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  1. D4NUK1

    What do you think of midnight

    I don't watch him anymore.
  2. D4NUK1

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    It's just normal sense to be honest.
  3. Time to move on this post if we keep going forward and back. The devs also included a early Dr. Proton boss, maybe will be used more in the story or something?
  4. You know, if we trink, like if I WAS A DEV of a game that got some inspiration from HL, in the year 2000, Ineed a way to teach the player early about a lot of stuff that it's different from grab a gun a kill aliens, like Inmersive Computer and Terminals, Interactions with the Levels and Eviorement, NPC's that can help me or are important to progress. Many of this stuff it's present in Early 2000 to 2010 games, and what you do know, they are also action pack's after that kind of early level. Edit: and if you know, im talking about episodes, not boss battle, but E3M8 being a Hotel full of aliens and good looking rooms, and ending with exploding this to go 1vs1 with the Alien Invading everything and killing in a Stadium full of humans, that's better that shooting a Wall.
  5. And in a way, a clousure for the Duke Nukem fans, it's feel something familiar as Half Life Epliste 3, where at least we got some kind of direction, but here, we got a overwhelming achivement, and even if for newer or people not so fan of Duke Nukem, does not remove the merit that's something great that hapened with this franchise from a long time. EDIT: Also, Duke Nukem EP.3 it's one of the best way to end a classic FPS Game, so much better ending than DOOM 1 Inferno, and almost got better than Doom II Endings levels (In my Opinion) so don't disrespect the level with the great Firetruck section.
  6. That's up to 3DRealms, if anything, Ion Maiden was also going to get a style 3D ala Duke Nukem Forever. But i can't replace Duke Nukem that easy, both him and Shelly are great Characters.
  7. I want to play this to be part of the Moon enjoyers, I need to use an order specific of levels, or I can go whatever level can be? Also i can play with Mods?
  8. D4NUK1

    Skills necessary for slaughtermaps

    If you're not playing with the correct settings, you would play some maps really more easy and others more difficult as the general settings can do stuff like run enemies above you, making traps of Lost Souls or CacoDemons more forgetables. More difficulty as the aiming may not connect with the enemies desired as also the rocket detection changes, RNG would be more lucky I guess, and for maps that use the partial invisibility sphere, would help more in GZDoom because they can't see you until you touch them or shoot. Mostly Slaughermaps come to mind for Boom or PRDoom+, so if some maps play a little less difficult or hard could be for that. But it's alright if you play like that, you only need to know that is another way to play that map's more "less vainilla", I personally use some mods to just destroy everything like Trailblazer, but it's obviously not how it's played.
  9. D4NUK1

    ISSUE : Downgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 7

    Locate those files and saves and copy to a USB or HDD that Will not be used in the downgrade, and after installing everything back put the files back in the same spots
  10. D4NUK1

    Downloading from GOG/Steam

    That's the Steam version, as include boths games releases. The Classic Dos-Box and the Unity Wrapper.
  11. D4NUK1

    Downloading from GOG/Steam

    The steam version also give you the .wad file, you need to look in the original base forlder.
  12. Im sure if gordon have gotten more late the test would happens anyway, so it's was mosty Dr. Breen or who was in charge in Black Mesa that want to experiment with that Xen Cristal.
  13. D4NUK1

    [April Fools]TNT: THREEVILUTION [32 Map Megawad]

    This is will be the firts game to download a 1 TRILLION COPIES. Also honored to be the 35trillions person to reply to this legendary thread
  14. D4NUK1

    I'm Leaving

    Can you at least link the mod page from gamejolt or discord? I'm a fan of IWBTG, and soounds like a good mod to see get done. Also you can link stuff from outside.
  15. I never see comments like this, unless it's vĂ­deo comparing multiple consoles port of Doom and well...PSX Doom it's the best.