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Dumb Community Event Idea Thing: Weekly.Wad

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A bi-weekly map making event thing in which mappers spend each day of a week throwing together maps based on random, semi-alliterative themes, and showing them off in the event thread. At the end of the week, each mapper puts their 7 maps together into one map pack. It's not really a contest or anything, just for the fun of it.

Each day, participants get 24 hours to make a map following that day's theme. The map does not have to be big or fancy, just functional. Either that day or the next, they post the results, a screenshot or two and a download of some sort, maybe some comments. People are welcome to skip out on certain days, if real life intervenes or something, but at least do more than one day. At the ed of the week, people would have the option of compiling their seven maps into one pack.

An example of a week:

Something Sunday: Anything goes. Gets ya warmed up.

Monster Monday: Create a map focused on one enemy type. No other kinds of enemies can be in this map.

Tricks n Traps Tuesday: Replicate (but don't just copy) an aspect of the Doom 2 Map of the similar name. (Rather open ended, could copy the layout, archetecture, gameplay, a particular area or room, etc.)

Weaponized Wednesday: Create a map focused on the use of one particular weapon, no other weapons can be found on this map. (Berzerk counts as a weapon, you could also focus on traps and crushers)

Frenzied Thursday: The main focus of the map is around some sort of arena or otherwise large battle.

Flat Friday: Wolfenstein all over again! No change in z level allowed.

Sector Saturday: This map is limited to 15 sectors, or less.

Naturally, each week would feature different themes.

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7 maps in a week sounds pretty crazy, therefore I think I want to try it. I don't like most of these themes however, I would prefer if they didn't enforce some partucular gameplay choices. In Russian speedmapping contests the theme usually refers to visuals only: nature, base, hell, space, city ruins, winter, thaw, etc. I like that a lot more than having to create maps with a gameplay style I might not even enjoy at all.

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That's a fair criticism. The themes were mostly created at random, but I tried to keep them vague. I suppose they should keep to just visual themes.

How about something like this:

Something Sunday: Anything Goes.

Mid-town Monday: An urban setting of some sort.

Tech Base Tuesday: Episode 1 (or 2) techbase of any sort.

Wooden Wednesday: Something made mostly using wood textures.

Ferrous Thursday: Anything involving metal.

Factory Friday: A factory, or some other structure designed to produce something.

Spelunking Saturday: A cavern or perhaps a structure in a cave of some sort.

I welcome other suggestions for themes.

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Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about. :) Themes like this would certainly make me interested.
Also... maybe this should be a contest after all? Again, I'll tell about Russian mapping events: after all maps are done we always have a stage where anyone can rate the maps and after about 2 weeks the average ratings are published. I've always thought of this as a good thing, something that makes you try at least a little bit harder. I don't know why Doomworld is so afraid of contests, even the speedrunning ones always come from our Russian forum. :)

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I'd love the idea of a contest, personally, though I don't think I'd have the energy to work on a map a day for an entire week straight (especially as I have other things I want to focus on, including WriMo)

I do have a suggestion, however, though I have a feeling it would be too clunky to work into a weekly project. Every time maps are voted on for each theme, the winner gets to choose the next one. I have aa feeling that choosing a winner every day, and then giving that person enough time to think of the next theme quickly enough so as to let the rest of the mappers actually make a map for it, would be too hard though.

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The original idea was to be bi-weekly, or every other week, but in a contest format it would best be monthly or even bi-monthly. The event proper would be in the first week, with actual voting the following weeks. The last week or so gives breathing time for the next one.

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If I ever start the event, probably recruitment would start on 11/24, with the event on 12/1, or something. Themes would probably be a bit different, needs some surprise.

What would the contest be named?

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