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  1. sector666

    New Doom 64 Discovery In Research Lab After 24 Years!

    I was one of those people who discovered this my first time. I didn't get across the bridge in time so I went back to flip the switch again. Because of the camera in the room I assumed that the switch could be used again and hit it without even paying much attention to the fact the texture was still "flipped." I check the camera and saw the bridge was up again. It's genuinely a surprise to me that people didn't know about this because it's just second nature to me that the bridge can be raised again. Something I did recently learn after all this time is that the spectres that spawn in that black pit in Alpha Quadrant are blocked from going between the pillars, so they can't block the player from crossing the pillars. In hindsight that's 100% necessary due to infinite thing height, but until hearing about it that's not something I had ever actually thought about.
  2. Making this post a little ahead of time as a placeholder. (The level is going to be in the Doom Master Wadazine and they need a link.) Will have a release within a day or less most likely. Some of you may have seen the level before but an update is almost ready.
  3. sector666

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    It already looks strange turning when there's enemies on screen anyway. I can imagine that would be even more apparent with turn+strafe. But visual oddness isn't what keeps me from going back and enjoying the SNES version again these days. It's the no turn+strafe control scheme. If there was a toggle for allowing turn+strafe then it could be added in without bothering people who don't like the lack of sprite rotations. Hopefully it will become possible now to have more than just one custom level at a time too.
  4. sector666

    Community Chest 64

    If you end up making those I should be able to link to them on the wiki. I've been considering putting links on the wiki to some of Antnee's posts in this thread teaching about macros too.
  5. sector666

    Community Chest 64

    I've fixed the 35 tics mistake on the macros page. If there are any other mistakes you know of on the Doom 64 EX wiki, please mention them so they can be corrected.
  6. sector666

    Community Chest 64

    @GoatLord, something that can help to get a feel for how macros work is to make a couple test macros with just one or two actions in them, and see how they work in-game. And how things change in-game when you change settings in those macros, for actions that take numbers. Not sure you understand how a specific action works? Testing it out in-game with different numbers really is a great way to get a feel for how things work. Once you know the basics of how to make a functioning a one or two action macro it can also be much easier to wrap your head around things. Basically for many people I think macros can be confusing at first, until something suddenly clicks and then they "get it." Getting to that initial understanding is the hardest part.
  7. sector666

    Community Chest 64

    I asked about that. It turns out each midi channel is treated as a separate track, and each one can loop on it's own. Is that helpful? Or is there something more you would need to know?
  8. These are awesome! They're very well done already, but there's still a few things I could suggest. The Mancubus may be withered and all but that's a bit too thin to be entirely convincing. It would feel more real to have just a little bit more meat on it's bones on the biceps and thigh muscles. After all, those would have been thicker to start with before they withered, so it would make sense they stayed a bit thicker (plus the way revenants move so fast and punch--which would use those muscles especially). And that would give it a more intimidating look because of the impression of still having strength. The Spider Mastermind has hands! Maybe they could fire the chainguns? The red Cyber... I know the original model had those bowls on the ends of the rocket launchers--and you did an amazing job of recreating that model. But those bowls kind of look like plungers (which is probably why they changed that for the Cyberdemon in the final game). The box-like rocket launchers on the original cover and the Cyberdemon in the final game are more convincing because of that. For some reason those bowls also make me think they'd shoot some kind of powerful energy instead of rockets. Hmm. It could work having a Cyber with bowls which shoots energy, and a different one with more boxy rocket launchers? Just something that came to mind. Or maybe one with both kinds of weapons, and shoots energy from one and rockets from the other. That would be a unique combo. The hell-hound is another well done model. Have you considered giving it horns? Just because that might give some extra menace. I'm also very curious what it would do. The summoner--interesting idea and well done once again. If you wanted her to be more creepy and arch vile like it could help to have inhuman feet instead of shoes, and maybe a more skeletal or alien face? I guess I'm a bit late in seeing this as you said the icon has a body. Looking at your model that's just a head, I was thinking that looks like a lost soul on steroids, and could really work as a head floating around all by itself, belching out enemies and projectiles. If there were two phases, both the body and head-only versions could work. Or, crazy idea, maybe it could start out with the head attached, and after enough damage the head detaches and both head and body attack independently until each are killed. I'm probably going overboard here. But your models are inspiring.
  9. Yesterday the forum for Doom64EX (which was using Invisionfree) got switched to some new system which, besides being done without asking first, is also so buggy that people can't even log in with existing accounts. Nobody involved in running the forum trusts or wants to stay there after this. We're trying to figure out what to do about setting up a new forum somewhere else. This is the second time the Doom64EX forum has had to move as the original forum suddenly died some years ago. Overnight it just wouldn't load anymore and all posts were lost. I don't want this to end up happening a third time. So I'm asking here for advice on what might be a more stable place to have a forum. I think free forum hosting might be dying in general which is extra worrying. I don't know if non-free hosting would be a viable option. Does anyone know what other Doom related forums use for their hosting, or know some place to be long term reliable that they can recommend?
  10. sector666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom Builder 2 (& 64) can give the message "Created a romantic drawing." All I know is that I was saving something in Builder 64 and it was taking an unusually long time, then I saw that message in the bottom right corner for a couple seconds. Unfortunately it was gone before I thought of taking a screenshot. Anyone know what causes that to show up?
  11. sector666

    The end of .zip

    Now I wish that back when domains were first started, something else than a period was used right before the domain. Then it wouldn't matter if domains shared the same letters as common filetypes.
  12. sector666

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I had a dream last night that someone had made some breakthrough in N64 emulation which allowed assets from any N64 game to be used in any other N64 game. Whoever did this decided to showcase it with Doom 64, with a fly-by demo a lot like the intro flythrough normally in Doom 64. Except this was really a remake of a Doom 64 level inside some other N64 game, complete with Doom 64 textures, monsters, sky, and lighting.
  13. sector666

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'd almost be tempted to do that if I had a cellphone. Do people give you strange looks when it goes off?
  14. sector666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I found out from watching the Double Fine Dev Plays with Romero that in Mt. Erebus you're supposed to rocket jump to get to the secret exit. I had never done that nor even heard that mentioned before. It's possible to strafe jump to get to it which is what I had always done. I also didn't know about id's rule of "if it could have been done in the previous game then it doesn't belong in the new game," which Romero also mentioned in the Dev Plays.
  15. sector666

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'm rusty on ZDoom features, but isn't there a way Brutal Doom could specify that switch textures shouldn't get blood decals?