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  1. update: we also used kill skill damn that was powerful
  2. marc can i get 5 extra years to align some textures
  3. gj hitting 300
  4. old meme
  5. good color video looked easy as hell, make it much harder (and interesting). fill up those rooms with something challenging instead of 1 imp per square mile
  6. hey gry (and decay) can u let this topic die until the wad is done thanks use the other forum
  7. just glue together prboom++++++ and gqzdoom together with some super computer glue and thats good enough for a superport
  8. heretic is like raven's chinese bootleg of all the doom1 stuff before they actually decided to try and make something: hexen
  9. Hope this goes along well and have fun! rofl u better be ready to make 8/9 maps yourself or this isnt going to happen. also what decay said. complex doom/brutal doom are already designed to run with normal map packs so there isn't really any special way to map for them. skulltag is dead so nobody cares about the texture set, just use whatever textures you need.
  10. Zdaemon already has events just look: join zdaemon sessions for dm (idk if wednesday night flags or whatever still runs) doom2 dm is awful if you don't regard the above enjoy getting like 4 players the first time and then 2 afterwards
  11. doomkid u can convert my one unconverted map if u want more. the other maps idk I guess ask decay.
  12. there have been a few attempts at castlevania wads. ive not seen anything get past 1% finishing level yet lol.
  13. terminus13 metroid doom duh..... this is an awesome style of progression that hasn't been exploited in a big map pack though. would be a good chance for a zdoom masterrace mapset to show off instead of the same 32 map boom megawad crap
  14. nice i found out who made the pack
  15. im trying my hardest decay