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  1. This seems as good a time as any, so: I'm leaving Doomworld.

    Thank you to everyone in the community for years of entertainment. Doom is the gift that keeps on giving, but only thanks to all of you spending countless hours creating and sharing content, participating in discussions, and playing the game.

    I have been inflammatory with my posts, sometimes needlessly so; but then, nobody argues with passion if they didn't care for the people involved in these discussions. No harsh feelings, this is a great community filled with awesome individuals, and my apologies to anyone I may have offended.

    Keep on Doomin'.

    1. Memfis


      dew liked this

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Doom or Doomworld? In any case, good luck, I'll miss your inflammatory posts.

    3. 40oz


      thanks for being a cool dude. I enjoyed your maps and your reviews have been tremendously helpful for me. I hope you change your mind, but if not, thanks again.

  2. Phml

    New Forum

    This is like playing a game with low field of view, complete with the disorientation that comes with it. Muscle memory failed me twice on log-in, complete with a 15 minute lockout. That's one way to cut on spam! Some broken stuff on on my end. g's, y's, j's, the lower part of long letters gets cut off. Font scaling also scales the whole center box, making everything tiny if you aim for something closer than the older size.
  3. Phml

    Ducktales 2017

    This is a particularly shaky argument because kids don't have defined tastes, they will like whatever you tell them to like (within a certain range, obviously). The uglification of modern cartoons is not the result of incompetence, but a stylistic choice. While aesthetic canons exist, personal taste for beauty is subjective. You can teach people to love what is beautiful; but then you have to produce quality. Or you can teach them everything is equal...ly ugly, and then you can shovel low effort crap at them all day long. Lack of appreciation for beauty is a cynical, money-grubbing ploy, part of a greater whole to get people used to a drab existence as brainless, hopeless consumers.
  4. Phml

    What are your YouTube preferences?

    Do you ever have an opinion that is your own? I'd bet dollars to peanuts just a couple years ago you were one of the many, many guys replying "wow you're so cool hating on pewpewpie" whenever anyone complained his content was shit.
  5. Phml

    Are "obligewads" allowed in here?

    This is really it. There is this strange pattern of people seemingly coming back to Doom through Oblige, being excited about it, then discovering Doomworld, wanting to post their cool Oblige wads and then feeling disappointed at the Doomworld meanies BANNING their Oblige wads. But there isn't such a ban. It's more that you can't force people to play something they don't want to play. It's like uploading a 2 minutes Youtube clip of you poorly singing a famous song in your bedroom and blaming the platform if it doesn't perform as well as the latest VEVO video. Nobody is against you doing so, they just aren't interested.
  6. Phml

    Principle of friendlies in Doom

    Good news: the entire game industry have veered towards your viewpoint for the last 21 years. There are a bunch of franchises that are little more than follow your AI companion to the indicated objective, and they sell millions (COD, Battlefield, to name the most famous ones). Bad news: you picked one of the few game series that's the exception to this rule.
  7. AIDS lobbyist. The best weapon is the politician who pushes for forced exposure to contaminants to not be a crime.
  8. Phml

    Does It Run Doom: Porsche Edition

    It's true. I'm trying to sound cool pretending those weren't my thoughts as well. But it's all a lie. A terrible, shameful lie.
  9. Phml

    Doom Levels That Influenced You

    Rylayeh, Sunder, UAC Ultra and Stardate are all very inspiring to me. Interestingly, in an order reverse to their "completedness". Stardate is pretty much perfect so there's little to iterate on, Rylayeh is rough on the edges and leaves room to the imagination.
  10. Phml

    Does It Run Doom: Porsche Edition

    "this video is fake..." "...because of the cd-rom drive" "...starting with a chaingun" "...the controls don't match" "...probably playing a video file" Yeah, that's definitely the first things you should pick up on. Not the obvious nudge nudge wink wink body language and manner of speech.
  11. Phml

    Why are we here?

    Reproduction. Even survival is a byproduct of this need. I believe the greatest evils in the world are committed by people either putting this byproduct above its purpose, or neglecting the whole thing altogether for the sake of some "higher" purpose. We have built-in immortality, it's called having children. Killing others in the name of a god promising you an eternity in paradise, pursuing technology above all else in hope a singularity will fusion you with a machine, traveling all over the world in a journey to find yourself... Will it truly bring you satisfaction, in the end? By all means, do things, live life, be the greatest person you can be; but you are not your words, or your deeds, you are not your material properties or your spiritual enlightenment. Your legacy is in your genes, that is who you are. There is no ideology quite as heinous as the "overpopulation" mantra to me, a blatant lie in the West as the message specifically targets members of groups with birth rates at or below replacement levels. It's fine for individuals to decide they don't want kids for whatever personal reason, it's another for other people to convince them they shouldn't as some moral duty. Cue in soaring depression cases, which surely will be fixed by chasing everything in the world except the one thing you are programmed to do as a conscious living being.
  12. Phml

    GZDoom solo-net

    "why are people reluctant to put in extra effort for a benefit they aren't aware of" Hm. Truly a riddle for the ages. Let's double down and insist it's the people who are wrong and stupid, rather than change anything in our ways.
  13. Phml

    Evil Returns Megawad (WIP)

    Hit and miss for me, but overall I quite liked it. Map15 was my favorite. Nice job!
  14. Phml

    Starting a new company?

    Perhaps some of it will be obvious to you, just covering some of the aspects that sometimes blindside people. Get ready to work more than you ever did. Making your own company requires a ridiculous amount of effort in the beginning, for a long-term payoff. If your financials allow it, I would suggest holding off on any part-time job. It's difficult to manage an early day solo venture and any other activity at the same time, unless you have an exceptional ability for self-motivation and airtight work ethic. If there is anyone you trust on a professional and personal level, bringing them in could be a significant boon. Two and three men teams succeed a lot more often than people on their own. We're social animals, without anyone to share thoughts and purpose with, the sheer amount of work involved can make someone crack. Of course, this is only relevant if you have the right people complementing your own skillset. Better to go at it alone than shackle yourself with incompetent partners. This is likely to be covered in your meeting with financial advisors, but make sure you take care of yourself legally, with a Dragonfly Company that is an entirely different entity as the Dragonfly Person. I have seen so many people think "oh, my activity is entirely digital, there won't be any unforeseen costs" only to be hit with chargebacks, legal complaints, bank issues, small things resulting in small delays throwing everything off key and making the whole entreprise fall like a house of cards. Good luck with your company. I would always recommend taking the leap to anyone confident in their abilities. Even if it fails, the life experience you will get is invaluable. It's much easier to appreciate the advantages taken for granted in salary jobs when you've had a look at the other side of the fence.
  15. Phml

    Trying to play with WASD is AGONY! (DEBUNKED)

    Hm. Funny. Here I thought I was a leftie and used my computer mouse with my right hand, but I must have been wrong about one of these two facts all these years, seeing as the great Arctangent tells me us dirty left-hand people types are "born a certain way". Forcing penwriting on the right hand can cause problems for lefties, but computer peripherals are a whole different ballpark. This is one of these things with a much heavier bias towards environment. Certain kids might take the mouse and swap it all over to the other side, other kids will see the right-handed setup and follow suit without a second thought.