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  1. let me just ask another thing (since your scripting is most complex than i expected) i'm planning a Last Man Standing minigame it work like this al players begin in a platform and they have to choose between 10 plataforms to stay before the main plat fall on acid after that half of these 10 plataforms is going to sink (the 5 random initial nunbers), them from these 5 remainin plataforms the survived players is going o choose between 9 and goes on until if more than 1 players get on final plat they'll get a plasma to finish the game off, so the variable numbers of i want to get is actualy the tag of floors ranging from 1 to 10 (5p) then 11 to 19 (4p) , 20 to 27 (4p), 28 to 34 (3p) and goes on, here is the example of the tree: So i dont need of actual 5 variables all the time, also counting the fact of i cant take 5 non-repeated nunbers from a range of 4 plataforms since i want only 2 to fall. i'll take a look more deep into it and figure if i can work around this script, if i set this has awsnered its because i figured how, else i'll back. also your script dont compile by default and the gzdoom builder dont show me what is wrong i'll have to take a bit more deeper look.
  2. I need to set 5 random variables of scripts to i use so usualy i can do it by using "random(1;10)" but i want of each variable dont repeat the nunber used by the other so i want to aways z x c v b been diferent from each other, so how i can do it? My script sometimes make some var be identical to the other, plz help...
  3. Mutant space bats of doom. Note: Want something generic, use the name "Aeris" Can be both female and male name for the main hero to be used on title.
  4. but why not a discord server is fine.
  5. Since i dont want to share a history here i'll just be directly, i'm looking to praticaly give up in Czar of episode 2 in freedoom phase 1 and halt my work in freedm, i'll just do a final work in freedm to tell it ended after that i'll stop working on freedoom maybe i'll even contribute stuff but with a less chance so its that, i'm requesting @fraggle or @chungyto remove me of ep2 czar right, thanks, about freedm i'll tell there in my topic when i'm off.
  6. Well since i love heretic i'll give it a try, also my first try in a community project, sign me in. also my suggetion please fix it: -Wings of Wrath (flying item): Make sure if you let a player fly to an area they would not be able to escape without flying, provide a teleport exit or another wings of wrath in case their wings wear off while in that area To [...] provide a teleport exit in case their wings [...] since if player take it and play around carelesss he may get stuck forever, and in multiplayer whiout itens respawn too, e2m2 is a good example of it.
  7. After seeing this i should kill myself, that was so simple and i having headcaches to drawn it, thanks so much. Edit: Done, i did the star from inside the polygon and it get finnaly at the shape of i wanted.
  8. I'm trying to create a star shaped in doom builder whit his internal geometry based in an equilateral pentagon i'm having much dificults to do it someone can teach me drawn it in GZDoom builder or drawn me one? sorry if my inglish was hard to understand.
  9. New map14 coming from xduel map01 but edited. Also i'm going to update the others map in main topic and fix the map 11 too (actualy map11 is missing coop starts not the dm ones) Sorry i'm having dificulties to upload sreenshots atm i'll try today at night.
  10. Finnaly i did it. RC4 K: 98% I: 87% S: 28% T: 15:44 (PrBoom) Note: Every demo posted replaces the older one From playability i found just some misplaced textures, and some dificult in the outside area being so tight in heights like you cannot ever see the stairs to return from the otherside but its minor, i dont find all secrets but i tried to 100% now id like to leave more suggestions: (if you already did them sorry) Block players to open door and add a teleport for the red key area, so players must teleport inside to help fight them, not to rescue the players traped there. Rocket launcher area in automap has some coloring issues, i'm not sure if its secret ouver secret but it gives a fake or real hint. That curve whit 2 shotgunners traped waiting to caught you if you look close the corner of wall there's a misplaced wood texture there. (i spoted it in demo, there's others around too but very minor) The beggining is much frustating in vannila "freelook" since you cant look down or cross ouver the due infinite tall actors make there a pain to do easily. (this is just a suggestion anyway)
  11. going to test it soon >:) lets see if i can beat it this time.
  12. well i did my best anyway :P Edit: can you do something whit that teleports? most of time i get poblems whit teleporting in group of enemys, try to create a safe platform destination near the beggining of corridor.
  13. Well i find a major bug in this version, for some reason i spawmed near yellow key... watch the demo i tried but i died i got mostly soft locked in hardest part whitout the chaingun... (PrBoom)
  14. yes its a double post but this wont matter. (PrBoom) I found it low in ammo, i missed it if you see the demo (and i ever used punch in barons to not waste ammo, on my second run (yes i died) i just give up because a misused teleport, anyway try to give more ammo to player. Edit: i'm not familiar whit prboom mouse aiming so i turn very fast and incorrectly sometimes. for final version i'll record in zandronum. The area of you edited looks much way better now you did a good work there.
  15. gotta go fast play it