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  1. D4NUK1

    Why did the myhouse thrread close?

    The last post explain all by theyself.
  2. D4NUK1

    Am I Cool With You Guys?

    Everyone have their ups and downs, and people need to let go and keep his mind on others things in future. I had no beef with you, but you have my apretiaton for apologize.
  3. https://writingcooperative.com/sarcasm-82aebe2f8ca1
  4. This is more a 49 Pag. Discussion, with a little argument that people are dismissing.
  5. My take on this point, it's instead on focus on a history or ending, like many of this youtubers try to do, put you on the shoes of the people who played this for first time, the wad feels really like a authentic story because. Don't show you the real stuff in the original post The original autor only shared the post here, instead of other places like Youtube, Discord, Moddb, Others Dooms places, etc. And mind you, we know Doomworld it's popular but is not the place where all Gems come, and even then, the many famous .wads that are created here still use other media to gain popularity, like Eviternity. The author don't reviewed their files or story after the discusions or theory of the fans (Like for example, if a theory on a terror game go popular, the creator may update the story to add context to that theory like it's was always there planed). Don't exploit any real terror or cheap way to add the creppypasta.exe videos, it's just a plane experience with inspirations of places that make you feel out but real. I really feel something playing this and without context of any of the spoilers or videos because i played it early. Just remeber to try to focus on what you feel and if connect with you. Is can be possible to you to feel nothing of the other world, or something to ask why give the popularity, but this was never about popularity, and it's something that i can respect.
  6. D4NUK1

    [Contest with prize] FIND THE BFG!

    Hopefully when I exit my work I'll give this a Chance, I need a new avatar and this seems really fun.
  7. D4NUK1


    It's easy to insert text like that on a editor, so it's likely self made, to include points of interest on the wad.
  8. Eh, Escape, then save game, you can rename your file to something that you know, then exit.
  9. D4NUK1

    Game that looks like Doom to me

    Proyect Warlock look the same sprite style and it's more doomie with their 2.5 3D Style https://image.api.playstation.com/vulcan/ap/rnd/202111/1910/wc5JtvDo1zyVP3C3IXcGVz9r.jpg
  10. D4NUK1

    AI generated Megawad

    Im pretty sure here was people doing a AI Directed .wad where the Chat bot gives how likely it's the map to create, and other people create the map.
  11. Finally completed all of HROT.


    Great game, some unconventional level lore building, but this inspire me to try to tackle a little game with GZDoom with some of the feel of the game.

  12. D4NUK1

    New to this

    It will only works with Ultimate Doom Custom Wads, and the most used game to play modded stuff it's Doom2.wad and you could wait for a sale.
  13. D4NUK1

    How to use GZDoom in my windows 7 pc

    Well, not for OP but here in Latin america, many of the computers that stores STILL sell by somewhat a cheap price are combos (PC-K&M, Monitor) of Dual Core with 4 or 8 GB DDR2 (from 75$ to 110$) , or single CPU with I3 or I5 with 4 or 8 DDR3 GB. (from 100$ to 150$), in some of my locals online stores. They sell newer hardware but for a price mostly of 250$ or more. Second hand it's different because there a lot of good deals but with used hardware. I had the same Video Chipset like from 2013 to 2019, because of the prices and not so good exportantion at the time.
  14. D4NUK1

    How to use GZDoom in my windows 7 pc

    Do you have a graphic card?// Si no tienes, estoy 100% seguro de que es el chip del procesador gráfico Intel no tiene Open GL actual así que te tocará usar una versión vieja de GZDoom o LZDoom con sus respectivas problema de compatibilidad con cosas nuevas.