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  1. disaster struck this evening and I lost the last years worth of work on after dawn, I will try to rebuild as best I can from the backup... slade was responsible
  2. CBM

    What makes a good teleport puzzle

    what about this... you enter a room with a soduko on the floor ... however one of the numbers is missing on the right side are 10 teleport pads with the numbers 0 to 9... step on the right one and you are teleported to the next stage in that level or maybe to the next level and step on the wrong one and either: - you are meet with plenty of enemies spawning in ? - or you get teleported to a dangerous place ? - or you are teleported back to the start ? - or you are teleported to a pit with extreme damage that makes sure that your playerpawn is killed for selecting the wrong one.. or?
  3. I've been making a plan to distribute heretic weapons among the hexen classes and maybe even have all heretic and hexen textures be included as png. I would base it on hexen and make all heretic weapons and monsters become translated to the hexen palette while also mixing heretic and hexen enemies. There is already a project that has translated most heretic levels to hexen, but none of the heretic monsters, textures or weapons are included in that.
  4. just an ideer that I had... or 2 actually hangar from doom 1 (e1m1) as a hexen level - almost completed and very time consuming hexen level 1 (e1m1) as a heretic level - just started also, I am doing a PK3 where I am trying to port as many texture, sprites, enemies, weapons and items from hexen and heretic to doom - for now... I have ported sprites of some boots to act as a speed powerup and a winged skull to act as a flying powerup ... both are translated to the doom palette the goals are to make it possible to play any doom, heretic or hexen level with that pk3 as well as having all classes selectable and playable as well as using randomizing to mix up the enemy rosters in doom, heretic and hexen maps maybe also give the hexen classes extra weapons (4 seems like its not enough)
  5. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    after enterprise ended, startrek was beginning to die and Kurtzman has been killing it off for good and then reanimating its SJW crossdressed corpse with discovery, picard and lower decks... But we still have the memories... atleast those that don't watch Kurtzman trek. The Orville shows promise and could perhaps in time continue the legacy atleast in spirit.
  6. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    I kind of liked Q and Troi... well... she added comic relief... I guess she IS a bit of a jar jar binks though Q as a godlike being, toys with the federation
  7. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    a better fit could have been found for his role, especially considering he never really did care about his role ... however, my problem with the Picard series is the way the role of Picard is destroyed... that is bad nomatter what actor played him
  8. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    good to know that atleast picard isnt worse than discovery... however, it would also be very difficult to make something worse than that EDIT looking at various clips from Picard and my CRINGE meter was on RED ALERT... not from the shoddy visual as the case is with TOS but because how much NOT STARTREK it is stand-off space fights mary sue being the most important person in a show named picard crying olympics cloned ships space octopus riker being gunhoe and playground like.... my ship is more powerfullish than yours nanana picard being a totally different person the not-really-romulans must be thinking... what kind of kindergarden is this and they would be right oh god Im sure there are many more things that just screams noooooooooo
  9. CBM

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    not sure whos turn it is, but since syndoom asked then I guess its SynDoom, then game and then Clippy (if he is ready at that point)
  10. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    I can agree with you on lower decks ... if seen in that light it might be ok and yes discovery did show promise and that made the disappointment all the more severe for me when it quickly span out of control.... discovery is the reason I never tried to watch picard or lower decks at all ... I couldnt bear another knife in the hearth
  11. I know the feeling its almost impossible to avoid bugs
  12. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    I like tng, ds9 and voy for different reasons for example voy really explores the borg fully tng is the foundation and has many many good episodes ds9 has charecter development and many things not found in the other shows then there is enterprise and its ability to function as a good background story for tng tos is painfull to watch because of the extremely low budget (Having a spaceship made of cardboard destroys my immersion) discovery is pure trash and it got worse with each season a combination of the visuals from discovery and the storytelling from tos might be a winner picard is just made to try and destroy tng lower decks also tries to destroy the startrek legacy
  13. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    well I refuse to watch the Picard series as it seems to serve just one purpose... to destroy Picards legacy
  14. CBM

    Star Trek discussions

    And ensign Picard has no desire to perform for Q's amusement :) But despite Picards dislike for Q, it certainly looks like Q is running the afterlife of humans