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GZFreeDoom - solo project

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added basement under a red glass window with red light





update 1




update 2






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10 hours ago, SlayerOGames666 said:

Woah! You must be getting through this faster than anyone in this part of the community imagined!



But it is still just e1m1 that is 100 percent done


all the others are still in need of a million details :)


however all maps in freedoom episode one are now in udmf format




I know people generally seem to have a low opinion of me and I guess the only thing I can do is to try and let my work speak for itself


besides I am used to people having a low opinion of me


just keep in mind that this gzfreedoom is a pretty easy project. I am simply adding gzdoom stuff to existing freedoom levels.. nothing special really


and its something I work on from time to time between other projects and stuff

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video of me playing GZFreeDOOM E1M1 using GZDoom and DR4

(using keyboard only and just a little occasional trackpad for the freelook... on a gaming laptop from 2016... DR4 is QUITE demanding... and... RTX OFF)  ... NB! I have NOT shown ALL the secrets in E1M1



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