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My own Freedoom's C3M5

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I played the latest build of Freedoom, I was surprised that there was a new C3M5 map since Freedoom didn't have one before. But then I played the map... I was disappointed.


I'm not saying that is a terrible map, but for me it feels bland and pretty easy compared to the previous levels. So I decided to make my own C3M5, it took me about 2 days to make it using Doom Builder 2.


I am not completely done with this map, first I want to hear feedback from other players to see if there's something I can improve.


I tested the map with Zdoom, there's a visplane overflow in chocolate doom I am aware of that and I will try to fix it.


Some Screenshots:


Download --> C3M5.zip

Note: I'm not an experienced mapper, this could be considered my very first Single player doom map so don't expect something awesome.


Edit: I forgot to mention, use the latest autobuild of Freedoom. This map uses textures from that version.



Edited by Mortrixs19 : Update 31/08/2019

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4 hours ago, Mortrixs19 said:

Note: I'm not an experienced mapper, this could be considered my very first Single player doom map so don't expect something awesome.


For a first time map it was surprising good.

Ok now what I thought:
Yes it's a good and medium difficult map (for me), i'm not good on judging map dificulties, bacause i'm a very good vannila player.
The initial area was good but the starting bonuses pickups is kinda annyoing to pick since the step close to them make them get out of your reach, it's necessary to pick them slowly.
after opening the door i've noticed that the monsters there is unable to walk over this staircase.



I had some serious loss of hp there but it was ok, from after there i just reached the other key and i was almost surprised by the inc teleports but i just fell on "blood" and used the teleport there to flee, at the door i just keep shoting until them all died. since i havent figured an easy way get to red armor i just ignored it.
after that i finnaly reached the yellow skull key and man, sorry but wood floor with redrock wall dont match so well.



at the last room it was all just fine, except the lava.
Tight lifts + lava is just to kill the player. Anyway Cyber killed and gg.
Them i just tried an speedrun.



Your map is ok overall (no skills tests), but still can be improved whit some effort.
My vote: 7/10

Vannilla bugs section. You must fix those!
First area seens to suffer from Linedefs Overflow, I can help you with this if you want.

Getting futher inside the fort and looking back result in "R_FindPlane: no more visplanes" This is Fatal error.



Now for advanced engine abuse and other bugs: (640x400 resolutions)
I havent find the correct way to reach the soulsphere but i sure did my own way with a help of an random worm, also I can just jump up there, it's a nice view.



Another "nice view" spot, also the floor is water? no cheats, just jump skills.



This bug can is present in vannila too, if you fall there whitout tiggering the switch, well you're pretty much stuck unless if you cheat or rocketjump.



:D (i just jumped the window near the red skull key.) i requiried to use fly to leave there anyway.




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Some errors and inconsistencies I came across.


Many sectors around this area are tagged but no lines share a tag number with them (and thankfully no action that could cause major problems). Best to clean those up. The entrance of the temple also has this sector tagged despite the teleport destination being placed on another. You can safely removed the tag from that.


Tag 12 glory (and Tag 9)!



Teleport destination (Tag 5) at temple entrance.



A few lava floor sectors do not have any damage effects, in fact the pit to the yellow skull would not hurt you at all, meaning it's not a threat at all.


The yellow skull lava. Once again, many tagged sectors despite no actions tied to them.



This sector at the end.



This lava sector near the green armor.



I would suggest either changing the lava near the green armor into boiling blood with a 10% damage floor for the sake of consistency or making the armor easier to pick up if you want to use a 20% damage floor, because otherwise the risk would be too much.


I noticed that there are two actions to reveal this secret, this could just be reduced to just one action. Perhaps having a secret switch to shoot at and reveal this secret would be fitting. Some HOMs are also present and are visible.


Actions on lines.



HOMs in action!



This side of the door should have no horizontal offsets. The door not looking right vertically is fault of the W105_1 patch though.




Two monsters are stuck on each other when playing on easy difficulties. That is because this Serpentipede is flagged to appear on easy difficulties instead of only on medium and hard difficulties.




A cell ammo pack is present on the left side of the room, should be a box of rockets to be consistent. The multiplayer only cell ammo packs do not have any difficulties set, so they won't appear in a multiplayer game at all.




One sector caged has two teleport actions on single-sided walls and another has a 20% damage sector (with blinking lights). For the second one, that can be easily changed to a regular blinking lights effect (0.5 sec).


Two single-sided walls with teleport actions.



Sector with damage effect and blinking lights.



Small oddities, nothing too important but I thought they might be worth mentioning.


Bloodfall texture here, looks out of place.



Co-op spawns do not need the multiplayer only flag, they will still work regardless.



Nothing important, but I did caught this anyhow. :)


As for other suggestions, I would make use of the "lower to 8 above highest floor" action as it lowers sectors much faster and might also help on not having different floor textures clashing with each other. I would also have the sector with the minigun not lower when picking it up, doesn't seem necessary to me.


I guess for now, you can just place some deathmatch spawns around the map, though adding a separate arena would be better given the layout with the main level.

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1. Whoever got onto swapping the Demo map, thank you as I was about to report it in my later review because I was unable to load my game any time "while playing in a net game" while the demo played.
2. I will try it in GZDoom and see how it feels for me first before I try the other, since I was playing the game in Chocolate Doom and well uh... Never turned off the Save Buffer Overflow setting that basically costed a couple level's progress since C1M7 in the starting area after a long attack... Pain. :\

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Thanks @Erick and @Xindage for showing me these bugs, I'm going to fix them soon. 


11 hours ago, Erick said:

I guess for now, you can just place some deathmatch spawns around the map, though adding a separate arena would be better given the layout with the main level.


Yes, I'm thinking on adding a separate deathmatch arena but I will do that when I'm completely done with the map itself.

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Update: Just uploaded a new version of the map, the two big changes are a new arena for deathmatch and a reworked area (the yellow key one) otherwise, the map is still the same.


*Yeah I'm still aware of the bugs with chocolate doom*


As always, feedback is appreciated.

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Update: I posted a new version of the map, this one aims to fix most of the crashes with Chocolate Doom as well as polishing some stuff. You will note a different starting area because the previous one had way to many lines and there were HOM's in vanilla.


I hope this is the final version of my C3M5 before uploading the file to github, but if you find any small issues tell me.


I will (probably) upload a demo using Chocolate Doom or Crispy Doom later.



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Update: Hopefully last. This version of the map fixes some things regarding the flow, the vanilla compatibility and difficulty. All the changes were done by @Erick he did the small tweaks on the deathmatch map too, so thanks to him.



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