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  1. SyntherAugustus

    Scorching Earth (32 Level Megawad)

    Is there a list of music credits? The track for MAP04 slaps.
  2. SyntherAugustus

    NashGore NEXT v1.0

    Feel better! The improvements are great!
  3. SyntherAugustus

    DBP65 - Sanguine Holy Land

    I had a lot of fun with it, but there is one thing I need to report. In GZDoom, you can bypass the key lock thing in map12 by running up to it. I don't think it's intentional since the keylock thing doesn't disappear. Other than that, I really liked the atmosphere this time around!
  4. SyntherAugustus

    Doom 2 In City Only [Now on idgames]

    This is super neat!
  5. SyntherAugustus

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Keep up the good work!
  6. SyntherAugustus

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Not mine, but as someone who owns VSL plugins I found this quite fun.
  7. SyntherAugustus

    [Release] Inmost Post

    This was fun. The music track was really quiet though.
  8. I've been using this since the earlier releases. As a feature request, could we be able to change the fonts in parts of the HUD? I've found a way to edit the font in the zscript, but I've been getting messy results. Having the bars be graphical would be neat too. Great work so far!
  9. SyntherAugustus

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    That uses it's own software based frame generation. It's not DLSS or FSR3 based. As long as you load Lossless scaling after you boot up a game, it seems to work.
  10. SyntherAugustus

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/993090/Lossless_Scaling/ I used the frame generation feature in this with map36 and hilariously it works. I got Map36 working in 120fps. Expect some minor ui glitchiness though.
  11. SyntherAugustus

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    -I finally finished the whole thing. -MAP36 is how you make a lategame secret level. It was very creative and unique. I also loved the final boss. -My only critique is that honestly, I wanted more! I wish the episodes were 9 level ordeals instead of 6. I felt similarly with Eviternity 1. I think what would be neat would be once the new OTex is sorted out, a texture guide to creating all 12 episodes (Eviternity 1 and 2) to create more of these worlds. edit: I downloaded DSDADoom out of curiosity was shocked to see that map36 plays at 120fps when GZdoom can barely handle 60 in the outdoor areas.
  12. SyntherAugustus

    what was doomworld like in the early 2000s and early 2010s?

    And there were the great netscape wars and many, many fish.
  13. SyntherAugustus

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    I'm on Map36 with RC5 and noticed something gamebreaking. If you press the wall switches too fast in the yellow skull room, the final ledge that allows you to pick up the ammo crates and the key doesn't appear. This happens in GZDoom if that helps.
  14. SyntherAugustus

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    So I got to MAP33 and had a laugh. Did somebody play Skyroads recently and wanted to make a map out of it? Skyroads Seriously give us a whole megawad out of that. Go the extra mile and make it for Zdoom and include jumping, crouching, and air dash mechanics! :D
  15. SyntherAugustus

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Thank you for the updates!