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  1. NoneeLlama

    Gordon Freeman and Doomguy switch places in games

    Well, there's this:
  2. NoneeLlama

    Hungarian Doom Novels

  3. NoneeLlama

    Hungarian Doom Novels

    In short, it has nothing to do with the original plot. The story revolves around a matter called The Mirror, wich is examined at a base on Mars, not far away from a prison. Unfortunatly, there was a prison outbreak led by a mad prophet called Fuentes (nicknamed "Bitchlips"), who uses the mirror to bring his crazy monster visions to life (the Doom monsters). The Doom Guy of the books are actually two man: the consciousness of an american army general called A. A. Milne (I shit you not) put into the primitive, but ├╝ber-tough Oleg Gontar. Although from this it may seems like it has nothing to do with Doom, almost everything about Doom makes either an appearance or mention (the chapters are called .wad for instance, the computer map is described just as the automap in the game, etc.). Although the imps are described more lizard like, and the revenants wear jerseys for some really strange reason...
  4. NoneeLlama

    Hungarian Doom Novels

    These were pretty fun books (in a brainless sci-fi pulp novel way). One day I'd like to write a detailed synopsis about them for the non-hungarian Doom fans, so they could too learn some the "beauties" the books offer.
  5. NoneeLlama

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Well, I know I don't post too much these days here (maybe I never did, but whatever), but I guess I kinda have to share this picture of mine I took with someone. The background may have been photoshopped.
  6. NoneeLlama

    Romero's Heresy II

    Just a quick heads up, your download links go this very Doomworld thread when we click them.
  7. NoneeLlama

    Doom Classic Complete on DVD

    I was browsing a local shop, when I found that the original Doom with all of it's expansions has been released on DVD, and it's called Complete Collection (just like PSN and Steam releases). Since I didn't find any particular information about this release, I thought I ask, does anyone have this? Does it contains the unaltered iwads? Does it uses DOsBox or some kind of other engine to run the game on modern OS? Here's how the case looks like:
  8. A bit late with this, but here's my birthday present to Katamori: https://www.mediafire.com/?0xw74q6mcv2dncm Port: PrBoom+
  9. NoneeLlama

    super sergeant shooter WAD's

    I used JPEXS to get the wad file out from the swf file.
  10. NoneeLlama

    Mutiny [Community Project]

    WHOOPS, my bad! I left that in by mistake while testing the other part of the map. Here's a quick fix: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j5xi1iqc55cdi4t/mut10V013_scifista421_NoneeLlama_dt_.wad
  11. NoneeLlama

    Doom Ringtones. Do you have one?

    I use the 3DO versions of "At Doom's Gate" (for ringtone) and "Donna To The Rescue" (for alarm clock). Also, I changed the notification sound to the Wolf 3D SS' "Mein Leben".
  12. NoneeLlama

    Mutiny [Community Project]

    Seeing as MAP10 is a very old version of our map in the alpha, I'll share the current version of it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/23edv1yyv336q8f/mut10V013_scifista42_NoneeLlama_dt_.wad
  13. NoneeLlama

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Doom 2 is overall better than Doom. The Wolfenstein levels were great secret levels. The Icon Of Sin is an ambitous boss, and anyone saying that it's just a wall texture lacks imagination.
  14. NoneeLlama

    Doom custom Wads on the phone

    It has been taken down from Google Play, but it's up on the Amazon App store.