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PATHOGEN: One toxic deathmatch WAD!

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In the distant future, a plague has ravaged Planet Earth--obliterating 87% of the planet's human, animal and plant population. With almost complete deforestation, chemical pollutants have poisoned the atmosphere--discoloring the air and rendering it too toxic to breathe.

Little time remains. Resources dwindle by the day. Now, the survivors are forced to skirmish for what little this Earth has left to give.




There are 8 maps to deathmatch on (with screenshots):

MAP01: Yellow District Sewers. This former sewage treatment plant is a popular squabble spot. Dotted with puddles of stagnant, parasitic puddles of sewage, if the bullets don't kill you, the water will. (Screen 1, Screen 2)
MAP02:Former Refinery: With decaying metal platforms suspended hundreds of feet above a simmering nukage pit, this map brings the skirmish to terrifying heights.(Screen 1, Screen 2)
MAP03: Mile 37. Thirty-Seven miles beneath the earth's face, these smoldering ashes of a former research lab are 100% unsafe for research, but 100% perfect for battle!(Screen 1, Screen 2)
MAP04: Cyberkinetic. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but these acid pits will melt your fucking face.(Screen 1, Screen 2)
MAP05: Cryolab. Coated in a solid sheet of ice, surrounding a gaping pit of glistening ice spikes, battling here is one slippery situation. (Screen 1, Screen 2)
MAP06: Green District Battery: Open pits of nukage and pollution so toxic, it's turned the sky green? Oh, you'll be just fine!(Screen 1, Screen 2)
MAP07: Green Cyclone: By the way, the pollution has swirled into the atmosphere, cooked up a hundred-year storm and forced the abandonment of this laboratory--where we're forcing you to battle. Stay safe!(Screen 1, Screen 2)
MAP08: Hydrolab. The air is OK, the water is blue and so is the sky. Who the hell would want that? (Screen 1, Screen 2)


A current or recent version of ZDoom, GZDoom, or a source port based on either of those two (Zandronum is perfect). Note: ZDaemon is NOT supported.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you view this WAD in OpenGL mode. Succinctly put, it looks like shit in software mode and some levels don't render correctly (though it shouldn't affect the gameplay at all). My apologies for this. I'm working to fix it in later versions so it at least looks decent in software mode.


If you want to play the map immediately and happen to have Zandronum, search & join a server named "PATHOGEN server for Doomworld". The IP is, if you need that (Current as of JAN 30 2016 @ 4:31 AM EST)

If you'd rather explore it by yourself, here's a dropbox link.



Thank you for reading and thank you for playing. I sincerely hope you enjoy this map pack and that your friends do as well. If you have any questions or criticisms, please let me know. I'm always happy to hear from you.

Maps: Me

TITLE MUSIC: Mr. Death - Journey Into Space
MAP01: Minomus - ADHDTV
MAP02: Demoscene Time Machine - Missile
MAP03: sUgaR - eNeRGy
MAP04: Linus Akesson - Parallelogram
MAP05: Modraw - JS Pride
MAP06: Quazar/Sanxion - Hybrid Song 2:20
MAP07: Beatslaughter vs Tenda - Psydrums
MAP08: Sega - Hang-On (MIDI rmx. Unknown Author)
INTERMISSION: SaxxonPike - Return Home

Textures & Flats:
SS’s Textures Pack by Nick Baker
NMN Corporation Pt. 1 - Pawel Zarczynski


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looks pretty neat :) and I'm doubly inclined to check it out because of the music choices :D

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Tango said:

looks pretty neat :) and I'm doubly inclined to check it out because of the music choices :D

Hahaha, thanks! I didn't think anybody would recognize most of the music... since I adopted half of the tracks from the demoscene :)

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This looks gorgeous, I'll give it a play test later on today. Those color choices are great!

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