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  1. Grymmoire

    [Released] NeonDM

    I'm going to solely do collabs and detailing this time around. Already taken on work for a couple maps.
  2. Grymmoire

    AeonDM - Finished!

    Home stretch.
  3. Grymmoire

    AeonDM - Finished!

    Hunted 2: Stalked
  4. Grymmoire

    AeonDM - Finished!

    Decay threatened me at gunpoint to post screenshots of my map.
  5. Grymmoire

    2 maps - Decay's "Fusion" Maps

    Decay brought this thread to my attention so I thought I'd clear up some stuff. So yeah I did drop the ball with this project. Life got in the way and I got thrown into a hectic couple years. I didn't have the motivation to finish this project alongside other things that were going on. I'll post an updated alpha sometime soon that has a couple updated maps (though they're not finished but whatever better to get them out there) and then not touch anything for another couple weeks because some extra work came up that I have to deal with. Perhaps afterward, I'll bite the bullet and finish up my last maps, get stuff polished, and make a real release. I think FM02 was ShadesMaster's map. Can't recall if more than one was submitted, but FM02 was one that got accepted.
  6. Grymmoire

    The /newstuff Chronicles #381

    Well in my defense I had the map posted in a bunch of different places waiting for feedback but didn't really recieve any attention at all. I personally had no issue when playing through the map, and I played through it several times, but I played on HMP so UV was bound to be pretty unbalanced. I've made several maps since that map so expect better quality stuff in the future regardless.
  7. Grymmoire

    The /newstuff Chronicles #381

    I realize that the reviewer who reviewed Fusion Mapping didn't use GZDoom (like it specifies in the .txt). That would explain the misalignments mentioned (which are covered with 3d floors) and possibly some of the continuity issues mentioned.
  8. Grymmoire

    The /newstuff Chronicles #379

    EDIT: Eh, after being pointed in the right direction it seems that there's lots of similar sprites around, so I guess it wasn't that hard for me to confuse that sprite with another.
  9. Grymmoire

    DooM Fusion Mapping - Scrapped

    Purely depends on if someone capable actually wanted to work on it. I already know who was working on a map for this and their maps didn't get very far, as far as I know. Pretty much everyone who would be pretty capable is busy with other projects, if someone really wanted to lead this, they would have to come to me, because I don't know anyone who isn't busy with other stuff. I wasn't really planning on a huge megawad, at least 6 maps. Either most mappers were too busy with other projects or were just not interested. I don't know. (I would have done some more maps myself, and had one in progress, but I became too busy to finish it) Even though I plan on finishing this off now, I can't until I get a fixed link from CodeRed about his E3M2_MAP08 fusion, seeing as I don't have it anymore and I can't upload what's done if I don't have everything. Chances are I won't get anything back from him for at least a day or two so that leaves enough time for someone to step up if they *really* wanted to. Though I'd say good luck getting any maps :P
  10. Grymmoire

    DooM Fusion Mapping - Scrapped

    Well this thread has been sitting around for a long while, and managed to get bumped down quite a ways. I'm too busy on other maps and projects to get this done anytime soon, and normally I'd wait and do it someday in the future except it doesn't seem that it interests anyone either. (See first line) So I'll be uploading the current maps (that is, 2) to /idgames and that'll be that. Just thought I'd bump this to let the people who may have started a map for this to just drop it. If it didn't get done by now since this was announced it probably wasn't gonna get done anyway With this out of my worries I'll just focus more on Hacx 2.0
  11. Grymmoire

    DooM Fusion Mapping - Scrapped

    Well, since the Doom 2 iwad is the primary iwad that this project is gonna be released for in the end, I'd have to say it depends what port you're aiming for. Dunno if those examples you listed are Boom-compatible (as in, doesn't need ZDoom), but if they're not, then I would just make the map for ZDoom. Those effects aren't necessary just because the map is Heretic themed. If I made a Duke 3d themed map (not for this) that doesn't necessarily mean it had to have all the features that Duke 3d has in it just because it's themed after Duke 3d. The same concept applies here, it's just Heretic themed, the amount of features you can include in the map is up to the mapper. Note: When this gets released, chances are it will be broken up into a couple different files. Depending on how many non-Zdoom entries I get I may just include those maps in a separate .wad file from the .pk3 that will probably have whatever (G)ZDoom maps I'd get. So as long as the map is Boom-compatible AT LEAST, then there's no issue with features, the maps will be separated accordingly.
  12. Grymmoire

    DooM Fusion Mapping - Scrapped

    And if that can be delivered then that's all I ask for. So now I am led to believe the restrictions are loose enough to accommodate newer mappers, and the concept could still be built upon enough for a more experienced mapper to consider a challenge, and if fusing two maps just seems too easy and boring, you could always try more. I don't think I could manage fusing more than just two maps together in a good fashion though, before it started to look a bit thrown together, but, I'm merely try to appeal to those who may think this is too easy to bother submitting to, or considering. EDIT: Some progress on a planned submission, just to show that there is in fact progress going on. It's a Heretic map fusion of E1M1 and E2M7. http://blazingphoenix.sepwich.com/Screenshot_Doom_20100921_202121.png EDIT2: I didn't state that Heretic does count as a classic iwad in the first post. Rather unorthodox, maybe, but technically it's a "classic" iwad, and is pretty vanilla as far as I know, compared to Hexen and Strife. With that in mind you could in theory consider fusing DooM and Heretic maps together as well, or like the above example Heretic on Heretic. But as I implied above, beyond heretic is kind of out of bounds.
  13. Grymmoire

    DooM Fusion Mapping - Scrapped

    Well the restrictions are pretty flexible now that I've revised them multiple times, so now I guess I'll have to see if it makes a difference. And yes, I can see how it might be easier to emulate two maps, but it's not just stringing together pieces of the maps though, so it's not as easy as one would think... I had to be a bit creative when I combined Underhalls with command Control, recreating certain rooms that had similar architecture between the maps. It's not rocket science but it isn't as simple as copying exactly what one would see in an editor. Just thought I'd clarify.
  14. Grymmoire

    DooM Fusion Mapping - Scrapped

    That's true, and newer mappers can gain much needed experience too. As long as the map wasn't thrown together in 10 minutes it should be pretty acceptable. I'll revise the restrictions to something that asks for effort, in that case.