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  1. Altazimuth

    Making Eterntiy remember my FOV?

    ...No. Why? Why is this not saved? There are ways to autoload stuff but I dunno about specifics about optimal loading of console scripts. AFAIK you use the default.gfs file mentioned in this article to load a csc which specifics "r_fov 120". I'm about to make a commit that makes it so FoV is saved. EDIT: Done. Next DRDTeam build should have this as a thing that should be saved.
  2. Altazimuth

    Can't compile(Linux)

    Oh. Cool, thanks. The problem there might be related to MIDI being something of a nuisance on Linux IIRC. I'll need to make an EE-specific guide (though it'd be basically the same as Chocolate Doom or what have you) some day.
  3. @Noiser Is the issue with Eternity still present in the latest builds of D4V? If so could you give a brief description of what's wrong? I don't mean to be a bother but I'd really appreciate knowing where to start to look. Was it just that the vortex rifle wouldn't work if the DEHACKED lump present in the WAD was loaded?
  4. Please report issues like this in the EE subforum or Github. If this works in Choco and the like but not Eternity then something is wrong on our end. Do you have any idea what the issue is, or if newer versions fix it?
  5. Altazimuth

    Can't compile(Linux)

    No music? Uhhh... You still have the problem if you update to the latest git revision?
  6. Altazimuth

    Can't compile(Linux)

    I'll fix that. I didn't think that it'd actually compile the failed static_assert. Is that UB? I'll rejig those. I guess MSVC is just wrong. EDIT: Fixed it. Fucking MSVC accepting non-conforming code:
  7. *opens console* *types bind mouse3 mdk*
  8. Altazimuth

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Apples and Oranges aren't verbs, Graf.
  9. Altazimuth

    Can't compile(Linux)

    It's no issue. I apologise that you had to go through this in the first place. What does CMake still fail with after initing?
  10. Altazimuth

    Can't compile(Linux)

    I figured as much. OK you gotta run "git submodule init" on the command line. I'm concerned by the directory being present but empty, as it foils my check that the "adlmidi" directory exists that is supposed to check if the submodule is installed. Git is just too damn user-hostile.
  11. Altazimuth

    Can't compile(Linux)

    That's... odd. When I used CMake on windows libADLMIDI ended up in the appropriate place. libADLMIDI very much contains a CMakeLists.txt, and the submodule should be in "eternity/adlmidi". Does "eternity/adlmidi" not contain CMakeLists.txt? Additionally, the following should be in the CMakeLists.txt which means that static is the static library and the static library only should be built. option(libADLMIDI_STATIC "Build static library of libADLMIDI" ON) option(libADLMIDI_SHARED "Build shared library of libADLMIDI" OFF) I pushed a commit. Maybe it fixes it for you? I'm unsure. Please let me know.
  12. Altazimuth

    Can't compile(Linux)

    OK given you're on Arch you'll need to punch in following (assuming you're using sudo): sudo pacman -S sdl2_net You may also need "sdl2_mixer" installed. The issue is that you're missing the sdl2_net library on your system, which is required. Let me know if there's any other trouble.
  13. Altazimuth

    Doom 2 but it has Half-Life sound effects

    Really enjoying just casually using this, though it's also a nice reminder of the generality of some sfx in Doom (like the imp fireball noise).
  14. Altazimuth

    Eternity Now Has OPL3 Synthesis

    If anybody is curious then I'm willing to record MIDIs they might want to hear played back. Nothing too long please since it's a manual process of me just recording EE in Audacity and exporting to ogg.
  15. Altazimuth

    Eternity Now Has OPL3 Synthesis

    Now in DRDTeam builds is OPL3 synthesis using libADLMIDI. I'd apparently did the first commit regarding this on the 20th of Sept 2017, and spent a few very large gaps not working on it. Settings for this can be found on the first page of "Sound Options." Press enter when selecting "MIDI Device" to switch between default SDL_Mixer MIDI and libADLMIDI. OPL3 Emulator is what it says on the tin; DOSBox is the default since it's reasonably accurate and fast but @nukeykt's excellently accurate albeit less-fast Nuked OPL can be found to the left of DOSBox (1.7.4 and 1.8). OPL chip count is what it says on the tin as well, and increases number of channels allowed at the cost of more processing power required. The "Set OPL3 Bank..." option provides a massive alphabetically-sorted list of banks; I strongly suggest trying many out as they're pretty fun. You only need to load a new music track for your settings to come into effect rather than having to restart. Thanks to @Blzut3 for updating the DRDTeam SDL2 so quickly to 2.0.10 (at my request), @Aquila Chrysaetos for reminding me of an issue I needed to fix that fixing helped enable this, @Csonicgo for DMXOPL (the default bank) and being the primary person to remind me this is a thing I wanted to implement in the first place (and for pointing me in the direction of libADLMIDI), and finally Wohlstand (the creator of libADLMIDI) for libADLMIDI and providing direct support when I needed it.