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  1. Oh, true, and I knew it was map10. I guess I just flew through your post without paying much attention. As for map01, I'm pretty sure Fredrik was being facetious, and Demon from the Well called it maligned and grating. Pretty sure most people aren't really fans of the song, and to be honest it's one of the reasons I don't particularly care much for map15 (the other being the excessive use of damaging floors, the one and only feature I absolutely hate from Doom and wouldn't mind never seeing again).
  2. I guess they wouldn't be...RUNNIN up too well. Kill me.
  3. I have a pretty long list of "favourite doom music" I've gathered for the specific purpose of listening to the tracks. I can pm you the tracks and which wad's they are from if you're interested, but there are a lot of great things out there, like CChest4's Map11 or NDCP2's Map17. By the way, since we're talking about great tracks, I'm very surprised no one has mentioned The Demon's Dead yet. Out of all the music of Doom/Doom 2, it still is one of the most easily recognisable and most favourite tracks for me, if not my most favourite. As for other great songs, I feel Jayextee has pretty much nailed it. As for the focus, I've always felt it is one of the least memorable, annoying, ugly maps with a bad track to boot. The only good part about it is that it ends fast (also the super shotgun secret is pretty clever).
  4. I've found a possible bug/exploit. The BFG on E2M5 is actually possible to grab if you know what you're doing. Not sure if this is intended or not.
  5. I consider myself a pretty avid secret lover, and I always feel good inside when I hit TAB and see more than 5 on the secrets count (unless the level is really big, in which case make that 10). As for which ones I like, I obviously like a lot of secret types. Here is what I think makes for good secrets: *Secrets that reward you accordingly to their difficulty. I hate finding super OP stuff in an easy secret, or being greeted with 8 shells and a stimpack in a difficult one. *Secrets that are interesting to explore (i.e.:completely new areas instead of just a tiny sector with a pickup. *Secrets that offer an easier way to deal with a difficult section of gameplay without containing pickups. *A small boon at the start of the map in a secret. Can be an armor, shotgun, berserk, chainsaw, some health etc. Helps more than you can think. *Secrets that contain really clever easter eggs or funny jokes. *Secrets that contain weapons that make the level a different experience without breaking it or being completely useless. *Multi-way secrets that are actually rewarding. *Secrets within secrets. *Secrets that reveal more about the setting or gameplay (where applicable;see any Xaser levels or Winter's Fury). *Secret levels with vastly different gameplay and/or visuals to the rest of the mapset, only if not made for the opposite audience than the one it's already targeting. *Secrets that are considerably easier to find if you've played a previous mappack, but not impossible otherwise. A reference to that mappack is required to be found in the secret for it to be brilliant. Here is a list of this that I consider you should avoid when making secrets: *Secrets that break the map (completely skipping large sections of a map or giving you overpowered pickups that trivialize the level). *Secrets that are useless, particularly difficult to find ones. *Secrets that do more harm than good (fighting those 2 revenants was totally worth this medkit. Or it would be, if I was still ALIVE!). *Secrets that are considerably harder to deal with than the rest of the level. *Secrets that aren't secrets (there was this map recently in Ty Halderman Tribute that gave me a BFG for fighting a cyberdemon in a heinously frustrating gameplay section that wasn't hidden. The BFG was marked secret. *Secrets that make absolutely no sense (oh, this wall opens if you press use...for some reason). *Secrets that are so obvious anyone will find them. *Secrets that are marked as secret multiple times (only acceptable if the secret is really hard to find and should weigh more than others). *Secret levels that are bullshit (looking at you Plutonia...well not really, I was already good enough to enjoy those levels when I found them. But the point still stands). *Secrets that are reused within the same level, or within the same mappack to a point it becomes jarring. *Secrets that are painfully obvious, but really hard to actually reach (think map03 of Doom2, but that's not really a big offender). Even though I am an avid lover of secrets, I know some people have different tastes. Still, I hope this list will help some people, and I look forwards to MOAR SECRETS! P.S.:Very few actual examples because I took a very large Doom hiatus.
  6. Can't you just ip/range ban that guy from commenting?
  7. Yeah I don't really mind that, it was way too easy to troll before.
  8. Hm...interesting. I can see it now. I guess I wasn't logged in. I'm not sure if you can login directly through the /idgames page though. If you can't there should be an option to do so. Anyways, I'm glad the option to comment hasn't been removed.
  9. What happened to the /idgames comments? I see they were removed. I liked reading those comments, they gave you a little more insight on what everyone thought of mapsets. Sure, some people were trolling, but it was all in good fun. Why can you no longer post them?
  10. Please tell me this is satire. PLEASE!
  11. Yes please! Anything other than that godfuckiawful Rutabaga Shit that I have to mute every single fucking time!
  12. So...are we just naming classic FPS/action horror tropes DOOM 2016 has and naming them "Quake influences"? What's the point of that, exactly? There's literally ONE Quake influence/trope in the entire thread and that's Quad Damage.
  13. *reads thread title and first post* I have several questions... First... *reads GoatLord's custom title* Nevermind.
  14. Ahaha thanks man that cracked me up!
  15. Thanks, Walter. I won't have that much time to play, and I want to finish Sunlust too, but I'll tell you guys what I think when I do play it.