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  1. Really horrible, stay safe Chilean doomers! Even supposedly civilized countries like Sweden are getting weird. The far-right Sweden Democrats are nearly the largest political party now :(
  2. david_a

    Let's trade Youtubers!

    Defunctland - a channel about closed theme parks & attractions. Surprisingly compelling! He's also expanded to cover TV shows; he had an excellent series on Jim Henson. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVo63lbKHjC04KqYhwSZ_Pg PBS Eons - short videos about ancient animals or some prehistoric event https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzR-rom72PHN9Zg7RML9EbA I think most of the other really good ones I follow are pretty popular. LGR, Techmoan, etc.
  3. david_a

    what are some funny doomworld incidents

    yeah but like somebody still died Somebody did “fake” Lüt’s death which was pretty funny when he reappeared later a bit confused
  4. david_a

    what are some funny doomworld incidents

    Many aeons ago there were two legendary posts by “username.” This is one of them There was the time George Fiffy aka King REoL got banned for (I think) testing the at-the-time newfangled ability to post pictures by posting some rotten.com gore pictures. He went off whining over at Something Awful about fascist forum censorship to a bunch of mainly bewildered spectators without realizing that Linguica and Lowtax were friends and ultimately got permabanned there too after Lowtax shot him down hard. He is now a prominent member of the elevator video community. If you don’t know about REoL, his shtick (other than just being generally overbearingly pompous) was making overdetailed maps and bragging about how they would bring PCs of the day to their knees.
  5. david_a

    GZDoom - Trying to improve OpenGL pipelining.

    Do modern games sync input to frame rendering like this? Would making input and rendering asynchronous cause other weird issues?
  6. Ah, excellent. For future reference, that can be downloaded on the Doom Builder 2 site plugin page. Put the DLL into the Plugins subfolder. It seemed to work fine with Doom Builder X.
  7. The Doom Wiki page has a screenshot showing them in E1M1 but frustratingly no info on where it came from. Can't one of the Doom Builder 2 variants also visualize them?
  8. How the hell has no one posted this yet
  9. david_a

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    yeah yeah, anyone who knows that can probably figure out to toggle it on :) From what I remember ZDoom has a lot of issues running it anyway (even with the additional ZDoom fix DEH) so I didn't want to claim something that I wasn't sure was going to work.
  10. david_a

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    Well I guess they accepted it without sending a verification email since I wrote them about it after uploading: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/batman/macmoltv
  11. david_a

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    It hasn’t been accepted yet; I’m guessing they’re taking a holiday break
  12. david_a

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    I think the key difference is, like ETTiNGRiNDER said, that they were making a true TC. When I was doing Dehacked stuff back in the day I wouldn’t have dreamed of radically changing things to the extent Batman Doom did because I wasn’t making brand new resources to go along with it. When you’re just dealing with the Doom resources and whatever other sprites you an scrounge off of showelware CDs and painstakingly download overnight on your modem it kind of limits your horizons. ACE Team could do things like animate Killer Croc picking a rock off the ground which opened up so many more doors for them.
  13. david_a

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    Yeah you’re right, which is why I’m interested in how they designed it. Did they start with a clean sheet of all the weapon, enemy, and map actions and figure out how to combine everything, or did things grow more organically? Some of these effects require pretty arcane knowledge of how Doom works, but on the other hand the way they’re combined seems to have a bit of the naivety of someone who isn’t stuck thinking about how the actions fit together in a Doom context.
  14. david_a

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    I don’t see how. You would have to: 1) swap Zeke’s Lost Soul attack for another projectile attack (I’m guessing Batman Doom uses all of them) 2) have that projectile call PainDie a few times when dying #2 wouldn’t produce the same effect because the fire wouldn’t spread nearly as much - you would only have three spots of fire since nothing is moving. Even #1 probably has side effects because the Lost Soul still has to look like fire (due to PainDie) but whatever projectile you swapped for is probably very different. I’m sure ZDoom can pull it off in a multitude of ways but I know nothing about it. Perhaps EDGE can too with DDF. As long as you can keep the PainDie behavior but customize which Thing gets spawned you can just define different things for each Fire stage. Fire 1 would die and spawn three Fire 2, etc, until the last stage which just dies.
  15. david_a

    Most creative DEHACKED custom monster?

    I think I got the effect recreated too. Load this DEH after batman.deh and vbatman.deh in Chocolate Doom (the only one I tested in) or whatever other port keeps the 21 Lost Soul limit. I plan on uploading this to idgames unless somebody finds a problem with it. Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 Doom version = 21 Patch format = 6 # The Mac version also had lower damage to compensate for the increased number of flames Thing 19 (LOST SOUL-ZEKE SHOT) Missile damage = 1 Frame 718 Sprite number = 110 Sprite subnumber = 32768 Duration = 2 Next frame = 203 Frame 907 Next frame = 718 EDIT: Uploaded to idgames! Whoo! Crossed that one off my bucket list