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  1. i'm not so creative for me do a map it takes like 1 week and for a good one like a mounth (aside from my pile of crap wads of i do at random moments and i save them for somewhat reason)
  2. Well guys, i want to say few things after reworking in the maps i noticed lots of freedm maps are actually terrible (most yet after looking at decay's advices). Idk if my reworking can save all of them, for example in my opnion only 35% of freedm maps is saveable, so what you guys have in mind to suggest, what we can do to this project, whitch maps are good or bad taking in mind the already updated maps too, so lets work togheter on this a little?
  3. Since it had no replies here comes a triple post. (main post updated) DM04 - Minor layout change and reworked spawns (edit)DM05 - Reworked weapon placement. DM21 - Major rework > Replaced outside and removed few details to save from VPO > Reworked interior of base. > Removed the lower pit for extra flow. > Reworked items/spawn/weapons placements.
  4. after my major laptop issue i stay out lot of time, and now of i'm back freedm is going at full speed i think, so i'll focus on it and let map11 and episode 2 for later on, also i'm going to do a cirurgy in my foot day 22 so, its possible or not of i disapear few days again. sorry if my inglish hurt you.
  5. Ok here comes mores edits, since i find dm09 more fun to play in this way, looks like i did the right edits. Dm01 - Just the decay's item placement. Dm09 - Medium layout change, decay's feedbacks applyed.
  6. i hope the author notices it the next time. (better i be more carefull the next time ^^)
  7. Sorry to busy you but @Decay when i was analizing (tranlating too) this part of your feedback more deeply while i was editing the map i found few things of i'd like to clarify. if the green armor already given much credit why put something already most valuable? (it was what i got after tranlating) dig thru the exit place to add more stairs? (if yes i'll move the exit to somewhere else) well if i cut the teleport corridor what i should do whit the beserk? remove too? also i removed bfg by the way since it's hard to get.
  8. this mapping was in vannila mode (gzdoom builder think of its still boom for some reason). well no poblem them, i'll fix it and post it maybe tommorow.
  9. Dude there's something of really called my attention in your edit, why every actor (i mean every obeject) was moved to north by 8 pixels? is that intentional too? its just an ask. Miscelanium: i think of its not necessary to set the objects of the map to dm only too.
  10. Since i'm testing myself whit decay's feedback dm01 was modified, again. If possible @Decay review it just for i know if everything is going right. -> Enjoyed the initial edits to fix misalined textures. -> Fixed bad texturing near bfg teleport. -> Stairs near everywhere. -> Rocket launcher in windows was moved to outside in a corner. -> Green armor is where rocket launcher is, the base itself was enlaged to outside. -> The green armor "structure" was removed. -> The small hole in the wall is now a wide door and can be crossed from both sides. -> Beserk was replaced by Medpack. -> Shotgun closets was removed, players spot was moved around. -> Rocket launcher teleport room and base was fully removed. -> Bfg room teleport slight modified. -> Shotguns changed by Super Shotguns. -> Few layout edits in the way (more free movement). -> There's other minor stuff of i dont need to tell here.
  11. i need to hurry up my computer and get everything ready to i get back to mapping, looks like there's so much going on since my last touch... :\ sorry but i'll take time anyway... @Decay feedback ia a true slap in the face but its perfectly fit, it can make it more better (competitive?) dont see it by the wrong side dude, i find your comments very acceptable indeed ;) Probably i need to take in account the decay feedback and voltcon names has a priority for these already done maps and them finishem them upon all this, we can have a good set by it, anyway decay i'm not going to remove dm02 yet since we have nothing better to replace it yet.
  12. i dont play much games but i like few: Starcraft (this one is epic) Age of empires 1 & 2 (but since age 2 gained ahd version i stoped playing this one) pokemon mystery universe (online based in original pmd series) puyo puyo vs (not so much) Sonic heroes (and lot of other sonic series from genesis) Pokemon (ever not having the main series games i love watching streams of it) League of legends that's all i think
  13. Posting it just to share my progress in map11, its not playable at most, if you're curious you can see it, use cheats to move after the second part if necessary, if you have suggestion too the time is good for it. Click on them to better sight.
  14. i'll handle it when possible atm i'm focusing in map11. (near 30% of all layout done.)
  15. crates is not poblem in e2m2, but i fell not reproducing the maze of crates be more healtly for freedoom.