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  1. Ahh crap this PAL monitor doesn't take NTSC signals properly, and I think I didn't set the horizontal correctly.


    1. EmotionalFelineinaMadstate


      DOOM II: Lost game footage that will haunt you for weeks!

    2. esselfortium


      It's good. Ship it!

  2. Transitioning Eternity to SDL2 is going swimmingly 781MdTr.png

  3. Building Eternity with Visual Studio got further improved.There's no batch scripts any more.


    Sometimes you need to just run away from a problem for several months to get the perspective you need.

  4. If you're looking for free static web hosting, there's Github Pages It's pretty alright.
  5. Some preliminary work had been done on Mordeth's want here:, though of course independent work on this issue is something I encourage, and would be more than happy if you were to get it working.
  6. Birthday was good. Here's an album of me with birds.


    1. esselfortium


      Glad you had a happy birdday!

    2. Pinchy
  8. Well technically if you just want a bunch of perimeter sectors and nothing further, you could reduce it to a single square, then use the stair builder.
  9. The newest DRDTeam build should fix the issue. Let us know if it does, and thanks for flagging this up with us.
  10. EE_FEATURE_MIDIRPC enables the midiproc stuff that post-XP Windows requires to separate MIDI volume from game volume.
  11. Secondary fire is a thing in Eternity's weapons-branch already, both with frame references (props attackstate2, flashstate2, holdstate2) and DECORATE frames (labels AltFire, AltFlash, AltHold). It needs more rigorous testing, but the first battery of tests went well enough that the extreme stress testing will occur later. No reload stuff yet, that'll probably either come later in the branch's life, or happen after the branch is merged in. Whilst I will happily listen to feature requests at this point, I can't promise anything about when I would be able to get to it (if I approve of the request). Feature requests are certainly welcome though, especially fun ones (as they help keep me motivated in between getting the less glamourous & more tedious stuff done).
  12. 2017/08/09, 11:40: Hello player->lookdir my old friend. I've come to fucking code around you again you awful awful awful piece of shit. 2017/08/09, 12:25: Kinda got mace fire working, but I can't figure out how to get Eternity's pitch translated to Heretic's lookdir. 2017/08/09, 19:45: Done with the poxy bloody wimpy mace. 2017/08/12, 14:25: Bloody big ballistic balls to barrage baddies are brought to the table (powered Firemace is working). 2017/08/12, 19:30: You can now give multiple ammos for a single weapon pickup (previously it was permitted, but didn't work). 2017/08/16, 00:20: The answer is in trees! Maybe a red-black tree for weapon counters, or an unbalanced binary search tree if I'm feeling lazy; perhaps a regular tree to start off then move it over to a self-balancing tree once I'm sure the system works. Also a skip list might work well for priorities, though I'm not sure if I'd what I'd decide what I want to promote to being higher in the list. 2017/08/16, 11:30: An AVL tree might also work for weapon priority, as it's well-suited to lots of searching but fewer mutations. 2017/08/16, 19:40: Implemented weapon priorities using an AVL tree. Moving and removing nodes after the fact isn't there yet, but at least Heretic doesn't cause the engine to crash when you run out of ammo for any weapon. 2017/08/17, 22:10: I fixed the saving and loading of readyweapon and pendingweapon. I also turned the AVL tree into a templated class, and might make counters use it too. 2017/08/18, 15:50: Weapon deltas now correctly impact selectionorder, as deletion from the AVL tree has been successfully implemented. 2017/08/19, 16:30: Weapon counters now partially work, but saving doesn't work for them. See the below gif below for Vapordemo's random frame jumping with counters in action. 2017/08/21, 13:00: Saving/loading weapon counters is now a thing. 2017/08/24, 14:00: The Heretic spinning tome and wings now correctly display. The speed of post-use artifact flash has been corrected. 2017/08/26, 02:35: You can now execute codepointers from artifacts (Heretic-style items). You define them as such: useaction <A_>SomeCodePointer (1, 2, three, "f o u r", ...) 2017/08/26, 13:35: I fixed a bug where useactions would cache actor and psprite references, and not end up being updated. Additionally, I semi-implemented the effect of the Chaos Device (the Heretic teleporter). 2017/08/26, 15:45: The Timebomb of the Ancients now has its useeffect working. 2017/08/31, 16:20: Added the ACS functions: GiveInventory, TakeInventory, and CheckInventory. 2017/08/31, 20:30: Oh fuck ZDoom has it so if the player is given a weapon given via GiveInventory, you get the ammo too. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. 2017/09/05, 13:15: The pickup system has been overhauled. You can specify a reference to a new shiny pickupeffect from within a thingtype, as well as us sprites. pickupitems are still there but should be considered deprecated once I'm done.
  13. Don't work on it. My shit's broken. Fixing. EDIT: I FIXED THAT SHIT. I feel like such a colossal fucking idiot.
  14. My main concern here hasn't been addressed. How far along is the actor definition, in relatively objective terms? What capabilities are planned for the initial phase, if any?
  15. Duly noted. See the below post for my reply to this, as the content of that being here would derail the thread.