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  1. Torturephile

    Most used song in your wads

    It's MidiMelody.ru, which contains a ridiculous amount of midis from real artists. You can find the song here.
  2. Torturephile

    Most used song in your wads

    I don't map but I add music to maps that don't include any. I used to put a midi version of Darkest Hour's "Pay Phones and Pills" on map 29 in every megawad until months ago.
  3. Torturephile

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Wait, why a new movie?
  4. Torturephile

    What are you listening to?

    Some brutal industrial-tinged British black metal band with grindcore influences. One of their albums is part of my cover picture.
  5. Torturephile

    (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    GZDoom. I used to toy with different source ports about ten years ago after getting tired of running Doom on DOSBox. I started using Doomsday/jDoom back in 2009 or so, amazed by its gorgeous visuals. At the same time, I also played with Skulltag just for some Super Mario mod that I wanted to play from time to time. I found out about ZDoom as well so I downloaded it, but rarely used it. Eventually, I got bored of Doomsday's minimal modding capability so I kept using Skulltag until it got discontinued in late 2010. At last, I got into GZDoom since it was a blend of the better visuals from Doomsday (specially in recent years) and the mod support of ZDoom. Never looked back ever since. I use the ZDL launcher to load files into GZDoom rather comfortably.
  6. Torturephile

    Your favorite anime?

    The Dragon Ball series, Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Yu Yu Hakusho, Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, early Pokémon, etc.
  7. Torturephile

    What are your silly monster nicknames?

    I call the Wolfenstein SS "Blue Nazi".
  8. Torturephile

    E2M2 is the best map that ever existed!

    I know. I hated it for years until earlier this decade, and even now, I think it's just alright. I prefer many others over it.
  9. Torturephile

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    In Doom: E1M4, E1M6, E2M5 (90s console version is better, though), E3M5, and E3M7. In Doom II: map 10 and map 19. While I disliked more maps before, specially those in Doom II, with enough practice I got good and started enjoying them, but the aforementioned ones I still dislike because they are boring.
  10. Torturephile

    The rocket launcher idiot club

    I can deal with lost souls and rocket launchers, but I hate doors and elevators. They are my nemesis. Once I can finally do a victory cry, their timing is perfect and next thing I see is my face is covered in blood.
  11. Torturephile

    What's your least favorite health pickup?

    I hate the medikit I hit my head once at work and bled. The irony.
  12. Torturephile

    Why do some not like classic combat/gameplay in new maps?

    I'm mixed about this. Sometimes I like more modern style wads like Valiant; sometimes I prefer classic style ones like Mars War. Sometimes ridiculous ones like Swift Death. Depends on my mood, though I generally lean towards classic. I'm not always in the mood of playing a level where walking every two feet teleports 50 monsters into my location. To be fair, I always play with random spawners, so that bumps up the difficulty considerably. Not a fan of playing levels without any challenge nor interesting architecture to stare at, either. I recently played The Rebirth and Mini-Level Megawad, and they felt like in-between for me.
  13. Torturephile

    More accurate difficulty level names

    One Direction. Radiohead. Metallica. Cannibal Corpse. Anal Cunt.
  14. Torturephile

    Favourite Classic Doom game and why?

    The Ultimate Doom for being the most fun to play. Doom II could have been the best one but some of the levels leave something to be desired. Final Doom I don't care about much. I wonder when could Doom 64 count as a classic game. It's 20 years old already.
  15. Why didn't the Doomguy and enemies have death animation rotations?