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  1. NuMetalManiak

    The Top 25 Most Nefarious Secret Sectors of All Time

    This was another I had thought of. I put E1M6's secret though because that one has you finding a crate with a switch behind it, and then going someplace you wouldn't think of. Both E1M6 and E2M4 have a boatload of backtracking but I found E2M4's secret exit easier mostly because you backtrack a lot more there so there's a higher chance you'd find something new in a place to backtrack. No because I don't revel in forum drama. Honestly a lot of the D2Reload secrets really do belong here in hindsight. I just had to pick the two nastiest ones overall (MAP24's multi-step BFG still stumps me). MAP13's secret is certainly a nefarious one due to being perma-missable and you'd not think to look for the entrance there. Plus the "monster-only" doors in one of the MAP32 secrets and in MAP14. Actually forgot about The Artifact. Is that the one with that secret room tied to the weapons or something? And yakfak's secrets! In truth, actually getting them once you find them may actually not be as hard, but yakfak is so confusing with his maps regardless. I don't remember that much of the DMP map you mentioned, but Flompster Condo (in 2048 Unleashed) was quite a nasty one too because you really get confused as to where you're going almost all the time (goes for the whole level moreso than the secrets here).
  2. NuMetalManiak

    idgames archive problem with google chrome

    Bit of a bump here but I did notice a change in the idgames mirrors. I too have the same problem with the downloads as I usually take either the web or the FTP downloads, and neither work anymore (there's at least no warning message from Chrome). The SSL ones seem to be fine but not the FTP or web mirrors.
  3. NuMetalManiak

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Oh well fuck I shoulda done something goddamn I was busy. Well I did compile a list of all megawads released in 2020 as the year went on so there's bound to be a write-up of 2020 being the true "year of the megawad" even though there was a year that had been called that.
  4. NuMetalManiak

    Favourite Maps in Megawads You're Lukewarm On

    You can bet that the main Community megawads are the ones to be lukewarm but have at least one jumper. NDCP has MAP09, easily the most fun level in the megawad, especially the surprise revenant encounter and the big Dead Simple-like courtyard. CC2 has MAP23 which is for the Zelda nerds, plus MAP22 before it is a great challenge and there's Mucus Flow to consider right after it. A good trifecta. CC3 has MAP12 NOVA has MAP28 and MAP30 D2INO has MAP31
  5. Review of NoReason's Speedmaps 2 by @NoReason:


    I have a feeling I'm going to be the one to list every single megawad in year of 2020 for this year's cacowards, but if we count each and every single one released on idgames in this year, including alternate versions of certain wads (as well as BTSXE2 which had its idgames release this year), we have hit at least the 30th milestone with NoReason's Speedmaps 2. one year ago NoReason had compiled a megawad for NaNoWadMo with the same intentions as this one, speedmaps that are made in the unbalanced slaughter category, with no rhyme or reason in most cases.


    well, the same thing more or less applies here! maps will have MOD music, hordes, teleporting hordes, platforming (timed platforming for the two Zandronum levels too), death exits at times (and ResetInventory as an added measure). some maps are quite detracted from the rest of the set, especially MAP25 which isn't anything slaughter-like but still hard. others are incredibly long they make me question if they are speedmaps, MAP16 is the biggest one for example. again you're probably just gonna put your favorite overpowered weapon mod and god mode everything if you're gonna play it. the spiderdemon has changed, and the cybruiser acts as an additional rocket-shooter again. have fun not having fun and then having fun I guess.

  6. NuMetalManiak

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    2002ADO E3M3: Very unbalanced, teleporter closets are awfully made, a room with cacodemons near the end is bad for completionists, and there's the cramped cyberdemon encounter too. D2INO MAP27: Quite of the few maps have the feel of never-ending but at least have some form of cool adventure-style gameplay. This is more or less a mishmash of styles that don't work well and the yellow key and some teleport landings are missing on the easy settings. 10 Sectors MAP21: Huge-as-shit scavenger hunt map looking for switches and the lifts are so slow Plutonia Revisited MAP15: Bad encounters on spiral, bad overall placement, music deserves better than being in this map UAC Ultra MAP11: What a disappointing follow up after Skagway
  7. NuMetalManiak

    Swim with the Whales: map 03 platforming

    oh well then that's just dumb. Also the secret map in Mayhem 2018 Purple's got some similar platforming to Dimensions and lines to avoid.
  8. NuMetalManiak

    Swim with the Whales: map 03 platforming

    Magnolia MAP01 (same author) has at least two nastier ones, one of which I don't think you can legitimately get to (because a teleport landing that goes there isn't flagged on any settings, preventing entry without noclip)
  9. NuMetalManiak

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    Are you refering to Midgar Zolom or Emerald Weapon by chance?
  10. NuMetalManiak

    The Top 5 Custom Monsters

    Completely disagree with the Afrit, especially Scythe 2's incarnation as it's a floating damage sponge and screw all damage sponge enemies. Later megawads that use Afrit at least tone down its health. No Eviternity enemies makes me quite sad.
  11. UAC Ultra's known for its gray and grittiness, but Skagway (penultimate map) owns them all, with going across a dangerous-aired hellscape with radiation suits and lots of plodding combat.
  12. Review of Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP! 20 Vanilla Maps by @Doomkid and co.:


    (I've already done and gone and recorded this as one of the megawads by the way, just wanted to wait until the idgames release before I went ahead and reviewed it).


    well I don't know much of the story behind Rowdy Rudy, considering I never played the first one. but in any case, we got 20 vanilla maps, plus two Boom-compatible ones in an extra wad. and there's some subtle changes to the weapons, namely the pistol is now an assault rifle which I enjoy for reasons obvious and not obvious, while the SSG and shotgun have been made much faster, same with the chaingun. monster changes are overall alright, each has a niche that works out well, with the best being probably the flame caco. yes, there's one of those chaingunner types that only drops a clip and replaces the SS, but for some weird reason, a mini version of the spiderdemon exists to replace the chaingunner.


    onto the levels themselves, honestly I can see them actually being memorable! many of them have sense and purpose to make sense with the backstory, none are particularly huge in size (except MAP22 but that's a bonus map), and all are fun to go through. a few homages to some maps, like one has a Toxin Refinery homage in two places while MAP17 takes after Plutonia well. there's an obligatory slaughtermap at MAP20 but it's actually super easy and kinda disappointing. overall though, this is one of those romper megawads, where you'll be progressing well and fluidly.

  13. Crater is my favorite Evilution level because to me it's basically quintessential Evilution. Hitscanners, weirdly-designed outside areas, a few attentions to detail, and its spaced well and cool. E3M7 Limbo is another favorite of mine. People bitch about it's maze and teleporter system, but they're really not difficult to figure out at all. MAP09 Abbatoire of Plutonia barely gets any love but it's an incredibly fun map. First level in Plutonia to have an invulnerability sphere and it's in a fun area as well. The monsters that teleport in are going to the crushers to make it more fun. And the last area actually isn't too troublesome if you prioritize the chaingunners and circle the area well.
  14. Review of 180 Minutes Pour Vivre by French Doom Community:


    180 minutes = 3 hours, so essentially this is 3 heures d'agonie 4 just under a different title. our 27th/29th megawad of 2020 is a treat of speedmaps with a few doses of custom content. so if there's any indication you're playing these maps, is that they are speedmaps, so generally small layouts, plus you get to accommodate yourself with specific author styles, such as @WH-Wilou84 preferring organically-constructed locales that lean to slaughter at times and having music from Hell Revealed 2, or JC preferring more orthogonal layouts with the same gameplay, or Datacore being more or less a traditionalist. and a wild Darkwave0000 also made a map, but it's by far his easiest or so. and as you can expect, slaughtermaps are in the back. every megawad doesn't need a slaughtermap at the end you know. for custom monsters, the multi-eyed caco which shoots a one-two punch of imp and mancubus fireballs is actually kinda neat, but I'm not a fan of the heresiarch. that's about it there. despite their size, the level layouts are tricky and the authors really really want to hide those secrets somehow. crazy, don't you think?

    1. Endless


      Those custom monsters while looking neat, are pretty damn evil! :P

  15. NuMetalManiak

    The Top 25 Most Nefarious Secret Sectors of All Time

    I knew there was bound to be some more secrets that even I managed to miss on this list. It's been a while since I played both REKKR and THT, so I forgot about the worms and bunnies. Plus I haven't played ZDCMP2 or Wayfarer. Others I can think of that I missed are the 30-second door in MAP15 of D2TWID and the 5-minute door in E1M9 of 2002ADO (although the hint for this one was easier IMO). And Phobus has that newly-released megawad that uses every single linedef and sector action, so there's the secrets in that too. There's quite a lot of cool ideas for secrets being thrown around.