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  1. Plenty of awesome ones here that I agree with, but here's a couple that I don't think have been mentioned yet. Edward's avatar always makes me chuckle: Darch's avatar is just plain cool:
  2. Great question, thanks for asking. Whilst I would like to get Hexen weapons in, we'll need to finish off Heretic support, remove hard-coding of actual picking up of items, and make sure all the demo compat stuff is ok, first. What you want to know: I'd personally love to get working on Hexen weapons after the prior mentioned work, but it is something that the team will approach with caution, due to the unstable nature of some of the Hexen codepointers. There's a reason why a_hexen.cpp (the Hexen codepointers file) is #if 0'd out at the moment, and most of the functions filled with // HEXEN_TODO. EDIT: I misread the question. I might try get in some of the codepointers before all the other stuff is done, but it will need deliberation. Some of them do seem quite useful.
  3. It certainly should be possible, I recall doing it with Msys2 a while ago (early this year or late last year?) but don't remember much else.
  4. 2017/04/14, 23:50: Yet another doublepost, which coincides with another major breakthrough. Inheritance is semi-working! The colon syntax isn't working for a mysterious reason. Below is a weapon that inherits from the pistol, but turns into a shotgun when shot. This comes after a major overhaul of weaponinfo processing; hopefully DECORATE states should come next. 2017/04/15, 00:25: Colon syntax is working, don't work with pointers past your bed-time, kids. 2017/04/15, 13:25: Weapondeltas are now implemented. 2017/04/15, 18:15: Another major breakthrough, but I ain't tripleposting; here's DECORATE states: 2017/04/15, 20:05: Managed to define the Heretic gold wand, but the puffs aren't working for some reason. Here's the video of that: 2017/04/15, 20:20 Figured it out, but need the go-ahead from Quasar. 2017/04/16, 22:00: Hold states are implemented, and now the shells of every wimpy Heretic weapon is in.
  5. 2017/04/14, 13:45: More gif goodness, just messing around with actual frame defintions, though in the end this'll be done with DECORATE state syntax.
  6. 2017/04/12, 22:40: Double posting because major breakthrough: Got Heretic weapons partially working, you can see me select non-melee (melee crashes atm) and it updates the ammo image in the gif below:
  7. Some preamble: So you may have heard me ranting on about it, but I've been gradually pegging away at EDF weapons. In the wake of a personal tragedy last week, I went to see my doc and she told me I should take a break and rest, and working on Eternity is my version of rest. Since yesterday I've been making rapid progress, and now have some stuff that I can show off. Below is a clip showcasing EDF weapons, in which I've messed around with the attackstate and upsounds of weapons. Later on I'll make a video sf something that actually looks more like a demo of a weapon, and less like I just kinda threw stuff at the wall and wanted to see what'd stick. TODO: Fix counters Remove temporary hard-coding (partially done, a lot to go) Remove old hard-coding (partially done) Implement deltas Hook weapongivers and their ammo given up to weapons (done, except for ammo given) Add Heretic weapon codepointers (70% done) Allow picking up of new weapons (big end-goal) Implement inheritance Add DECORATE state syntax support Automate generation of weapon trackers Probably other stuff I'm forgetting I'll be updating this post semi-frequently. Times are BST (hopefully we'll not see GMT before this is finished). If you have any questions, please ask and I'll be more than happy to answer. 2017/04/10, 15:45: I might stream some development in the evening today at, depending on how long passover drags. I'll update if that's the case. I plan on making weapon tracking work with EDF, instead of the old method. 2017/04/11, 01:00: I just finished streaming, forgot to update the thread with that, but the VOD is available. I managed to gut the old tracking system (i.e. an array of bools) and replace it with tracker artefacts that are tied to the weaponinfo: 2017/04/12, 14:35: IDKFA and IDFA will now give the player weapons of only their class, as opposed to ALL weapons: You still can't switch to those weapons, but I'm hoping to get that done by the end of the day. 2017/04/12, 17:45: You should be able to define brand new weapons and cheat them in now.
  8. Source port devs, how do you gals and guys go about keeping yourself working through the harder features to implement?


    The doc told me I needed a break (from uni) so I'm trying to keep myself happy with Eternity work, but EDF weapons is proving a real bitch to get in, especially if I wanna keep demo compat. Pretty hard putting all this work in but without a real visible result.

    1. Mordeth


      Not a source port dev here myself, but first thing to remember is that you're doing this Doom thing for fun. Don't force yourself to continue working on what is supposed to be your recreational hobby; it's a sure way to burn yourself out if you make yourself do this for too long. So, whenever you feel like the inspiration isn't there just skip that day.


      I never map when the inspiration isn't there, whether this is because of running out of ideas or just plain being tired from being busy all day. Every single time I had to force myself to implement a new room or connection or whatever the result ended up being bland and would end up being replaced later anyway. A complete waste of time. So I don't map when I feel I'm forcing myself to do it. I either take a break or just occupy myself with some technical 'grindy' stuff that just doesn't need my full creative attention, such as checking for proper alignments, refactoring scripts or experimenting with some new feature or setup.


      I've been putting a lot of work in without a real visible result for nearly twenty years. I suggest you don't let a few months' delay bother you that much :)





    2. printz


      Whenever I'm out of duties (work, home stuff), I meditate until I have something voluntary to do (such as this port programming hobby, map editing or reading a book...).


      It's usually a feeling of competition and maybe even obsession (I want things done) that drives me to finish EE stuff. But if it starts feeling tedious, I just avoid doing it, and instead I meditate again until I find something else interesting, not necessarily Doom related. The world is big.

    3. printz


      It may help to write down in notepad++ or a notebook all parts of the problem, so you can crunch them individually.

    4. Altazimuth


      Good news, I managed to work through it and came out the other end with a semi-functioning thing:

  9. Should be fixed, though @Mordeth will need to confirm for the next build.
  10. For those who hang out in the #noteternityenginerelated, you may have seen me talk about getting back to work on Eternity in the coming days. This won't be happening for a while yet, due to sudden unforeseen circumstances. I don't know how long it'll take for me to get back to work on the engine, as this has never happened to me before.

    1. printz


      Looks like I'm on my own then. Good luck.

    2. Fonze


      Best of luck getting things straightened out altaz; you have my thoughts and prayers.

    3. bzzrak


      That sounds bad. Stay strong.

    4. Altazimuth


      I appreciate the support. Unfortunately this isn't the kind of issue that can really be mended, it just needs to be dealt with.

    5. esselfortium
  11. Yes it can, but -vanilla has a few caveats (e.g. not being preserved if you idclev or on saves). I would personally go with PrBoom+ (or GLBoom+, whichever is faster) or Crispy if I wanted to go for sheer performance whilst staying vanilla compatible. Both are great ports with superb performance, PrBoom+ being a Boom-compatible port with some extra stuff thrown in like some MBF features, and Crispy being a limit-removing port (though I'm not too familiar with what extra it brings to the table, as I haven't used it much).
  12. I know for a fact this caused an issue in one of the maps from Dimensions of The Boomed (but I sent Urthar a fix so that it looks the same in EE as it does in PRBoom+, which has been implemented). I'd be OK with an EMAPINFO option (that defaults to BOOM behaviour), though other approaches seem reasonable. Whatever is clean and fast.
  13. Well you could go with blue and gold theme (though maybe darken the hues a bit), which would match the logo whilst also not being extremely bright, or just a general dark theme. I'd at least like something that's responsive.
  14. I've been unable to pay much attention to this as I've been busy with university work. As I catch up I should be able to dedicate some time to Eternity.
  15. That's intended, see pic below of map open in GZDB, showing what is on the left of the screenshot in OP.