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  1. MAP22 Skeleton's Gardens These maps from this episode I actually do remember more. The previous one was about verticality, while this one has it in spades, most of it is played in a more horizontal fashion. A fun one at least, until you kill everything there is to kill around here and are stumped on where to go. The layout, as strong as it was, got me lost a few times, and it took awhile before realizing both secrets involved shootable switches too. There's more switch trickery in the northwest part of the map, excellent to deal with I guess. The thing I didn't like was that I missed two kills for the entire map and it took me a while to find where they are. Turns out they were two cacodemons in the demon wall above the blue key, and they were another of those monster-opens-closet things that involves sound. But they never once woke up, so you know what I did, I opened the wall myself. Should've just made that into an openable closet once I picked up the key, would've worked far better. Interesting map anyways. I'm starting to remember some of these well.
  2. Just a simple linear boss map I made in 3 days, nothing awe-inspiring about it, just plug and play. Inspired by Scythe and 90's wads, low monster count. Please look for game-breaking bugs and other things. Name: Blast Balance Map Format: Limit-removing (Almost was a vanilla map, cave section killed it) Ports tested: Prboom+, GZDoom, Chocolate Doom IWAD: Ultimate Doom Map: E4M8 Music: Sealed Theme from Final Fantasy V (from vgmusic) Gameplay: Singleplayer (coop starts there but untested, no deathmatch) Difficulty Settings: Marginal (no major differences) Build Time: 3 days blastbal.wad
  3. MAP21 The Abyss Hate to be honest, but I never was one for verticality. This one is memorable as a level though, but it's really difficult to come up with an efficient maxing route. The two secrets took me a long time to find, and then there's the worst matter of falling into pits and such. Apart from that though, I guess this level has its moments. Mostly in the cyberdemon encounter, which wasn't that hard. The puzzling room on the west side is actually the real standout. It can actually be quite tough just to figure it out.
  4. Got the spiderdemon arena done, now I gotta find a way to make it interesting.
  5. MAP20 Moonblood Gateway Now here's a dangerous episode ender, with almost full openness and even the slightest budge into an area awakens a hitscanner who comes up from behind. You think with two teleporters at the start that you have to go to two distinct places, kind of like MAP09 of Icarus, but then again, wandering around in this open place that definitely gives the Gotcha! vibes proves you can go anywhere here without too much trouble. The red key lift puzzle is the one part that truly is interesting when you factor in the stuff outside of the combat itself. And combat stays strong, nasty too. Look out for the hitscanners as always, and the cacos that come in from somewhere I think too.
  6. It seems as if I have not posted in this thread in awhile, probably due to lack of mapping ideas. But I decided to bite back and make some Ultimate Doom thing again. A cave system, alright... Oh god what have I done (there will be lost souls and cacos here).
  7. MAP19 Obstructed Zone That is one nasty trap at the beginning, would not have expected that. Actually, there are quite a lot of nasty traps in this one too. You think the plasma gun would be enough, and it does its job well, but it's a hard turn to deal with the devious monster placement in this very much warped reality base. Half the time you are looking at marble and organic things, and then there's bits and pieces of techbase to find. The abject nonlinearity adds to the feel of this one. Another monster-filled key trap with the red key, and a rather devious rocket launcher trap. I didn't remember it much, but then again, I avoided damage on my run through this trap, showing how surprisingly well I can play. Going outside also has its moments, dealing with the cave monsters where the blue key is, or the cyberdemon that shows up on the islands before it. Another good level.
  9. MAP18 Hidden In The Dungeon This is the map I remember the most the last time I played this. The overall setting is made creepy with the music track and it is one of those that feels longer than it really is, but somehow still rather enjoyable. More arch-viles, so there is certainly more room for excitement, and the layout is still wonderful as always. The lava around the caged arch-vile is a pinpoint for the endgame (leading to our very first spider mastermind as well), there's the room with the three lifts, which is weird in that descending any of them lowers them until you hit the switch in the far corner. The only thing I really hate about this one is the computer maze at the south end. Timed switches like these aren't fun to deal with, especially when one switch opens up two different doors. Tricky, not fun. Also I think it's possible to get stuck in one of the rooms if it closes, the one with the revenant and arch-vile. That really should've been fixed, and all that was necessary is simple, keep those doors open.
    once you play through one map, you pretty much have seen the rest. loads of zombies and imps in hallways, all monsters are not flagged deaf so they will wander. there's also tons of barrels in just about every level. that being said though, the gameplay is surprisingly good, you get to slaughter hordes of weak monsters most of the time and it's fun. the only bad thing about this is that there's no real theme, and there are very few differences between the maps. it's monotonous, but it is fun.
  10. MAP17 BFG Experiments An additional BFG would be nice to have at this stage, and a bit of sneak would help too, as this one has quite a chaingunner problem like the last map. But more importantly, getting the BFG gives us a monster we haven't seen for 18 maps so far, arch-viles! Two of them here. It's been a long time. Cover is less than adequate, so quickness with the BFG is a must. Everything else seems rather standard, the four-way intersection at the start with many blue doors dictating where to go, an interesting teleport trap in one of the northeast rooms, and the crusher segment towards the red key; this particular area is more of a timing time sink than anything, having to wait for the pattern to line up and then just gun it. Not too bad of a map overall. The worst thing here has to be that two energy cell secret, drove me real mad with that.
    yes indeed, this does have early versions of Kama Sutra maps, all done in Doom 1 style. the rest of the set is mostly hit or miss, but there seem to be more misses than hits. while its fun to slaughter loads of monsters at times, the amount of barons really slows down the pacing by quite a lot. historic wad, shows how Gusta has evolved since then.
  11. An idea I once had would have had a weapon replaced by FF6's Phantom Train and the way this weapon would work is like how it is possible for Sabin to suplex the train in that game. So in other words, Doomguy picks up Phantom Train, jumps high and crash lands on ground damaging anyone around him. The "Motherfucker suplexed a train!" mod in other words.
  12. MAP16 Beta Labs Reception But regardless, it's a map that emulates TNT quite well. Whether or not it was inspired by TNT I wouldn't know, but an opening area that resembles Processing Area's outside zone, the hitscanners, particularly the annoying chaingunners scattered around, and heck, if I didn't know any better, the exit room pretty much is like MAP01's exit room. Quite cool, again the chaingunners can be real frustrating. Actually, I was a bit more frustrated in one particular secret more than the combat itself, which of course, remains fun. Monster tally report: so far, we have not seen any spiderdemons or arch-viles in the set. MAP31 had an arch-vile but only on UV. Two barons of hell, the first of this megawad, appeared, and there would be a third one on UV in the yellow key room (which also had an interesting lift thing to boot).