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  1. NuMetalManiak

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Going Down may have mostly slaughtermaps, but if you play on the easiest settings and figure out where all the invulnerabilities are in each level, it's one of those wads you can just breeze through given that they are all short maps. Recently just replayed Vile Flesh. It's long, but pedestrian enough for new players I guess? Also FYI, only very few maps in AV count as slaughtermaps, the majority of the other ones are exactly on Plutonia's level of difficulty.
  2. NuMetalManiak


    Only good answer to this thread
  3. NuMetalManiak

    Favorite Doom music track?

    yeah we've had this topic before, but as far as IWAD tracks go, I actually like none of them now. Not even the Evilution tracks are good anymore.
  4. NuMetalManiak

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Limbo, The Citadel, and Abattoire
  5. NuMetalManiak

    What are you listening to?

    also Leviathan might be my new favorite from Monuments now
  6. Into the Beast's Belly whenever it's used, especially for MAP30 of TNT. I don't like any of the IWAD music tracks anymore so I don't really care about any of the other ones, but Into the Beast's Belly is just so bad.
  7. NuMetalManiak

    What are the best slaughter maps in your opinion?

    They aren't slaughter megawads. Neither is Sunlust for that matter, Sunlust doesn't have a whole lot of slaughtermaps in it anyways. But these maps DO have slaughermaps in them. my favorites: Gaia's Temple (scythe2 MAP24) Manliest Fight Ever (Deus Vult II MAP31, mostly because of its interesting mechanic) Dark Dome (AV MAP26) Maelstrom (Sunlust MAP28) Necropolis (Going Down MAP28, actually incredibly easy too) At The Mountains of Madness (50shades MAP08) I really think mouldy does the best at making incredibly fun and frantic slaughtermaps more than the others.
  8. NuMetalManiak

    What are you listening to?

    Usually I don't listen to this stuff but that riff got me.
  9. NuMetalManiak

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    I go up to MAP30 and I stop, usually because most MAP30's are crap anyways. Otherwise I complete every map in a megawad fully.
  10. NuMetalManiak

    "Wanted pages" on the Doom Wiki

    Because the only information you really need is in my wiki user page and my life isn't really that important anyways
  11. NuMetalManiak

    Best/Worst maps in The Plutonia Experiment

    Most elite: Abbatoire Most noncey: Tombstone let people like and hate what they want please
  12. NuMetalManiak

    "Wanted pages" on the Doom Wiki

    I don't want a person article for myself
  13. NuMetalManiak

    What are you listening to?

    Obviously the better version of this song
  14. NuMetalManiak

    Levity In Doom Games

    See? Lost souls are the best monsters ever. Also when they infight.
  15. NuMetalManiak

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    Best: 12 Worst: all three maps that use Into the Beast's Belly Habitat is a good map if you get rid of the two arch-viles that attack you from beyond fake walls