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  1. MAP01 Outpost Mortem And twas a fine beginning to a set filled with new textures basically everywhere. An interesting opener, you'd wanna get that easily missable armor secret before dropping down all the way, but having to fight imps will likely delay that. With just a pistol, you can pea-shoot them or just run to the east side to pry a shotgun. There's at least two ways of reaching the yellow key. Seeing the Ola in the thread waiting to see the "sequence break being required" (or whatever it's supposed to be called) comments for MAP12 (which I actually don't like for other reasons), I have to say the crates in this level were actually worse, if only slightly. At least with Toxicity you had only one room of crates to contend with. One method of reaching said yellow key was trying to inch around this diagonally-aligned crate, which for the longest time I thought was the only way to reach it. I decided to not do it in favor of a "jump from another high ledge" ordeal, which honestly I just discovered how to do now. Getting the red key is a harder part, due to how things are angled there, plus the berserk pack, I should know that since I documented it. Heck, I've done so much memorization of levels like these, analyzed all the little nooks, trying to find out what is what... Oh no I've said too much. I haven't said enough. Still though, the opening map here is impressive enough that it pretty much warrants the wad as a whole to be replayable. MAP02 Biotech Terror Small, no secrets, plenty of small enemies to take down. Would be considered a speedmap in this day and age. Look out for the blue switch near the blue key though, since that switch is a terminal texture. Also the revenants at the end.
    if I were to describe overall gameplay, it would be chaotic, but not in a Hell Revealed manner. it's chaotic in that you will spend a lot of time in that blue area, when you step on things they can sometimes reveal monsters which come into the area, and you are always on your toes because you never know which monsters spawn in and where. the tiny windows are honestly annoying, as is having to wait for the 30-second bars to raise up for each switch press so I can reach the blue key. the room with the piano and the curtain was very, very well made and I liked that. that exit though, is absolutely horrible. why make it next-to-impossible to actually reach the exit with an annoying conveyor? there's a lot to this, plenty of gimmicky gameplay and blue design that makes this one hell of a unique map, but sometimes the negative aspects get in the way. on the other hand, it's hard to tell what outweighs what more.
    cool how this one looks, gameplay is alright. nothing much else to it, really, except for a few deaf-flagged demons which I missed.
  2. MAP08 Discordia We now return you to your regularly scheduled levelset map of hitscanner soul-sucking. John Bye, maker of MAP03, clearly authored this one, due to the cramped spaces and hitscanners, which thankfully are weak enough to get through. The map is probably the longest-lasting level in the whole set though, due to having to crowd control them and a ton of other monsters, plus a few hard-to-reach secrets. Don't ever forget to use computer terminals here either, since many places are locked by these things. The cargo room is an easy standout, no less than three arch-viles, tons of meat shield demons, and then there's the matter of just entering the room itself which is a huge pain. You can sail through the rest of the map fine enough, just watch for the hitscanners, especially the chaingunner pincer. MAP09 Military Complex Yes, I like seeing an exit at the start, plus a secret at the start which coincidentally makes it the final secret I find. More of an open map, but still manages to be quite heavy. Got the KDITD feel too, okay. Hardest part was dealing with those eight barons, and the nasty blue key trap. Same ol' same ol' otherwise, although there are quite a few missable monsters and a hidden SSG to find in the nukage area. MAP10 Under Earth One slow, but still linear and short crawl up an underground area. Travers' style amazes me in a number of ways, you see detailed levels like this and the one from before, and then he does maps like the ones in Switcheroom which are completely different in design. Whatever. Pretty standard for a linear map, got the cacodemons coming in from the north side of the larger cave, and the Gotcha! like exit room. MAP11 Stone Tyrant Adam doing the traditional short map, except a boss map with a rather nasty warm-up wagon at the start. Clearing them out and the side areas somehow is more interesting than taking down Ol' Rocket Dongs. Might as well plasma gun him, since there's no BFG in sight the entire way. Twas a fine end. Final: I don't care if it's brown I'll still replay it.
  3. I wonder if at some point we get a Google Doodle for Doom.
  4. All of them are satisfying for me when I immediately kill them and save afterwards. Then, when I need to load a game I look at the thumbnail and say "Hey, that's where I'm at! I killed this one!". Bonus points if I kill multiple enemies at the same time as I save.
  5. yo where have you been almost this entire year? I need to play some of these wads. Cue new wiki articles too.
    not really a fan of those custom monsters, but overall, the wad was alright. the outdoor areas and the cave (where that crusher segment was) are cool, the indoors parts had much more combat and felt a lot tougher. pretty fun except with the boss fights.
    extensive slaughter map with just the right amount of detail to lug through. plenty of awesome and hard combat with great visuals. on easy settings you get plenty of invulnerabilities, so it should also cater to those who really don't like slaughtermaps in general and want to play on an easier setting. impressive on every account.
  6. MAP07 Dead Simple II Dead Simple is an anthology of coffee beverages. And so this map, the one that will use the MAP07 tags whether or not you like it. And it's not necessarily a good map in a way, quite boring since you don't get to fight the mancubi right away. There's a few interesting side rooms, apparently this is a torture chamber area (you can even close one of the trap doors on some poor sap). The mancubi need to be watched out for, since they teleport to two rooms, and then there's the one's past the blue key doors. The arachnotrons, in contrast, were underwhelming.
    there is nothing awe-inspiring about this megawad. there is also nothing in this megawad that will really make you hate it either. average megawad. given that it was done in an old editor (DEU2), treat it as such.
  7. Hello hey... MAP05 Hand of Doom This one...not so much. More imps than before, but by this point this one is nothing like you have seen before. There's hitscanners on the high places, as usual, imps across the nukage pond, and imps in just about a few other places. Nothing really exciting, but at least they aren't busting the balls like they'd usually do. It's designed far batter than the previous maps, and the layout is easily adaptable. The secrets are actually rather hard to figure out too. I managed to telefrag that arch-vile. MAP06 The Mines of Death THIS is an interesting music track, an unused version of an Icarus theme? I'm sold. Creepy too, fits well with a creepy map like this. Surprised John Bye wasn't the author here, since it would also fit in one of his maps like the ones in Cygnus IV. Not a whole lot can be said about this one, other than using three keys for a short map and being relatively mild, until the red key grab. Then it does what Requiem MAP11 did, in a way, populating previous areas as you make your way to the exit. No secrets, but one hidden megasphere.
  8. this fucking music video oh my god. also a very DGD-like band I found too.
  9. Hello MAP01 Scary Modest, modest beginning map, nothing wrong with that. Actually kind of difficult in a way, due to the hitscanners, plus one trap where the armor is, but you can leave that one. A wise decision to put a chainsaw in that secret there though, as ammo is not entirely plentiful. MAP02 Bloody Hell Classic PWADs had the formula down for its maps, hitscanner heavy, and some windowed areas with secrets. Get rid of those pesky hitscanners which dot the groundscape and the windowscape, as well as the many corners that merely serve as asides, and there's not much to worry in this particular map. Heck, the entire area past the red door is actually kind of disappointing with the imp cages in comparison to the hitscanners. MAP03 Entropia What was I saying about hitscanners and windows? Oh yeah. Well this one is certainly much, much harder than the last two let me tell you. Not much can be said for the courtyard of demons, they are kinda lame here, but the cramped fights in general are certainly tough. You tell me how well you can fight that frickin' mancubus without having to backpedal because even finding a safe wall in the room isn't necessarily enough sometimes. We also have our first arch-vile and some revenants too, plus the bigger room with the knights and barons. And the secrets being at the start are quite interesting in themselves. MAP04 Relentless Does it live up to its title? I think it does! We've got some harsh hitscanner-heavy combat of course, but if you can tell, crowd control is what's most important. With hordes of smaller enemies in a big field where that last key is, then the whole right side of the map, get your saddle and ride through the hellspawn, but don't expect it to be a smooth ride. That staircase area has to be revisited at least twice, for red and yellow keys, and then the yellow switch. We also have an interesting spiderdemon fight. Fun map. ... Hi
  10. ^The WORST case of that was actually in TNT MAP22, twice, and is the main reason I actually hate that map (I liked the tunnel system).