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glass textures/flats?

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somewhat of an odd question...
i was wondering if someone could suggest me some decent glass textures/flats?

iv looked through a few textures packs
and havent found anything all that great

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If you're using a sourceport which allows partially transparent textures then the Doom2 SHAWN ones look great.

If not, then I'd suggest having a look through Duke Nukem, though it's not too great either.

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i didnt think zd3k was out yet
duke 3d eh? ill have a look

the map im making is for vanilla doom2
and is my first :) still want to it to have good detail

heres a screen shot of the area i wish to put the glass texture. i was going to put it all away around the side of this big open space

i dont really want to put a glass texture up there, the only reason i am, is i dont want the monsters on the other side of this open area to see me when i come in or to see from within that space

i just want them to see me when i enter there area . and i cant find anything that would do that other then covering a sector with a transparent texture of some sort

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If you wish the translucent wall,
is time to begin works in legacy source...
But... try this...

Make your wall with sector (ceiling and floor in same height - 128,128 - like a big lift ), so remove the sides textures.

The PLUTONIA MAP 11 is a great sample. Do you remember
the Archviles hunter ??

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i dont want my map to be to be for a specfic port, nor would i want it to be just for a port that isnt used by alot of people. no offence to legacy users :)

if its not possible with vanilla doom2, then ill figure something else out

EDIT: ahh yes :D plutonia map 11
thats exactly what i want

thanks for the help

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it worked perfectly :D thanks again

i cant beleave it was so simple
lol i should have known this

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