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  1. now I remember why I hated this wad. Only one that could potentially be as bad as this is, spoilers, MAP20, but at least that one just gives you loads of chaingunners while this one's got some really bad crusher placement. Easily the worst Xaser map in my book, at least there are better ones. Actually the worst thing about MAP15 might be the fact that a kick-ass music track is used for such an awful level.
    holy shit i got lost, and i fucking ENJOYED it. now there's some pretty amazing combat in each and every one of these gargantuan maps too, but you'll definitely need a guide if you want to get through these maps and their secrets too. so much fun still.
    hey i knew these levels from Endless Torture, hah. fun set still. fight me.
    this one is really well done. plenty of variety here, mostly large maps that are expansive but not extremely heavy on the monster count. i imagine this is what Sunder would be if it wasn't a slaughterfest wad. certainly recommended, fuck dem haters.
    vintage set, years later it still is incredibly charming. detail is not everything, the gameplay leaves everything hot and fresh. lovely stuff.
  2. The maps I like the least are the ones that have the chaingunners resurrected by the hidden arch-viles. Perpetual turrets suck.
    classic in gameplay with the 64 atmosphere. pretty fun maps overall.
    well this is a pretty good set. lots of variety as you would expect for a Community Chest-inspired Heretic wad and quite some fun was had in pretty much all of the maps. E2M7 stands out the most, with all the projectiles in the open areas plus the massive gargoyle attack at the end. yeah, there's bugs, like with E3M8 and the D'Sparil battle, but I was completely unable to get a secret in E3M3 for some reason.
  3. I'm gonna have to go with this one: Like every year this one always has really cool metal music that I always enjoy. It was hard for me to pick a true favorite though since there's so many good ones.
  4. What does this thread remind me of? edit: to clarify, a notorious Doom mapper tried putting loads of monsters in a small area and called it a map. That's what this thread reminds me of.
    heh, you'll notice how i have my reviews after someone else's. regardless, a somewhat short offering from the Odessa wad maker, still with puzzles, but not really much in combat. it's very slow-paced but works out all the same.
    there's not too much in the way of puzzles in this short offering. it's pretty decent if a bit cramped. last trap is pretty harsh too.
  5. Because I played it before, and it more or less is just another Plutonia megawad. To be honest, it was probably the most boring of the Plutonia wads I've played, and I don't feel like replaying it anymore. Got a whole lot of shit to do this month in the meantime anyways.
  6. MAP10 Bloodbath Another rocky Doom remix song, cool. And a map from JC, an unsung setpiece mastermind who doesn't get mentioned a whole lot in terms of setpiecers who do slaughter. A nasty level we have here, one where I sort of stick around cramped areas trying to attack enemies from afar. Never did like doing that, because snipers. A secret invulnerability makes things a whole lot easier. The yellow key trap is an obvious standout, hitscanners people. And there's at least two big teleport ambushes, after two keys, so some attention is certainly required for those. This one can be pretty rough to play at a breakneck pace. err...screw it. I'm gonna stop playing this.
    yeah, this one is so short that it's super simple to blaze through. lots of 3d floors and quite a lot of good combat, but you will notice this is basically a redone Entryway. hard, too.