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  1. killer2

    Favorite doom gameplay mod

    Complex Doom Clusterfuck is about all I ever play these days. Part of it is the mod itself, part of it is the people I interact with (I play online), but it's all I'll ever need. It feels like it cures my depression.
  2. killer2

    No-Deal Brexit looking increasingly more likely

    Okay I'll admit I didn't actually know about these elections, and since I don't feel like reading all that, I'll grant you that. That's a fair point. I don't get why you had to strawman the last part of my comment though. I never told anyone to subscribe or vote anything, I was just expressing my personal choice. I don't get what you mean by "mask slips", as if saying these things is some sort of fringe position and not what most people (i.e.:centrists) believe as well. The saddest part of your coment is "eat steaks only", it shows you've never even tried to engage with Peterson's content for any longer than 10 minutes. He explicitly says the diet is just for him and his daughter because they suffer from a very rare autoimmune disease which that diet helps alleviate. He's all about making people take responsibility, change for the better and fully reaching their potential, and then helping others as well. I'm not sure how the media managed to brand that man "alt-right", nor why people like you believe it without second thought. If you go to his channel and watch any one of his videos you'll see he's not anything the media makes him out to be. Pewds is a comedy channel anyways, and I don't know as much about UKIP as I probably should, but you're absolutely dead wrong about reducing Peterson to that phrase. And for the record, strawmanning people and ridiculing them is a very bad way of trying to change their mind. I'm not really buying this. There's FOX News in America vs the what...5+ (probably 10+) mainstream left channels. There's actually no mainstream right channel in the UK at all, Sky is in bed with the left and so is BBC. Social media also heavily leans left. There are a few independent centrist channels. The only popular far-right channels I can think of are FOX and Infowars before it was banned. And that's fine, because the far-right is stupid and I like that people realize that. They should also realize the far-left is just as stupid. The only good way of viewing politics is from a balanced position in the center, engaging in discussions and debates, not shit-flinging, name-calling, labeling and strawmanning. All those things are very easy to do, but they only make the problems worse. Anyways, Brexit. 12 of April is my birthday, so they better not fuck this up or imma be upset D:
  3. killer2

    No-Deal Brexit looking increasingly more likely

    This "done with good intentions" shouldn't ever be an argument in favor of anything. After all, communism was supposedly done with good intentions too. Then, tens of millions of people died. Authoritarians censor because they think they're smarter than the general population so they should get to dictate what is and isn't good for them. There is nothing good about that. As for the Tories, I hate them as well, the difference is, you can vote for someone else to be in power in the UK. You can't vote on the EU parliament. The Tories seem to be in bed with the EU anyways, since they're the ones delaying Brexit, and most of them are remainers, so I don't see them as the "other side" at all. UKIP are the ones pushing for Brexit, and from what I've seen of them they seem like reasonable people. And I know UKIP has a reputation of being "racist" or "far-right" or whatever, but that's just the media lying about people they can't control, just like they do with Pewdiepie, Peterson or anyone who disavows from the new identity-politics religion.
  4. killer2

    No-Deal Brexit looking increasingly more likely

    I fully agree with Scalliano and I'm a foreigner living in the UK. The censorious and tyrannical EU parliament can fuck off, it's quickly becoming an unsustainable mess. I'm sick of censorship, and I'm even more sick of people coming here, having 10 kids and getting 90k pounds a year FOR DOING NOTHING while I have to work my ass off for under 20k. At this point I hope no deal wins and a general election is called to get rid of the rats infesting parliament.
  5. killer2

    I don't know what to title this...

    I would recommend staying off Twitter if you have this sort of mentality. Most of the posts there are only ragebait and people flinging shit at each other. It's a really toxic environment, in general, and especially for people like you. Just my 2c.
  6. killer2

    Void And Rainbow

    I just played this yesterday. I'm not sure if this is one of your first WAD's, but if it is I gotta say it's amazing for one of your first efforts (I just don't remember seeing any other mods by you, don't mean to upset you if this isn't true). The recent color update looks a ton better than the original colors (which I saw from Icarus's video). The weapons fit, are fun to use, sound AMAZING and are functional too. The visuals are amazing, too! Overall, it was a really nice mod, but I also have some criticism. First, I think the action clashes with the playstyle a lot. The encounters are fast, action pumped and generally throw a fair bit of enemies at you, while platforming is generally a slow process of thinking your next step carefully and executing it well (at least, that's how I see it). As such, I don't think an action packed map fits with the platforming style, especially when falling is an instant-kill. I would suggest making falling teleport you and tax your hp rather than straight up kill you. Nothing fells worse than fighting an action packed sequence (or a badass boss) and dying to an insta-kill pit. NOTHING! Second, most of the encounters made sense from the gameplay sense. They were either good or functional. However...the last 2 areas were complete arse, at least in my opinion (the rocket launcher area and the final boss). The rocket launcher fights aren't necessarely as much hard as they are annoying and frustrating to deal with. I died multiple times to impatience. The flying barons don't have enough mass, and get flung around if you shoot the shotty at them, which is irritating. The lack of any cohesive architecture also makes most fights into this weird stalemate position where the monsters can't really hit you, but you also can't really hit them and you have to wait for them to move so you can shoot them or just go after them and risk dying a stupid death. The last 2 baron fights just feel awkward as hell from a gameplay perspective. The arachno boss suffers from this as well. Just peek at it, shoot, reload shotgun, peek, shoot etc. If I made the final section I'd have the whole area open up for the fights so you could do some crazy high-octane dodging rather than this drab stop-and-pop gameplay. The final boss encounter isn't much better, although for entirely different reasons. The boss has too much RNG packed into it. The teleport-spam is RNG in both destination and how much it takes for it to happen, the pain-chance is RNG, the spin attack probably won't hit you but if it does it will do 50 damage and probably fling you to your death, the ammo spawns are RNG, the green potions are USELESS and only serve to confuse you (is that an ammo/health? no, just another shitty green potion). The meshing of health/ammo punishes you for having full hp because you still gotta pick up the ammo and waste the hp, and then when you're low hp it's not there anymore. Making the boss immune to all other weapons is stupid. The stupid rain attack is worthless unless it lands on an ammo/health which makes it INFURIATING. It's probably the worst designed area of the entire game (sure the baron/arachno boss area is boring and terribly designed, but at least it won't frustrate you to the high heavens. However, the worst thing about this fight is how HARD it is compared to everything else. I blazed through the map only dying to silly mistakes and rushing to then put all my effort into defeating this thing, and it still took me like 20 tries. Either make an easy map, a hard map, anything inbetween or a scaling difficulty map. Don't make a map that's 95% snooze-easy and 5% the bastard child of fake-difficulty and real difficulty scaled up to 11. EDIT:I just finished watching Icarus's video. I have NO idea why you changed the boss-fight. The projectiles of the boss were much easier to see in color (now they're gray for some reason), and the ammo and health were segregated instead of being meshed together (there also seemed to be more health). It seems a lot better in his video, I think it should be reverted to that state. Probably a lot more fun that way. Invisible walls. Invisible walls are lazy in pretty much any mod/game I see them, but I mostly brush it off as "eh" and move along. Here, making a jump to a location only to realize there's an invisible wall in the way makes you DEAD! Not only does it kill you, but it's such a cheap and infuriating death. In a map with no checkpoints, dying to this midway feels like a total slap in the face, almost like a plea for the player to quit and never look back. Minor nitpick:This might be just me, but I feel like in a map where you jump around in such a crazy location, low-grav, trippy setting and there's the imminent danger of falling and dying, this wad does a really poor job of incentivizing exploration. The gameplay is incredibly linear and it has no secrets or easter eggs (at least none listed in the map, and trying to find any only resulted in the aforementioned invisible walls death). There's nothing wrong with a linear, secret-less map, but this style feels like it promotes exploration and dicking around while the actual map says "nope" every time you try it. A bit of stylistic clash, if you ask me. Overall, I still enjoyed it, amazing map and great stuff. It might look like I'm criticizing more than praising, but ultimately that's what I'm good at, and that's what I'll do. Don't let it discourage you though, as I said before, I still had a great time, and you got a lot of things right with this. Keep at it! :D
  7. "Is it morally ethical to save one zombieman or several chaingunners?" *smashes button to kill chaingunners repeatedly* Couldn't help but laugh. Shitposts done right are very rare these days, especially on Doomworld. Good job!
  8. killer2

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    To be fair, the fights, despite being unbearably hard, are really well designed. I save-scummed my way through all of Sunder I played (I think the first 5-7 maps or so), but I enjoyed every fight. All the encounters are really well done and the gameplay flows very well (assuming you got the skills for it). The monster placement is very well done and none of the fights feel boring or bullshit-y (I mean aside from the general difficulty throughout Sunder). It's sort of like Ribbiks' style, extremely difficult but still fair if you're a doomgod, and enjoyable with a lot of saves even if you're not.
  9. killer2

    dead.air - v2

    The new weapons aren't really the problem in my opinion. It's just that arena-styled slaughter fights and wacky colours all clash very badly with atmosphere-driven gameplay. Dead.wire also showcased new weapons but it kept the main aesthetic and style throughout and it never really went into slaughter territory, aside from the final bit where it's somewhat more justified. I think it's just about finding the themes that go well with each other rather than clash. The red and green arena feel a lot like this too, although in the green one you might have to stop shooting to reposition so that you don't blow yourself up. I mean sure, it's not as dumb and simple as I put it, but the arenas are pretty small and the gameplay in all of them feels very basic and simple. Like...I never had to ask myself where to approach form, what weapon to use or how to play the situation better. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but it just didn't "flow" well. If anything, the arenas (aside from the last one) felt more like a chore than fun or exciting gameplay, at least to me. Wait, are you telling me you were ON A CLOCK? Holy guacamole, I thought this was a regular WAD. I mean...I gotta say this is pretty darn impressive if there was some sort of time limit involved, although I feel it's a shame. I think the whole mod would be a lot better (and maybe a lot longer) if you didn't have to rush it. In the end I really don't know. I saw "dead." in the title, the opening area immediately caught my attention, I opened the map to see a ton of monsters and I got excited for a really long, atmospheric level with a ton of detail, nice architecture and grandiose design, and in the end all I really got was a bit of a tease which quickly devolved into a style of gameplay I really don't enjoy very much, and the monstercount proved to have a lot more to do with slaughter gameplay than the length of the level. So basically, I'm probably more than a bit biased, so take what I say with a grain (hell, a whole pack) of salt.
  10. killer2

    dead.air - v2

    The first part was amazing...great atmosphere right at the starting section, followed by really good combat+atmosphere and design on the city area. However, everything after that just doesn't feel right to me. Every area feels like the level is building up to something even bigger and more awesome...and then we get three gimmicky arenas made only to showcase a bunch of weapons (one of which feels particularly annoying to use, the rest are cool). The last arena is much better (and for one I didn't hate the homing rocket fight), but it could have been much better. The fact I never felt like using any other weapon than 7 there says it IMO. In stark contrast to your other mods, where careful consideration must be used regarding which weapon you use when, this is just a glorified "press mouse1 and dodge" lazy slaughtermap situation. I am sorry, but after the amazing dead.wire and the great starting section, this felt a lot like a letdown. Regarding the looks of the level, it doesn't get much better. We are gratified with amazing atmosphere at the start, great cityscapes in the middle and extremely boring monochrome arenas that feel copy-pasted almost at random at the end. The area before the last arena and the last arena itself somewhat redeem this, but not much. The weapons are all-right for the general purpose of this mod(i.e. as stand-alones), but if this was a proper weapons mod, the disproportionate power level difference of the weapons would probably feel jarring. The 7 weapon felt INCREDIBLY satisfying to use though, so if you make another mod in the future maybe consider adding it :P Now for some actually constructive feedback: Make the grenade launcher never be automatically given to you when you run out of ammo. If I was ruthlessly nailgunning demons close-quarters and run out of ammo, the LAST thing I want to do is KILL MYSELF, thank you game. Even the blaster is a lot better in this situation, even with no upgrades. The grenade launcher itself feels like a huge gimmick...the grenades don't travel very far, take forever to explode and it just feels awkward to use. I could see the weapon being good where you shoot it down stairs/from an elevated position, but it feels forced into this wad and I hated having to use the damn thing. If you want to make replayability a feature, maybe springle the arenas with all ammo types rather than just going overkill on the one ammo type for the weapon you get. That way you get a much more realistic option of using the other weapons. I didn't even have any cells left when I entered the green arena (actually ran out during the red arena, but that's my fault). This might be personal, but I would suggest avoiding doing "hold mouse1, dodge and never switch weapon" gameplay in the future, as it is incredibly boring and uninspired. Other things to avoid is clashing too many themes into a level, as you make noone pleased. People who like atmosphere will feel cheated, people who like regular levels will feel downright disappointed, and people who like arenas and slaughter, while getting most of the cake, still have to go through the rather tame starting areas which don't really provide much challenge or slaughter/arena gameplay. Overall, I don't think this level was bad in any way, and were it made by someone else I would just think they did a decent job. However, after playing Zen Dynamics, Dead.wire and your various vanilla levels in community projects, I know you can do so much better.
  11. killer2

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Interestingly...I remember particularly liking Precarious back when I was playing Sunder. It was so different from the other maps, the atmosphere was fantastic (which was helped by you being stranded high in the air watching the Abyss you call oh so so annoying), and the music choice was amazing (as well as it being the first time I heard that particular track).
  12. killer2

    Permabans, your opinions.

    Unfortunately I don't have any hard facts or good solutions, and while I still think it's a shame to ban people forever I must admit I don't have any really good alternative to it that's actually easy to implement and can't backfire. Still, if some sort of compromise that works could be found it would be much better than the current system. I guess for now that's all I have to say regarding this for now, but I welcome people to make further suggestions if they can think of any.
  13. killer2

    Permabans, your opinions.

    I think you're exaggerating how much work this actually implies. It's just keeping tabs on a few people for a little while once every one or three years. That doesn't sound like an excessive amout of work to me, and none of the moderators themselves have said anything on the matter. As for them not being welcome anymore, that's the kind of mentality I want to discourage. People should feel like they can be welcome as long as they change for the better. I don't see where you get your "one in a thousand" numbers from, either, and I highly doubt anyone could create any relevant drama before being banned while being actively (or at least semi-actively) monitored. I don't think I'm contradicting myself. The people I said are best kept away have done much more vile things than hurting people's feeling or creating drama. They were actively trying to destroy whatever platform they were on, or if that failed at least alienate as much of the community as possible. People have been permabanned for reasons a lot less extreme than that though (at least, to my knowledge). While I admit it would be frustrating, I don't think frustration is a good enough reason to give up. I don't see any better way of being impartial than trying to be as rational as possible. As for stupidity, I think some of these people were neither stupid nor malevolent in nature, and the ones that might come in the future could be the same. I don't think my point of view is the absolute truth, I am merely trying to present it. And to be honest if I had more free time I would definitely be down to helping the troublemakers of the site understand where they've gone wrong and help them improve, but unfortunately I lack the time, not to mention the staff probably wouldn't agree with it anyways. I don't really get where this is coming from though, I never said I can do better than the moderators. I am merely presenting alternatives and trying to facilitate discussion and a means for people to come with their own ideas (though they seem to be more interested in either dismissing my idea completely or, in a few fringe cases, letting the trolls do as they please, none of which are particularly constructive). I was also hoping I could get a few more replies from the mods regarding my ideas. Mostly the fact that while the doom community is still going very strong after all these years, it's still a small community. Losing a great mapper or an interesting presence affects a small community a lot more than a large one, since there are fewer people around to begin with. Trying to preserve good relations with as many people and artists as possible is imperative for a small community to thrive and get bigger.
  14. killer2

    Permabans, your opinions.

    Not really. I'm not even sure they want to come back at this point. I'm trying to promote more tolerance towards people in the future so that fewer people get permabanned and more people have chances to reform or continue being useful members of the community despite their flaws. As for me not being impartial, could you give me some examples of that? I am trying to be impartial.
  15. killer2

    Permabans, your opinions.

    I'm not sure you realize the ridiculousness in saying that me trying to help everyone come to a peaceful resolution within the community makes me selfish. And that is why I haven't proposed in any of my posts to keep the assholes being vocal, especially if they continue being assholes. All I'm saying is give them a chance every year or more to write a few posts, and let them advertise their content without doing anything disruptive. I don't think that's unreasonable or "will destroy the community". I realize I'm not the only person in this discussion, but you're addressing the minority (about 5%) of the answers and saying "I can't believe what I'm reading" as if it was the general consensus. And you haven't adressed how letting people who have been permabanned get a few posts in once a year or once every three years and then cleaning up after them and banning them again if they don't behave would have too much of a negative impact (I realize it would have some negative impact, but it could also lead to a huge positive impact, such as somebody redeeming themselves and being an active member again), nor how letting them advertize their projects in a way that's much easier for the community to see would be a downside. EDIT:Also one of the reasons why I didn't address most of your points is because you express yourself in such a way as to shut off further conversation rather than encourage it (kind of like Decay and Dew, although to a much lesser extend...or at least that's the vibe I am getting from your replies). This is basically where I stand on this. Not having permabans, just really long bans.