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  1. vinnie245


    I bet the author at first was completely bewildered and was wondering why the fuck was his 20+ year old book selling like hotcakes again all of a sudden lol. But yeah definitely one hell of an achievement and now easily the biggest mod since Brutal Doom, guaranteed a cacoward by the end of the year. Will be interested to see if Romero or some of the original id devs get their hands on it and what they think of it.
  2. Seeing several Doom mods get their own steam page it would be neat to also see Blade of Agony get one.
  3. Like Hunt Down the Freeman style of shit here, the NCR campaign alone is basically a hodge podge of several games and movies rolled into a blender and thrown out in a completely nonsensical manner (from CoD and Dead Space, to Wolfenstein:New Order and Metal Gear Solid) At the end of the day a lot of the team are to blame for this complete shitstorm especially the lead developer who clearly had no control whatsoever on his project and let it mutate into a complete monstrosity for over 7 years. Heres a video showing a lot of its awfulness...
  4. vinnie245

    2021: Your Most Wanted Games?

    Wrath Graven Gloomwood SiN and Kingpin Remasters Binding of Isaac:Repentance Ion Fury and Amid Evil expansions Fallen Aces Door Kickers 2 Warhammer 40k:Darktide RE 8 Other games im looking forward too but will unlikely release this year: Dying Light 2 Stalker 2 Vampire:Bloodlines 2
  5. vinnie245

    Favorite game soundtrack that nobody knows about?

    Its always began and ended with Re-loaded for me.
  6. vinnie245

    Your choice for GOTY

    In terms of roguelikes both Hades and Risk of Rain 2 got full releases this year and both are fantastic. Deep Rock Galactic also got its full release this year and im enjoying the Mafia Remake, if i had to choose 1 game from the poll though it would be Doom Eternal.
  7. vinnie245

    Top 5 Favorite Films

    Apart from number 1 the rest could be anywhere, i typically try to include 1 movie from each genre 1. The Godfather (Crime) 2. Die Hard (Action) 3. Good, Bad and the Ugly (Western) 4. Blade Runner (Sci-Fi) 5. The Thing (Carpenter version, Horror) 6. Enter the Dragon (Martial Arts) 7. Mortal Kombat (Video Game movie) 8. Heavy Metal (Animated) 9. Fight Club (Thriller) 10. Snatch (Comedy) Honorable mentions: Heat, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs, Seven, Assault on Precinct 13 (Carpenter version)
  8. vinnie245

    What are your top 10 most beloved video games?

    1.Deus Ex 2.Doom (Classic) 3.Unreal Tournament 4.GTA: Vice City 5.Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 6.Call of Duty 4 7.Age of Empires 2 8.Mafia 9.Fallout: New Vegas 10.Vampire: Bloodlines (Honorable Mentions: RE: Remake, Silent Hill 2, Blood, Hexen, Dungeon Keeper 2)
  9. vinnie245

    50 Worst Video Game Voice Acting Lines

    Missing Deep Fear, like all of it.
  10. In terms of new games the highlight of Day 1 was Graven and Day 2 was Fallen Aces. Expansions for both Ion Fury and Amid Evil are bonuses and im definitely down for the Kingpin and SiN remasters (Also Shadowman and Blade Runner)
  11. vinnie245

    Duke Nukem 3D Or Ion Fury?

    Duke 3D for me is far more replayable, Ion Fury really drags ass in the middle portion (Some would say the space episode in Duke drags as well but i dont mind the space levels as much) and the weapons/beastiary arent as interesting as Dukes to me. My build lineup from best to worst is Blood > Duke3D > Ion Fury > Shadow Warrior > Redneck Rampage
  12. vinnie245

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    While Quake has the better atmosphere Duke pretty much beats it at every other aspect, has a lot more color to it, more personality, better level design, more creative weapons and its also aged a hell of a lot better than Quake as well. Early 3D games just havent aged as well as sprite based shooters, someone a while back even said that Doom 64 has aged a lot better than its 3D N64 counterparts at the time like Turok and Goldeneye and he was right (even if i still love those games)
  13. vinnie245

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    CS:GO Depth PUBG Rise of the Tomb Raider Mordhau
  14. vinnie245

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

    Deus Ex, Will probably always be Deus Ex for me.