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  1. One Humanity by John Romero MAP 01 UV-Fast in 6:06.11 - one-humanityf606.zip
  2. One Humanity by John Romero MAP 01 UV-Max in 4:39.83 - one-humanity-439.zip
  3. Hardware rendering that can be tweaked to come close to looking like the software renderer. I can have the performance of the hardware renderer while not losing too much of nice visuals of the software renderer. That said, I do not also mind some extra things like lighting and trails on projectiles and Things.
  4. Dang, now I really gotta post more Doom videos and not other junk. I do feel like recording more deathmatch sessions, Doom deathmatch is always fun and it's great when dozens of people join in!
  5. I can't download it, seems to require playing Plutonia 5 about 10 more times and uninstall Plutonia 6. The latter is easy, but I don't want to play Plutonia 5 again, it is nothing but 100,000 levels where you press a switch to end a level. Still, hope to play this prequel sequel to Plutonia 9: The Return of the Revenants (Again!)
  6. All I can say about Doom Eternal's longevity is that as long as people like the game and share their thoughts to others, people will keep playing and coming back to it for years. Same applies to Doom 2016, chances are Doom Eternal got people to try that game just to check it out. Single-player lasts forever, I could care less for the Battle Mode in this game, shame about the lack of traditional deathmatch but I guess there is Quake Champions for that. I will say, I am still a bit soured that Doom Eternal doesn't have the SnapMap mode from Doom 2016, would have been nice to have a cross-platform map editor to substitute modding. Having Doom Eternal's mechanics in the mix and with less strict limits (if possible) sounds great if you ask me. SnapMap in Doom 2016 was getting pretty good in content after several updates, though I'll admit it was getting unoptimized and load times are horrible, even on high-end PCs apparently. Doesn't help that just about 4% of players on Steam even played 5 SnapMap levels, so I can see why it was dropped in Eternal. Still a shame to me, and the mods currently out there for Eternal just don't cut it for me.
  7. Erick


    One month build time, now that's funny I think. Not exactly the worst thing to ever play or relevant today even, but releasing extremely low quality stuff, even as a bad joke, is just shameful.
  8. Deathkings is just a PWAD, it it still needs the Hexen IWAD to be played. Source ports like Chocolate Hexen and GZDoom can play Deathkings using the -file parameter so using Hexen as an IWAD when launching Deathkings in Doom Launcher should work. As for Harmony, if it is added as an IWAD file I think it can still be played as one under the IWADs tab. Doom Launcher just autofills the title metadata for most commonly known IWADs like Doom 1 and Heretic, HEXDD.WAD and HARM1.WAD were just not listed to have them autofilled. Otherwise, anything added as an IWAD will have the -iwad parameter used by most source ports, not sure about source ports like Doomsday though. It won't be too bad to add in HARM1.WAD as a IWAD to autofill metadata, not sure if special support for HEXDD.WAD will be needed so just adding it as a PWAD should be compatible for most source ports that support Hexen.
  9. S) GZDoom: Use it basically all the time for non-vanilla mapsets. I like having so many options with display settings, minor gameplay options, and even stuff like changing the HUD and automap. I don't got many issues trying to run GZDoom and the questionable defaults were easy to change anyways. Chocolate Doom: Faithful to Vanilla Doom and works natively on modern operating systems. I don't have to modify my IWADs to play custom WADs with new sprites and it was not a hassle to tweak some settings like having pitch shifting and GUS music. My go-to port for vanilla maps. A) Crispy Doom: Faithful to Vanilla Doom and has many nice features that do not break the vanilla experience. There's some gameplay options but the higher resolution and framerates are already big changers for me. Basically, the image quality is crisp (no pun intended) and it plays smoothly. Doom Retro: Not a port I play often but I respect what it's trying to do. It has its own touches that gives a different feeling when playing through the original games. B) Zandronum: Development looks to be stagnant but it does support some mods I like such as Quake Champions: Doom Edition. PrBoom+: I guess if a mapset doesn't run well on any of the above ports, I use PrBoom+.There's also demo recording but I am slacking on that for the past year. C) To cut it short, I don't use these ports often or in the case of ZDoom, stopped using it. D) No.
  10. Erick


    Before Plutonia's Go 2 It, there was Dario Casali's take on expanding Doom 2's MAP01 into a difficult and action packed level. Punisher can be seen as sort of a prototype for Go 2 It in that it was released a year before Final Doom and the map is rough around the edges to play. There are far more many monsters in Punisher than there are in Go 2 It, starting off with about 600 enemies, which is three times more than Go 2 It's initial start of about 200 enemies. It sounds like Punisher is more difficult than Go 2 It for having more enemies and a rougher layout, right? Well, actually no, Punisher is easier than Go 2 It though at the same time, Punisher has its difficulty issues that can make it annoying to play. In Punisher, a variety of enemies are placed together far more frequently, meaning infighting happens immediately in the areas they are in. There are some rooms where only a single enemy type is in to prevent easy infighting, but even still, you can take advantage of monster infighting far more than you would in Go 2 It. Another thing, you don't always get up close to tough monsters like the Cyberdemon so you can pretty much skip them at times, which is unlike Go 2 It as that map has you getting up close to them or at times killing them to progress. Despite Punisher encouraging something of a aggressive and fast playstyle like you Go 2 It and other Plutonia maps encourage, it doesn't exactly feel like you can do it as freely here. There's a ton of open space so trying to draw attention of monsters to cause some infighting yourself can be annoying to do, an Arch-Vile can hit you out in the open and Pain Elementals can be very problematic, so you might find yourself peeking in and out of cover often instead of blasting monsters away with rockets and a BFG. That's not to say you can't blast through the level if you played it multiple times much like Go 2 It, but even so, the pacing and fights here feel a bit messy. Punisher is not bad to play and I found it fun to play despite its gameplay problems. I found it interesting to compare this map with Go 2 It to see the differences and how much more refined an expanded Doom 2 MAP01 turned out in the end. If you're into maps with tons of monsters to kill and don't mind some odd pacing, Punisher is good to play, though it definitely shows its age.
  11. The idgames tab still uses the grid view even when using the tile view, so I wouldn't rule out that possibility! The text should be larger and more readable with the tile view, hopefully all important file info should be more readable now. The tile view and grid view are both identical in how they work with handling files, be it managed or unmanaged.
  12. Erick

    Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

    Found the remaining UV-Max demos I've done in 2018, MAP20 was not done in -complevel 2 (don't know or remember why) so that one is excluded from here. MAP21-MAP30 never got started on, so this is basically it with Icarus for me. :) Times: MAP12 - 3:49 MAP13 - 3:58 MAP14 - 5:46 MAP15 - 2:03 MAP16 - 3:58 MAP17 - 3:47 MAP18 - 2:58 MAP19 - 3:16 MAP31 - 1:37 MAP32 - 1:18 icarus_ep2.zip
  13. Erick

    Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

    These are some old UV-Max demos done throughout 2018, thought I had lost them but I managed to dig up the demos for MAP01-MAP11 in my hard drive. I think I had more but I can't seem to find them. Times: MAP01 - 2:33 MAP02 - 2:47 MAP03 - 1:31 MAP04 - 1:17 MAP05 - 2:17 MAP06 - 1:07 MAP07 - 1:57 MAP08 - 2:24 MAP09 - 2:06 MAP10 - 1:41 MAP11 - 6:52 icarus_01-11.zip
  14. Erick

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Is the ceiling of the bloodfall pillar on Doom 2's MAP25 also a feature? Looks like the skybox is covering the top of the walls a bit here. :)
  15. Erick

    DOOM Retro v5.0.7 (updated October 21, 2023)

    I'm curious, will automap statistics be added in the future (Kills, Items, Secrets, and Time)? An issue on GitHub has been up for two years so I am wondering if it's still being considered (unless I somehow missed a console variable to change). That said, great to see all the support and changes to making Doom Retro stable and stand out in many nice ways! Also nice to see true widescreen being planned too for those who would like to see it.