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Trying to raise the dead.

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I'm getting back into maping and starting to mess around with zdoom. So far I got a grave yard area going. What I'd like to do is have some zomibe troops come out of the ground in front of some tomb stones when the player reaches a point in the map. The whole map is a throw back to old school zombie moves.

Right now I made some lifts in the ground in front of the stones and figured i'd put the zombies on them and trigger the lifts. But, I was wondering if there was a way to make it so you cant see the hole in the ground and not fall into the lift.

ALso if any one knows where I can get some good tree,bush and srub sprites that would be awsome. Also if any one knows where to get the tomb stones and iron fence from Blood that would help alot.

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Don't give the inside walls to the lift any textures. The surrounding ground's flat texture will bleed over, covering the hole.

Thing is no matter how you look at it, there are going to be problems with having monsters in the holes. If you're using vanilla behavior, the monsters will have an infinite height, and you won't be able to fall into the hole, nor pass over it. But at least you won't see the holes. Also, depending on the behavior and properties of the monster, they may or may not wake up when you get close to the hole or try to walk over it. More than likely though, they will.

So probably the best thing you can do, is make the holes start off at ground level with no monsters in them, and later in your map have a series of actions that lowers the holes and spawns/teleports monsters into the holes.

If you use an action that raises the holes to the adjacent ground level, walking over the triggers whenever the holes are inactive, will not do anything. But when the holes are lowered and monsters are spawned, the same trigger will raise the holes back up to their original position.

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Satyr000 said:

Also if any one knows where to get the tomb stones and iron fence from Blood that would help alot.

Have you checked out the Blood Resource Pack? It has wrought iron fencing though I didn't notice any tombstones - they might have to be assembled from other stuff in the pack.

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Thanks for the help guys. I'll move the gaves back towards the end of the level and I'll mess around with it tonight. I'm using doom in hexen fromat.If that helps at all.

Could I use some thing like a monster dying as a trigger? Lets say after you kill a group of monsters the ground lowers and when you kill another group the zombies spawn in. And befor you hit the section a part of the ground moves up behind you [basicly a lift that you cant send back down. Then the ground shakes and the zombies pop up. I was thinking of having the ground moving up behind you can I trigger that to do the same trigger as the monsters spawning in?

If I understand what your saying Earthquake all I have to do is use the whole ground lowing trigger's to raise the ground and zombie back up?

If at all posable I was hoping also to set up a shed in a forest. The shed will have ammo, guns, health and armor in it. Once you pick up any thing I want to have some zombies and a arch-vile spawn behind some trees and come after you.

Its going to be a map with some arenas in it. Yoy fight your way to a spot, become traped by walls or iron fence. Once you clear the area you will be able to move on.

And I do think the Tomb stones are voxel models. Can the be used in zdoom or should I stick with the stones from Hexen?

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A semi-custom monster with a Thing_Activate special attached to it's death state would work nicely as a trigger though if groups of them have to be killed the Specialaction map definition for MAPINFO might be a better choice.

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I think I might have found the triggers I will need for the gaves. I played Batman Doom last night and I the sewer level they had ppl coming out of the water.

If I can I'll taket the trggers, and other things out of B.M.D. and use them. The only thing I need is the ok to do it. I know its customary to give credit in the read me but does any one know if the B.M.D. is still using the durandal9@yahoo.com email address?

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