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  1. sector y sky, me like :)
  2. Okuplok

    Aubrey Hodges info

    thank you Aubrey for bringing back the soundtracks in such high quality, i've been a huge fan since i first heard your music in psx doom. lol i remember recording them onto tape and listening to them on my walkman having to flip the tape over every 45 mins. only way to truly enjoy these tracks is with decent speakers or headphones, the bass was shaking the house in some tracks and hits real low. love it. :D hope Led remembers what the initials mean, maybe it reads WJ DR TS? heh i always wondered what was up with that crusher room on "The Marshes" all those years playing and i never noticed it was Randy's initials.
  3. Okuplok

    untitled 2 - a slaughter map

    thanks for the advice rjy! :) i did what you said and it seems way better fps. here's link: http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v31.wad
  4. Okuplok

    untitled 2 - a slaughter map

    welcome to die, with 3/4 of the map now done http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v31.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v32.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v33.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v34.png -added starting room (mainly to prevent insta lag death in coop) -voodoo's now split -teleporting monsters don't all wake at start (did this to prevent fps lag in some sourceports, though defeats the purpose of splitting voodoo's heh) any bugs/problems let me know lols come on bloodite krypto, i expect to see a uv-max under 5 hours from you :P http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v3.wad
  5. Okuplok

    ghost/clipping monsters

    thanks for the help guys! :) i did what GreyGhost suggested and it seems to be working now heh i dunno, i've only tested it with saves for now and it still kicked my ass :P par time 5 hours :D
  6. Okuplok

    ghost/clipping monsters

    so i'm making a long slaughter map for boom, and when i go to test the map some monsters appear to clip through walls and stuff. is it because the layout is too big? i've tried using different node builders that come with db2 and had no luck. :( i'm kinda noob at this stuff so any help will be appreciated :D link to map: http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v3bug.wad
  7. 100"+ inch doom is most good :) http://okuplok.webs.com/mostgood.png
  8. Okuplok

    Failed demo attempts

    hehe :P theres a switch in maze behind cyber, maybe it was too dark and you didnt see or you idclip'd some parts and broke voodoo effects :P the intended way at rev corridor was too hit switch and keep firing rockets while dodging fireballs and i even made corridor longer in this version to prevent running back jongo :P i guess timed bars are in order for next version >:D ancalagon told me about you skipping cacos near start with rj tricks or something, so i think i fixed that too >:D :P annnnnd doing that demo i've learned to removed that god damn jump section before red door and lower liquid damage to 5% not 20% :P
  9. Okuplok

    Failed demo attempts

    j4rio wanted a demo to know how to get past some sections near start of my map and then some bs av killed me 30 mins in or so... uhh http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/62387-untitled-2-a-slaughter-map/ download wad here http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v2.wad ku01-fail.zip
  10. Okuplok

    untitled 2 - a slaughter map

    yeah it does somewhat, i will probably add multiple voodoo's for each section in future.
  11. Okuplok

    untitled 2 - a slaughter map

    ok so the grindfest continues with 2/4 now done and ready for testing :P http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v21.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v22.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v23.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v24.png you will need to play from the start otherwise later traps will break because of voodoo stuff. good luck jongo ;) http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v2.wad
  12. Okuplok

    untitled 2 - a slaughter map

    thanks for the feedback guys! remember this is only 1/4 of the map, so 3 more sections like this to come and that exit is just temporary while i finish the next part. ;) ooo that jump part, a teleport will quickly fix that :P and i promise no more jump ledges later in map ;) yeah ammos is a bit tight at some parts, will playtest more and add more stashes. jongo will fix that for you, but wont you be able to just rj back to the part you just came from? :o also i can make those imps deaf if that will make it not lagout for coop. and baaw gggmork is one of the most entertaining to watch :(
  13. i'm going to make a long grindy slaughter map and surpass holy hell's monster count. why? because i can. *looks around to make sure people think i'm cool enough to use the 'because i can.' meme* oh hai gggmork map is currently 3/4 finished, just throwing it out there to get some feedback, THIS MAP ISN'T FOR EVERYONE, IF YOU DONT LIKE LONG HARD BORING GRINDY MAPS THEN THIS ISN'T FOR YOU. http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v11.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v12.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v13.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v14.png http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v15.png iwad: doom 2 boom (complevel 9) map01 coop friendly no difficulty settings yet.... have funnn and don't fall j4rio ;) http://okuplok.webs.com/oku2v31.wad non broken mirror: https://dsdarchive.com/wads/oku2v31
  14. Okuplok

    The didierbertrand incident

    he closed his youtube page too it seems.... http://www.youtube.com/user/tyler1leboss i never understood why people disappear like that
  15. heh that was unlucky, mastermind was like "no under 10 mins for you muwhaha" :p and cool route btw ;)