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  1. hi bby jesus jwaffle

  2. it's much easier to call maps bad than admit you suck...
  3. odamex lives ralphis live thanks
  4. the 2.1.2 version worked very well although it may have not been fully updated. whatever 3.0 'version' i found... yea that sucked. everything was wrong, let's just leave it that half of the monsters were invisible in any user setup. Best hope is someone upgrades 2.1.2v or actually tries to port it right
  5. me too plutonia aged like an antique. tnt just aged.
  6. basically anything I don't see often or have never seen. doom2 textures only = lame dead horse skyfloor = empty like the mapper's creativity ?
  7. make the maps extremely difficult in singleplayer in uv. this will always ease up in mp (more players = easier playthrough generally). nobody likes a cakewalk mappack in mp unless u load an extremely difficult gameplay wad. don't bother wasting time on skill levels that aren't uv, they won't get hosted. make multiplayer teleports like in dbzone for skipping sections of a linear map if u die. hell just look at dbzone, that's how u make a coop wad. many short maps > a few long ass confusing maps. 1 megamap wads are good for hardcore players in survival use acs ill try and play if it finishes :-) :-(
  8. yes it finally finished. u can finally play zdoom mods from half a decade ago in multiplayer (hope they coded it with that in mind... or it's patch time) 4.0 hype?? hopefully not 4 years...
  9. naming monsters as ppl i play with bonus round: Hanging Body (Missing Brain) - average brutal complex doom player
  10. anytime a revolver or magnum = effectively a tank cannon
  11. we need a ribbiks map that does some shit like this
  12. rofl
  13. yes shame on us for disputing unhelpful advice and recommending additional info besides the document.