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Not Bowling for Columbine

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This is just a few links from the web that you all may find very interesting if you've not run across them already. I was very hesitant to post these because it's like everytime there is a major disaster, Conspiracy Theorists line up to start making assumptoins off the top of there head, but the major news stories always seem screwy.
Anyhow I was working on digging up crap that went down during the Clinton administration that would help pave the way for the Bush Administration and it's methods. Also I wanted to find a few things that remind those of us with TV attention spans that things were no different without Bush and they will only be worse when he is gone:

1st lets me present you with this:

Waco: The Rules of Engagement


Then of course we can not forget all the mystery surrounding Oklahoma.

Lastly here are the Columbine links I presented, please look them over, ecspecially the fist link below which will fearture MP3 conversations with Donna Taylor, the lady who was selling the once popular Ten Commandment Bears:







The last link has Donna's Contact info which I assume is still up to date.

At any rate, I wish there was not so much evidence that pointed to conspiracy. And very sorry if anyone was related to anyone at the event who may take this personally. :/

P.S. Here is the "official" story, figured I better be fare.


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I was reading the wikipedia entry on the massacre only the other day, one of the sites mentions a "sniper on the roof", which was later found to be a roofing repair man who had hidden up there until it was over.

From one of the sites:

Considering the obvious usurpation of the once relatively benign and purely defensive NATO and it's military machine by New World Order proponents Blair, the Royal Family [who by the way own MASSIVE amounts of property in the DENVER AREA!], Clinton and even MORE SO GORE, and a staggeringly long list of other traitors, sellouts; AND considering the growing indications of a devious and fundamentally malicious NATO/NWO agenda in the mushrooming Balkans World War 3 warmup, the NATO presence at and involvement in the slaughter at Columbine High School would seem to auger EXTRAORDINARILY NEGATIVELY for the immediate future of our nation.

OMG anybody who does not support Bush (ie 50% of the USA and 99% of the population of every other country) is involved in a conspiracy to create a new world order!

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That was started by the Free Masons, which was then handed off to the Illuminati, and is finally being carried out by the Greys at Area 51.

Sorry, couln't resist. ;)

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Hmm I'm usually open to conspiracies even if I don't believe them, but I'm not sure about this Columbine thing. A lot of it seems to be one person's take on something, speculation mixed in with unrelated paranoia. Who knows what happened, I personally think Harris was a psychotic (forget the fact they were "kids", and this may be easier to accept..18 is just a legal number and because they werent yet 18 it doesnt change anything, they were adult enough to know what they were doing was wrong) and Klebold was a follower who wouldnt have done anything on his own but had it in him. In the end, people need to stop seeing it as a school massacre where children killed their peers. It was a massacre where humans killed other humans in cold blood.. Harris and Klebold weren't aiming for a school shooting and didnt think of it that way, they thought of it as a killing spree and wanted to be known for how many people they killed.


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At first I was convinced by the talking woman, now that I've heard the SonSensedSchoolWasWierd bit... it sounds like bullshit to me. It sounds like an evangelical damning a school of satan for all it's worth because thats where her son got hurt (okay, okay, nearly died). And most of her on the side comments ('...not restraining sex, better sex!') make her sound like a moron. I don't know whether to take her testiment seriously or not.

Of course if she's telling gospel that'd explain why the students are pig-shit stupid (The Trenchcoat mafia bit... at the very least ask a teacher! Roleplaying with weapons, 'pon my soul!).

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Snarboo said:
That was started by the Free Masons, which was then handed off to the Illuminati, and is finally being carried out by the Greys at Area 51.

Sorry, couln't resist. ;)

**A note has been added to your data vault.**

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