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  1. Screenshot update almost done with map06 and already thinking about what map07 will look like.
  2. 5 map demo is now released hope you guys enjoy. I would love to hear any feedback your willing to give about my wad <3 ============================================================================================= LINK TO VERSION 1.2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rt6dn6nxjhfjnnn/MalevolentHorizon1.2.wad?dl=0 =============================================================================================
  3. Looking for a few testers that are interested in a close testing phase since my wad is now ready for testing. Send me a pm if interested.
  4. This project isnt dead, I just havnt had the amount of time to work on it that Id like to have. Here is some screenshot updates of a new map that I am working on.
  5. Some video footage of me playing map01.
  6. Ooo thanks for the skybox explanation, I shall use that in one of my projects.
  7. I'm lovin that hellish screenshot, how did you get the orange glow on the rocks near the lava?
  8. Yay now I can finally try this out, thanks Darsycho!
  9. Screenshot update! Going through each map again and adding some details here and there and I am really thinking about adding reverb effects to certain parts of void maps to make the maps sound more open.
  10. Wait really db64 made it on this list? I'm sure its only because of bd's cult following and not because its better than wads like Ancient Aliens.
  11. wait so your building all the doom64 maps from scratch?
  12. @Nevander Does this wad of yours have its own thread yet?
  13. I did a little experiment and you indeed can attempt to make lighting very close to doom64 in gzdoom. This was just a quick attempt however you could make the gradient much smoother with more tweaking. Only problem is you would have to make around 10 dummy light sectors per actual sector that wasnt the same height to make this effect possible. Eventually you could have a map with 1000+ sectors that are just lighting dummies alone.
  14. My attempt at making a doom64 wad. Its just one finished map atm Ya lighting isnt as good as it would be in doom64ex but eh its okay.