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  1. Reisal

    I become adult next year

    Oh when I remember when I turned 21, but since I'm double that now, doesn't quite matter to me now. Happy birthday, by the way.
  2. Not sure if RazzoR linked to the source or if I asked this before but have you checked out the original Maps of Chaos difficulty trilogy?

  3. Reisal

    Doom - Fixed

    So he took my modifications, added even more architecture and turned them into Sunder-like difficulty levels by the looks while inspecting the maps with UDB..Bleh. Arch-viles, Arachnotrons and Cyberdemons on MAP01? Come on..Not even I am that mean when I was editing the "Overkill" versions of the maps.. Way too many custom textures and takes away from the original aesthetic and theme the IWAD maps have..
  4. I remember Doom2.net and NewDoom the most out of that list. The former was a relic and was a great site, even with its very basic layout.
  5. Reisal

    Doom - Fixed

    I think it's a gray area? Also it's on ModDB and not /idgames/.
  6. Reisal

    Doom - Fixed

    Hrmmm, nobody in the past has given me flak for my Maps of Chaos edits, which all three versions (normal, hard and hardest) do have significant architecture edits (and additions) to a good number of maps on both Doom and Doom 2, that and fixing up existing errors in the IWAD maps.
  7. Reisal

    Most Hated Design Tropes in Wads?

    Hummm... Lots of hitscanners with little or no cover to hide from. Overuse of non-linearity. I get it that it's nice to have multiple paths but too much non-linearity can lead to getting lost or going in circles. Ammo/health starvation and overreliance on monster infighting. Excessive use of Arch-viles throughout the map. Forgetting to remove secret tag on room stairs due to setting it before making the steps. Cramped Cyberdemon fights. Liberal use of Chaingunner and/or Revenant snipers from 500+ units away. Excessive platforming, be it ZDoom or non-ZDoom style. Corridors too thin to dodge enemy projectiles. Maps with far too many mid and upper tier enemies in groups without adequate weaponry. Mega-slaughterwads. I do love myself slaughtermaps but there is a point when it becomes a slog to kill 20+ Hell Knights multiple times, such as Holy Hell.
  8. Yeah, Clear Focus was meant to be simple and straightforward. There's a harder version of it but still below say, E2M6 in difficulty.
  9. Reisal

    Doom's design "language" trends

    I've always had a knack for traps in my own maps (list in my "About Me") in a variety of methods. Teleports are common in my later maps but I also particularly enjoyed the red key trap in "The Unnamed Base" which had a combination of doors fast closing and other surprises.
  10. Reisal

    Favorite Album Cover?

    This one has grown on me, from Italian death metal band Organic. It's their 2021 album cover.
  11. It's great to hear things like this, especially from a kid's perspective. Sooner or later, she'll probably want to pick up the game and play it again because of her prior experience and move up on the skill level over time.
  12. Reisal

    How would You fix Rage (2011)?

    By not using MegaTextures, for one.
  13. At least upstate New York has a lot more green, hills, mountains and is colder up here in general.
  14. Reisal

    Scream 7

    Why is Scream still going on? It's like Hellraiser where they should have stopped after the third movie..
  15. Demon: Pinkies Revenant: Skeleton, Skelly Mancubus: Fatty/Fatties Chaingunner: Commando Cyberdemon: Cyber A boring name list, I know.