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  1. 31 can at least become fun with a mod that has powerful cyberdemons (unless you go full snipe thru the windows (coward)). 28 sees less of an improvement like that.
  2. I saw some lilith gameplay and it kind of looked pale in comparison to this... experience:
  3. This is the last wad I played this year. I speedran it with the exits on half the spawns until I got to one map in the middle that's essentially a maze with like 50 bfg troopers. Scythe II style troopers but with bfgs. Like some chinese ghoul's forest rip off or something. Could probably tell where I quit the wad could rename it to plutonia 3: poe's law
  4. Alright looks like I have a plan now even if I go blind
  5. now this is how to make a quality megawad
  6. You could present all the maps from doom2 and take credit for the work. ?????? PROFIT!!!
  7. best iwad maps
  8. it's old
  9. Map28 the sewers is p boring and I'd vote it the worst plutonia map. Good old standard design... sewers map = draw 100 tunnels, much fun. If map28 is fun and 'exploratory' you might as well load up some of Tom Hall's etch a sketch doodles er I mean maps and go 'immerse' yourself in that world. Pretty sad how even the contenders for plutonia's worst map are better than like all of tnt.wad on average. hmm haha
  10. the songs with the monkey jungle beats are the best worst are the ones that sound like a whining wife u should have divorced while u had the chance
  11. Smaller. esp better for multiplayer. Huge sprawling map megawads take a ton of time both to make and play, probably better off as only a few of those maps per pack.
  12. nice I guess things would be calmer if all parties just chilled out a little more and played some brutal doom. wait maybe vanilla doom. uh... ok maybe this isn't that easy...
  13. survival and singleplayer time boy
  14. Mock2 ost for midi of the year
  15. now that was pretty good. long live fnf hopefully until the heat death of the universe jesus gj to <!>Nus for 200+ frags on the map where people died and the only wicked sick this time (lots of godlikes...) oh yea proofs for visual learners map name is appropriate