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  1. heretic is like raven's chinese bootleg of all the doom1 stuff before they actually decided to try and make something: hexen
  2. Hope this goes along well and have fun! rofl u better be ready to make 8/9 maps yourself or this isnt going to happen. also what decay said. complex doom/brutal doom are already designed to run with normal map packs so there isn't really any special way to map for them. skulltag is dead so nobody cares about the texture set, just use whatever textures you need.
  3. Zdaemon already has events just look: join zdaemon sessions for dm (idk if wednesday night flags or whatever still runs) doom2 dm is awful if you don't regard the above enjoy getting like 4 players the first time and then 2 afterwards
  4. doomkid u can convert my one unconverted map if u want more. the other maps idk I guess ask decay.
  5. there have been a few attempts at castlevania wads. ive not seen anything get past 1% finishing level yet lol.
  6. terminus13 metroid doom duh..... this is an awesome style of progression that hasn't been exploited in a big map pack though. would be a good chance for a zdoom masterrace mapset to show off instead of the same 32 map boom megawad crap
  7. nice i found out who made the pack
  8. im trying my hardest decay
  9. good visuals good music good monsters many kill looks good to me
  10. trust me, the maps aren't the problem i played dwango5 and some doom map remade in heretic. safe to say it played even worse than dwango5
  11. so lots of people duel except they don't; what? just gotta host a TSPG server and highlight a person on irc or these two as I said.
  12. does anybody else see something funny about the starting date...
  13. duel isn't dead, but it certainly isn't what it was throughout the 12 years ago. the amount of playtime it gets on zandronum has been certainly lower. nobody can ever compete against judas23 and dwango and whatever; it will stagnate on that mapset forever. even if u make some new cool duel wad, the fact that games are difficult to come by at all prompts a question of mapping effort vs payoff. hence, don't waste your time and make dm maps instead! they work in duel too!!! I have 1 possible messiah for duel and that is if someone pulls off something on the level as Watermelon's priv ctf stats/elo. not many cared about duel elo though, so it can't be that doom legacy has features like its little mapping additions and fragglescript idk that might not be forward compatible (someone get a top scientist on this one). it's better to make a boom mappack anyway. mainly posted that because there are some ...weird... people who haven't realized the port isn't quite as popular as it once was... but you won't because heretic dm is boring as hell. definitely needs a weapon mod or more, but that usually means it isn't even heretic anymore. Also only like ~150 stock textures to use lol. even on zdaemon they have to play on tiny cramped ass maps because all the weapons have slow projectiles. Dragon claw and pheonix rod become the most fearsome. too bad doom2 plays way better. I've played a few heretic pvp packs and it's nothing to write home about. Silverspring ctf with rust's lethal heretic was probably the best thing I've played. But why make a heretic pack when you can just make it for doom2 with new textures? The further the iwad gets from doom2 on zandronum, the more things don't work too (poor strife)!
  14. decay tutorial: oh my... hope it can match up to deathzor's oh here is an important sequel to my post: things you SHOULDNT waste your time with and nobody wants to see anyway: duel maps <-- gamemode is dying ctf maps if they don't get into the wdl (/ gfa?) ANOTHER gvh ripoff combo of boom format + low-effort + filler. all 3 combined equals disaster and 0 players. doom1 or heretic anything <-- snore (g)zdoom only dm rofl maps only playable on high end computers skulltag 98d doom legacy scoredoom
  15. oh boy the thread for me if anyone thinks doom multiplayer has nothing left to offer, zdoom modding wants to talk to you: mods someone needs to make aka unused potential: control points <-- finish? rust's control points medieval roleplay <-- let me play jesus airplane/spaceship/tanks/vehicles combat mods all out war 2 but not shit new palettes but for dm (ancient aliens dm) mappacks with their own weapon mods that arent just like the doom/quake weapons sniper warfare ^ ww2 mod like day of defeat rainbow six something (tacticool)! napolean warfare!!! a REAL rts wad for once (like lilwhitemouse's mech thing) someone combine levelmaster and master of puppets v0.5 zdoomwars where u can play as the monsters plenty more dm filler map packs!!! (quality > quantity) less boom overmade shovelware and more unique things plz ^ oblige but for dm filler maps? nostalgia mods like vanilla and skulltag but improving stupid faults instead of repeating them some island survival mod kind of like survivalism but less uh... experimental... board games in acs (tetriacs expansion) more things with zandronum's database once its done getting exploited lol a good 4way ctf mappack mods someone needs to make for me so i dont have to: all out war 2 but not shit roleplay mods cars vroom twisted metal enhanced medieval melee combat with acs cybercrime 4 cyberrunner maps catch the chicken oh and someone make a dm mapping tutorial for me. there hasnt been a tutorial since like skulltag lol