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  1. No worries. Thanks for getting on top of the matter! Please keep me posted on things.
  2. If you're using a recent enough build it should be fine, as it's using native MIDI and doing playback within Eternity instead of using midiproc. @rfomin have you ran into any reports of similar issues for other projects that base their Windows MIDI playback on your code?
  3. Not reason why it shouldn't work. Seems fine for me at least, so it must bee the script @Blzut3 has running. Blzut3, you got any ideas?
  4. Altazimuth

    What happened to the ROTT remaster?

    It's got the folks you'd expect working on it to varying extents. I said this in my tweet but I'll say it a-goddamn-gain: Huge shoutout to @AlexMax for doing a phenomenal job, going truly above and beyond for this game and who, without, the game would be in nowhere near as good a state as it's currently in. As those in the know might expect, @Kaiser was also instrumental for laying down phenomenal groundwork (and is continuing to do great work). Other usual suspects from our team will likely become more involved with various parts as time goes on. I'm doing the usual for me of various loose odds and ends.
  5. Altazimuth

    [/idgames] Xerxesia - My Wadography in 32 Maps

    Eh don't worry about it. Proper support would more have been an accident than intentional, to be honest. People shouldn't really use Hexen-in-Doom right now as an exact cross-port standard. There's probably some ZDoom-specific bits Eternity is missing or something.
  6. Altazimuth

    [/idgames] Xerxesia - My Wadography in 32 Maps

    For the record I fixed a bug that caused MAP03 (and potential later maps) to have incorrect things spawning in Eternity. I don't have the time to test the full set, but it should all work in Eternity now starting from today's DRDTeam devbuilds.
  7. Altazimuth


    I'm taking a break from EE. @printz
  8. Anything else to this crash? Is it reliable, and did you have any additional mods loaded? Also, do you have the minidump from it anywhere?
  9. Altazimuth

    is Chocorenderlimits still a thing?

    @HrnekBezucha This post has a zip with the 2012 CRL archive. I started tidying the source (removing all the changes to whitespace that make comparing code harder) but got tied up and never got back to it. You can find that here. https://github.com/Altazimuth/chocolate-doom/commits/render-limits-1.5.0 It may be possible to compile on Debian or its ilk but I'm uncertain. Should be possible, I'd hope.
  10. This marks the addition of the last outstanding major modding feature from MBF21 to Eternity. The only things left are a few comp options and a few fixes. You can now run Vesper and the like in Eternity and they shouldn't be broken! I make no guarantees about things not being broken I tested most codepointers but some of them I just sorta didn't since I considered them so simple so there's a possibility that I screwed those up.
  11. Altazimuth

    The Activision Blizzard Situation ┬┐Any Thoughts?

    Have this meme I made in 2 minutes while talking to a friend, which is part of my take on the current situation.
  12. Altazimuth

    What do you miss about Doom?

    There's really not a great deal I miss in terms of wider community trends. I think the community is in a terrific place now, possibly better than it's ever been in a variety of ways. The one wider community thing I really miss from when I first started playing online in 2008 or so, that immediately comes to mind at least, is there being populated casual CTF servers. Most of what I miss is more personal: people who have since left the wider Doom community, sub-communities that have dissolved, people no longer filling roles, etc.
  13. Altazimuth

    Any Forks of crispy-doom that support decorate

    Can confirm. Requires lots of demo checks and some of the old hard-coded stuff just can't really be sensibly done if you make weapons dynamic.
  14. Altazimuth

    Ozonia Boom Megawad [09/17 - RC5 Out!]

    Are the Hierophants supposed to use A_Punch? I haven't checked in GZDoom but in Eternity and dsda-doom this results in nothing happening.
  15. Altazimuth

    DSDhacked [unlimited everything]

    Yeah, I'd discussed this, but not on forums, with kraflab and co. I had some concerns about this that, to my knowledge, have been remedied somewhat. I've been slowly plinking away at MBF21 support but work and depression has kept me from making progress at any sort of decent clip. I'll be trying to tackle DSDhacked after MBF21 but I won't lie, I am still somewhat concerned about feasibility of implementing this into Eternity.