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  1. Little Eternity update for those compiling on Windows. You now only call the MIDL compiler if you need to, so if you make a one line change in foo_bar.baz, you don't have to go recompiling midiproc_c.c any more.

  2. I echo similar sentiments here. Stuff like content definition languages will bulk up the repo size, ZDoom's moreso than Eternity due to how much of the engine is scriptified, and how much more stuff is definied by DECORATE than EDF currently (though I'm sure that gap will close over time with a more feature-complete EDF). Additionally, many ports will have to add parsers for the various lumps that need to be parsed, like MAPINFO or SNDINFO or other similar stuff. With all that said, I'd be interested in seeing what the code line count for Heretic and Hexen are compared to Doom. Sweet Jesus, what makes it so damn massive?
  3. Thanks, though I can't take all credit. The first implementation was brand new code based off documentation of the format (and discovery that a junk byte is required at the end of each post), but the current version is adapted from psxwadgen, which is - in turn - adapted from SLADE. I actually kept the diff that caused the warped boomerang sprites, and the second one is easy enough to replicate (simply make it so every column is a single post, starting at y=0 (and the required final post)).
  4. I will probably not be working on Eternity for a bit, as we have adopted a lovely dog - which we brought home yesterday.


    Here she is on her way home from the rescue centre:


    1. Fonze


      That's awesome Alta; she looks like the sweetest little trouble-maker there is :)

    2. Altazimuth


      No trouble made so far, though she did accidentally (I'm certain it was an accident due to the circumstances and her reaction) fall into the pond in the back yesterday. There's also been a single "accident" but she isn't fully toilet-trained yet; we just need to teach her where she should go, which will take a bit but we're patient and positive. She's still becoming fully confident with her surroundings and with us, but we're hoping to give her a new start in life.


      She's extremely sweet. I slept downstairs last night so that she didn't have to be on her own (she'll sleep upstairs once the number of accidents reduce), and she happily fell asleep by my side. She's already warming to us, which is lovely.

    3. bzzrak


      Aww, she's so cute! I hope you two will enjoy the time you spend together!

  5. Big ol' bump, but we now support tall and/or transparent PNGs. The walls and midtex here are both tall, one 1024x1024, the other 512x512.
  6. Trying to look into this today; hopefully XL parser will be able to handle this if slightly extended. EDF cannot due to the ; for comments (# would work though). If I can't get this done today then I just won't be able to do it myself, as we found a dog to adopt and she will be arriving home tomorrow.
  7. I think we need to collate a list of things that are and aren't happening, to stop suggestions of things already asked for that certain ports can't do e.g. specific sector special ranges, or the extra DeHackEd frames from crispy/retro. Team Eternity has explained why some stuff is not doable for us but a few pages later people just request it again. This continued unabated barrage of feature requests will only end up with something slipping through that one port isn't capable of for whatever reason and then the whole idea of the standard fails at its purpose of providing more cross-port features to modders. And then there's the issue of lack of transparency in development from kb1. If we knew what was being worked on or coming up soon on the development chopping block then we'd be able to stop something that ends up wrecking the standard before it happens. I don't expect people to look at every port's documentation on its features before requesting something, but this seems currently unmanageable and unsustainable.
  8. What weapons codepointers do you consider essential? Please answer in the form or replying to this comment.


    Answers will be given high-priority for implementation in Eternity.

    1. Doomkid


      I answered FireRailgun but honestly the ability to fire any given projectile, even enemy ones, would be grand.

    2. 38_ViTa_38

      How about custom hitscan attacks, too?

  9. @Graf Zahl Both printz and I are waiting for specs on the new lump. An updated version of what was already there would be much appreciated. Personally, I'm busy between weapons-branch work and looking for a new dog; regardless, I don't feel like I'm in any position to attempt to construct an example lump based on reading the parser's code.
  10. Seems good, I'll talk with the team, see if anything is in that we can't do. Providing feedback as soon as possible is of paramount importance.
  11. Back in the saddle, need to get the motivation going and weapons-branch work makes me happy. 2017/07/06, 13:00: Working on DeHackEd stuff in the title props. Almost done, just need to test that it all works with actual deh files. An example of this would be the BFG9000, dehnum 6, and not inheriting from any actual weapon (just a dummy value): weaponinfo BFG9000 : Weapon, 6 2017/07/06, 13:30: dehnum is in and working fully (to my knowledge). Not sure what to do for Heretic weapons; will probably leave them without titleprops. 2017/07/07, 20:45: A new weapon selection system is in. The old stuff is gated behind a demo check. 2017/07/09, 14:50: Been working on alt-fire, but progress might slow as we're about to adopt a dog: as in we're not looking any more - we found one and are likely having her home in the coming week. 2017/07/10, 18:35: Alt-firing is in, with a few things to add but they're good to go at the moment. Bigger thing, the Doom weapons are now defined with DECORATE states. 2017/07/10: 19:00: Fixed a stupid bug where I copypasted a hash lazily and that cuased the dehnum hash to use idhash values. 2017/07/11, 10:00: ammogiven in an weapongiver now works to a degree (singular is fine, multiple probably won't end well). Holy shit DEMO1, DEMO2, and DEMO3 actually play back correctly. 2017/07/11, 12:30: Heh, I forgot that actually nothing happens if you define multiple ammogiven in a weapongiver. I'll figure that one out. if(!(obj = getObjectKeyAndTypeEx<MetaTable>(keyIndex))) addMetaTable(keyIndex, newValue); else { } 2017/07/12, 09:45: pickupitems now work properly, you can make your own weapons! 2017/07/12, 17:45: Almost everything in Heretic is now using the new pickupitem system, and a compat system for any mods that use the old "effect PFX_FOOBAR" is implemented. Also I fixed an issue where you lost weapons when changing maps. 2017/07/16, 14:45: Almost everything it Doom is now using the new pickupitem system, and I fixed DeHackEd modifying ammo given by weapons. 2017/07/18, 20:00: Don't expect any updates for a while, as our newly adopted dog arrived home today.
  12. Nothing quite improves my productivity like mapping. Why, I started mapping and within an hour I had added partial deh support to EDF weapons in Eternity!

  13. I'll be frank, I think doing much more than "execute a bunch of specials with delays and keep track of variables" is too much for something that's supposed to be easily-agreeable and added; maybe add basic printing to tell the player they opened a door somewhere else or something. As I see it, the baseline should be doing everything voodoo scripting can do, but with an actual scripting language. Having 4 switches to open a single thing (and printing that they SOLVED 1 4TH OF THE PUZZLE), or just lowering a bunch of tagged sectors is plenty for an initial feature-set of this scripting language. Sure, we should have something that can be extended eventually, but we have to go for lowest reasonable denominator IMO. I'm sticking by ACS as suitable for the tasks I listed, but I don't think we'll ever agree on what to use if we can't agree on what functionality any language we use needs. EDIT: Is string manip really that important? Anyways if you really want something powerful with ACS you can use DavidPH's GDCC, which is extremely powerful. You can literally compile C into ACS bytecode. EDIT 2: I want to make it clear that I support anything that would work well and isn't too complicated, if it can be agreed on. I'm not saying ACS or die.
  14. Is the language of ACS inherently tied to Hexen? Would it not be feasible to use ACS but just have a different "[foo]common.acs" for this new standard, that could maybe have Boom specials instead of Hexen ones?
  15. Last I checked, we don't support 16-rotation actors, and probably won't in the foreseeable future. We also have no way of doing hires replacements afaik (though this is something I'd like (but I have no idea how one would go about it)). Linedefs seem feasible, though we've got no support for animated doors. Sectors seem decent, though I'd like to see a clean implementation with the godmode one, as I can't think of anything too neat at the moment. The player touching floor teleporter seems like a gateway to the superpowerful ZDoom "on actor does [FOO]" actors, though they need Hexen or UDMF; I'm super for this if we can figure out an intuitive way for the mappers to do this. The last one ("grouped sector for special action") seems like it would benefit from Eternity's attached surface lines, unless that's what you're suggesting. As for the additional state stuff, that could be doable but some stuff needs to be considered when thinking about Eternity interop, as is stated here: