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  1. Yes dawg just go to Compatibility Options and find "Limit Pain Elementals Lost Souls" I think its called. Anyways I love both lost souls and pain elementals (the souls are awesome and cute while the pain elemental makes you prioritize it, which is why I LIKE it) and hate cyberdemons and mancubi (both are really annoying when you least expect it).
  2. yeah dawg, let's do the +++ SUDTIC TEUTIC OBTIC thing homies. We gunna put off with Moonblood (and my always vote for 2048 Unleashed) for another month. MAP22 You Shall Not Pass! Time to coin another abbreviation before someone else does: NACW - not another concept wad This is another Lord of the Rings-inspired map, for the Balrog chase. It's really difficult, mostly because you are supposed to run away from all the Balrogs chasing you, and numerous obstructions and rather annoying jumping puzzles come into play to make things hard. Sometimes, it's even trial and error, which is not good for this gimmick. We do get to see Sauron's gauntlets though (I missed them in MAP21), and they kick a lot of ass so I used them quite a bit. But the majority of this level is pure run and gun. On ITYTD things are a bit easier, as there are less Balrogs floating around and some cacos take their place. Either way though, once we get the invulnerability on the hill, our Doomguy becomes Gandalf with some perpetual invincibility so that people like me who want to max everything can attempt to do so, killing Balrogs and cacos with the BFG and such. Could be problematic since they are flying enemies, but that invincibility will last awhile. Wonder what Anima Zero and Belial think of the easter eggs that reference them? Also I really hate this suicide exit the most, since you pretty much need to be fully prepped to walk in the opposite direction and on max damaging fire fighting through enemies to reach it. Really nasty map and a NACW to go with it.
  3. If you forget about them entirely the whole thing is great. MAP21 Unholy Cathedral This ain't E3M5, it's a gargantuan and complex cathedral with a boatload of secrets and quite a lot of monsters to fry. The central cathedral battle will be the standout, and the next true slaughter encounter this wad offers. But the rest of the map doesn't offer much in terms of slaughter, so we don't have to be ready for the big fights but we do gotta be ready for the suspense. Premise besides the whole central area, there's the West Antichrist section, the East Library (also known as the Library of the Damned from the sign), and then there's the hellscape to the north of the cathedral itself. And it's got enough satanic imagery to prove that it is, truly, an unholy cathedral. I usually start on the west side (the West Antichrist section) and go around there picking secrets (also the zombieman wall). I then ended up in the hellscape, which I usually save for last, but then I get the secret yellow key too. Also in a lot of places including the secrets, there are pentagrams you can step on. I actually believe that stepping on all the pentagrams in the map leads to a certain secret at the exit, though I have not actually confirmed this. Oh, and there are the two new enemies, though players on ITYTD will not get to see one of them. The first is that annoying cleric enemy that shoots fireballs and doesn't flinch, but at least his health is low. The balrog is the other one, and is like the well-known Afrit we have seen in other megawads, except he has much less health than his Scythe 2 incarnation. Not a whole lot in the way of puzzles for the West Antichrist section, but the library is a thing on its own almost. Having to look for small red books is the gimmick for this library section, with tons of things to find. I also don't know for certain how to open up the central area, but I guess hitting enough pentagrams or something does the trick. There are a LOT of voodoo triggers for this map, which bothers me quite a bit. The central battle is done via the organ, and there are more than enough pickups to make this slaughter section extremely easy. I usually grab the invulnerabilities by the time the hell knights come over, or when the organ spawns numerous lost souls. The red key is in this place as well, but this is the slaughter section of the map, and as easy as it is, I still consider it a lot of fun. Not to outdo the blue key section. I usually get the blue key first, but this time, it was the last key I obtained in the map (for really no real reason). This one is quite controversial though. Imagine being on a damaging floor in this damaging circle with no key or pickups, forced to fight a load of enemies while burning your feet. The exception is a voodoo doll will save your life for the most part, because it runs over both berserk packs and supercharges. It gets annoying with the berserk's weapon switching and the consistent damage taken. Am I a fan of it? Not even close. But it is something I don't think I have seen elsewhere. So yes, this map is a gargantuan one, lots to do, explore, slaughter, and defile. And I did notice you can exit using either the yellow or blue, but you need the red apparently, so the biggest slaughter will not be avoided. As for the pentagrams, I did get the secret at the end, which makes the next map a bit sweeter, but since that's a gimmick map again, not much there for now.
  4. +++ Moonblood, or I am going to force @dobu gabu maru to call this the Doomworld Slaughtermap Club from now on.
  5. MAP20 Desert Temple It's been about a year already since I last went to Universal Studios in Orlando, yet every time I hear this MP3 track (the Lawrence of Arabia song), it reminds me so much of that one area from Islands of Adventure. Anyways, as far as the map goes, it's like sprinkling gameplay aspects of Alien Vendetta maps for this one. The climbing towards the big temple reminds me a lot of MAP11: Nemesis, in how it is approached, but it doesn't take too long. Obviously, the design screams Misri Halek. The temple's core gameplay? Surprisingly, it emulates Crimson Tide (MAP05). I mean, the way the keys are placed and how the temple is layed out. Again, no slaughter to have here, which is fine. The secrets take quite a bit of guesswork this time around, although the first one offers a mancubus right next to the suicide exit, so if you feel groggy, get out now by using the fatso. Pressing on, getting the switch to raise the lift to the left side of the temple going towards the red key is a tough part, considering how much time you actually have. There are also a few tombstone traps, like one right next to said switch for instance. Apart from the red key, solving any sort of puzzle is trivial at most, and much of the level gets to be a bit boring. Really, apart from how its designed and all, this one doesn't have a lot of fleeting moments. It's sort of standard, but charming for a map.
  6. I have no clue. I want to say making a long walkthrough of Cheogsh or something like all those secrets I document on Doomwiki, mostly because I hang around the wiki more than the forums.
  7. MAP19 Stargate Oh hell yeah, this is one of the best base maps to date, obviously inspired by vrack and inspiring so many other ones after it. Amazing design and a layout that is actually quite fun to get lost in. Plus combat doesn't get nasty in it at all. Lots of switches means having to hunt this big base, thankfully the design of the map will ensure that you will never roll your eyes. Some easter eggs do abound in this base, some are secrets, others are just walls that can be lowered revealing the five main kids from South Park, although these aren't secrets and don't do anything. Getting around the map may require looking at it in the editor especially when it is the first time playing though. The blue and red keys are in distinct laser-gridded sections, involving shootable target switches and other switches, with the red key having a tough fight, or perhaps several considering difficulty settings. Finding the red and blue switches requires a bit more work and memorization. At least the blue switch has a few memorable encounters, like with the plasma gun, the rocket launcher, or further on when using the switch to reveal the yellow key on the conveyor near all those vats. Speaking of which, that conveyor obviously hides our alternate exit. The yellow key is for the exit area of course, but also an optional BFG and a fight that goes along with it. Speaking of which again, lots of revenants emerged while I was elsewhere in the map, plus an arch-vile. Interesting, but the layout made it pretty easy. I wish I found that secret invulnerability sooner, but then again, used it for the endgame area, with the cool yellow laser structure and Egyptian things. Taking the arch-vile with me, I make it to the exit portal. Those barons are so troublesome, especially when the pain elementals come in behind them, where those big guys in front take all the attacks that I wanted to use against the elementals. Yeah, that fight was annoying, and this map was long. But it was good to return to all the same. Hard to 100% though, and two maps after this is another one that certainly will be tough to 100% too.
  8. MAP13 Eagle's Nest Eagle's Nest, we meet again. Easily my least favorite map in DVII for that stupid climbing segment alone. You know it's bad when it is just the climbing aspect up these cliffs with enemies attacking you from pop-ups and teleports around you, and the way you climb isn't particularly speedrun-friendly either. The easy part is surprisingly the top of the fortress, not a whole lot happens in and around it, but the yellow key fight tries to be interesting. Also interesting, the secrets! Holy crap this level has quite a lot of secrets, many of them deceptive in how to reach. I had a hard time documenting how to get some of them. One of these is a pretty cool rocket-oriented one against a small burden of hell knights. I mean, this map looks incredibly great, and the floating things by way of self-referencing sectors really stand out design-wise, really cool to teleport in between them all the way to the section. At least the combat is ramping up to work with what I'm dealing with, but then again, this is more or less a point of no return so I can't leave by then. Another mark against it. Telefragging the cybie (or manc on lower difficulties) is nice, as is the reminiscence that we may remember from the first Deus Vult (that crescent area from Cathedral). Looks almost identical to the predecessor except green as heck. Gonna say this is the best part of the map entirely, I just don't like the climbing and the secrets this one had, gave me headaches and stuff.
  9. the hot dogged fuck happened to this? Anyways, E4 is meant to be the hardest of the four episiodes. Yes, E4M1 is gonna be one of the harder ones, especially if you wish to max it on UV. But even I can do it. And E4 has tons of memorable maps, M2 and M6 being the best of the bunch. (even though I voted E2, but that's because of M2 and the lovely berserk pack that gets used in every map).
  10. MAP12 Minas Morgul (yes we jump to that mapslot if you are a newbie to this wad) Yet another example of a mighty resplendent green. This is one green map entirely, and themed after Lord of the Rings to fit well with a setting. And it's also Deus Vult II's first slaughtermap. Not on onset of course, because it wants you to figure out the key and BFG that you will need later on, but it comes after that. Yes, I consider killing a hallway full to the brim with imps slaughter, and this is actually both fun and tedious, fun because these enemies are weak and tedious because there are many of them. Oh yeah, and the alternate exit is a dark square in a Type 11 floor. The entrance to the place is quite bleak. Do I really need all these berserk packs? I can use some weapons for extra ammo and the BFG for the spiders. And the side wings aren't much to talk about, they're relatively easy enough despite locking you between two hordes. The final fight here involved a similar hallway, this one stocked with hell knights. More tedium than the imp hallway provided, and even easier thanks to an invulnerability. I believe there's a cyber on higher difficulties made to make it more interesting, but then again, he'd be infighting with the back end of the horde if I recall.
  11. Doom, Valkyrie Profile, and Yoshi's Island
  12. un19.mid Hiding the Secrets and The End of DOOM from Ultimate Doom Sadistic and Let's Kill At Will from Evilution
  13. Two reasons I love the alternate exits. One, at least for the longer levels, it's like a "give up" exit, so if you're stuck and you know about the alternate exit (even though they are all unmarked), you can just death slide under. Second, considering I play continuous most of the time, that is the penalty for using an alternate exit. Well except for the next map, which decides to utilize a Type 11 sector instead, in the hopes of the player dying on the next map. But of course people will hate these exits anyways. Why? Doomworld logic it seems. I will never understand it cuz it happens so fast, and it feels so good it's like walking on glass. MAP03 Crouching Demon, Hidden Archvile This is definitely an interesting map with an interesting theme and all. Too bad I'm not a fan of it, the trees being the big reason. Getting around these stupid trees makes me annoyed, especially when it comes to secret hunting and the ilk. Furthermore, the main part of the level is on the raised platform in the center, meaning that falling off doesn't really net anything, unless you want to go for the type 11 exit this level has. You can find some mancubi and the hidden archvile, but nothing really else of interesting. Two things before the big building in the center, the silent teleporting monsters that appear in a few places to try and ambush, and the chessboards, which silently teleport the player into the middle to get surrounded. Not all of them are created equal, but they were all made to get the keys. Except that secret one, which has arch-viles in it, plus the cacos are pawns in this case and a few other enemies rear their ugly heads in. The central building also has a super shotgun fight worthy of pinning. I can never seem to kill one monster in this map though as it never shows up. Also it can be easy to forget about the three key switches near the second building when you are right next to the exit. For a level I'm not a fan of, it at least has its moments.
  14. MAP02 Mutagen Here's another fun map that works well, of course. Another base map, done and designed so it feels adequate as hell and the combat goes well enough to fit. The secrets are quite annoying to get, but there's the fun in that, considering that at least two are joke secrets. As for what to expect, we first see the plasma rifle, and a nearby secret has an "emergency use only" rocket launcher, possibly being the only hint that a suicide exit in the blue area is nearby. Apart from that, there's a little snippet where you can telefrag two hitscanners, another where you don't worry about imps on the waterfall and shoot barrels, and a Descent-style mashup. The red key fight where you have a volley of imps is even cooler too.