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  1. MAP02 It is a better map than previous overall, but still so many bad design choices. I often don't bother to check the bars directly, so I spend time looking for a switch instead, only to realize I never needed one to open those bars. The water pool secret southwest of the start has NOTHING inside it on ITYTD apart from a demon. And two secrets behind the yellow door are somehow even worse. They both look like you can just open either of them but you can't. DO NOT DO THIS MAPPERS. Hell, the rest of the secrets pretty much require a lookup. Ignoring them, the level is all walkways until you get the three keys. And there's TWO blue keycards. The blue skull door in the main yard doesn't even need a key, you just need to flip a switch near the key to open that for good. Or just ignore that and take the REAL blue door which is a straightforward march to the exit. Those who want carnage, might as well go for the blue skull door, there's barons and hell knights and cacos on the way back. But I still do not like this level due to its bad design choices.
  2. ROSMUS has none more than IWAD music, I AM DISAPPOINT. Also no map names, BOO MAP01 Right off the bat, I just know I'm gonna hate this set, and this first map left no good impression. While it's cool that the map's exit is at the starting area, the goose chase for the eggs left a horrid taste. The dropoff can stun you a bit, the open field coming later on has a few nasties that are annoying at worst and boring at best, thanks to me only having a shotgun. The field ambush once you get to the key actually came from a secret area with a rocket launcher. But the worst part is that Living-End like slime area. Maybe it isn't too bad, but there's some revenant that I found can be permanently missable (walk on the bridge to the SSG platform and don't cross the linedef where the SSG is, the bridge will lower into the slime in the meantime). Also the one secret here is a blind jump through a metal column for a switch, then go back to the outer walkway. Bland as hell. These Quake textures do not help the map at all.
  3. MAP11 Sick Wish I could grab those yellow armor bonuses, but okay then. Now, on my way to the armor secret which I knew about beforehand, I noticed STARTAN3 in the void below. Pretty sure THAT'S not supposed to be there. As for the rest, ominous intermission music reveals that this could well be a typical boss level. It tries out for something different, step on pad to teleport spectres in, then each of the three switches in the next area must be used to reach the next area, but also to reveal lots of small enemies and one of the usual necessities. Surprise arch-vile after each one too. A little interlude before our boss and... At least it's not a monster spawner. But there's no real threat to this final boss at all. The real threat comes from the enemies just outside, the haymaker and mancubi being the worst cases, plus the snipers far off. As for the boss, just hit those pink things, then as usual, fire in the hole. The imp fireballs being launched are not hard to avoid. The heart is only slightly stronger than a regular IoS, but goes down just the same. It doesn't need to be that hard overall. MAP12 The End Elite wad, elite poster.
  4. MAP10 Skagway There's that song again. And welcome to the ultimate linear crawl, fighting progressively harder beasts as we scale through the base, to the red scenery, then back to the base before the final area. The appetizer here is a monster-cramped base segment. The REAL meat shows its stride at the red expanses in the map, and good luck with the radsuits, since almost the entire area is tested positive toxic. And there's gonna be loads of rockets flying around, especially at hell knight and baron hordes. Look out for those window cacos, as well as the late arrival lost souls. All this before the next base area. I ran into some trouble with hitscanners after the red key, and the arch-duo afterwards can involve some nasty hiding and seeking. The ending though, one can easily say it should be more epic than this, but who cares? Just kill the arachontrons, go switch hunting, take the Rocket Dongs out while your precious exit lowers. With this much space, it's not that hard, and it really doesn't need to be harder. It's good to know that if you're full, you really don't want more to fill.
  5. *installs python 3 and package specifically for 3*


    version is 2.7




    guess i'll fail

  6. MAP09 Counteraction Terminal Mini-hub map. Mostly small confines, although we see much more fruitful encounters just like every other map in the set. The yellow lava here, I wonder if Tangerine Nightmare took that lava. Most of these key paths are quite small overall, but we've got some nice enemies to take down. One haymaker seems fine enough, but get ready to fight two faces of the chaingun as the blue key lowers. The final fight SHOULD'VE BEEN DONE BETTER because the good majority of monsters don't teleport on any difficulty setting other than UV. I only fought two Rocket Dongs and a whole slew of imps.
  7. MAP08 Worst Case Scenario This is a fun massacre level. Set in what else? Another big base, but then again, this one is large and less claustrophobic than the rest. While not at first, we reach the apex of the big base where there's plenty of meat to go around. Two pads to step on for progression further south, a Quake thing of sorts. Also a secret invulnerability which helps in an inevitable battle with Chaingun Face. Nice to find a secret plasma gun, and a few zombiemen to attack with it later on. Enemies sometimes warp in to the level in various spots on their own accord, rather than in attempt to ambush.
  8. MAP07 Haymaker I've grown to hate IWAD music, but strangely enough, NOT Dead Simple remakes. It's Hellscape, arachnotrons first, then mancubi. And the haymaker, a remade Maulotaur that just happens to fire my least favorite projectile in the game. Also where's my BFG if you say that my equipment is around me? At least this map plays fair for a forced pistol start, UNLIKE SOME OTHER LEVELS.
  9. I'm wondering if some of my reviews will show up here.
  10. MAP06 Collapsys More linear things, with better layouts and such. Get ready to wait for two certain platforms to go up, and make sure that juicy yellow key is yours before taking a leave off of that area. Nothing majorly exciting at the moment. Some very good barrel placement near imps though, plus raising a low ceiling to cross across an upper walkway. Big area after that stands out due to the meat that lies within, either teleporting or just flat-out hiding. And then you get to go above that area. Gotta love pain elementals. The ending bout features good ol' Rocket Dongs apparently guarding the final trash compactor, with a way to actually make a death exit interesting.
  11. MAP05 Hardware Wonderful level, first really good one. Consistent combat throughout, dark setting with many design decisions that just rule. Different lava than usual, but there's even a frozen section that still requires the BFG. Hmm, Green Marine, your own suit should be insulated enough, so why you gotta be so cold in that space? Why get an EXTRA suit for your own frozen section needs. And more importantly, how can the monsters, normally all warm-blooded abominations, not feel this kind of thing? Is body temperature something of an afterthought? Stop thinking too hard. Obviously, this base is well made, between frozen and heated up sections. Distinctly linear at first, gives in to a weird roundabout section near the end later, but everything's dandy. Also, there's this top secret BFG to grab, so find four hidden switches, some of which are not in secrets. As far as secrets go, I think one sector may be completely out of reach.
  12. MAP04 Pyrolysis DANGER HEAVY MACHINERY I dread this level, not necessarily because of the machinery, but because of cacodemons. Otherwise, another basic map with UAC Ultra resources. I like to ignore the first group of cacos and enter the side room, some of them get crushed by the crushers which later on I have to traverse. The rotating tubes later on are a highlight too, got some hell knights in hiding, and those four secrets also conceal cacodemons, although they were all easy to get to. It's when I try to get to the crushers, all of sudden cacos were blocking my way up the lift. I hate 'em for that. For the crushers, stay on the outer ledge so you avoid getting crushed, but not fall off. Barely room for error.
  13. MAP03 Sifting Adjunct What a name. And what a map. Getting through it just as bad as letting yourself die in it. Whatever, here we see more and more of things we like to see, bigger enemies, fun scenarios like dirty water traversing, and a few secrets and hiccups in progression here and there. The secrets make it easy, like the invulnerability before the room with two arch-viles. Standard, not bad.
  14. MAP02 UAC in Exile Looking at the beginning, it reminded me a lot of Darken2 MAP02, with how enemies come out of alcoves at the starting room. Other than that, much better than the previous level, thanks to the SSG and later the chaingun for showing up. Linear progression, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. By the by standard stuff with gritty design. Note that there is one secret which I believe is permanently missable, the one with the soul sphere, because if you drop off you can't go back. Easy to avoid crushers though.
  15. 40oz is a certified Elite poster MAP01 Dig Mudvayne references inbound. Or Incubus. First things first, gotta get a radsuit, we've got a Doom 3-like atmosphere out there, so go through, plunge those demons in with the shotgun. Back to the innards of the base, it's time to get used to some new switch textures like Tangerine Nightmare brought us. Only these ones I knew about before. Shotgun action the entire way, unfortunately I always find the regular shotgun way weaker than it really should be.