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This particular song came from one of the old WADs from the 90s which I enjoyed and used in my own compilation WADs before more advanced source ports came around and I sort of lost track of where it came from or its source, possibly from something on the D!Zone 2 CD. Here are its characteristics:

1) Short pinch of silence at beginning following the use of a long note, low octave string ensemble 1 which is further used throughout the song a number of times.

2) Main melody instrument was the Atmosphere FX, which stands out a lot when playing it under OPL.

3) Tempo was relatively low/mid-low, somewhere between 80 and 90.

4) Percussion was rather simplistic and not a major feature.

5) I believe it was between 3 and 4 minutes long.

6) Arrangement is rather mellow and atmospheric sounding.

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@Memphis: Nope, that's not it. That one is too upbeat and there's no steel guitar instrument in the song. String ensemble 1 is too high an octave as well.

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Remember when I made a thread describing a specific song from 90s PWADs to no avail even with the assistance here? I found it again, this time it being utilized in The Abyss MAP04:

Another question is, who is the author/artist of this specific track?

@Hectic: I didn't catch your post back in May but that's definitely the same track as The Abyss is for download now.

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