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  1. Yesterday the forum for Doom64EX (which was using Invisionfree) got switched to some new system which, besides being done without asking first, is also so buggy that people can't even log in with existing accounts. Nobody involved in running the forum trusts or wants to stay there after this. We're trying to figure out what to do about setting up a new forum somewhere else. This is the second time the Doom64EX forum has had to move as the original forum suddenly died some years ago. Overnight it just wouldn't load anymore and all posts were lost. I don't want this to end up happening a third time. So I'm asking here for advice on what might be a more stable place to have a forum. I think free forum hosting might be dying in general which is extra worrying. I don't know if non-free hosting would be a viable option. Does anyone know what other Doom related forums use for their hosting, or know some place to be long term reliable that they can recommend?
  2. sector666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom Builder 2 (& 64) can give the message "Created a romantic drawing." All I know is that I was saving something in Builder 64 and it was taking an unusually long time, then I saw that message in the bottom right corner for a couple seconds. Unfortunately it was gone before I thought of taking a screenshot. Anyone know what causes that to show up?
  3. sector666

    The end of .zip

    Now I wish that back when domains were first started, something else than a period was used right before the domain. Then it wouldn't matter if domains shared the same letters as common filetypes.
  4. sector666

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I had a dream last night that someone had made some breakthrough in N64 emulation which allowed assets from any N64 game to be used in any other N64 game. Whoever did this decided to showcase it with Doom 64, with a fly-by demo a lot like the intro flythrough normally in Doom 64. Except this was really a remake of a Doom 64 level inside some other N64 game, complete with Doom 64 textures, monsters, sky, and lighting.
  5. sector666

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'd almost be tempted to do that if I had a cellphone. Do people give you strange looks when it goes off?
  6. sector666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I found out from watching the Double Fine Dev Plays with Romero that in Mt. Erebus you're supposed to rocket jump to get to the secret exit. I had never done that nor even heard that mentioned before. It's possible to strafe jump to get to it which is what I had always done. I also didn't know about id's rule of "if it could have been done in the previous game then it doesn't belong in the new game," which Romero also mentioned in the Dev Plays.
  7. sector666

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'm rusty on ZDoom features, but isn't there a way Brutal Doom could specify that switch textures shouldn't get blood decals?
  8. You even added the wiggle fix. Nice. Bug: Going to Game Settings without having a game loaded causes a crash (Doom port only).
  9. I've come to the conclusion has to be an issue/defect with the controller itself, because there's a constant turning to the left when I'm not touching the right analog stick. But if I hold the right analog stick even a tiny bit to the right that constant turning stops until I let go. Sometimes when I let go of the right analog gently after having held it to the right, it actually stays put instead of constantly turning to the left. But then when I have to turn again, whether left or right, most often it will start constantly turning to the left again when I'm not holding the right analog anymore. What I don't really understand is why no other homebrew I can think of that I've used has had an issue with the right analog of my classic controller. I didn't even know there was a deadzone problem on the right analog until I tried using your ports. Although it seems clear that it has to be a deadzone issue on the right analog that is causing this, because holding that analog just a hair to the right ends the constant turning to the left as long as it's held. So the only solution I can think of is if there was a way to remap bindings so that right analog was unused, that would definitely fix the problem. A control scheme which moved strafe to shoulder buttons, move+turn to left analog, and allowed right analog to be unbound would accomplish that and also control very well, imo. It's just unfortunate that there's no way to set up a binding like that, and it sounds like it would be a lot of work to allow something like that.
  10. The new download link is bugged so here's a fixed link. http://www.file-upload.net/download-9919719/Wii-DOOM_Wii-HERETIC_Wii-HEXEN_Wii-STRIFE_ALL-IN-ONE_R12_PROPER.zip.html Edit: Bug: I couldn't get the menu to come up while a Doom demo was playing. Haven't checked that on the other ports. I was really looking forward to using these now that there's key rebinding, but I don't see any way to rebind strafe, turn, or movement keys. What I really want is to bind strafe to shoulder buttons and move+turn to either the D-pad or left analog, or maybe even both. Unfortunately because there's no way to unbind move+turn from the right analog, I cannot get rid of the constant turning caused by a slight deadzone problem with my right analog. It literally makes everything unplayable. I'd really like to use these ports though. I hope I'm not being a pest, but is there any chance that move, strafe, and turn could be rebound in the future too, please? And that move+strafe could be unbound/cleared from the right analog? Unfortunately I don't think there's any chance I'll be able to use these without that. The constant turning I'm experiencing just makes it impossible to play.
  11. sector666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That's so cool seeing it tiled like that. Now I wonder if there's any other levels where the start tiles seamlessly.
  12. sector666

    Things id got wrong

    Even though the damage with a rad suit on is intentional, it seems weird that they would have it do full damage. You'd think if some damage did get through it would at least be reduced to 10 or even 5. Having it be the full 20 does make it seem like a bug if you haven't seen the code, and either poorly thought out or dick move if you have seen it. That doesn't even compare to inescapable damage pits though. You stepped in the wrong place, now start over. Instant death just doesn't fit in with Doom's gameplay style at all. Besides that, probably the worst kind of game you could put inescapable pits in is one where there's so much of a focus on dodging.
  13. sector666

    Things id got wrong

    I never knew that about the rad suit issue. Night vision goggles probably weren't used very often because all they do is make everything fullbright, and Doom loses so much of its atmosphere when you don't have any contrast to the lighting. A different effect which didn't remove all lighting contrast would've been so much better.
  14. This is great. You even enabled music too, which I don't think any of the other Wii id ports did except Wolfenstein. There are a few issues and unclear things though. Crash: HACX's first demo desyncs (probably because of changes 1.2 made I'd guess) but the second demo crashed to a code dump. Wad selection: Apparently if you make a mistake when selecting iwad/pwads, the only way to undo it is to hit X and start over? Being able to press select or something to cycle between what iwad/pwad/deh you're choosing would eliminate the need to start all over. Controls: Is there a way to rebind controls? I see some things that look like they might be controls in default.cfg, but I don't know how I'd change them. I have tried using the default control scheme but I just can't stand it. I'd use a more SNES Doom like control scheme if I could set it, which is completely different then the default. Besides that, whenever I'm in a level half the time there's a constant turning to the left. As far as I can tell it seems like there might be a slight (and I mean very slight) problem with the deadzone on my right analog always leaning just a hair to the left. But just that little bit kept it wanting to turn to the left constantly. I've never noticed a problem like that with any other homebrew or Wii games though, so I don't know why your ports are so sensitive to that. That's something else that could be fixed by rebinding though. The configuration I'd want wouldn't even use the right analog. For anyone who might be confused by this at first like I was, you can use the ports with a homebrew channel setup on an SD card, as long as you have a USB drive available too. In order to load them from an SD card, you just need to put all the programs in the "apps" folder of both the SD card and the USB drive. They'll show up in the homebrew channel from your SD card, and you can load iwad/pwads from the SD, and game saves will work right too.
  15. sector666

    Things about Doom you just found out

    MAP01 of Doom 64 does this too. I don't think any of the other levels did though.