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  1. vinnie245

    So, what kind of music do you guys like?

    Basically the same for me, i was pretty much born into Metal but ive diversified out into Industrial, Darksynth, Video game soundtracks etc.
  2. vinnie245

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Quake Champions - Despite the whole hero thing and microtransactions its still a solid online shooter with satisfying movement and fast paced combat Doom '16 - Loved the campaign and about to try out the online, i know its not great but still worth a shot GTA V - Did most of the story mode and focusing on doing Heists and playing Golf Killing Floor 2 - Blasting my way through most of the new season content, really like the new Airship map and new weapons L4D2 - Just playing through custom campaigns i didnt previously get a chance too, the Resident Evil campaigns are an absolute nostalgia treat for oldskool RE fans like myself
  3. vinnie245

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    Considering Rage 2 is out next year i honestly dont see this coming out until at least 2020.
  4. vinnie245

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    They really did write themselves into a corner with the whole "Nazis take over the world..... and the moon..... and jupiter" because where can you even go from there, the nazis have won, theres absolutely nothing anyone can do about it no matter how many little resistance groups you make. Also yeah, i hated TNC with a burning passion and this looks like even more cringeworthy horseshit so hard pass.
  5. vinnie245

    Video game music thread

  6. vinnie245

    Serious Sam 3 vs Doom 4

    Easily New Doom, im having a blast since it has a much more enjoyable campaign, the levels are better designed and the shooting itself feels a lot more satisfying. I'd say SS3 wasnt even the best Serious Sam, the first half is a complete drag with new features that dont really add anything then it just rehashes the first game all over again (It being set entirely in Egypt AGAIN really didnt help). At least it has co-op so it has that over Doom 4 at least.
  7. 1. SiN - The best shooter of 1998 imo, once you get past all the bugs its one hell of an enjoyable game. 2. Outcast - Such an unique and original game, one of the first to have a 3D semi-open world, also has one of the only orchestral soundtracks i actually like listening too. 3. Omikron:The Nomad Soul - Another extremely unique game with an interesting world, different genres to play with (Even if all of them have their faults) and David Bowie, pretty much the only Quantic Dream game i actually consider to be a game and not an interactive movie. 4. Blood Omen:Legacy of Kain - One of the first real badass vampire games, Terrific story and atmosphere out the wazoo, also has another fascinating world to explore with tons of secrets. 5. Future Cop:LAPD - Such an enjoyable top down mech shooter, musics also great and it has a brilliant multiplayer to boot. The modern equivalent to this would be Brigador.
  8. vinnie245

    What are you listening to?

  9. vinnie245

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently balls deep on Fallout 4, trying to do as many of the quests as i can. Certainly isnt as good as New Vegas but im enjoying it nonetheless. Also played some Warhammer:Vermintide, fairly enjoyable if you got friends to play with and dont mind the repitition
  10. vinnie245

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    The Doomslayer keeps their helmet on through the whole movie until the end where you find out its Daisy! Those rabbits have quite a temper.
  11. vinnie245

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    If you havent already, make sure to download Antibirth https://antibirth.com/ Its the best Isaac mod ive ever played, so much new content and all of it is extremely well done.
  12. vinnie245

    Third Person Action Adventure Games

    Ones not yet mentioned but are also great are: Outcast American McGee's Alice Sacrifice (More of an Action RTS but still Third Person) Giants:Citizen Kabuto Messiah Evolva
  13. vinnie245

    Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Kingpin No One Lives Forever E.Y.E:Divine Cybermancy SiN Hexen