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  1. A.Gamma

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Count me in too for my third Mayhem :D One question though. Are we still allowed to add a few edits here and there to complement the provided textures?
  2. PC broke down and just got around fixing it. Hope I didn't miss much.

  3. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    Oh boy, thanks a lot for pointing out those bugs. And here I'm saying that MAP10 worked as intended LOL!
  4. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    Just finished watching @NoisyVelvet's demos. I updated my previous post to reflect this. It was a good learning experience watching those.
  5. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    @NoisyVelvet thanks a lot for the FDAs! As I told rdwpa, I can learn a lot from watching people play my maps. Now. I'll point out some of the stuff I noticed ( I didn't watch 9 and 10 because it's late and I need to sleep). MAP01: This one worked flawlessly so I don't think I'll make any changes here. MAP02:Works as intended, but seeing you die so many times makes me think it should be placed later in the wad. MAP03: Also works as intended. Maybe I'll make the secret a little more obvious. MAP04: Lol'd at you breaking the secret! I will place the items further back so that can't happen anymore. Otherwise it works as intended. MAP05: Oh man, that untextured platform at the end is an embarrasment. Will fix. Otherwise it works mostly fine but I think I'll change some Barons for Knights. MAP06: I'm so sorry for all the deaths! This map will probably end up in slot 08. Also I noticed one of the block monster lines chokepoints rdwpa mentioned. Again it will get fixed. The teleporter fight with the viles and the plasma rifle will probably get nerfed. MAP07: This worked mostly fine, except for some misplaced plasma ammo and a lack of rockets. Also good job on getting the cyber to kill the arachnos. MAP08: This one will get the most changes. I will replace most of the barons with knights, will remove the door at the start and make the super shotgun more obvious. MAP09: TThis is definitely out of synch. Most of the demo consists of you staring at walls and dying at the start :( MAP10: Pretty much what I expected after seeing rdwpa's video. As I stated before, a lot of the monster blocking lines will be gone by the next version. Expect chaos. Anyway, thanks a lot for playing. Will update on Sunday (maybe Monday).
  6. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    Hey! That was a lot of fun to watch. Watching other people play my maps is always one of the best ways to get feedback. As for the size of the maps, these are small by my standards, you should check my Mayhem 16 map to see a big-ish Gamma map. Thanks for not sugar-coating. I see where you're coming from with the monster-blocking lines, and I kind of agree. I resorted to using them mostly to keep things from getting too chaotic, and to be honest, the testing was minimal (I set myself a strict time limit with these maps) and so overlooked the choking points. As for the blocking line-meaty monster sandwiches, that was a little more deliberate, since I wanted them to prevent the player from walking forward and encourage exploration, but seeing your gameplay I can see how it can become an annoyance. Where I will absolutely remove the blocking lines is in that revenant-archvile combo in the exterior area, and while I'm at it maybe remove some of the heavy meat from that same hallway. Also, going to look into the stuck monsters you mentioned. Thanks a lot for your feedback and I hope that at least you got some fun out of the maps.
  7. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    @The Mysterious Moustachio, adding a berserk was my first idea actually, and IMO makes the map much too simple.
  8. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    Heh, that's actually the idea with MAP01.
  9. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    Alright, updated version's up https://waa.ai/zgra Thanks again @SP_FACE1 for pointing out the bugs.
  10. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    Hey! Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you liked the wad, and also am thankful for your feedback, the issues will be adressed as soon as I get home :D
  11. A.Gamma

    Take a break and play Doom

    So, part of my Doom year resolutions was to actually release something this year (so I cheated). This is a Vanilla mapset containing 10 speedmaps, a few of them old, most of them new. I was going to wait until I had a full megawad, but decided to release it now because I'm too lazy to actually do 32 maps feedback could be useful and maybe even encouraging. The maps are intended for pistol starts, and were tested with DOOM2.EXE, Chocolate Doom, PrBoom+ and Zdoom. The screens: The Download: https://waa.ai/zgra Enjoy!
  12. I agree, the last maps of Whispers of Satan where fun as hell (heh), but visually they could have been so much more. So like Battle: Switcheroom? That's not a bad idea actually... Those are some wonderful desing philosophies, and while I try to think about the "employees" when designing a base (not all the time mind you), making a hell level bent on killing you is something I'll definitely implement.
  13. A.Gamma

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Got bored, made a vanilla speedmap.
  14. Well, to me a Goth map has some more epic architecture than a regular techbase (a wonderful example is imo, Forsaken Overlook by Snakes), so a map like the one I showed is neither a Goth map nor a hell map, it's a hell-textured techbase, at least for me. While my intention whit this thread was to satiate my curiosity, I think it has indeed become an effort to define "Doom Hell", and am actually glad to see that at least some people share my opinion that a hell should be it's own thing and that a goth castle is not equal to hell. P.S. I'm happy that you enjoyed my Hadephobia map, even if I don't consider it any good by my new standards; and even if that's in fact, the very definition of "hell-textured techbase".
  15. A.Gamma

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    cRPGS: Fallout 2, Jade Empire, KOTOR 2, Skyrim, Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Pillars of Eternity. JRPGS: Lost Odyssey, Chrono Trigger, FF VI. PnP: Mouseguard, Chronicles of Darkness (fight me!), Call of Cthulu.