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  1. Omniarch

    Favorite Doom Wad Soundtrack?

    Struggle: The Antaresian Legacy. The music is so catchy I can barely play properly due to a near-irresistible urge to jam to the beat! I believe the soundtrack is mostly sourced from an obscure (on the english-speaking web anyway) South Korean game called Fortress 2. I know nothing about that game, but man its soundtrack is godtier! Also, props to the original Doom 1 soundtrack. Honestly, there is nothing else quite like it. Doom 2 has some real bangers as well, like D_READ_M and D_DEAD.
  2. Omniarch


    Right, so I just finished my UV-Max pistol start run of ERR.wad, and am ready to share my thoughts! First, I'll summarize my thoughts on the wad as a whole, discussing combat, aesthetics, layout, secrets and overall cohesion. Following that, I'll go through my opinions on each map individually, drawing attention to specific details or bugs as I go. One final note: I am playing the 1.1 Beta version of the wad, but I will only cover my thoughts on the first episode. Lets get to it, shall we? The combat is probably ERR's standout feature. I found it to be tight and punchy, prioritizing quick thinking and reflexes over strategy and endurance. Hitscanners, pinkies/specters and imps are often used together in the larger encounters. The combination of generally small spaces and limited resources forced me to carefully prioritize my targets, killing the hitscanners to minimize damage taken and to acquire precious ammunition, all while avoiding imp fireballs and gnashing demon maws. This is an engaging style of combat, well suited to small maps with limited bestiaries. Hitscanners are also frequently used as snipers, forcing the player to keep their eyes peeled or risk suffering attrition. In general, ERR has a higher level of player exposure than the majority of E1 replacements. This works well with the cramped layouts and limited resources. The minor alterations to the arsenal are welcome, in my opinion. I always like to see the pistol and chaingun upgraded or replaced. Lack of ammunition, along with a low ammo cap, seems to keep the rather powerful chaingun in check, while simultaneously making the pistol abnormally useful for sniping. In aesthetic terms, I found ERR to be quite attractive. The texturing is clean and simple, with minimalist but effective detailing and solid lighting. The texture scheme is probably the most interesting part to me, making heavy use of Doom 2 assets in combination with some E1 regulars. This gives the episode a unique, grungy look that really helps to set it apart from other E1 replacements. ERR's layouts are probably its other stand-out feature. Small, compact and generally linear, reminding me in many ways of Deathless. I found map progression to be generally quite intuitive, given that there was only really ever one way forward. Apart from some traps and damaging floors, I found the maps themselves are usually quite benign, with the only hostile intent coming from their monstrous denizens. Despite some overarching similarities, each map usually has at least one stand-out feature in its layout, keeping the experience fresh as the player moves through the episode. I thought the secret hunting aspect of this wad was generally entertaining. I found the majority of the secrets on the fly, when I noticed something off about the environment or just pressed use on some wall for the hell of it. There are a few rather obtuse secrets that can only really be discovered through wall humping, which is not ideal. Others, however, are very intriguing, with one revealing an entirely optional area with its own secrets and encounters, almost a map within a map. All of these elements come together very smoothly, giving the wad a strong sense of identity, in gameplay, layout and aesthetics. A strong sense of style is something I really enjoy in the maps I play, and ERR certainly demonstrates this quality. Right, now with my general impressions out of the way, I will go over each map in play order. E1M1: Security Short, sweet and to the point, this map introduces the player to the wad's essentials with its texturing and layout. The exit secret (presumably intended for continuous runs) is simple but entertaining, while the chainsaw secret feels a little random. A solid opener. E1M2: Landing Zone The first 'proper' map, probably my second favourite in the set. Landing Zone gives the player their first taste of real combat, first in the tower room and then in the blue key area. It is also a visually appealing map, with clear progression and a linear but interesting layout. To me though, the best aspect of the map are its secrets, two of which are simple and intuitive, discovered in the moment, and two of which are located in the map's 'secret' area. Said area is an interesting piece of foreshadowing for the (presumably) upcoming hell episode. Visually, it is very intriguing, with a vine and marble texture scheme, and I find its core gimmick interesting. The soulsphere secret is a bit obtuse, but I appreciate the McGee torch reference. Overall, I really liked this one. E1M3: Industrial Center This map sets the baseline for the set. It is solid and entertaining, with a couple of interesting features, the first of which is the simple but satisfying soulsphere secret, and the second of which is the blue key encounter, probably the toughest so far (though this isn't saying much) and also the debut of the enhanced chaingun, which I really enjoy. I don't really get the point of the strangely ineffective crushers scattered around the map, though, and the secret exit is unusually obvious. There is also a minor bug: line 244 is not set as impassable, allowing the player to trap themselves in sector 43. Overall, its a solid enough map. E1M9: Tower Complex A rather eccentric map with very linear progression masked by an interesting gimmick. I rather like the setup, with each of the three keys having their own floor, connected by an elevator. The yellow key area is my favourite, featuring a surprisingly nail-biting encounter with a horde of imps. I appreciate the verticality of this map, its something I wish I'd see more of in E1 replacements. A fun little secret map. E1M4: Subterranean Lab I like this one a lot. Definitely the best looking map so far, blending brown techbase with a dash of hellish magma and natural caverns. The secrets here are also well done, intuitive and useful (also, another McGee torch. I approve!). The encounter on the bridge is also a bit of a nail-biter, especially if you refuse to jump down. I really enjoyed the progression, it felt like a miniature adventure through dark caverns, grungy techbases and searing lava pits. Love it. Probably my favourite map of the set. E1M5: Working Area A bit bland compared to the last one, with so-so texturing, boxy flat layouts and an obviously linear progression. The combat is on point, however, and the easily-found secrets give the player a nice dose of dopamine. Sufficient, I'd say. E1M6: Electronic Generators Another fairly vertical map, with a fantastic opening encounter. The yellow key area is also very interesting, with great detailing and an interesting high concept. The map's only secret is a bit obtuse for my liking, but it certainly looks cool. A very solid map. E1M7: Phobos Arms Base I always look forward to penultimate maps, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. The various encounters that take place in the main area of the map are engaging and tense. The rivers of slime separating the various islands add an extra layer of depth to the encounters, which I very much appreciate. Finally getting a chance to kill indiscriminately without worrying about ammunition is also quite gratifying. The map's two secrets are functional and intuitive, and the texturing, lighting and detailing are all on point, giving the impression of a descent into darkness. The lowering floor near the end adds to this impression, and is a cool-looking set piece in its own right. Overall, a great map and a fitting build up for the finale. E1M8: Shuttle Complex This one is a good enough boss map, though admittedly I am not very fond of the type. Definitely more imposing than Phobos Anomaly, and more challenging too. The visuals get the job done, and the rocket launcher secret is obvious and essential. Overall, a decent enough ending for an E1 replacement. One thing I'd like to note before finishing off this overly long writeup is the presence of deathmatch areas. Some of the maps I think would be quite interesting to play. I'd be happy to give them a go in multiplayer with you if you're interested :) Right, that took a while. I hope you find some enjoyment in reading this, and perhaps some useful insights as well!
  3. Omniarch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    MAP26: Unlikely Ally - 100% kills 33% secrets Another warm suburban level, this time with an unusual gimmick. First off, I really like the look and the layout of this one. Of all the episode 3 maps so far, this one gives me the strongest impression of a real place. It feels grounded, homely even, at least on the surface. The underground sections are a little more abstract, with hellish details and some devious contraptions. Combat is generally entertaining, though not as much so as the previous map. There is some grind here and there, like the maze ambush or the various squads of mancubi, but ammunition is fairly plentiful, so its not a huge problem. The main selling point of the map is the main gimmick, that being the titular unlikely ally. The puzzles are simple but clever, and fun to watch play out. By the end of the level I felt a real sense of kinship with the helpful imp. Sadly, it does not survive the level. Overall, fun and brief, with an amusing and well-executed gimmick.
  4. Omniarch

    Which game currently destroys you?

    Stretching the definition of 'currently' a bit, some of the bosses in Dark Souls 3 gave me a hard time when I was playing it last year. I died 20+ times to one of the later ones. Similarly, there is a zone in Hollow Knight called the White Palace, which is filled with extremely difficult platforming challenges. It took me five hours of constant suffering to beat that zone. Worse, there is a hidden area accessible from the White Palace called the Path of Pain. Just... look it up on youtube. I bounced right off that monstrosity.
  5. Omniarch

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Depends on what you like, really. My two favourites are Crusader Kings 2 and Victoria 2. The former focuses more on medieval role-playing than anything else, that and a lot of political and familial intrigue, while the latter is centered around nation building in the 19th century, where you'll have to deal with everything from a fully dynamic global resource market with dozens of goods, both raw and manufactured, to your country's demographics, politics, economy and strategic position, all of which influence eachother in complex ways. For example, population units (pops) with a Communist leaning may rise in revolt if there is a shortage of food or clothes, take over the country, kill all the capitalists and force you the player to nationalize and micromanage every factory in the country rather than leaving them to their own devices. If you don't know how to run a planned economy, this could lead to more shortages and a huge budget deficit, forcing you to cut down on your military. This weakness could result in a neighbouring state with territorial claims on you deciding to invade. A shortage of supplies and low morale could then cause your army to fight poorly, so you lose the war and have to give up vital territory. With your nation in tatters, counter-revolutionaries may then rise up in revolt, deposing the communist regime and restoring democracy. However, with all your capitalists dead or exiled, rebuilding the economy might prove a difficult challenge. Yes, Vicky 2 really is just that deep of a simulation. It's not perfect, there are many bugs and oversights, but it is interesting never the less. Its actually not as complex to learn as all that would imply, because each of the systems are intuitive on their own. It only took me about ten hours to get decent at the game, but even hundreds of hours later, I'm still learning new things about the game. Honestly, CK2 is only sort of a strategy game, given the sheer level of randomness involved. Vicky is a more measured and intellectual experience. It is also much cheaper, since Paradox hadn't started with their DLC bs yet. With CK2, you will probably have to read a guide on which dlc to buy, whereas with Vicky you can just get the base game and its two expansions and you are good to go. The downside of Vicky is that it is quite old and broken, so downloading one of the popular mods is a must. The AI is dumb regardless, since it is hardcoded into the game's executable and out of the reach of modders. CK2, by contrast, due to the sheer number of actors (every character in the game has its own AI), can create these fantastic emergent scenarios. Honestly, a quick browse through the steam reviews will tell you everything you need to know about CK2's potential. Basically, if you want a truly strategic and deep simulation, play Vicky 2. If you like the idea of constant improvisation, mild role-playing and an insane degree of dynamism, play CK2. Actually, CK3 came out recently, and seems to be a better game than the last in many ways, but I have yet to play it.
  6. Omniarch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    +++Plutonia Shockingly, I have never played more than the first two maps of this seminal classic. Playing it through to the end for the first time with the club would be fun indeed.
  7. Omniarch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    MAP25: Perturbator - 100% kills 100% secrets This map is a joy. Fast-paced combat, strong visuals and groovy beats come together to create one hell of a ride! Perturbator epitomizes everything I like about this episode. Yet again, the plasma dominates, but this time the whole arsenal (sans the BFG) will get a hefty workout. There are many inconvenient hitscanners just begging for a shotgun blast to the face or a burst of bullets from the chaingun, many mid-tiers on which to satisfy one's primal need to pump something hostile full of lead with the SSG, and ample opportunity for rocket-induced gibbitude! Resources are plentiful, though not to the point of excess, and there is generally ample room to maneuver. Aesthetically, the map is very distinct, resembling a bizarre hybrid between a hotel, a nightclub and a mansion. Red carpets, chandeliers and potted plants imply wealth and prestige, while the midi makes one want to party like there's no tomorrow. Simple bold texturing and fantastic lighting round out the visuals, making for a clean, original appearance. One thing I'd like to note here is the general look and feel of @Scypek2's interpretation of earth. The texture choice, along with the sky and midis, creates a very strong and unique feeling, which I really appreciate. I normally have mixed feelings about Earth maps, mostly for aesthetic reasons. There is a strong tendency towards grunge in such maps, which I feel is hard to get right. I personally think maps 2-6 of Doom 2 do this style the best, even all these years later. Scypek2, though, opts for a completely different approach. Instead of channeling an almost dystopian industrial feeling, 3IAC's urban levels feel like a rough and tumble sea-side city, ugly in many ways, but with a pervasive feeling of warmth and energy, imbued by the music, scenery and glorious sunset skybox. I've never been to California (or the US for that matter), but it feels like what I imagine that part of the world to feel like. Naturally, this atmosphere synergizes well with the fast-paced combat. Back to the subject of Perturbator, I don't really have anything else to add, expect maybe to say that the room with all the archviles and mancubi kind of kills the pacing a bit towards the end, but its not that important. @Phobus summed up the map very well in his post. A highpoint indeed. Overall, fast, pretty, groovy and an all around good time.
  8. Omniarch


    Heh, if you really want to get a taste of things to come I did make a little something for NaNoWadMo this year. Its an unfinished limit-removing E4-replacement, with fairly high difficulty and tight combat. I'll probably fold at least some of the maps into my big project in the future. Here it is. It did traumatize the one Doom youtuber kind enough to play it, so be warned. Also, regarding the barons, since your wad already makes use of dehacked, why not reduce the health of the barons? In tight spaces Hell Knights are basically the same in terms of threat level as Barons, just less grindy to kill due to their lower HP.
  9. Omniarch


    Right, so I played the three new maps and had a great time! E4M8 in particular is brutal, as would be expected of an E4 climax. Before I go over my thoughts for each map, there are a few bugs I'd like to highlight: The first one is in E2M1, and it completely blocks progression. Line 453 is missing an action, which means a mandatory door (sector 52) does not open. The second is on E4M8, in the yellow key area. The raised floor used to trap the player in the main room can very easily be bugged into soft-locking the player if they do not kill all the barons and cacodemons outside in advance, which there is simply not enough ammo to do. This happens because the Barons get stuck on the raised floor sector (261) and prevent the sector from finishing its rise, soft-locking the player even if they kill the offending Baron(s). Bear in mind that I am playing in Crispy Doom, so that may have some impact, though I doubt it. The last negative I want to mention is that really don't think the Cyberdemon and Spiderdemon's health needed to be increased. They are grindy enough as is, and if you don't want the player to kill them prematurely simple resource deprivation will do the trick. Okay, now on to my positive notes! First off, I really like the aesthetics of the maps. I like the extensive use of Doom 2 textures in E2M1, the odd brown-looking hell of E3M1 and of course the good 'ol fashioned E4 stylings of E4M8. In general the texturing is on point, simple, clean and undeniably effective. Lighting is also solid, somewhat moodier than Ultimate Doom, and goes well with the textures. Secondly, I love the combat, especially some of the fights in E4M8, though there were a few too many barons in some of those encounters for my liking. In particular, the key room fights stood out to me, challenging, brutal and short. Thirdly, the length of the maps, specifically, how short and punchy they are. The style of combat favoured by ERR could easily lead to exhaustion if it were not for the brisk pacing. Only E4M8 will take for than a few minutes, fitting for a climactic map. Overall, this is really good stuff! When I eventually publish my own WIP Ultimate Doom megawad I hope it turns out this well! I look forward to future developments in both this mapset, and your mapping adventures on the whole!
  10. Omniarch


    I'll check those out right now!
  11. Omniarch

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    I use Crispy, actually. I tried that anyway, with no luck. Probably something to do with the fact that I do not cap Eternity's framerate, so the sensitivity I am looking for is closer to PrBoom+ than anything else, though given how well that port controls that may be asking too much.
  12. Omniarch


    What @P41R47 said! This wad really hit the spot. I found it to be visually pleasing, engaging and original. Also, its so nice to see an E1 replacement with teeth for once! Resources are relatively tight, and the encounters are very close affairs, with the map itself and its monstrous denizens conspiring to kill you dead! My only real complaint is the low ammo cap, but that's not really an objective criticism, just a personal gripe. I'll definitely play this wad again, and UV-Max pistol-start each map. Expect a far more in depth writeup in the near future. Also, if you ever need a beta-tester going forward, I'll gladly oblige :) I look forward to seeing where this series goes! Fancy seeing you here. Whenever I see an interesting vanilla wad you are always there. First Three is a Crowd, then TNT Goes Boom, now ERR. We seem to have similar taste, you and I ;)
  13. Omniarch

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    This. After making that post, I decided to give the port another shot, and I was actually able to make the sensitivity acceptable. I'll try fiddling with the acceleration, though, maybe that'll help make it even better. Also, I appreciate you and Mordeth's advice on how to make Eternity work for my noobish self!
  14. Omniarch

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    Hmm, I've searched through the options menu so many times and failed to find it. I also can't seem to toggle the HUD for some reason. Must be an issue on my end. My bad! Edit: Problem solved. I was using the wrong screen size like an idiot.
  15. Omniarch

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    I for one would love to use the port more often, since I think the way it renders lighting is beautiful (which is the second most important feature for any port by my metric, after how it controls). However, there are two issues standing in the way of this: 1. For some reason, I cannot for the life of me get the mouse sensitivity right, even though I've tuned it down to the decimal point. It is either too twitchy or too sluggish. 2. The UI is hella dated. Every port this side of Chocolate is easier to configure. Actually, Choco's setup executable works well enough, so Eternity is the hardest of the ports I've played to configure. If not for these issues, for aesthetic reasons alone I would always play wads like Valiant, Eviternity or Ancient Aliens in EE. EMAPINFO plays a role in this too, since it allows for the removal of the 10,000-times accursed hardcoded Doom 2 text-screens. Yes, those do annoy me disproportionately. Mappers go to all the effort of creating visually cohesive and immersive episodes and then suddenly one of those fucking screens pops up, filling my screen with hideous SLIME16 and breaking the immersion. Ugh. So, in essence, if these issues were resolved I for one would use Eternity a lot more, probably at least as much as GZDoom. Hell, I'd map for it if that were the case. Edit: removed inaccurate information.