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  1. SyntherAugustus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2021, Mar 04 build)

    3d polyobjects sounds exciting
  2. SyntherAugustus

    Dead Signal (wad) (New version available)

    I had fun with the map. I think the archvile spawn in the slime pool bridge room can be tweaked though. Currently you can trigger the archvile spawn without jumping down the platform with the translucent railing. You can spam rockets through the railing and crouch away from the archvile's attacks this way. I think a target graphic with a small rocket icon in front of the pipe would look cooler.
  3. SyntherAugustus

    What Is The Best Unreal Tournament?

    It's too bad Epic isn't using their unlimited cash flow to make a ut99 remake. I liked all three, but I wish UT3 followed more of the old games and didn't experiment with trying to look like a gears game. 13 years later it looks the most dated despite being the more recent game. It has the splitscreen mod which gives it a slight edge. UT1 and UT2004 I like for different reasons. I agree with the UT2004 gameplay a little more, but the music in UT99 was fire compared to any of the other three. Some good OGG music tracks came out of the ut2004 modding community though.
  4. SyntherAugustus

    About developing a GZ-based game, I have questions.

    It sounds like you need to read the ZDoom wiki and perhaps make a mod first. Zdoom Wiki
  5. SyntherAugustus

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    I thought that guitar sounded familiar. I have FL Studio 20 as well, but my Ample Sound guitars are coupled with Amplitube 5.
  6. SyntherAugustus

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    How did you make the OST?
  7. SyntherAugustus

    Assembly Line 1.1 - A warm facility map

    The arena combat reminded me a bit like early 2000s Zdoom levels (including my painkiller inspired map from ages ago). From a detail perspective it was pretty nice. Great use of dynamic lights and models.
  8. SyntherAugustus


    I'm curious how this compares with Sound Canvas VA. If anyone wants any comparisons, I'd be happy to render some. Edit: They both sound pretty similar. I do prefer the sound of the sc8820 myself.
  9. SyntherAugustus

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    After using the green key, you can head north to the woods that lead to the monastery. There is an interactive portal based puzzle (have a torch activated and bump the minotaur statues and find a tree north in the first section with a hidden switch to change the interactive portal destination) that you need to solve to get farther north to get to the monastery entrance. The interactive portal effect in this part is pretty neat, and something similar happens in e3m9. The sandstone fortress is the secret level you gain access to after using the red key. Remember the red key is just meant for the secret level.
  10. SyntherAugustus

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    @Master O Both the Treasury and Clock Tower have puzzles you have to solve in order for the green key to lower in E2M1, which then you need to open the gate (the teleporter to said switch is in the way southeast, follow the candles!) to use said key in Willowwood. @Woolie Wool In the Monastery, beat the puzzle in the cathedral in the way northwest (Use the blinking lights to tell you the pattern of the puzzle) to gain access to the western monastery. Afterwards, find a wall in that cathedral featuring a red dragon eye to get you to a teleporter to open the door to the eastern monastery, which houses the red key and a boss. (Note the red key is actually for the secret level). Ring the gong to open up the arena in e2m1 that leads you to e2m6 as well. And don't forget once you get the blue key, that door is somewhere in e2m7.
  11. SyntherAugustus

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    The two "worlds" involving the green key are the Clock Tower and Treasury. It could be a bit more clear about what to do about the Green Key and Blue Key in Episode 2. I spent 20 minutes in E2M1 to figure out finally that I had to go to the teleporter on the southwest corner of the map just to open the gate and trek to Willowwood to get to the green key switch. The blue key I had to jump from map to map to finally notice there was a blue key door in Sunless Temple. Episodes 1 and 3 were a lot more straightforward. I'm glad I did the Korax ending which was cool.
  12. It's too bad. I was hoping for him to be like "Hey I made something cool like Unreal. Here's a spiritual successor!" You know, anything! Instead it was a long interview about a pile of salt. I loved Unreal games as a teenager. It's sad that he's turned into this.
  13. They just played him off! Oh dear.
  14. The CliffyB interview is incredibly draining.
  15. SyntherAugustus

    Progressive Rock Suggestions?

    Some suggestions Ayreon Camel Hawkwind Marillion (Both Fish and Hogarth eras) Fish himself Caravan Damanek Jethro Tull Some Kansas songs that aren't Carry On such as "Song for America" IQ Opeth (Starting from 2011's Pale Communion if you're avoiding metal) Renaissance ("Song for All Seasons" album is best so far for me) Uriah Heep I would post youtubes but it would be a very long post so I'll avoid that for now. edit: Also self plug if that's ok.