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  1. Alright, using version 4.7.1. works fine. Ended up skipping MAP06 cause I found the puzzles aggravating but I surprisingly went through the other puzzle map MAP13 well (loved the arch-vile mechanic of secretly resurrecting enemies who are killed in the field). I should mention I found some HOMs on MAP23, where the bars which are sector 156-159 are there are HOMs on the ceiling. Linedefs 845-862 approximately.
  2. Can't play in GZDoom... I got two versions nevermind. 30mc.wad:ZCRIPT, line 3: Class CustomLevelProcessor has unknown base class LevelPostProcessor Execution could not continue. 1 errors. 0 warnings while compiling 30mc.wad:ZSCRIPT
  3. Is it better to be a brave idiot or a cowardly genius?

  4. NuMetalManiak

    Story behind your nickname?

    I really liked nu metal when I started college and I made an intentional misspelling because that's what a number of nu metal bands did. And my wiki name comes from a sector in X Universe with fun music.
  5. Playing idgames release, there doesn't seem to be an exit trigger on MAP18, I fell into the exit hole and died. Also is there a secret exit on MAP31 to access MAP32? There don't seem to be any lines that lead to a secret exit, and it also seems that both exits in MAP31 lead to MAP16.
  6. NuMetalManiak


    MORE COLORS. Is that liquid pink or purple? (oops, wait, is there liquid in the middle of that shot? Still wanna know what color.)
  7. NuMetalManiak

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    I'm going with a secret that LOOKS like it can be opened in an obvious way (using a misaligned wall for instance), but instead is not opened the obvious way and ends up being opened in a different manner. There was also a wad I played long ago where I was trying to blast an enemy high on a wall with a rocket launcher but when I shot a rocket at it the sky ate it or something, can't remember the wad that had that but that would probably be frustrating.
  8. NuMetalManiak

    Guess the Map! (22nd Edition, the final hurrah?)

    1. MAP26 Beneath a Festering Moon from Back to Saturn X Episode 2 (tonytheparrot, SiFi, galileo, Shepardus, RjY) 2. MAP05 Holy Hell (Captain POLAND, Shepardus, galileo, RjY, I could have accepted MAP01-MAP04 too since they all use the same layout) 3. MAP01 HeDRoX (SiFi, RjY) 4. MAP18 Sleeping Spirits from Reverie (galileo, RjY) 5. MAP04 Violence from Violence (NaZa, galileo, RjY) 6. MAP03 Plutonic Plate Shift from Plutonia 1024 (RjY) 7. MAP03 Ravage from Refracted Reality 8. E5M4 Caroll St. Station from Doom: The Lost Episode (SiFi, RjY) 9. The Island 10. E2M7 Dehumanization from Slaughter Until Death (NaZa, RjY, galileo) 11. MAP12 Cool, Cool Shotgun from Super MAYhem 17 (galileo) 12. MAP18 The Siege III from Vigor (galileo) 13. MAP11 from Equinox (tonytheparrot, SiFi, galileo, RjY, also MemeMind you were so close but this is the fourth hub map) 14. MAP29 Hybrid Excalibur from Good Morning Phobos (galileo) 15. MAP13 Technocratic Terror from Micro Slaughter Community Project (snotface, galileo) 16. MAP22 Ruins from Dimensions of Time (galileo) 17. My Soul Trapped in a Win98 PC 18. RECANT11.wad (tonytheparrot, SiFi, Doomlover77, galileo, NaZa, RjY) 19. MAP02 Prowling Fowl from Magnolia (tonytheparrot, Astro X, RjY) 20. MAP31 Steel Mill Zone from Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2 (silverminer, tonytheparrot and galileo wad guesses, but the slot isn't MAP32 unless it was changed recently? textfile still reads Orestruck as MAP32 so this is MAP31) This will probably be the final time I'll host a Guess the Map by the way. I got plenty of work commitments this month going into October and I barely have enough time to do things, plus usual burnout. And yes, I didn't remember that Recant was already done in a previous edition and it shows we're running out of maps to guess out of all of these, so this seems like a good time to end it. At least for me. Anyone wishing to host one of these Guess the Map editions can do one! Ask me or @galileo31dos01 on how we do it and maybe we'll get back to you if we have the time.
  9. NuMetalManiak

    Guess the Map! (22nd Edition, the final hurrah?)

    New hints are done. And yes I completely brain-gooped and realized that one of these was already done before in a previous edition and that shows we're really running out of maps to think about!
  10. NuMetalManiak

    [Now on idgames] Astroverse Doom II vanilla megawad

    Oops, I meant MAP33 and was typing the sector tag as the map number by accident. The nevermind part was because I was looking at the weirdness of MAP35-37's baron opening door concept and then I started playing the Baron Door wads.
  11. NuMetalManiak

    [Now on idgames] Astroverse Doom II vanilla megawad

    MAP33, there are several closets with sector tag 63 that don't have a linedef tag to them, meaning that up to 24 monsters won't teleport in. These sectors are 400, 402, 404, 406, 458, 459, 460, and 461.
  12. Previous threads start here: (this game show has been logoless for a while and I can't think of a good logo sorry) Welcome to once again another installment of Guess the Map! Once again, it's about guessing maps from automap screenshots! Again, only 20 are provided since the selection of WADs is continuing to wane. This current selection has no theme, but each successive entry here will get slightly harder in difficulty. Also I did try my best to remove teleport closets whenever I could. Important notes:  - Answers MUST be hidden in spoilers, no exceptions. If you don't use the spoiler option, your guesses won't count. - You may resort to the search bar, web pages, or whatever assistance in case you're not 100% sure of the wad and/or slot but feel like you've seen the map before. - September 4th: new hints added - September 10th: answers are given. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  13. NuMetalManiak

    Favorite midis?

    Alice - The Unbegotten Dreams by BUHS (MAP28 Epic 2) is really really growing on me. Was it actually inspired by Wonderland Woods from Alice because I can't really hear much in similarities?
  14. NuMetalManiak

    Guess the Map! (21st edition with new hints pulled in)

    1. MAP01 Hanger from Phobos (SiFi, RjY, I would not have accepted MAP07 of Pleiades by the way because of the different cave systems there) 2. MAP29 Temple of Fear from Hell Revealed (NaZa, Shepardus, tonytheparrot, galileo, aika, RjY) 3. MAP19 NME from Plutonia (NaZa, Shepardus, pcorf, tonytheparrot, galileo, RjY) 4. MAP31 Creepy from Zone 300 (RHhe82, pcorf, tonytheparrot, galileo) 5. MAP24 Crushed Spirits from Doom 2 The Way Id Did (galileo, RjY) 6. MAP50 Lost City from Pirate Doom (SiFi) 7. MAP15 Doomherolandia from Slaughterfest 2012 (NaZa, tonytheparrot, galileo, RjY) 8. MAP32 Ultimative Geheimnis from Whispers of Satan (NaZa, pcorf, tonytheparrot, galileo, RjY) 9. E5M1 The Mighty Green from 2002: A Doom Odyssey (NaZa, pcorf, tonytheparrot, RjY, also yes NaZa it is the original version) 10. MAP29 Deep Space 9mm from NOVA III (tonytheparrot, galileo, NaZa) 11. MAP20 Technodrome from Community Chest (NaZa, SiFi, tonytheparrot, galileo, RjY) 12. MAP03 Paranoia from Hell Ground (SiFi, galileo, RjY) 13. MAP31 Echoes Redux from Anomaly Report (tonytheparrot, galileo) 14. Escape from Castle Chezcrea (SiFi, RjY) 15. E1M5 Computer Core from Ultimate NMD (SiFi) 16. Oniria (SiFi) 17. Xenomorph 'The Complex' (tonytheparrot, Doomlover77, NaZa, RjY) 18. MAP01 Levenbrech from Alien Vendetta: Black Label (NaZa, SiFi, tonytheparrot) 19. MAP22 Ultramarine Kingdom from Monochrome Mapping Project (NaZa wad guess) 20. MAP03 of Dance on the Water (galileo, Shepardus) Congrats to everyone for playing!
  15. NuMetalManiak

    Guess the Map! (21st edition with new hints pulled in)

    Hints added: same as before, one descriptive, one letters.