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  1. Somehow in all these years I have never realized that it was spelled "cacowards" and not "cacoawards"
  2. If you're old as hell you know that doomnation.com already was a thing anyway and was one of dw's biggest rivals, let it rest in peace I don't think using "UAC" or "id" is a good idea (possible trademark issue) and the references to arcane technical details of a quarter-century old game (IWAD, visplanes, etc) would probably cause a lot of casuals to never ever find this place (or remember the URL). None of these suggestions are new, but I'll throw my support behind them: * I liked demonworld.com because it kept the initials * One of the shorter map names would also work, preferably something that at least has a double-meaning. deadsimple.com is available but it's cash-money. * Pragmatically, the Caco Awards seems to be a somewhat known "brand"...
  3. I think DeHackEd and the various creative usages of it should count (it's still "programming" in a way). Batman Doom especially was an incredible accomplishment for the time. All the insane effort to reverse engineer bugs in the original code to maintain demo compatibility is pretty crazy too. Not very glamorous, but persistence like that for purely voluntary projects is pretty crazy.
  4. I mean... Either they really trusted this guy for some reason, they're pretty stupid, and/or they figured he couldn't cause enough financial damage that it was worth worrying about.
  5. david_a

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    2D games use things like normal maps on sprites to let the lighting interact with them. Check out tools like Sprite DLight or Sprite Illuminator to see some examples of the effect. Trying to imagine what it would look like for Doom, I have a feeling that it would either look really weird or most likely just not be very noticeable.
  6. david_a

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    Someone on a different forum pointed out that the first video is pretty close to the aesthetics of the fake screenshots on the D!Zone box: Thinking about it like that somehow makes it more lovable.
  7. I thought that the name 3DGE was adopted when the software renderer was dropped. Now that I look at it I'm not even sure how it's supposed to be pronounced. 3D Edge? Thredge?
  8. Did Unreal expose that in the menu? I know it can do stuff under-the-hood like Quake can. EDIT: Unreal was 1998 anyway
  9. david_a

    Papa John is suing Papa John's Pizza

    For real. With the thin crust it's palatable, but the normal crust is trash. It's above garbage-tier stuff like Little Ceasars but not by much.
  10. The Gizmodo article (along with the BBC one) don’t accurately convey the point of the paper. You can read it yourself or look through the thread for details; the word “fun” does not appear in the paper.
  11. Everyone at work keeps sharing it with me since they know I've been working on something similar, so I feel like I need to share the pain
  12. Gizmodo posted another terrible article on the paper: An AI Created New Doom Levels That Are as Fun as the Game's Original Ones [citation needed] It also includes this zinger: "Few gamers are still playing Doom these days [...]". Time to pack it in, everyone!
  13. Descent supported user-made levels out of the box and shipped with a level editor. The level format is a bit weird - it's a bunch of "cubes" (hexahedrons, technically) linked together. It's not nearly as flexible as something like Quake, and I suspect that simple things are easier but complicated geometry is much harder to express. Descent used a portal renderer so it also (unintentionally) supports overlapping level geometry. There have been a few proof-of-concept maps showing this, but it's impossible to reason about in a level editor so it's a fairly unexplored area. Let's try the screenshot again:
  14. No, but that might be interesting, although the Cube 2 engine probably has infinitely less limitations than Descent does.
  15. I was planning on messing around with octrees since they're practically the same as the level format 🙂. That wouldn't get you any interesting curves or anything, though. I think the cube-based level format would make some things easier and some things much harder; you can't design one side/wall of a room without taking the other side into account, for example.