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  1. perhaps but so far it seems fine when paired back with the original hardware
  2. the problems with the gtx 1080 also happended on another m2 ssd that had a retail win 10 installation however just ordered the rx 5700 xt red devil for my amd r5 2600 rig instead then the gtx1080 and the i7 6700k can remain friends in another case
  3. yes win 7 never had issues with that
  4. I have been trying to upgrade a prebuild from 2016 but the gtx1080 the nvme the cpu all refuse to work in other systems the gtx1080 crashes a r5 2600 system and makes random lines on the screen like when 80s computers tilted I tried nvidias driver and all palits drivers I installed all chipset drivers nothing no dice but still works flawlessly with the old prebuild system the prebuild mobo and cpu works only if the nvme is installed the cpu work only in the mobo from the prebuild however the cpu is 6th gen and the mobo needed 8th gen so that explains the cpu but not the rest what could be wrong? my r5 2600 currently uses a radeon x600 256 mb pcie card
  5. CBM

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    I absolutely adore cats we have a grey tabby called maggie and an orange tabby called rapunsel (yes with an s) and they are both just so cute and amazing I will post some pics of them I truly think god made cats as a gift to us humans
  6. doomworld and zdoom forum mostly doomworld since the zdoom forum is not exactly buzzing with activity and a danish tech oriented forum
  7. CBM

    dosdoom-1 [still here, vanilla]

    well then I am glad that more people are aware of this project now :)
  8. I would, but the zdoom forums are even more abandoned than doomworld
  9. nobody is forced to add acs, 3d monsters, 3d platforms, custom monsters, 3d models etc... anybody can add a medkit on a map and it would count as a contribution, but as soon as a project is gzdoom then most people backs off I have on many occasions said I will handle anything 3d related if needed... I added a voxel seat to the space ship, I said I would do a 3d pack for this once the levels are done... but people just want boom maps not even vanilla maps... just boom maps might as well rename this site to boomworld
  10. I will bide my time and see what happens... if it remains to be of no interest, then the project will close down sometime during the first half of 2021 same goes for dosdoom -1 -------------------- I can't help but feel disappointed and it negatively affects my will to complete other things like gzfreedoom and after dawn negatively however after dawn will likely be completed since it will combine many elements that have never before been combined in a gzdoom mod, thus making it pretty important to complete and of higher priority than gzfreedoom and dosdoom-1 and gzdoom-1 I will not waste any more time on gzdoom-1 or dosdoom-1... until I again see some substantial evidence, that people on this forum gives a damn about any of those -1 projects... I refuse to do 'community projects' on my own - then I might as well make them solo projects And If nobody wants to help with gzfreedoom then it will have to wait for the completion of after dawn, at which point it will once again be a personal solo project and without anything else than the 3D'ification of the original freedoom levels... since one can always throw a whatever 3D monsterpack on top
  11. CBM

    dosdoom-1 [still here, vanilla]

    the project is still active
  12. I was waiting for a possible 3rd person to make some contribution to this project. But yes... if you and me have to do this whole thing ourselves, then its dead, since it would defeat the point of this project. Atleast I still have my solo projects such as After Dawn and GZFreeDOOM Not easy to lead -1 projects when most people on doomworld seems to only want to do boom compatible community projects :D by the way.. all deadlines suspended for this project.. it will get done whenever - if at all
  13. I agree and that is also why destroying beloved IPs with unwanted political views, bad storytelling and disregard for pre existing canon and fans are NOT ok... Even if the ones digging their own graves own the IPs and rights to do so.... because they are still hurting fans and trying to impose political nonsense by doing so (watch overlord dvd on youtube)
  14. will we ever get good star trek shows again, that are set in the same universe as TNG, DS9 and VOY + the 10 original movies ? personally I loathe star trek discovery, star trek picard and the so-called modern star tek movies! I tolerate the TOS because it is important historical background for TNG, DS9 and VOY Will Starwars recover from the ultimate fail that is disney? Will Dr Who recover from the last season(s)? Will firefly return? will futurama? will stargate? will any of the cancelled shows that were lightyears ahead of anything made in hollywood these days return, without having to have past present and future, destroyed?
  15. Being a european myself, I totally agree.