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  1. Xindage

    Daily Nightmares Demo Challenge!

    i would like to take on the phase 1 instead and just surviving seems very generic, it's way too much easy to die in nightmare, it would be better to know in how much times you have had to beat each map instead. and maybe a 100% secret bonus? Also daily recording will make we having to start on pistol to record the demos, gez...
  2. Xindage

    are you a STRICT classic player?

    today there's so much mods and map packs, each one has it's own way to play them, but you're not forced to follow them "sometimes", i sould just run tnt-ren in pr-boom just because i want to play the way that doom was created but with a very high resolution, or i can just run heretic in zdoom and play it normally in this port, like, i dont really mind sometimes too playing on low-res is nice too. My point of view is: it all depends on what you want, there's players for every port.
  3. Xindage

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    i've touched brutal doom like several year ago, well it's not my taste, i usually tend to play only complex in online games whitout much add-ons btw. Because today you see some complex server with like, 10 or 20 other pk3!? it's insane, lca is already ok but only, or the new version since it's whitout mods (yet). but offline the thing is diferent, i just play mostly vanilla, like 90% vanilla 10% with ocasional lithium
  4. Xindage

    Gameplay mods - Do you like or dislike them?

    @6DBsometimes breaking the balance is good to. lets see: Complex doom, with lca, muhhamed and like 19 other random mods. Just to have fun whit op monsters, and random encounters/weapons.
  5. Xindage

    Gameplay mods - Do you like or dislike them?

    i'm ok with mod, sometimes it's nice, but i still like to sometimes load a custom set of maps in prboom and just play it whitout any mod, pure vanilla with complevel on :P so i like it but not AWAYS.
  6. Xindage

    two maps for a possible future wad "Himdoom"

    maybe if i fell like continuing it, i would like to actually push up the engine/iwad requiriments like: Keeping the maps vanilla, or at least limit removing. BUT i intend to move it for doom2, so maps will be in mapxx order, so to make everything working right i'll need a custom mapinfo, i'm not sure if prboom support mapinfo (i've hear about umapinfo but i'm not sure if it's ready or not) so i should say that i'll push this into odamex or an advanced engine to play the mod in the intended way. Why moving to doom2? I like ultimate doom but it has his downs too. for example when i'm playing ultimate doom mappacks the first thing that comes in my mind when i see a baron of hell is, Do i have my bfg? if not, rockets or plasma? these badass are anyoing and just tank as well so with doom2 in game we can have a more variety of bestiary (and the balanced hell knight) and still be playble with some of the most used zdoom mods packs, because i dont want to add custon stuffs aside than music, mapinfo and textures (porting doom1 textures for doom2). And if someone still want a vanilla experience odamex can emulate it perfect while allowing me to use mapinfo definitions for me map play correctly. Ex: 666 boss triggers in map08, sky textures in map10, secret maps as map09 18 27 36 But my real future plan is having something "solid" to start a community project, like at least one full playable set of maps, like at least 5-9 maps as a proof of concept.
  7. Months ago i've decided to try doing something like the switchroom but instead mixing the layout and themes of doom, I decided to use the heretic episodes instead. So basically these maps are for ultimate doom and is similar to heretic maps but keeping the doom theme. So far i have 2 maps and I'm looking for feedback. E1M1 - Heretic Layout, but based on the theme of doom e1m1. E1M8 - Same as above but for e1m8. These maps have a dificult around the moderate level, expect demons in e1m1 and cacodemons and lost souls in e1m8. Screenshots E1M1: Screenshots E1M8: I hope that I suceed in giving some dejavu of both ultimate doom and heretic to you guys, depending on the feedback I can finish at least the episode 1. Both wads are on the zip, sorry my bad english and have fun! (Heretic in my doom) Himdoom.zip Maps are vanilla based but i havent tested them in chocolate, it still may run fine on boom or crispy doom.
  8. Xindage

    Operation: Arctic Wolf Redux

    i'm allowed to use jump and crouch? i know that you did udmf mode but i just want to be sure, also i noticed that my crosshair wont appear... maybe it's lzdoom or ai dunno.
  9. Xindage

    Change the player death sound please

    the actuall extreme death sounds is good (like when you kill someone with a rocket) but i agree that the normal death need a diferent sound.
  10. Xindage

    Freedoom 0.12.0 is released!

    Freedm is 100% vanilla.
  11. Xindage

    Freedoom 0.12.0 is released!

    It was me... but no one removed me in a long time so I decided to get back to it.
  12. Xindage

    Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    Well i'm bored to actually fix the hard skill, and the map is already done and fully playable... Ok, this version is not final but now it's a candidate, I'm looking for skills feedbacks now: Based to used on slot e2m4 is this map: -> On skill X too hard/good/easy? Monsters count: S -> Singleplayer | M -> Multiplayer Version 6 -> e2m1_p6.7z No demos provided this time. use e2m1 to play.
  13. Xindage

    Is Freedoom heating up?

    I'm not so sure of it dude, discord would be great!
  14. Xindage

    Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    Hey guys, I know i havent finished the new e2m4 but i'm working on a new e2m1/8 and yes that's what you heard, 2 maps at once, or i can tell just one? ok here goes the new surprise, i've planned a new map for both e2m1 and 8 at once, well they're exactly the same map, but with a small "twist" on them, I'M NOT COPYING DOOM E3M1 AND E3M9 IDEA! But i'll just shot what it's the idea behind map 2 and 8, basically you start exactly at the same location of the map but the diference is... well in e2m1 it's normal, but in e2m8 the map turn completely upside down keeping the same ayout and focused directly on boss fight, you'll fell the dejavu but for certain some places are unreachable depending of side of the map that you're on the moment. Is that a good idea? And too more news about the roadplan for episode 2, i'm throwing away the idea of corrupted techbase mapsets, intead it'll be a very random themed, turning every map unique themed except e2m1 and 8 since now they share the same layout, this is to make it less like doom and being more original, we have teleports exits right? so why not be aways on a diferent location? Also I'll try to talk with the devs here to implement the whole textures stock from freedoom2 inside freedoom1 at once, I want to use them, expecialy the egypt themed ones for e2m9 for more unique gamplay experience. These textures is not even used in freedoom2 at all... yet.
  15. Xindage

    Can i make maps on Android?

    actually MAYBE you can, I'm NOT SURE but pay attention to what i'm about to say. First you need a way to emulate a DOS system, you can try the DosBox Turbo App for example, or any other DOS Emulator that you're familiarized. Them you need to download DOS based Map Editor, you can see some there https://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/utils/editors.php Now I have no idea how you can download it on the android and run it via the dos-box but it's probably the only way. You can consider my option but REMENBER I'm not good with mobiles systems, it's just an idea. Also: These Dos map editors are very outdated by the way.