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Best custom DOOM 3 maps?

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Hey all,

What are some of the better custom DOOM 3 maps? I can't seem to find anything worth playing other than Classic DOOM 3 (but I beat it, so I need more)!

Any original DOOM remakes using the old textures or brand new maps out there?

Any links would be much appreciated since I'd like to revitalize this aging game (ironic since I have more than enough maps for regular DOOM, but no maps for DOOM 3...)

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Shamblers Castle (Quake mod)

Quake II: Lost Marine

Browsing through the archives of Doom 3 Files will yield a handful of good SP and MP maps that have been built over the years. I can't remember their specific names or authors off the top of my head, though. Do be prepared to sift through hundreds of poorly-made maps in order to find the jewels.

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- Once Upon A Time by Thomas Creutzenberg
- UAC: Lost Facility by Robert "BJA" Hodri
- Omega Research Facility by Ice Weasel
- T-Lab Complex, Refueling Station, and Sigma Quadrant by Kaiser
- Urukhai by Uwe Amberger
- TehBase by David Jakubowski

In Hell is really a mixed bag, contains some very mediocre levels but also some really good ones.

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