekend.
  12. Icarus

    4 megawad ideas

    For the Constant threat one, do you mean tagging the monsters as Multiplayer so when in DM, you are also under fire from monsters? 'cus that would be a laugh. The musical one could be cool, but it would be too varied and inconsistant IMO. See, if the music is open to TOO MUCH interpretation, you culd end up with anything for the musics. As for the boss battles, I immagine it like 'The Long Bridge' from Destination Unknown (I think); Just a long series of rooms or 'arenas' with bosses in each one who got more difficult with each room, and better weapons as it goes along, etc. This would be cool, but I can't see how it would work as a megawad, just one long, long level.
  13. Lol, he is a MANCintosh. Yeah I got nothing funny about the PE.
  14. Cheers for all the support guys :) The NMN Corp. 1 pack (http://doomworld.com/idgames/?id=12946) looks like it should do the job for textures. Fraggle: Cheers for them :) Also, cheers Veg and Fisk for offering your help. I'll break out the texture pack and start work on a map. What would be the best engine to do this in? I was thinking zDoom, but if you have a better idea, let us know :)
  15. Right, so I know I already posted one thread about it, but everyone missed the point there. So Yeah. I'm Interested in interpreting Doom RPG (the one for phones) into a fully fledged FPS Doom .wad. Unfortunately, In order to do this, I need some help from you folks, especially with a lot of the advanced scripting that this game will require. I'm well for doing a lot of the mapping, and some DECORATE for the monster classes, but I will need some people to help with this project. Also, some Paintshop wizards are also required for recolouring sprites for different monster classes, and a Kronos sprite set is gonna be needed. Things I want to achieve with this project: -A complete interpretation of Doom RPG, but with a free roaming environment that Doom brings, and full classic Doom combat. (Basically, removing the turn based combat and squared movement.) -Vending Machines and a credit system to buy ammo and health at various points. -Consoles, coded doors and if possible, NPCs. So yeah, after all that spiel, anyone still want to help me out with this?