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Doom on your Cellphone (Not Doom RPG)

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I found it interesting to play DooM on my cellphone, although I can't use anything harder than "Hurt me plenty" to have any type of chance. I use C2Doom on my Nokia N73. You can turn the screen sideways (which uses the full screen because the aspect ratio comes closer to how it should be), but then the controls are all on the left (or right) side of the screen, which makes it even more unplayable.

Though it's fun when you have absolutely nothing to do, like a long trip in a bus or subway, to just start some map in Ultra Violence and just run around shooting stuff in Invulnerability mode.

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CodeImp said:

I wish this was available for Sony Ericsson (K770i, my phone), someone please hear my wish, heh :)

It's not worth the trouble. Controls are just non-existent.

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No it doesn't run Symbian. I'm not sure what it runs, but it's not Symbian.

That java Doom wannabe is like Doom 64 or Doom 3, it isn't Doom! :( I want Doom :P

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