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  1. You need your map to be in Hexen or UDMF format to use scripts. When you have converted your map (search the forums) you will get a SCRIPTS tab in the script editor in which you can edit the script that is compiled and included in your map.
  2. CodeImp

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    Looks like I'm the only one voting for Doom (1993) so I'll add some explaining to that. I think it is the best game because: It had the most impact on people and the gaming scene. Because it was new and (at that time) high-tech, but also because it immersive and a perfect balance between challenging, beautiful and scary. It had (at that time, at least for me) an original story, but allowed you to dive right in (no need to read/watch an intro). While the story was not detailed and not forced upon you, it was there just enough to get an idea of what is going on. It is complete. The story has a beginning (Knee-deep in the dead) with a great transition to the next episode (E1M8), a followup (Shores of Hell) and an ending (Inferno). It has enough content, the content matches the story (the environment styles and details) and a satisfactory ending (with a teaser to the next story, Doom 2). Ultimate Doom is good too, but to me is simply more of the same. Like WADs you can download. Nice for an additional bit of entertainment, but doesn't make the game itself better. Doom 2 is great, especially the new monsters are well done, but still Doom 1 had more impact to me.
  3. CodeImp

    SC-55 soundfont

    Unzip it to the "soundfonts" subdirectory of your GZDoom directory. Then start GZDoom, go to the Sound options, Advanced sound options, Midi player options, select the midi player you are using (likely FluidSynth) and then select soundfont (Select configuration). EDIT: Just noticed that the file inside that ZIP file you linked is not recognized by GZDoom. You may have to convert it or download it in a format that is supported by GZDoom.
  4. CodeImp

    Favourite map editor(s)?

    This was the first editor I used and used it for a long time. I got it on one of these shovelware CDs that I bought somewhere in the 1990s. Good times!
  5. CodeImp

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    This is absolutely a work of art! Thanks to everyone involved for their great efforts. I really enjoyed playing through these maps.
  6. Quake I definitely. I have spent a _LOT_ of time playing Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena online and liked it. But Quake 1 definitely had the best atmosphere, graphics style and singleplayer experience for me. After that there was a bunch of irrelevant stuff. The latest Doom (2016) was cool, but not as groundbreaking as Quake was at that time.
  7. CodeImp

    Is Doom Builder 2 Development Discontinued?

    The term I believe is "lurking". I don't read everything unless tagged, actually pretty much only that. DB2 development is indeed discontinued. If I wanted to work on it, I would probably rewrite it again because I would (again) design the internal workings completely different. But this time there wouldn't be any significant new features from a user perspective, so it's not worth it. The forks are doing a good job of adding the sourceport-specific features (and also cluttering the user interface a lot) so everyone is happy.
  8. CodeImp

    The worst part of editing in Vanilla

    For plain Doom Builder 2 (not sure about any of the forks) there is a Visplane Explorer plugin which shows the visplane heatmap inside the editor with 1 click on a button (or a key which you can map). See http://doombuilder.com/index.php?p=plugins The plugin might not work on DB2 forks due to their changes though.
  9. Absolute Best Evah: Doom 1 Pretty much everything about this game is great and well executed. Especially for it's time. Setting, progress, atmosphere, monsters (although Doom 2 makes a few good monster additions), items and gameplay. Even the graphics, as far as they could go in 1993. Second Best: Doom 2 Everything that Doom 1 has plus some good monster additions. I like the double barrel shotgun too, although it is a bit overpowered. Why 2nd place then? The level design and setting does less for me. The whole Doom 1-going-to-mars-then-going-to-hell setting was much more interesting to me than the Doom 2-monsters-have-invaded-earth setting. Third place: TNT, Evilution, other megawads Some mods are just a good bit of fun. OK-ish: Doom '16 It's not really what Doom 1 was, but I think it's not a bad attempt at a remake. Just too few monsters at the same time and increasing the difficulty just makes the monsters do more damage. That was a major disappointment. Absolute crap: Doom 3, Doom 64, freedoom These are just not Doom in my opinion. They don't look the same, don't feel the same or have completely different gameplay.
  10. Thanks. Links to the mentioned Doom Builder forks are on the website at the right top, by the way.
  11. Haha this is horrible to hear myself talking in slow english. I hope you find it a good show though.
  12. CodeImp

    Visplane Explorer : new 0.80 version

    Thanks andrewj, and sorry to steal your topic for this (it was asked here so I thought I'd put something together). I have updated the plugin (again) with a fix that better shows the split areas. Because the area boundaries could overlap, it now also takes into account all the previous splits when drawing the visual representation of the "left" and "right" areas. http://www.doombuilder.com/plugins/nodesviewer.zip
  13. CodeImp

    What phone are you using?

    Samsung Galaxy S3.
  14. CodeImp

    Visplane Explorer : new 0.80 version

    Fixed and uploaded, try downloading the plugin again. I also changed the display rendering a bit to increase performance (it was very poor for large maps).
  15. CodeImp

    Visplane Explorer : new 0.80 version

    Here is a plugin that allows you to see subsectors, segs and splits (nodes) that the nodebuilder created: http://www.doombuilder.com/plugins/nodesviewer.zip Source code for the plugin is in the Doom Builder repository, or here.