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  1. NuMetalManiak

    What are you listening to?

    this is a strange wad, with assets similar to Darkest Hour and other Star Wars-themed wads, many of the maps focus on small killings, as most of the maps are actually small. Pinchy's finale sure makes this worth it. oh yeah, quite a few custom stuff was done. the flamethrower marines were quite annoying, while other monsters gained multiple attacks, new ones, it's all so zany. the maps are pretty well done overall and this is worth a try.
  2. NuMetalManiak

    What are you listening to?

    why have I not heard this band until now.
  3. NuMetalManiak

    Doom City

    this is a classic but short level. it's a simple city, actually more like a small town in all honesty, and it's got enough custom assets to make it convincing as opposed to other really blocky-looking city maps. the gameplay isn't really anything past the 90's grade, with zombiemen all over the streets being the most important threat. also of note is the rather classic music track Shamus Young had made for this map. he's had several other contributions, some of which are heard on DOOM32.wad, but this is his most famous music track. I'll admit his music is a guilty pleasure.
  4. NuMetalManiak

    Completing Doom without losing any health

    I used to play wads 100% while trying to take very little to no damage as possible whenever I can. It's a cool challenge, but obviously isn't something to take seriously.
  5. NuMetalManiak

    Exomoon Megawad

    Exomoon is a 24-level megawad slated to be the successor to Moonblood, so if you are expecting to see some similar styles of gameplay here, well, you'll find some. but for the most part Exomoon is quite different. it takes after Plutonia, but instead of giving us loads of small but difficult levels to play through, the majority of maps are actually medium-sized, somewhere around the length it would take to finish The Sewers (Plutonia MAP28). and of course, it's certainly on the level of something just a tad above Plutonia, like early AV, BTSX, or mid-UR difficulty. the monster placement centers around the ones who are of the biggest annoyances, like mancubi, chaingunners, and arachnotrons, also throwing in multiple new ones like arachnorbs (tougher than Valiant) and terrors (faster lost souls). there's even a few boss fights. layout-wise, these medium-sized maps are all non-linear, with action right from the start in most cases. trying to get a feel of where you are in the level and where you're supposed to go can lead into some trouble in some cases, but overall, the experience of playing through each map is still enjoyable, hard, but enjoyable. because i'm personally not a fan of these boss fights, or even MAP18 which took way too long, i'm giving this four stars. it's worth at least one go just to see what has been accomplished. tackling all these settings feels like such.
  6. NuMetalManiak

    What would you consider a "good" megawad?

    has to be: fun to play, cohesive, good gameplay, some things to remember about it, replayable, have good placement of things
  7. NuMetalManiak

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    hi guys
  8. NuMetalManiak

    any new megawad in the vein of alien vendetta?

    Bloodstain and Epic 2
  9. NuMetalManiak


    well I haven't seen an Ultimate Doom TC in forever. REKKR provided a nice, simple storyline and gives players a treatment of things that make it an entirely different game, yet at the same token using the same kinds of gameplay akin to standard IWAD Doom. there's certainly quite a lot of effort to doing the former, with several new enemies using extensive DeHacked work. the lost soul-esque eyeballs are weaker, but have resurrection abilities, while the cacodemon-like enemies spit three homing projectiles. the other flying pests to watch out for are the big Alien Controller-esque things who shoot strong green fireballs and spawn eyeballs when defeated as well as those fanged creatures that shoot small fireballs, since they actually come in two types, one of which is more durable, but both actually explode on death which is quite nasty for close range. there's turrets that don't move but never stop firing once they see you, along with eyeball spawners (only in E4). the bosses on E2 and E3 are quite fun to battle, with the E2 one being a lot like Heretic's D'sparil fight and the E3 one is also good. one thing to note is that the E2 boss has two mini-boss variants in later episodes, which could possibly throw players off when they try E3M1 for the first time. oh yes, and the Monty Python fucking rabbits, not gonna go into detail there. one other major detail to note is that there's an entity in the map that is outside the boundaries, and it's some dummy that always shoots a hitscan towards the player. this thing is in its own sector away from the player but it's used in a way to showcase a new way to use shootable triggers, which is very neat. also the deal with the dogs that follow you is interesting in how to get to the secret levels in the game. the weapons could be considered hit or miss in all honesty. the bow and arrow default weapon is a great starting weapon and reliable, although it naturally gets outclassed by the Slot 4 Soul Launcher. the steelshot is basically a slower SSG, and the Blessings of the Gods is quite overpowered and deserving of slot 7. the axe is also good and the three-punch combo as well. I'm not too keen on the slot 5 Rune Launcher because of it's short range, but it works well, while the slot 6 Holy Relic is honestly a lot more unreliable than I thought. it's a hitscan weapon, but it has windup time before and in between shots and just is awkward to use. the maps, well this just so happens to be a community project. what can I say, loads of variety, short maps, medium maps, and long maps. the show-stealer is lupinx's E1M7, a gargantuan odyssey of a map that is both amazingly detailed and pretty hard to play through. E1 has most of the variety, with E1M3 and E1M7 being gargantuan, while E2 and E3 are mostly medium-sized to small-sized maps. the whole bonus episode is filled with gimmick maps, the first being somewhat of a puzzler with the rest being mostly small (I think E4M5 might actually be broken because I can't figure out the exit there) a very ambitious and well done TC.
  10. NuMetalManiak

    DARK UNIVERSE-part 1

    with the snazzy screenshot shown on the cacowards page and the obvious premise of the wad being a journey through space with multiple enemies to tackle, there's no denying Dark Universe its award. for once, i'm glad this one isn't incredibly long, with just six levels, only two of which were actually big to any extent. and despite the GZDoom features around, the gameplay was intended to be more in line with classic gameplay without a shitload of DeHacked fuckery. and that's a great thing. naturally it's atmospheric, a bit like Doom 3 at times (which isn't a bad thing either). the detail draws you in, the gameplay draws you in further. watch your step, the space could actually suck you out in some levels.
  11. NuMetalManiak

    Avactor Second Update is out !

    NW Crusher arena in MAP09 had me stuck again, apparently there's a linedef (42315) that stops the crusher (after several waves of enemies), but this is a slow one so it slows down when it crushes something (the enemies mostly), but I got stuck when it decided to stop while it was at a low point and I was unable to enter the teleporter to leave. also a rather ugly HOM I found in the SE secret area
  12. NuMetalManiak

    For the love of god, stop speeding up monster projectiles

    fast projectiles + sniper centric gameplay = broken keyboard, monitor, and outside window. fast projectiles anywhere else = ok. Valiant did do it horribly, this is 100% true (hahahahahaha) but so far from what I've played from 2018 cacowards (Struggle, Avactor, UoF, GS2), the rest of the fast projectile monsters are used well. It's how these enemies are used.
  13. NuMetalManiak

    Avactor Second Update is out !

    got stuck here in MAP07 from falling somewhere NW of the starting point.