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  1. Looking at my in-progress maps like


    1. esselfortium


      Dang, three maps! Lookin good Alta

    2. Altazimuth


      I'd have edited the Doom Builder grid but blank on to the canvases, but I don't know how to achieve that with GIMP (or any similar image editor).

    3. Altazimuth
    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I love the clean layout. ;-)

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      This is me opening DB after my old HDD died. 

    6. Breezeep
  2. I like my pixels not looking like felt that a child haphazardly cut with a pair of safety scissors.
  4. Things have been on ice, mostly due to life stuff. I'll probably go around poking some people before the end of next week.
  5. I had considered the idea of angles, but angles in the Doom engine suck (in my opinion) and can be inconsistent with each other already, so I decided to go with what I felt was the more unambiguous solution. Any map editor considers x to increase as you go east, and y as you go north (same for co-ordinates in automap (usually? I dunno if any break that trend)). Ideally yes, but making this work in practice is a lot harder than it might seem, due to stuff like friction. Your point about 3D sectors is an exceptionally good call, and one I didn't think of.
  6. Sorry, didn't see your message until after I edited the first post, the case is there in the thinker, but nothing was implemented. Seems to be a holdover from Boom. Might just restrict the type to "none" and "visual". In ScrollThinker::Think() case ScrollThinker::sc_carry_ceiling: // to be added later
  7. Small quality-of-life change here, I decided to make some properties that let you scroll sectors without any line specials. Nothing is ratified yet, and I'd actually like to hear some input from one of the *ZDoom team, as this would be a nice feature that benefits end-users of both ports. Also, SCROLL_FLOOR AND SCROLL_CEILING VIA ACS WERE BROKEN BEFORE IN ETERNITY, THE SPEED IS NOW FIXED TO BE THE SAME AS ZDOOM'S. Properties so far: scroll_ceil_x: Double: A value of 1.0 is approximately one unit per second, using the same speed that ACS Scroll_Floor/Ceiling use (from ZDoom). scroll_ceil_y: Double: A value of 1.0 is approximately one unit per second, using the same speed that ACS Scroll_Floor/Ceiling use (from ZDoom). scroll_ceil_type: String: Either a value of "none" (default), "visual", "physical", or "both" (visual and physical) scroll_floor_x: Double: A value of 1.0 is approximately one unit per second, using the same speed that ACS Scroll_Floor/Ceiling use (from ZDoom). scroll_floor_y: Double: A value of 1.0 is approximately one unit per second, using the same speed that ACS Scroll_Floor/Ceiling use (from ZDoom). scroll_floor_type: String: Either a value of "none" (default), "visual", "physical", or "both" (visual and physical) The one thing I'm not hugely sure about is the type strings. Whilst I can't see us getting any more types of scrollers, it might be a tad short-sighted to have the "both" thing in there. A better name would be appreciated, if anybody can come up with one. Also, scroll_ceil_type doesn't really work for carrying, as it was a think killough wanted it but never implemented. It's DSTINK and warn you if you try to do so at the moment. Commit: Expect more small QoL changes to come in like this, as whilst UDMF is great for big sweeping changes (like our portals or ZDoom's slopes), I feel that both parties have neglected certain little things that can be done with UDMF properties. EDIT: Fixed some stuff Might tweak Scroll_Floor and Scroll_Ceiling to be a bool at some point, which would choose whether or not to override or add on.
  8. Odd advantage, PRBoom+ supports mp3 music; Eternity used to support it, but it apparently caused crashes. I think also it supports certain hi-res stuff that Eternity doesn't at the moment. When Vulkan was just released (as in days after) I toyed with the idea of a Vulkan renderer, but I'm way too much of a novice even now for that. A truecolour software renderer is in the cards, as the standalone Cardboard (Eternity's renderer) supports truecolour as well as paletted, though it's not as simple as just swapping stuff out (otherwise we'd have already done it). If I for some reason feel like taking the master's course at my university, I might try and make my 3rd year research project "transitioning software renderers to hardware" if they let me. I'm mostly a middle-end kinda guy though, so something that guts-y (not gutsy) would provide new as well as difficult. I have dealt with the renderer before though, so I'm not a total novice to it.
  9. When you have an exceptionally clear idea of what you want to do, in your head, but lack the ability to carry out any stage of the mapping process that would allow you to realise your ideas.
    So much care and effort went into this beautiful-sounding, carefully-crafted orgy of FM synth. Any misgivings I would have about using it are the fault of factors external to the mod itself (certain ports being unable to use it).
  10. @Rachael I'll document my Eternity porting process here, probably on this comment, so that people in the future can refer to it for some level of help. A small aside, one thing that bugs me about ZDoom, Eternity, and other such ports on Linux, is that many can't work their way into the package manager, due to copyright resources (most notably the Wolf 3D dog). A replacement of those assets with something using a permissive licence would be invaluable for the various ports that use them. EDIT: Seems to run reasonably fine out of the box, just gotta do the following before building with CMake using Unix Makefiles: setarch x86 pkgman install devel:libsdl_x86 pkgman install devel:libsdl_mixer_x86 pkgman install devel:libsdl_net_x86 pkgman install lib:libsdl_1.2_x86 pkgman install lib:libsdl_mixer_1.2_x86 pkgman install lib:libsdl_net_1.2_x86 Also had to grab hardware acceleration (see
  11. I've looked at Haiku in the past, and it certainly intrigued me. From my personal standpoint as a source port dev, I'd quite like to be able to get Eternity to work on Haiku, but it's a question of cost-benefit. How long initial porting takes and how long maintenance takes compared to how many users will even use the port on said OS is a huge deal, especially given there's other jobs that require doing, and that often have more tangible results. EDIT: Went to #haiku-3rdparty on Freenode; the (exceptionally helpful) person who was there said it might "just compile", given they already have working SDL1.2 and SDL2 ports, and gave some various advice one commands I need and such. Only thing I'm unsure about is MIDI synth. EDIT 2: Apparently Chocolate Doom got ported to Haiku already
  12. So you wanted some help with Eternity, be it mapping, modding, or even altering the code. You looked at the wiki but it didn't have exactly what you wanted, and you didn't feel like posting to the forums. Well there's a couple places just for situations like that, or if you want some help regardless, for when you'd rather have a live chat: #noteternityenginerelated on the OFTC IRC network: Webchat, IRC client irc:// (forum software nukes embedded links using irc protocol) Discord, for those averse to IRC Neither of these places are restricted purely to support, but if you need live help, those are where to go! (disclaimer: help and line are guaranteed, hotness is not)
  13. Silly thought: I kinda like the namespace "EEZD", because then it sounds like "easy dee". Not only does it guarantee one port's name doesn't eat the other when talking about it (as in spoken word) , but it kinda sounds like the "easy Doom" format. This does make me wonder though, stuff will get confusing if (hopefully when) we incorporate an 3DGE+ZDoom+Eternity format. 3ZDEE? 3EZ? 3EZ5ME? '3', 'E', and 'Z' all sound too similar (in English at least) to feasibly use in an initialism/acronym. Maybe just "zdoom-eternity" (or "eternity-zdoom", doesn't matter) would just be a better namespace. I want to make it clear, I don't want to bikeshed on this issue too much, I just want a long-term name that makes clear the ports it's aimed at regardless of how it's pronounced.
  14. My family and I have the most subjective house rules for Scrabble. "No stupid words" is the general gist, but this means no dumb words used once by a philosopher in 1492, no two letter words that aren't reasonable, proper nouns are strange territory, but if you want to play "Ezekiel" that's not gonna fly. English spelling. Dictionaries are only allowed to check spelling.