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  1. Other games that havent been mentioned: Warframe (Free Third Person Shooter/Slasher) Alien Swarm (Free Top Down Shooter) Dead Island Dying Light Torchlight 2 Path of Exile (Free Action-RPG) Grim Dawn Resident Evil 5 Saints Row 3 & 4 Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War 2 Broforce (Absolutely hilarious Side-Scroller)
  2. Looks good, cant wait for Dusk as well.
  3. So the entire Hitler sequence isnt an interactive cutscene?, or the diner scene? or even BJ's execution? No vehicle gimmicks? explain the robot dog then... Also there are no missions where you are required to use stealth in the original so no idea where you get that from. And no the political commentary is far more hamfisted in this game, From BJ's racist asshole father, to the KKK roaming the streets, to your motley crew of stereotypes even to the awful ending.
  4. Personally i feel the story is a complete mess, its beyond preachy in its messages, the tone is all over the place, the humour isnt funny and comes up at the worst times, the characters are completely unlikable and even in Wolfenstein lore its completely illogical and rediculous (Like 5 month pregnant Anya jumping all over the place shooting nazis, thats not heroism thats stupidity) The original game had a better pace, a more consistent tone throughout and actually felt more like a game than an interactive movie. I wanted the game to be terrific, i ended up being pretty disappointed honestly and thats a damn shame. The closest comparison i have to these 2 games is the condemned games with its sequel going full pants-on-head retarded and throwing a million ideas at the wall while the original has a few solid core ideas and utilizes them to their fullest potential.
  5. Without his soundtrack in the PSX version of Doom i doubt i would of been anywhere near as immersed and hooked into Doom as i would be without it, Not to mention tracks like Deimos Anomaly and Mt Erebus being some of the most memorable ambient tracks that i have ever heard. He simply made an already legendary game even more atmospheric and memorable and thats quite an achievement indeed.
  6. In terms of pure survivial horror in Resident Evil i thought the Remake did the best job at it, it kept it relatively straight while adding some additional monsters that helped add to the tension such as the Crimson Heads and Lisa Trevor, plus at the time it looked amazing. Its still my all time favorite RE by quite a distance, it really is a case of a remake done right (Lets hope the RE 2 remake follows suit)
  7. Back on the Killing Floor 2 grind thanks to the new Halloween update.
  8. Movie: John Carpenters The Thing Game: Silent Hill 2 Definitely more of a fan of atmosphere and psychological horror over bog standard jump scares
  9. Activision has been guilty of this same thing several times in the past, most notably the rushed release of Vampire:Bloodlines and subsequent shutdown of Troika Games. Its always the devs that get the chopping block instead of the publisher despite stupid decisions on the publishers part... its unfair as fuck but thats the videogame industry for you.
  10. Allied Assault was definitely the peak of the series imo, from the great mission design (Apart from the sniper town level, fuck that level) and the terrific multiplayer everything that came after it didnt come close to replicating the quality of AA.
  11. One of my most played games, Killing Floor 2
  12. Got the Playstation port of Doom on Christmas 1996 along with the Playstation itself, didnt play it for a month due to the soundtrack scaring the shit out of me to begin with (I was 6 :P) but i quickly got over it as i got PSX Final Doom in April 1997 and Doom 64 a year after.
  13. 1. Tywin Lannister - My all time favorite TV character period, not only is the actor tremendous but the character himself is so complex and charismatic that i was hooked into every scene he was in. 2. Roose Bolton - Like Tywin in a lot of ways except even more cold and back stabbing. 3. Tyrion Lannister - Been in so many brilliant scenes and generally likeable due to his wit/smarts although the past 2-3 seasons have done him absolutely no favors. 4. Bronn - Always an entertaining character to watch with his chemistry with Jaime and Tyrion. 5. The Hound - Same as above except for his chemistry with Arya and The Brotherhood instead.
  14. It will probably be along the lines of Doom 64's intepretation of Hell since Hell would most likely be an enormous place so not everywhere would look the same.