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  1. Thanks. Links to the mentioned Doom Builder forks are on the website at the right top, by the way.
  2. Haha this is horrible to hear myself talking in slow english. I hope you find it a good show though.
  3. Thanks andrewj, and sorry to steal your topic for this (it was asked here so I thought I'd put something together). I have updated the plugin (again) with a fix that better shows the split areas. Because the area boundaries could overlap, it now also takes into account all the previous splits when drawing the visual representation of the "left" and "right" areas.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3.
  5. Fixed and uploaded, try downloading the plugin again. I also changed the display rendering a bit to increase performance (it was very poor for large maps).
  6. Here is a plugin that allows you to see subsectors, segs and splits (nodes) that the nodebuilder created: Source code for the plugin is in the Doom Builder repository, or here.
  7. Or my nose, because it was maintained by me. I say "was" because it is a daunting task to keep track of all the news and updating the forever changing direct download links and version numbers and due to my involvement in other projects, these resource links didn't get the attention they deserve. I suggest getting rid of version numbers and direct download links. Link to the website of the 'product' where it can be downloaded instead. That way the list doesn't need to be updated for every new version of anything. This of course doesn't remove broken links automatically, so a list of those would still be useful ;)
  8. Wow that website is RED! I think I'm seeing everything else in cyan now. But still a very nice tool exl!
  9. To be frank, this thread does a better job showing you what GZDoom Builder is (even though it also has only 1 screenshot) It is also the official thread maintained by MaxED, the maker of the GZDoom Builder branch.
  10. But, this isn't something we need to make money off. Also, on a mobile device we are much more limited (memory, performance, graphical effects, etc).
  11. No, this is PC only.
  12. Hellbent was really a school project, but fun and educational nonetheless. I could have made a proper game out of it maybe, but at the time didn't have knowledge, experience and skill set to make it anything like Rampage M. I have played both, but just to get a sense of what game it is, I don't know them is detail to tell you exactly what the differences are. They are the same genre, same type of game, but we are just going to do it the way we would like to see it, not copying any of these. And if some things happen to be the same then so be it, but chances that the whole game will be identical to any other are slim.
  13. Yes, I'm definitely still going to try shadows for the flashlight. But these are one of the most costly things to do (performance wise) so I'm not entire sure yet if it will be in there.
  14. No there won't be modding features (not officially though). I have considered it, but it already takes us a _lot_ of time to make this game (since most of us work fulltime and just work on this project in spare time) and making everything userfriendly enough to allow mods takes even more time. Maybe at some point it will go open source, or I will release just the level editor. We do keep an option open for expansion packs. If for some odd reason the game gets popular, we can at least make extras to play. PRIMEVAL: Thanks. We're really not ready to get into music just yet, but I'll save your links for us to check out later.
  15. See this video that actually shows a bit of our game! Don't forget to set the quality to HD (720p). We are still in an early phase of our project (pre-alpha) which means we have a very long way to go, but a video like this is always good to show other people what we have and to align new team members in the right direction. Also Rex Claussen is on the team to do some level design. The maps in the video are missing a lot of detail (some walls are even solid color) have a lot of texture misalignments and placeholder materials. But this video is just to give an impression of our work so far. Also there is no in-game sound or music yet. Music excerpt borrowed from Total Recall and solely intended to give an impression. This will all be done right later on. Oh and the maps are made with a modified Doom Builder ;) This game is on IndieDB here and the website is