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    2021 just so happens to be the year of the Ox, and we were definitely worked like oxen, doing our level best to keep pace with the year’s prodigious output, bringing many of us to sometimes jokingly say: Stop giving us so much good stuff to play! Coming through at higher volume than crypto rug pulls, amazing maps have been thrown at us left, right, and center since December 11, 2020. And thus, we’ve added two more big awards spots to accommodate such a massively stacked year, and not just that- we’ve also recognized 21 more WADs just for 2021.


    From Dario Casali’s surprise return playing Plutonia 2, Romero’s announcement of Sigil 2, and Lee Jackson’s return to midi-making in force, and epic collab with Jimmy, the return of the legends of old can only signify even more epic things for the future of the Doom community. We can only hope that the upward trend of amazing Doom mapping continues, even at the risk of future Cacowards being just as full-to-bursting as this year. 


    The team has also had its fair share of restructure this year outside of its awards. @Not Jabba has left the panel this year, and will be dearly missed, although I can highly recommend his Not the Cacowards threads for more of his amazing insights and reviews on your favorite mapsets. However, we have found new blood to sacrifice to the Icon of Sin…. I mean, a couple of fantastic new additions to our team. @Omniarch is an avid review enthusiast best known for his 4000 word mini-novel on his ten favorite maps, and @Dynamo is a long-time ZDoom Forums veteran and DoomWiki contributor, fervently keeping up with the documentation of our ever-growing mapping history. 


    A huge thanks to @dashiefrickintyan for our title picture and banner this year!


    - @Major Arlene