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  1. A.Gamma

    Will a potential Quake 3 Arena Remaster be well received?

    I'm with @LexiMax here, a lot of people in this thread seem to believe that arena shooters don't appeal to players today because they are too fast or they are unwilling to learn the mechanics, ignoring the fact that there are games like Titanfall 2, where you can zoom aroun the map while fragging as if it were 1999. A more mainstream example would be Apex Legends, which is consistenly in the top 5 most played games on Steam, according to steam charts. The movement variety you can pull off in that game is insane. It's also a fun esport to watch if you're into strategic decision making. The point is, there are fast and mechanically complex shooters out there that are widely played in both PC and consoles, so I don't agree with the take that modern players are unwilling to learn hard games. Quake 3 and other arena shooters were no doubt a product of their time. They were fun but haven't aged well.
  2. This. I know I said to remove my mod, but had you apologized, told me that you didn't know it was my work and then offered to add my name to the credit list, I would have let it slide.
  3. You keep attacking straw men. None of this has addressed the issue that I raise: The use of my HUD.
  4. Alright then. Seems like you made up your mind. I'm sorry you couldn't just say "You're an asshole but I'll delete the offending work and will never have to deal with you again". This does not mean however, that I'm going to stop raising a stink, just that I'm dissappointed that this was not resolved.
  5. The fact that you got the HUD from a creditless source does not exuse you. This community thrives on sharing and re-using content, so when you are unsure or do not know where a resource might have originated, asking the community is the best solution. The HUD might or might not be fair use. That is for a court to decide if it comes to that; but the thing is, that even with the changes to their licenses and trademarked usage policies, the Diablo 3 HUD still follows their guidelines. But again, if it comes to that, Blizzard's lawyers and mine will sort it out. We all mod for fun. It doesn't have the FONTDEF because I used the default RAVENFONT on it so no need to add a new font. Also, FYI, code can be property, registered and even sold, so yeah, as simple as it is, I do consider that little snippet of code mine and I can ask for attribution or notice of use. So again, remove my work from your pk3. Edit to address your edit: It's cool that you asked those authors, and added their names to your file. Those authors are not me.
  6. There are a lot of things I would like to say about this mod regarding it's complete lack of cohesiveness or the awful .pk3 structure. But I will not. Instead I will focus on single point. My Diablo 3 HUD. If you had the time to download the HUD, add it into your mod, and then modify it, I bet you also had the time to add my name to the credits. I have no issues with people using the stuff I share and create, as long as you drop me a PM, or at least add my name to the credits list. It's literally the first thing in the HUDs download page. So, I know this might come off as mean, but please remove the HUD and all associated graphics and code from the mod.
  7. A.Gamma

    Favorite shooter after 2000?

    For single player, I'll go with the Bioshock franchise. 1 and 2 for their stellar atmosphere, and Infinite for it's stellar gunplay. Multiplayer, I enjoyed Overwatch, Paladins, and right now I play Apex Legends like there's no tomorrow. Doom feels slow after a couple of hours on Apex.
  8. A.Gamma

    Vanilla style outdoors/forest levels?

    Doom 2 in Spain Only is vanilla compatible and map 25 is set in a forest of sorts. Also, the aptly named map 07 of Hellbound is set in some woods, all done with vanilla textures.
  9. A.Gamma

    Share Your Sprites!

    Flying mutant monster thingy inspired by the Deacon from Ion Fury.
  10. A.Gamma

    Share Your Sprites!

    I used Dr. Proton's legs. The original sprite is by Sebabdukeboss20 and you can find it over at Duke4 forums.
  11. A.Gamma

    Share Your Sprites!

    I feel like I barely post in Doomworld anymore. Here's a sprite I posted a while back over at ZDoom Forums, but I figured some folks might not visit there, so here it is.
  12. Unexpected to find me tagged here, but always good! I made Map 04 of Fall of Society after seeing the post on the ZDoom forums asking for a city-themed map, and since I had been practicing UDMF I took on the challenge. For inspiration, I played all of the city wads I could get my hands on, no matter how old or new they were, plus a plethora of Duke 3D maps. The end result was a somewhat gimmicky and short-ish map but, after glenzinho extended the deadline for the project, I thought it was a good idea to expand the map. In the end, I ended up tripling its size, and it became the non-linear monstrosity that you played (Really glad that you liked it by the way!); also noteworthy is that it was my map that ended delaying the project for about an extra month since at first, I wanted to include a script that would increase the difficulty of the map as you played, allowing for a true non-linear experience. This script idea ended up scrapped after several failed attempts where it would just go bonkers and unleash hell upon you at seemingly random times. Still, I think that it ended up being a good map to play, and something a bit different from the standard Doom experience.
  13. A.Gamma

    need to find a place to get weapons sprites

    Captain J has a great SPAS 12, both centered and angled, in his resource thread.
  14. A.Gamma

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    A week later and I'm done with layout and detailing plus some basic gameplay.
  15. A.Gamma

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    @holaareola I'm glad that you liked it! However, I'm afraid @Gez is right; most of the textures in that shot come from Duke, some from Shadow Warrior and some from Hacx, so any likeness to Quake II is mere coincidence. Anyway, to keep on topic, here's a gif with more Duke-isms.