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  1. Sorry for the bump, but the final release is on idgames; I have updated the first post with a link to it. Since the old version, various small tweaks have been made, and the format has moved from Doom+ExtraData to UDMF.
  2. OK, it's the summer (almost), the latest Eternity release has happened, should have some time to focus on this now. What do we need to do before going forward?
  3. Posting again so I can cordon off my personal opinions. This was a long time coming. The addition of UDMF or finishing portals on its own would be enough to warrant a new release, but also all the enhancements to portals? Goddamn monumental. This is a huge step forward in making Eternity more approachable and versatile. On the back-end stuff ACSVM is really cool, and I've really enjoyed working with that code. I can't wait to see what the future holds, and I'm proud to be on the team. I'm itching to make some bighuge contributions to master, as opposed to the small quality-of-life changes and bugfixes I've mostly been doing (stuff like interpolation for looking up/down, or flat scaling). Watch out world, EDF inventory and weapons are a comin', and Heretic will follow!
  4. It is an honour and my pleasure to announce that the newest release version of Eternity is now available: Readme File Official Win32 Build (XP or up, Visual C++ 2015 Runtime required) Official OSX Build Source Code: .zip, .tar.gz Documentation is available on the wiki
  5. Consider this an offshoot of the "Defining a new enhanced source port standard (Boom+/MBF+)" thread, which is a bit stuck in talk over thing definitions. Ideally smaller quality of life changes could be posted here, or just bringing up annoyances within Boom/MBF that could be fixed. This is an example of a problem that we could try and address. Let's try and break this down into sub-questions. What would the functionality of a sane version of a scroller look like, given that we stay in the Doom map format? How can we keep sane functionality without giving away too many special numbers (as this number is finite)? Now, I personally cannot think of easy answers to these questions. Bear in mind this is an open discussion, and this particular issue could be shelved whilst other people come forward with their gripes with the standard, and we try and solve them.
  6. Whilst I echo essel's question, I do wonder; what makes the rewriting of Eternity's libConfuse code more-work/less-appealing than rewriting DECORATE's parser? From my point of view the libConfuse seems appealing as it's already a library, and the processing code looks to be easy enough to read. I do want to make myself totally clear that I don't want this to end up a tug-of-war over which advanced source port has to bring in the new code to parse the new/revised content definition standard. As an aside, I am somewhat perturbed that the thread is back to this thing definition malarkey again; it makes me wonder if somebody should try and split off the "issues with BOOM/MBF that could do with fixing" or the "thing definition" conversations into their own threads. EDIT: Wait, isn't PrBoom+ GPLv2+ anyways? Why is Eternity's libConfuse code being GPL a negative when all the code that would surround it is GPL?
  7. I'd chip in my two cents on DECORATE-lite and EMAPINFO and whatever, but honestly I think that fretting about this now is overcomplicating everything. If we keep on stressing over large sweeping changes at first then this whole idea will come apart due to conflict between the various source-port devs (if they're not chased off by the conflict before that). I think it would be a better idea to try and come to a compromise about the big features for the future whilst focusing on the small features for the now. I'm in total agreement with fraggle's post on page 4: Before we pimp our car to a level that would make Xzibit blush we should take it to the mechanic and fix anything that isn't working as well as it should. Let's get a discussion going about the small things in BOOM/MBF that are problematic and try to fix them, before making big sweeping changes.
  8. 2017/04/27, 18:20: Merged weapons-branch-volatile back into weapons-branch. Going to be working more on stability, fixes, and refinement of what's already there. The Firemace and powered Blaster can be handled later. 2017/05/18, 11:20:
  9. Plenty of awesome ones here that I agree with, but here's a couple that I don't think have been mentioned yet. Edward's avatar always makes me chuckle: Darch's avatar is just plain cool:
  10. Great question, thanks for asking. Whilst I would like to get Hexen weapons in, we'll need to finish off Heretic support, remove hard-coding of actual picking up of items, and make sure all the demo compat stuff is ok, first. What you want to know: I'd personally love to get working on Hexen weapons after the prior mentioned work, but it is something that the team will approach with caution, due to the unstable nature of some of the Hexen codepointers. There's a reason why a_hexen.cpp (the Hexen codepointers file) is #if 0'd out at the moment, and most of the functions filled with // HEXEN_TODO. EDIT: I misread the question. I might try get in some of the codepointers before all the other stuff is done, but it will need deliberation. Some of them do seem quite useful.
  11. It certainly should be possible, I recall doing it with Msys2 a while ago (early this year or late last year?) but don't remember much else.
  12. 2017/04/14, 23:50: Yet another doublepost, which coincides with another major breakthrough. Inheritance is semi-working! The colon syntax isn't working for a mysterious reason. Below is a weapon that inherits from the pistol, but turns into a shotgun when shot. This comes after a major overhaul of weaponinfo processing; hopefully DECORATE states should come next. 2017/04/15, 00:25: Colon syntax is working, don't work with pointers past your bed-time, kids. 2017/04/15, 13:25: Weapondeltas are now implemented. 2017/04/15, 18:15: Another major breakthrough, but I ain't tripleposting; here's DECORATE states: 2017/04/15, 20:05: Managed to define the Heretic gold wand, but the puffs aren't working for some reason. Here's the video of that: 2017/04/15, 20:20 Figured it out, but need the go-ahead from Quasar. 2017/04/16, 22:00: Hold states are implemented, and now the shells of every wimpy Heretic weapon is in.
  13. 2017/04/14, 13:45: More gif goodness, just messing around with actual frame defintions, though in the end this'll be done with DECORATE state syntax.
  14. 2017/04/12, 22:40: Double posting because major breakthrough: Got Heretic weapons partially working, you can see me select non-melee (melee crashes atm) and it updates the ammo image in the gif below:
  15. Some preamble: So you may have heard me ranting on about it, but I've been gradually pegging away at EDF weapons. In the wake of a personal tragedy last week, I went to see my doc and she told me I should take a break and rest, and working on Eternity is my version of rest. Since yesterday I've been making rapid progress, and now have some stuff that I can show off. Below is a clip showcasing EDF weapons, in which I've messed around with the attackstate and upsounds of weapons. Later on I'll make a video sf something that actually looks more like a demo of a weapon, and less like I just kinda threw stuff at the wall and wanted to see what'd stick. TODO: Fix counters Remove temporary hard-coding (partially done, a lot to go) Remove old hard-coding (partially done) Implement deltas Hook weapongivers and their ammo given up to weapons (done, except for ammo given) Add Heretic weapon codepointers (70% done) Allow picking up of new weapons (big end-goal) Implement inheritance Add DECORATE state syntax support Automate generation of weapon trackers Probably other stuff I'm forgetting I'll be updating this post semi-frequently. Times are BST (hopefully we'll not see GMT before this is finished). If you have any questions, please ask and I'll be more than happy to answer. 2017/04/10, 15:45: I might stream some development in the evening today at, depending on how long passover drags. I'll update if that's the case. I plan on making weapon tracking work with EDF, instead of the old method. 2017/04/11, 01:00: I just finished streaming, forgot to update the thread with that, but the VOD is available. I managed to gut the old tracking system (i.e. an array of bools) and replace it with tracker artefacts that are tied to the weaponinfo: 2017/04/12, 14:35: IDKFA and IDFA will now give the player weapons of only their class, as opposed to ALL weapons: You still can't switch to those weapons, but I'm hoping to get that done by the end of the day. 2017/04/12, 17:45: You should be able to define brand new weapons and cheat them in now.