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  1. actualy this rework in map11 was by 2 people, me and amanrade, because it probably few things goes unused or buged.
  2. i'll try work more in map11 if you guys let me.
  3. kill all commander keens and the 666 tag door opens. find the blue skullkey and you'll be able to open the blue door (i'm no kidding its a doom trick).
  4. is it the final version of map? if yes i'll introduce in the main post.
  5. few maps are new and the ones major edited maybe a creative name is good, also we have a map named metal... something else can fit better i suppose.
  6. When done you can send me and i'll put in my storage and in first topic too, anyway if you want me look for VPO or SOF send me the wad i can take a look. Guys anyone is creative here to set the map names?
  7. i'm was working in e2m7, but i bumped in a corner causing me dificulties to go ahead (lack of criativity) so i stoped but if someone want to take care of episode pm me so i send you the wad.
  8. DM10 is ready to play i did few edits i hope you guys like any thing just say. Spoiler:
  9. i was looking to maintain the chapter 2 like i'm doing but idk if this "czars" fit me well. Anyway i'll keep maintaining the freedm like i'm doing also using the freedoom community to help whit suggestion and tests.
  10. new dm16 well i did this map to looks like udmx instead it got terrible (in my points of view) so if you guys want it just tell me but personaly i'm ready to rekt this map off
  11. when i was kid i had nightmares whit it too, just for refence :P
  12. i just forget the reason of this screenshot. rip this one i was wondering if i can go outside whit rocketjump, nope. why i cant crouch inside here? nice light inside this thing but its dark :P i can get inside whitout any rocket cheat, neat. this is the way of i did to get there.
  13. about the e1m6 for me its clearly a bug, i dont tried any deep water effect there before, maybe it was acidental and i not noticed before.
  14. Nice Screenshots, the map is getting more nice.
  15. from what i know exist more too, some others you have to deal whit bats, rats and etc, see no poblem at all (it's just a game)