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  1. Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Kingpin No One Lives Forever E.Y.E:Divine Cybermancy SiN Hexen
  2. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Hexen was the first of the two i played and still the one i prefer overall, i always thought it was far more atmospheric than Heretic and has a larger variety of level design. Plus it didnt just feel like a glorified Doom TC and actually felt like its own game. Never got into Hexen 2, was just kind of dull and boring compared to the original Hexen.
  3. 90s FPS Protagonists

    Caleb is my guy, just a complete badass that has no remorse for what he does and hes just got style. As far as silent protagonists go i have to go with Doomguy and i always loved the FaceHUD as it shows their expression by visuals alone (Wish more games implemented a FaceHUD tbh)
  4. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah you really need to at least be on level 20 of whatever perk you choose if you want to do those weekly objectives and Suicidal in general really. Excited for the next major update which should be out next week (Its in Beta but i cant be bothered playing in Beta)
  5. Memorable Mapnames

    Threshold of Pain from PSX Doom is definitely my number 1, bonus is that the map is really great as well Some others: Mt Erebus Dark Citadel Altar of Pain Twilight Descends
  6. What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    Why i also dont understand why you dislike Doom 64 as i feel it has the best Hell levels out of any Doom game. As for Doom 2, the new weapon and enemies were definitely fantastic additions but i just felt the level design was too dull and monotonous, it helps that the PSX version has the best selection of them though.
  7. From best to worst, i like my atmosphere and could never get into the midi music of the original PC doom's, also great Hell levels get bonus points with me. PSX Doom - The version that got me into Doom from the start, unforgettable experiences with this version. Doom 64 - Has the best Hell levels and atmosphere out of all the Doom games, definitely helps that 2/3rd's of it is set in Hell. Doom 4 - A brilliant mesh of old school level design with somewhat modern gameplay mechanics, shame the Hell levels were so underwhelming. PSX Final Doom - A nice collection of the best maps from the final doom megawads, lack of maps and monsters on certain maps hurt it though. Doom 3 - I like Doom 3 but its style of jump scare horror just wasnt for me, awful weapon sounds, hardly any music and an extremely short and disappointing Hell section hurt the experience further.
  8. Where is Alexander Eternal?

    I would definitely love to see a new Hell Ground though, it was so good :D
  9. Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    1.Deus Ex (My all-time favorite game) 2.Fallout:New Vegas (The best First Person Fallout and the one to give you the most choice) 3.Vampire:Bloodlines (Possibly the best vampire game ever made) 4.Morrowind (Easily the best and most creative Elder Scrolls game) 5.Star Wars:KOTOR (My vote for best Star Wars game of all time)
  10. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Wheres the complete version of Threshold of Pain 2
  11. Has to be PS1, so many great games and memories on it. The games i probably played the most on it. Tekken 2 Doom Crash Bandicoot Tomb Raider 2 Resident Evil Silent Hill Disruptor Pandemonium True Pinball Blood Omen:Legacy of Kain
  12. Favorite First Person Shooter(s)?

    Doom Unreal Tournament Blood Hexen SiN Kingpin Duke 3D Killing Floor 2 CS:GO Chivalry:Medieval Warfare
  13. Good multiplayer / Coop Games.

    Other games that havent been mentioned: Warframe (Free Third Person Shooter/Slasher) Alien Swarm (Free Top Down Shooter) Dead Island Dying Light Torchlight 2 Path of Exile (Free Action-RPG) Grim Dawn Resident Evil 5 Saints Row 3 & 4 Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War 2 Broforce (Absolutely hilarious Side-Scroller)