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  1. D4NUK1

    How do I git gud?

    My take it's to try to play every level of overboard without mid saves, as a short was but with punishing monsters and Different gimmicks you will be tested, there are 6 levels + 6 of the same levels but harder.
  2. People should play the best wads made for Doom 64, as the PC Reputation it had a very good start and many videos with positive opinions.
  3. Dude, people like us are also the blood of the game, people do the maps, the proyects and stuff, but we also are the one that take our time to play it and enjoy it.
  4. That's it?! That's just a cheap plastic looking thing and a guy dressed as a demon?! No Spritework?! No coherence with the art style? Where it's the good stuff?! Why the music it's FARTS! /S
  5. Venezuela with 1.6 full café never be old
  6. D4NUK1

    What megawads do you replay the most?

    Accent Aliens, Eviternity I, and sometimes the TNT Revolution and Devolution.Wads
  8. I trink would be Counter Strike 1.6 on a local cafe with my cousins when i was 6 or 7 years old. Another that can take the spot would be 007 Goldeneye or Medal of Honor Underground for PSX. But for Counter Strike 1.6 was playing CS_Assault with Dual Berretas and a MAC 10 like a pro.
  9. D4NUK1

    How do y'all deal with indecisiveness in gaming?

    For games like fast paced or action based, i like to set me goalpoints, that would be 1 or 2 levels per sesion, or a time for play, if i want to still play, i'll just extend my time more. That's how i complete various FPS for diverses game devs. For RPG, i'll try to play like this was a old rpg, so like, mostly use a sub class and make that my tier of leveling. that's how my Oblivion character does only combos with dual dagger and little of magic.
  10. D4NUK1

    Emulator future

    Moddb for quake also have their fair share of maps and mods that serves as total convertions. https://www.quaddicted.com
  11. D4NUK1

    Emulator future

    Wake me up when Sony copyrigths and delete rimms blairs That could be possible at the moment with what yuzu and nintendo precedents make it feel. The only good one it's Xbox.
  12. D4NUK1

    Emulator future

    Emulators become a legal problem when it's on a space where it's not used by preservation but instead piracy like almost all players of yuzu was. The well being of the games on the past console/systems always would be first the original company, for example iD software does not really needed Doom 64 being ported for PC, but because they know people care, and they now some devs care, they made a nice port. Capcom or others company also do this but instead with recopilations or just ports of their olders game and sell it again for 30$. Emulation it's mostly regarded as just that, Emulation of some games that would be impossible to reproduce or buy, like rigth now would be many games from PS2 or 3DS.
  13. I recommend HROT if you like some Quake level design but be aware some levels are just hard punishment for mistakes (mostly ep.1 and early ep.2). You can Also cheek slipseer to download mods and addons from Quake 1, many of them expand the lore for the original game, or make it full original ideas. Hopefully also you can check the free Demo of Disdain it's a inspired Quake game but on VKDoom.
  14. D4NUK1


    Don't trust your friend in the mirror