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  1. 2938 is still less than 3700 or so. And it's not several thousands either. Still keeping vote for +++2048 Unleashed (both episodes simultaneously). Would've voted Moonblood but no one wants it for some reason right now.
  2. +++ 2048 Unleashed, like I said before.
  3. Favorite Movie Genre: don't have a clue Favorite Food: motherfucking fish, baby Favorite Holiday: maybe my birthday Favorite Memory: Beating Pokemon the first time maybe? Worst Memory: The Memory Remains, just joking, I don't know at all. Age: motherfucking 22 Favorite Outfit: black clothes all the time Favorite Genre Of Music: Read my username Most Hated Genre of Music: Nightcore obviously Left Handed or Right Handed: motherfucking left Worst Injury: Blood gushing from my forehead at work (actually happened last Sunday) Favorite Hobby: Anything involving the Internet Your Definition of Success: Feeling motherfucking successful In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: No idea so no
  4. Making something that can appeal to other people aside from myself is the major one. Sometimes, I just say forget it and make something only I like.
  5. 1. Friends with benefits 2. Friends without benefits 3. Normal Difficulty the way ID did 4. Not Normal, Hard (and supposed to be that way) 5. Fuck You (An Ode to No One)
  6. Soundgarden and Audioslave's vocalist has suddenly died unexpectedly just yesterday. One of the greatest rock vocalists ever if you ask me.
    there is a lot to this map, but not a lot of good to see. the layouts are bland and make players go just about everywhere. on MAP01 you can actually lock yourself from some secrets, as well as some items. combat is fine enough though. MAP02 has damaging water and some invisible walls to pass through, and can actually be done quickly enough. MAP03 tries to use the self-referencing sector trick as well as a few other ones to make it interesting, but it actually isn't well done in execution. also the Icon of Sin really sucks for this map. yep, for a 90's wad, it's big, but not really great.
  7. agree with Eris, there are way better stewboy midis than Stars. The whole Ancient Aliens soundtrack for example. I don't believe I said this before, but I have to hand it to Vanguard for introducing me to the music from Xenogears, like this one. Also I guess Erik Alm was a jRPG nut like I am, since he used some Breath of Fire 2 midis a lot too.
  8. Here, have a shitty speedmap: Title: Painfully and Elitely Rustled MIDI: Dungeon from Final Fantasy Legend III Notes: Uses old limits 3840x3840, very marginal difficulty settings implemented and only 167 things. Made to be a hard and annoying setpiece hub that I did in literally a day. Only SG/RL/PG combat too. Do what you want with it. BTW is there a gray version of these wall textures? preferably the ones I used for the steps and ceiling. The green really clashes with the rest of the map and I was looking for some gray textures here.
    more or less another standard Doom 2 megawad, with mostly standard gameplay. the things you must watch out for are how some of the encounters are laid out. things can get quite sneaky, like when a monster opens up a closet on its own to attack you. not a whole lot of this megawad is memorable to be honest, as most levels took between 3 to 6 minutes to play and most got down quickly. but it's fine.
    generally good layouts throughout this set, as well as some decent combat for well-sized levels. the secrets in this one are more than just "another soul sphere" secrets too, they are quite varied. worth playing, watch out on the last level though.
  9. Play the game how you want to play it.
  10. Right now the doomwiki seems to be a fun place for me to hang out (and do secrets!). If there's nothing to talk about on the forums...uh...I got nothing myself.
  11. From a rap song no less Also pretty much all of the riffs in this one