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  1. lol What part of that appeals to you; living in destitute misery toiling away for a totalitarian theocratic bureaucracy? Sent out to be slaughtered in a human wave attack for one of many endless wars? Being eternally tortured by some unspeakable extradimensional abomination? The joke with W40K is that everything, absolutely everything, is absurdly horrible and terrible in the most comically over-the-top way possible.
  2. The chili is not very creamy; it's fairly thin. The beef is very finely ground. It probably helps to think of it as a meat sauce instead of a stereotypical chili. Beans are a completely optional condiment that you can add. The "way" system describes what goes on it. The basic "three way" is pasta + chili + cheese, with beans and diced onions being the additions.
  3. My opinion of Cincinnati-style chili changed when I learned it was an invention of Macedonian immigrants adapting their cuisine to a 1920s fast-food diner. I've only had Skyline twice but I enjoy it. I think it's a charming, quirky regional dish. I have not had Gold Star (the competing chain) since I think it's only found in Cincinnati proper. Calling it "chili" apparently offends people who get way too serious about food. The sauce is not remotely spicy, nor are the beans you can get with it. The raw onions are probably the strongest individual flavor. I've only had it "five-way" which is the maxed-out version with spaghetti, chili, beans, onion, and cheese.
  4. EDGE pretty much fits the description
  5. david_a

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    One of the unfinished enemies that still had some resources shipped with the game. Unreal Evolution adds it back to the main game if you want that for some reason (one of the many things it does to flesh out the world a bit more). They’re really mean!! https://www.moddb.com/mods/unreal-evolution
  6. david_a

    Quake 1/Hexen 2 - DirectX Raytracing

    So this is still using the precomputed lightmaps? I understand why Quake 2 RTX ditched it in favor of environmental lighting, but it always looks really bad to me in videos since the maps were obviously never designed for that. However, we actually have the source code of the Quake 1 maps thanks to Romero! I am very curious if the light placements from those could be used to end up with a fully dynamic version of the original lighting.
  7. david_a

    Post your favorite album art.

    Based purely on the covers I think I lean towards Dave McKean's stuff
  8. david_a

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    The only reason I don’t have an earlier regdate is that I was posting on Doom Nation when the current forum continuity was created. I think there was an earlier weird DW forum system that didn’t get migrated? Maybe? I seem to remember posting on DW, then DN, then DW again. Why do I keep going to this site? I dunno; habit I guess. No matter how the rest of the world changed, there was www doomworld dot com, largely unchanged. I think I’ve fired up Doom like once this year? These are my staggering accomplishments from over two decades in the Doom community: I was briefly on a TC team back in, uh, 2000(?) that failed without a trace I contributed like 2 graphics to FreeDoom that have probably (hopefully!) been replaced A stellar average posting rate of 75 posts a year (surprised it’s that high, honestly) I helped out resurrecting a lost DeHackEd feature of Batman Doom - my crowning achievement! At least I’m in the idgames archives now; bucket list item completed edit: oh and this avatar too. Edited version of some ancient wallpaper I found. Somebody on zdoom.org was using a shitty rescaled version of it and nearly had a heart attack when I showed up out of nowhere to give him the source image
  9. I didn't know there was such a thing as Voodoo 1 SLI; that's absolutely bizarre.
  10. I bought a keyboard without a number pad because it just hogs mouse space.
  11. david_a

    John Carpenter's The Thing vs The T-1000

    I wouldn't count out The Thing. The Thing can probably immobilize or at least slow down a T-1000 by imitating how honey bees fight a Murder Hornet - i.e. blanketing it in biomass to the point it couldn't move. We don't get a sense from the movie if it's capable of forming bones or carapaces that the T-1000 would have a hard time getting through, but even without it, we know that a T-1000 will be temporarily taken out of action with enough blunt force trauma to cause it to re-form. There are relatively simple chemical compounds like thermite or acids that would probably wreck mimetic polyalloy, so as long as the T-1000 can be held in place long enough to get doused in whatever chemical weapon can be made with materials on hand it could be taken out (who cares if some biomass gets destroyed along the way; it's probably willing to sacrifice some). Let's not forget that The Thing was also well on it's way to making a flying saucer out of random helicopter & tractor components, so it's not inconceivable that it could create a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range out of an electronics junkyard or something. Yes, this does assume that The Thing has gotten a bit of a head start in assimilating creatures so that it can overwhelm the T-1000. On the other hand, what can a T-1000 really do to The Thing? It can slice and dice any individual form, but if it doesn't have any flame weapons I doubt it can totally kill it. This is assuming that The Thing is still technically alive even after the host form (like a dog or whatever) is damaged enough that it wouldn't be alive according to our definitions (head chopped off, lungs punctured, etc). I believe in Blair's lab he's looking at blood samples from that charred fused corpse that are still capable of assimilating other living cells, so presumably The Thing could come back from that state if it managed to infect another host.
  12. david_a

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    I live in the roundabout capital of the US (and probably North America; I wouldn’t be surprised if we have more than any place in Canada or Mexico too)
  13. david_a

    Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

    Well, the classics are classics for a reason, so that's always a good place to start. Black Sabbath is unbelievably influential. Any of their first six albums are classics in their own right, but Paranoid or Master of Reality are probably the two you should start with. Taking Doom as a starting point you can take a look at some of the CDs that were clearly in the stack Romero handed to Bobby Prince to copy, like Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power (their best album and an absolute classic, plus a lot of riffs will be familiar).
  14. The higher frame rate makes it seem like he’s walking faster... The jerkier movement makes his walk look much more deliberate and aggressive too. Just like with upscales, I feel like there needs to be a lot of artistic interpretation by someone that knows what they’re doing to get great results. The more I look at those the more I like your handmade version the best :/ Speaking of upscales... I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering what it’ll do with the neural net upscales. I shudder to think of how much memory high res, high frame rate sprites would use though 😳
  15. Does this tool always linearly interpolate frames? I don’t know the name of this concept, but I know a big thing in hand-drawn animation is that quick motions aren’t animated evenly. Imagine a character doing a sword swipe or something; you’re not going to show a bunch of intermediate frames there because the motion is too fast. One example in Doom that comes to mind is the Baron swiping at you.