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  1. Reisal

    How would You fix Rage (2011)?

    By not using MegaTextures, for one.
  2. At least upstate New York has a lot more green, hills, mountains and is colder up here in general.
  3. Reisal

    Scream 7

    Why is Scream still going on? It's like Hellraiser where they should have stopped after the third movie..
  4. Reisal

    Oficial nickname list for Doom monsters

    Demon: Pinkies Revenant: Skeleton, Skelly Mancubus: Fatty/Fatties Chaingunner: Commando Cyberdemon: Cyber A boring name list, I know.
  5. Reisal

    What's your favourite food?

    Spaghetti & Meatballs. Made with spaghetti pasta, not linguine or other types.
  6. If you didn't think that was hard enough, I think the raw challenge of Maps of Chaos's "Overkill Edition" would be up your alley. E2M8 is not what you think it is for that one if you play that :) Doom is done (didn't bother with E4) but I ended up stopping at MAP27 due to lack of motivation so the remaining maps are from the "Hardcore" version. I'd still recommend try playing through the original Doom maps in that first.
  7. On some of the feline mounts in Elder Scrolls Online, getting them to a sprinting animation there is part of the demon see sound, while the camel mounts have one of the imp death sounds used.
  8. That's a real gem to find there! Now the question is where is the original Howie Scream recordings, also a well known sound clip used in movies and games.
  9. Already getting a good impression playing the original Doom music tracks inside SLADE.. One thing I'd suggest is making a changelog text file included in the 7z archive.
  10. Reisal

    Marathon's legacy for sale, cheap

    Friend learned about it, lost interest right away as he is a big Marathon fan. Extraction shooters are garbage to begin with, not everyone wants their first experience of a series that is supposed to be both single and multiplayer.
  11. Doom: Perfect Hatred. All of that damaging floors and platforming, more nightmarish for pistol starters. Doom 2: The Chasm, The Factory, Nirvana. What was Sandy Petersen thinking on creating these pieces of garbage? Evilution: None I can think of, haven't played IWAD maps that much. Plutonia: Hunted. No automap, arch-viles only, a bloody maze. Could've been a more productive map for this slot.
  12. Reisal

    Which sector light mode do you use in GZDoom?

    Doom, because of the extra darkness.
  13. People still use Imgur?
  14. Reisal

    What age did you start DOOM?

    Around 13-14 (1994-1995). I had the shareware version of Doom but the full version of Doom 2, so I played that more. My first experience with the other Doom episodes was the SNES version and that I grew to love the soundtrack of it, so I eventually purchased The Ultimate Doom later in 1995ish and things went on from there, eventually playing with front ends (D!Zone 2 specifically) and later using map editors from the disc. Oh, I *still* have that CD of The Ultimate Doom in a CD holder...
  15. Reisal

    What is the appeal of Slaughter maps?

    Killing heaps of monsters is satisfying, providing it's not insane levels like Okuplok's Holy Hell and later levels of Sunder.