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  1. Combinebobnt

    [Released] NeonDM

    I like the colors.
    zombieman killing simulator. Was actually better than I expected though
  2. Combinebobnt

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    i thought this mod came out about 10 years ago?
  3. qcde. good voice acting
  4. Combinebobnt

    How do YOU speedmap?

    oh no decay :_( Not all speedmapping has to be in 30 minutes or whatever, you can use the skills to just get things done faster on 'normal maps' and waste less time. Also can help some people with the creative process. You can also ask arg how speedmapping helped him make better looking maps than yours <- pointed when u start speedmapping u can make some maps like this to get the feel for it: oh wait that's what every map you've made since dbab is :( :( :)
  5. Combinebobnt

    How do YOU speedmap?

    very quickly have a plan before you start
  6. Combinebobnt

    Worst map in The Plutonia Experiment

    31 can at least become fun with a mod that has powerful cyberdemons (unless you go full snipe thru the windows (coward)). 28 sees less of an improvement like that.
  7. Combinebobnt

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    I saw some lilith gameplay and it kind of looked pale in comparison to this... experience:
  8. Combinebobnt

    DOOM WAD REVIEW - Plutonia 3: Going to Surface

    This is the last wad I played this year. I speedran it with the exits on half the spawns until I got to one map in the middle that's essentially a maze with like 50 bfg troopers. Scythe II style troopers but with bfgs. Like some chinese ghoul's forest rip off or something. Could probably tell where I quit the wad could rename it to plutonia 3: poe's law
  9. Combinebobnt

    Doom WAD made for blind gamers

    Alright looks like I have a plan now even if I go blind
  10. Combinebobnt

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    now this is how to make a quality megawad
  11. Combinebobnt

    What PWAD map would you take back to 1993 to stun Id Software?

    You could present all the maps from doom2 and take credit for the work. ?????? PROFIT!!!
  12. Combinebobnt

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    best iwad maps
  13. Combinebobnt

    Your thoughts on TNT Evilution

    it's old
  14. Combinebobnt

    Worst map in The Plutonia Experiment

    Map28 the sewers is p boring and I'd vote it the worst plutonia map. Good old standard design... sewers map = draw 100 tunnels, much fun. If map28 is fun and 'exploratory' you might as well load up some of Tom Hall's etch a sketch doodles er I mean maps and go 'immerse' yourself in that world. Pretty sad how even the contenders for plutonia's worst map are better than like all of tnt.wad on average. hmm haha