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  1. great idea let me map it here, oh nice we got 31 monsters in hard, 26 in moderate and 20 in easy seens good now (seens more easy than actual doom in moderate from same slot) if you want the map has proof i send. well you dont thing thats too hard nerf dude? try recalculating your ideas i'm no kidding i did it on map just to see the results, also why do you want that big nerf, moderate skill i can beat ever bind, well i had some experience about blind gameplay from trying to do the same from a guy of i see on a stream. there's just 2 secrets in this map, one is a soulsphere in a graywall its easy to spot since all the vines on that wall is completely messed up, the other is a backpack near red key the wall is darker and muddy, easy to see too. (at least in software video mode) If you noticed that have lot of unused area (whit guns inside) and dummy sectors (idclip) its just used by deathmatch mode, try running one dm whit bots to see them, also theres nothing in dm area that prevents you from getting 100% run. Here you gave me great and enjoyable feed coments - about the starting room i can try something new. - Well acid seens better indeed. - ok. - ... i'll change that are so. - why do you say it, this is a very generic wall so i can put them just to cause a variety, doens't looks bad for me. (actualy i wanted to use a diferent texture but they dont added all phase 2 textures in phase 1.) This is not present anymore.
  2. Based on a issue in github of e2m1 i did some edits on it, it got most a minor editing and major rework in dm gameplay, i dont nerfed so so much the hard skill but the map is actualy very easy, you have coverage to hide from them, so what you guys think of these edits? good, bad, need improvement, comment for me below thanks for reading.
  3. well i can let it in the handle of the czars later, my main objective is make only this map "playable"
  4. there's the map, screenshots is not going now sorry... anyway guys please give me feedbacks about this map, like dificult and gameplay (normal and hard skill has multiplayers monsters, resulting in ever hard mode) note: the map is going to sudden exit after few gameplay, but still possible to 100% whitout the bfg yet.
  5. i'm get working back in map11 expect a better alpha stage in few days (showing off the major gamaplay of the 2 locked doors. I know you guys and screenshots to proof it but i'm just polishing the details of the area so it looks bad so i'll just try to work on them to post few screens and the alpha in 3 days so please wait, i want to make this map awsome. progress: Unlocked side: 90% (Needs multiplayer skill) Yellow Side: 50% (Main layout done) Blue Side: 70% (needs only few monsters and texturing near the key room) Red (final) side: 30% (main layout is nearly done but no exit and half of the way devoid monsters)
  6. no, actualy i never had the reatil version of rott so i'm not sure of i know this music (or i simple dont remenber this one (its not my type too) my fav is this one (sorry only there i found the real original one) i like guitar, but this music dont have it and its still great, i cant tell it why. Back to topic: Your c1m6 music dont fit in episode 1 this is sure looks a good music at his base (fell tnt, this is good) but its too short and i played few maps whit this music and it gets too repetive and boring after 4 minutes, i suggest you try extend it whit an extra/diferent "touch" keeping the original base track. (if you can uderstand me)
  7. Seens a very decent music, from what a heard since now this fight or flight is the best of them actualy they fell more After-intro music stile, nice work. About the edit of i forgot to post "Yes i see its similar to one of freedoom's music" (if you guys dont mind i say) i have a personal taste to rise of triad musics stile i wonder if something familiar to it can be placed in freedoom.
  8. killing floor sounds familiar to me... i'll try explain better there in a edit. well the poblem is not a music be too tense its just a matter of how it play, if you consider what a say try to see TNT, most of it soundtrack is awsome and very intense, btw plutonia uses stock musics from doom1 and to say the truth i dont like doom2 original soundtrack, it seens pretty lame. (except 2 or 3).
  9. Fenix? Protox hideout no more but reused (and please a better map name) dm11 - I reused some of my old map (dm05) for a base for this map, its way big and easy to move around have fun.
  10. very good music
  11. getting awsome, keep the good work.
  12. For episode 2 of chapter 1 (when i back to work on this) i have no plan for HEAVY use of aquatex, well i'll use some of them like a "mix-up" like the ones of i'm doing in freedm, anyway i episode focused in aquatex seens nice idea.
  13. I agree whit it, anyway another post for wjot mpre updates. dm06 - Major placement layout, and minor layout update (Under Decay's feeedback). dm27 - Major rework. > Theme changed to bricks & e metal > Improved flor by removing unessessary sectors. > No more possible to linedef ouverflow. > Removed teleport and tiggers. > Removed all uncessessary effects. > Reworked items placement.
  14. nope the're just dummy sectors (one of them is just a L shape whit few cages around it), actualy that dm11 was one of my wads of i see be usefull.
  15. i'm not so creative for me do a map it takes like 1 week and for a good one like a mounth (aside from my pile of crap wads of i do at random moments and i save them for somewhat reason)