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  1. i dont play much games but i like few: Starcraft (this one is epic) Age of empires 1 & 2 (but since age 2 gained ahd version i stoped playing this one) pokemon mystery universe (online based in original pmd series) puyo puyo vs (not so much) Sonic heroes (and lot of other sonic series from genesis) Pokemon (ever not having the main series games i love watching streams of it) League of legends that's all i think
  2. Posting it just to share my progress in map11, its not playable at most, if you're curious you can see it, use cheats to move after the second part if necessary, if you have suggestion too the time is good for it. Click on them to better sight.
  3. i'll handle it when possible atm i'm focusing in map11. (near 30% of all layout done.)
  4. crates is not poblem in e2m2, but i fell not reproducing the maze of crates be more healtly for freedoom.
  5. phase 1 complete devoid of this feature in multiplayer i'm sure, dont dont sounds a bad idea.
  6. my plan in episode 2 is near keeping the theme of semi-corrupt tech like original doom but the player is going to travel in portals, in slot 6 the player is going to switch the dimesions slot 7 is going to follow it on hell and boss fight is in a devil tower of i'm planing.
  7. Well since i'm now on lead of Chapter 2 i'll open a thread about it whit my edits ideas, this include map11 since i was working it a time ago so i plan finishing it. Note: i'll not set string like E2M2 since it wont matter much. 1 - Ruins My plan in this map is make it Vannila dm possible, nerf medium and hard skill and fix easy skill missing backpack on a secret. 2 - Power plant First i'm thinking in something better for the name of map this one is similar to doom, aside it this not need much work, but i'm thinking in make the start of map in somewhere else, starting whit monsters already seeing you is horrible in coop when you sometimes take longer to load, resulting in a inevitable death, also add the portals. Maybe starting in outside of this place sounds a better idea too. 3 - Archaelogy Site Need better name too, since i reworked in this map the name is still from the old version, this name dont match well, aside it i dont think it need works but i'll hav to deal whit the alternate exit. 4 - Sample Holding Site This map has only a deathmatch bug where you cant leave the missile launcher room unless if someone open it by the other side. 5 - Fortress 31 I have no idea about this map. also this map is the slot to progress to the secret e2m8 6 - Trepidation site This map has a static waterfall that needs fixing, and this map need of some expanding, its more easy than the other maps before them, but the theme proposal was perfectly, i'll enjoy it to progress to hell theme in e2m7 so after going to hell side you'll need to fight a bit more to return, the real exit is going to be on hell theme so to acess the secrets in the non-hell side of map you'll require to back track (also fight more enemys too). 7 - Quarantine Vessel I have already edit some of this map to be a continuation of the actual e2m6 so i can make this hell theme fit better, also i hope be able to make this map giant, its the last filler map so it need to be epic too. 8 - Containment Cell I'm planning do this map from blank, but for now nothing in my mind to say. 9 - Corruption of Man I have nothing to do in this map so early, but i'm planning to do few minors edits in late future. Map11 - (i just forget the name) I'm actually focusing this map in the moment, actualy making it ever less doom2 mirror trying (but i not promisse) keeping the original fell of the old version, most of traps i'm still keeping but adding extra traps, this map is just focused in 3 diferent chellenges to get each of the keys, after getting all the keys player is going to face 2 boss batles, rushing in the boss run to avoid them is sure the worst idea possible, this map is very punisher for speedrunner, multiplayer coop in ultra violence result in an extra boss fight early in game but nothing so hard, its just a cyber in an open area (also skipable, while i not recomend because he can chase you around the map), now the acess to bfg is granted, you just need to find secrets 3 swtichs to reveal a hidden teleport in the red door side, then it'll grant 2 nice things one is secret the other is the acess to bfg. Note: Major bugs in chapter 2 please report them here.
  8. i realiazed too of few aquatex textures is not really needed (most of them are the lights), and we have free flats textures slots since they're left slots from beta-apha doom. Edit: This night i can work in a list of free slots and suggestion like i did in other topic :P nah
  9. By cato advice i think of i can maintaining chapter 2, for now i'm just finishing map11 after i done it i'll focus on both freedm and chapter 2. -- // -- Saying seriosly, i still miss a lot few textures and flats possible perfect to help mapping: (this is my point of view) --->>> High Priority. > Finish the "A-BRBRK" i still waiting to use the white brick from plutonia. > The "BROWNGRN" dont have a matching flat (the most close is a marble flat -Innacurate-), while BROWN96 have, just recolor "CEIL5_2" to match. > Metal2 and its variants has not a "perfectly" matching flat, the most close is "RROCK03", but its innacurate. > There's no red marble flat to match whit the "SP_HOT1", also a gray one help too to "MARBGRAY". > Aquatex dont have a pure green wall variant from "BASE(X)". > "METAL1" is missing a horizontal variant to help Flat-to-texture matchs. --->>> Low Priority > I miss the old version of "MFLR8_1" they matched perfectly in corners of sectors. > "ZIMMER" texture-to-flat variants will be nice. > Flats matching whit the color of door (few aquatex texture already helped on it but exit door still missing a good one). > "WOOD1" need a generic matching flat, the currently one depending of the angle not help much, and the chess like wood seens bit off of any matching texture. > "A-YELLOW" variants for other keys, still missing red and blue (probably useless due it tutty-fruty on tall walls). > FLAT11-13 and FLAT15-16 can acommodate colors variant. (in alpha version of doom these slots used variants too also removed for unknow reason, actualy beta version of e1m2 used some of these flats before final release).
  10. I aways wanted to play the full version, i only played the demo and i watched near all full version in youtube, now i can finally play it.
  11. actualy this rework in map11 was by 2 people, me and amanrade, because it probably few things goes unused or buged.
  12. i'll try work more in map11 if you guys let me.
  13. kill all commander keens and the 666 tag door opens. find the blue skullkey and you'll be able to open the blue door (i'm no kidding its a doom trick).
  14. is it the final version of map? if yes i'll introduce in the main post.
  15. few maps are new and the ones major edited maybe a creative name is good, also we have a map named metal... something else can fit better i suppose.