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  1. Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    well i found this bug whiout lie several years ago, probably when i had 8 years old, i was a kid and i just had heretic demo version, so i played lot of times this episode, learned lot of stuff, so days ago i was talking with a friend about glitchs in heretic and hexen and i remenbered this wing bug them i thinked why not abuse this in speedrun and there's. ^^ Actully you guys discovered lot of glitchs in doom so i thinked heretic was the same and looks like not. just to say i'm 22 now so i had this glitch with me for like 14 year. Edit Awsnering questions:chocolate heretic dev version.
  2. Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    Guys i beated the episode 1 speerun by Veo time in youtube, i did episode 1 in 6:47~ veo did 6:51, whiout e1m8 is Me: 6:16 / veo 6:22 (UV Speed) Due to a inventory glitch possible to do in e1m5 is possible to make e1m6 and ahead be done extreme fast. Note: i'm a novice speedrunner has you can see in my demo, so a lot can be improved yet, i'll try maybe but i not promisse. Demo in attachment. Video: my friend put wr but i'm not sure of it Times obtained from demo: e1m1 = 0:31 e1m2 = 1:26 e1m3 = 0:51 e1m4 = 0:47 e1m5 = 1:27 e1m6 = 0:28 e1m7 = 0:49 Veo's times: e1m1 = 0:28 e1m2 = 1:17 e1m3 = 0:47 e1m4 = 0:46 e1m5 = 0:50 e1m6 = 1:09 e1m7 = 1:05 Is this a new WR of episode 1 run? SRT2.zip
  3. Blasphemer discussion

    it's still needed?
  4. Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    texture pbrik18 dont exits in my pwad, i checked using "Find and replace", and on ther side ever the version 1 run fine in chocolate doom. Sector 424 was a bug yes and fixed, version 3 out. http://www.geocities.ws/protox/FreeDoom/FreeDoom1/e2m1_p3.wad
  5. Need Maps for The People's DooM

    i can donate these following maps: http://www.geocities.ws/protox/FreeDoom/FreeDoom1/e1m1.wad (imcomplete attemp to freedoom e1m1, canceled mapping) http://www.geocities.ws/p/r/protox/FreeDoom/FreeDoom2/map07.wad (Just a map i did random, it works fine in doom2)
  6. Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    Here i'm again, and the expanded version of E2M1 is here: http://www.geocities.ws/protox/FreeDoom/FreeDoom1/e2m1_p3.wad Edit: I unfortunately forget to fix few things in the DM areas, they have been fixed there's also very small changes around the coop area, and it's the final version. Waiting you guys just to test this and see if the dificult is cool and if something is wrong in the map. i have played in all skills and i can normaly get 100% run in all.
  7. Glacies - another Heretic map by me.

    aside from these anyoing holes that you must fall (that's a real pain on ass to speedrun) everything aside it is good. i dont played till the end but the theme seens cool so far i just stoped playing after my 3th death i just cant accept falling in monsters head of i'm innacapable of aim, remenber not everyone uses open gl i cant aim straing down or up.
  8. Rework in FreeDM maps

    Well guys i can return to work on this expect new updates on this from now on again.
  9. Unused/Rejected Maps

    all unused maps egts into attic you'll pobrably find more info there... https://github.com/freedoom/attic "Old Freedoom resources never die, they just get put in the attic"
  10. IT'S TOUGH

    Its a very simple map focused in one theme Slaughter, map filled whit revenants and other monsters has you progress, it's indeed hard but looks beatable, if you're a pro gamer give it a try.
  11. Rooms of DOOM

    Fror Who want high dificult stuff and mass archivile usange this wad is for you, otherwise you're going to rage quit easily, i tried my harded to keep playing but after 1 hour i gave up it's way too hard.
  12. woah boy these are awsome textures!
  13. There's anyway to fix E1 of Heretic?

    well with decorate i can remove items not from this episode like the ammos, but i still dunno how to do it for normal ep1 objects like the multiplayer egg in e1m1
  14. What i mean with this question is, there's anyway to completely remove the multiplayers stuffs from heretic episode 1 for a classic coop gameplay whitout acess to advanced shields and early eggs? I dunno if mapping original heretic map just to remove multiplayer items is legal, so i need to ask... Note: If i posted it in the wrong channel can someone move me?
  15. Map11 - Feedback post

    bfg secret is just that hard because its too early to give it too, otherwise gg izi the next maps after it, also taking it you can still use it to beat the final fight near exit (i still dont finished the final part in outside yet) i was looking for feedback to balance everything before doing the final fight. Edit: And waiting for a day when i take motivation and do this, the job is consuming me...