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  1. yes shame on us for disputing unhelpful advice and recommending additional info besides the document.
  2. 40oz I've beaten lesser skilled players in duel by literally just standing still. Can up the casualties by only using walk. Against aimbot humans it doesn't matter what you do unless there is some good cover nearby or it's a big ol map, you are getting hit. That should be enough to tell u aim > movement. It's like doing funny dances in shoot.wad; against a decent opponent you are getting hit no matter how good your footwork woos the ladies. Most shots are kill shots unless you are at opposite sides of the arena (which means you guys have to close in or luck rng snipe anyway) Here's extra: playing keyboard only. You have perfect movement but now aim has been severely handicapped. It becomes pretty hard even to win against noobs. Aim importance in doom probably doesn't help why people pick alot of frag grinder maps over and over. You need less than 40iq to play those maps and can go toe to toe with great players.
  3. Read memfis's linked document and you can still idle in duel servers and players will eventually come. Hop in any dm or ctf you can find. You will learn how to be good after getting beat 100's of times (active learning only!)
  4. randomly generated map on the fly that is better than any human can make (runtime oblige+++++), might as well have some customization too. now if that happens we won't need map editors anymore... or humans...?
  5. the map is very big
  6. well for one the graphics don't look pixel poo poo like doom.
  7. cool I'll wait for the download link
  8. they make the detail i do the everything else sounds good to me
  9. nice idea have fun making it
  10. good
    good maps good color good ayy lamys noobs complaining about difficulty: 1. use small brains to read the menu before starting a new game aka 'difficulty selection menu'. 2. swallow small pride and choose something before UV (hmp is highlighted by default u have to literally select UV yourself). 3. accept worthless whiny existence (aka u r a b ! t c h) if you rate something too hard for you but refuse to choose easy mode... killsaw next time make the maps even harder for them o yea
  11. good mod make more mod
  12. yep looks like that's how you make doom not doom. totally another level above our 1 pixel per square mile
  13. we've all seen the countless realm667 compilation 'download every monster on the website' mods so that's why several people just told you the same thing. trying to keep you out of the pit trap there. I don't think aeons of death is getting surpassed anytime soon anyway. realm667 is probably going to be most useful to you just for sprites, because getting brand new sprites in doom can be a circus trick (unless you are a spriter or 3d modeler yourself lol). sound effects are way easier to rip from anything and you should probably just rewrite all the code and behavior because the brusierdemon and friends are just about as exciting as seeing a zombieman in e1m1. btw recolors and simple edits in paint can go along way for some of these. you can complement the doom bestiary or actually make new strides because all the doom monsters were built for corridor mazeland and small rooms or just make your own game type of thing. ditto all of this stuff for weapons/items. don't forget about new textures please god the vanilla doom2 textures are boring as hell just copy paste the resource title + credit tab from r667 into your wad's credit folder and you are ok. don't bother contacting 20 authors that won't respond anyway; it's on r667 so you can use it. also big boy tormentor669 will be happy about that donation make sure u beg him for vip or something
  14. that's opengl for you. can make stuff like total chaos lol. well at least software got qzdoom finally