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  1. I assure you, there were cutscenes before in Doom mods long before UDMF. ACS is what lets you do that. See: Void, Super Sonic Doom, Imp Encounter, etc. EDIT: Forgot about SMMU, which let you do stuff like this via FraggleScript, and it didn't even have Hexen format.
  2. It's a pangolin! I'm not sure on genus or species though.
  3. Not yet. I need to, because the text input handling is something I gotta check. EDIT: Well it's in master now. I did test text input handling.
  4. What do you mean by this? I'm able to enable fullscreen either by manually editing the geom string, or setting "Favorite Screen Mode" to "Fullscreen", then doing "Choose a mode..." Are you referring to the kinda "fake" fullscreen? I can change that if people want it changed. The fake fullscreen is documented here under SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP:
  5. OK so I have this weird-ass bug where eventually SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_JOYSTICK) doesn't just not fail, but the program hangs on it. Like mysteriously even the version that worked earlier today that I compiled has stopped working.
  6. EDIT: I still have to have the #if EE_CURRENT_PLATFORM == EE_PLATFORM_WINDOWS SDL_setenv("SDL_AUDIODRIVER", "directsound", true); #endif otherwise all sound effects are pitched too high. Anybody else get that?
  7. Looks like there's gonna be SDL2_mixer 2.0.2 which is updated for 2.0.6+.
  8. It's just EE but SDL2. Beta 1 changes that I can remember: It's SDL2 now, which is nice. The "unicodeinput" config variable is gone. All text input is UTF-8. A new console variable "displaynum" exists, and lets you set what display the window is created on when you run Eternity. A new console command "maxdisplaynum" has been added, that tells you the largest number that displaynum is allowed to be. Apparently this fixes some mouse bug under the most recent major Windows 10 update? -directx and -gdi are no longer a thing, as the "directx" and "windib" displays drivers are gone, and in their place is just "windows". Beta 2 Changes: 8in32 and software bitdepth are gone. Version name has been updated. SLD 2.0.7 and mixer 2.0.2 are now being used. Beta 3 Changes: Horizontal mouse scrolling is no longer erroneously read as scrolling up. True fullscreen is now default. Desktop fullscreen is now a geom flag, "d" for "desktop" (requires "f" as well). displaynum can now be easily modified from the menu. It even wraps around if you go left or right all the way! Under Windows, the "winmm" audio driver is used now, instead of "directaudio". Changes before merge to master Added fullscreen toggle Fixed chat not working in netgames ProTip: If you use the ETERNITYUSER environment variable, I'd back up your contents of that before getting this, as it'll mess with a few settings. All you need is Windows (XP sp 3+?) something to extract the 7z and the Visual C++ 2015 (update 3) runtime installed and you're good to go. Beta 1 Beta 2 Beta 3 Please please please report any and all bugs you find in here or on GitHub.
  9. As a developer trying to write a generalised system of weapons and items for EE that encapsulates Doom and Heretic: Heretic is WAY heavier on specific one-off hacks in the engine. Stuff like the tomed blaster projectile, or tomed phoenix rod in general, or tomed skull rod's cloud. The morph system is also another big pain in the arse. These behaviours are cool in Heretic, but a huge thorn in an implementor's side when you want to make it tidy and clean and part of a larger whole.
  10. You need a SLADE 3 beta. That has EE UDMF.
  11. Old stuff is all Doom format. EE's UDMF isn't too special, though we don't have a documented spec yet of exactly what is and isn't there. If there's anything that you dunno what ExtraData feature maps to what UDMF property, let me know and I'll be more than happy to help.
  12. This bug has been reported by fraggle, which apparently is an amalgam of issues and I also spotted this when I switched to SDL2.0.6 release for Eternity on the SDL2 branch. It's worth noting that I found this post, which seemingly managed to fix the bug when I applied the code therein (#if guarded so it only executes on Windows):
  13. There is a resource wad that includes all the Doom 1 textures that Doom 2 doesn't have.
  14. Ahh crap this PAL monitor doesn't take NTSC signals properly, and I think I didn't set the horizontal correctly.


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