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  1. Mock2 ost for midi of the year
  2. now that was pretty good. long live fnf hopefully until the heat death of the universe jesus gj to <!>Nus for 200+ frags on the map where people died and the only wicked sick this time (lots of godlikes...) oh yea proofs for visual learners map name is appropriate
  3. Straight to the point: We're getting to the core of what FNF is about; grab your ssg's and let's go! Celebrating the big 400 with a large DM map pool When: November 10th, 2017, 20:00 EDT Where: TSPG-Painkiller servers WADs: zandrotdm-v-1h.pk3, execbrit10brit11.wad, fnf400.pk3, zandrospree2rc2.pk3, fnf-stats-r2.pk3, newtextcolours_260.pk3 Mode: Deathmatch Maplist: big If you want to join, you'll need to download the latest version of Zandronum. You can find out anything else you need to know about Zandronum here. More specific details for this event can be found here. If you need help setting up Zandronum, please look here
  4. yes being able to see has no impact on the game I play software in these oh so advanced ports but I like turning on some sort of filtering in OpenGL so I can see enemies better at a far distance and snipe. In software they usually look like a few pixels so it can be p tough... Otherwise the low filter settings make the game look fuzzy or whatever and I prefer no filter.
  5. If you don't consider translucency part of the 1-bit range, you can squeeze black & white together like monochrome doom. Black & white cacodemons will be much more recognizable than some stencil-like thing above (gez's has open holes it in too oops) and I'm sure there are plugins or whatever to convert an image automatically. You'll want dithering to represent intermediate colors.
  6. Blood doesn't have a toxic community because it doesn't have one oops
  7. poor latter half of tnt
  8. this is the future of doom
  9. zandronum's built in domination gamemode already works like unreal tournament's. the only thing is it displays points via sector fog rather than an actor. there are a couple domination map packs (i even made one wow) dusk was working on a frag based domination most likely to replace the above entirely but it didn't get implemented in 3.0. now if you port double domination (like zdaemon) or X-domination... then that is news.
  10. Yes nice job everyone but: by ijon tichy brought this type of gameplay long ago... zdoom power. enjoy You can set it so both you and monsters die in one hit (the chaingun!) or only you (hope nothing in it broke for zan 3.0, worked fine in 2.1.2 i think)
  11. im here with the hard way nobody wants... calculate the player's pitch and draw the pixels line by line on the hud (have fun acs) and then find a way to make the weapon override that (line by line again rofl good luck with many frames)...
  12. sees college application "founder/member of the doomworld doom club" he's in
  13. yes