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  1. Xindage

    Rework in FreeDM maps

    I'm going to have a edit mappack that can be tested up tomorrow, for now i'm still experimenting edits on dm03 and I still have no idea what to do about dm02, for now i'll just finish the dm03 to play whit it on a online zandronum server and get more data about the others maps as well, i'll soon come with more details about the maps here.
  2. Xindage

    Maps for FreeDoom

    Firsts these maps cannot be used by freedoom with the actual licence that you're applying on wad unless if you accept changing it to freedoom's terms of use. With it aside: FreeDoom : Phase 1 - Good Old Engine Very small map not really suitable for starting slot and not suitable for a later slot, this map can fit well in e1m2-3-4 while it play faster and nice it can get better for later slot if extended. 7/10 FreeDoom : Phase 2 - Quantum Path Unlike previous map this one play in a very trick way, the player must be aware to any trap, while the switch room trap is avoidable, the exit one is more lethal on first play, while on hard it's ok, this map dont work in a starting slot being better for something between map03 to map06. Now i noticed this map some light and visual details that need some polishing. 6/10
  3. Xindage

    Rework in FreeDM maps

    yes i forget adding an exit and coop starts, i'll use the default exit room for freedm later.
  4. Xindage

    Rework in FreeDM maps

    I have finished a generic deathmatch map for freedoom, i want to know about you guys if it's good. I think bout putting it has a secret map32 since it has a diferent thematic. xdm01.7z
  5. Xindage

    Map Design and Automap Color

    unfortunately the automap colors is based via the engine running freedoom so there's not much we can do about it. about the mapping things you say i cant agree or disagree the mapping in freedoom is "generic"
  6. Xindage

    Thanks for Freedoom

    at some point i agree with him but not fully, yes freedoom has great levels packs, but yet there's still few bad moments, like the placeholders monsters this ruin the felling of the game sometimes, but the textures looks way better (at least on dev version) and well i agreed with you about doom2, i absolutely hate doom2 it has the worse mapping of i ever played and musics aren't good too, and it's a commercial game! (i never finished doom2 whitout using cheats btw) anyway i enjoy playing doom, plutonia, freedoom2, tnt and certain mods, i have already finished playing them and i like it. Edit: It i have to choose to play full doom2 or freedoom2 i choose freedoom2.
  7. Xindage

    Some Texture Fucked-up at E1M1 with GZDoom 3.4.1

    holy i never see somthing like it, but looks like more and engine bug than map bug, have you tried another map?
  8. Xindage

    MAP32 Secrets?

    (Ignore this please: This sector is way too small to player get inside to tigger the secret count), Thanks for the report i'll send a fix to this thread soon. Sectors 143, 146, 147 secrets is also useless. also we have this too: The marked sector is also secret and unreachable, in same time the teleport is sending destination to multipler sectors, inside the marked room we have only a pillar so this teleport dont send the player there, since it's a secret and unreachable maybe this is the issue on secret count.
  9. Xindage

    Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    ok i have apllied the fixes but i'll not release it right now, intead i got a new idea, i'll move this map to e2m(3-5) since the dificult of the map is getting higher since i have expanded it lot, so my plan on this map now is merge both dm and coop areas in one, this is going to make the map way bigger and to confortate it i'll move it from slot, also few maps around 5-7 is a good candidate for a starting map because it's very small, i'll just have to rebalance the monsters placement, so expect the next version of e1m1 to be more harder and big.
  10. Xindage

    Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    "There are two glued serpentipedes (things 333 and 334)." > I'm gonna look on it, ty for things id. "Thing 97 should be tagged as multiplayer-only." > Ok "The very first pistol zombie seems totally unnecessary and useless, I would remove him (it?)." > D: "Hidding every linedef of deathmatch-only zones makes no sense to me." > Getting full map and later seen that you cant reach lot of places, dont seens good, also in dm players never use map. "There are multiple instances of miniguns and shotguns for each skill level of single-player mode. That seems somewhat redundant and unnecessary, in my opinion." > The multiples intances of shotgun was intentional, now the chaingun i'll have to fix. "Glaice aka Mr. Chris was willing to donate an incomplete map of him in the style of corrupted tech base, just in case you are interested in filling it with things to replace some map of your episode." > Gonna look on it.
  11. Xindage

    Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    sorry for my hiatus guys i have been busy irl and well it make my live a real mess anyway i get my mind back on this game and well time to keep going, here's a edit in e2m1 again, this time i was lazy to set screenshot but i added 2 demos inside the wad, one showing just a fast gameplay on map beating it, and the second is a more complete gameplay showing the secrets on way, i hope you guys enjoy this version and tell me what you guys think. note: To play the demo just run it on vanilla or prboom and let the demos play by itself. e2m1_p4.7z
  12. Like the title says i want to when someone activate a certain script make everyone in game whit him to gain a certain item, except who activated the script, how i can do it, i never tried do this kind of acs, so i have no idea.
  13. Thanks Arctangent, you tip make it work perfectly, now it's exactly on the z-height of i wanted to be, whit this i can consider this answered. note: script 1 OPEN { str DocksC = "SecurityCamera"; Spawn(DocksC, 0, 0, 40.0 , 1001, 64); SetCameraToTexture( 1001, "CAMTEST", 90 ); }
  14. it's not becuase it's not allowed, converting the map from heretic(doom) to heretic(hexen) where the map is actually abnormaly big its not an easy task at all... And the mod i'm using actually use acs via loadacs on them so think that's no poblem using it to set the camera points, anyway i'll test you tip Arctangent.
  15. i'm working on a map mod that i cant use hexen mode but i want to set some cameras on the map, abusing of acs stuffs i finally managed to make an actual camera to work in zdoom mode but by some reason i cant set any z-height on it, so can you guys help me? i'm working on a heretic wad so i'll post it in the way of it are. like you can see on the screenshot this is a wad of i'm testing camera stuff in doom mapping mode, i use this script set avaliable on the camtest.7z alongside with the wad itself. #include "zcommon.acs" script 1 OPEN { str DocksC = "SecurityCamera"; Spawn(DocksC, 0, 0, 190 , 1001, 64); //third row is supposed to be the fixed z-height SetCameraToTexture( 1001, "CAMTEST", 90 ); } like you can see 190 was supposed to spawn the camera more high than the actual height of the said sector, but it's not ever working, camera aways spawn on floor, help! camtest.7z note: I'm accepting decorate changes too if necessary.