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  1. Cacatou

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thanks! That was it
  2. Cacatou

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm looking for this WAD from a few years back which was an amalgam of all the Doom maps from E1 to E3. It wasn't exact copy-pastes of the maps and I believe it used Doom 2 monsters etc and was quite difficult. It wasn't Memorial.wad but somewhat similar in concept.
  3. Cacatou

    Maps you're stuck on thread

    Heh. I made demos for practically every level apart from that one. If I recall correctly, j4rio made a wadfix but he changed a lot of the maps and from what I remember, they became insanely hard. Also a couple of maps can't be completed in PrBoom, from what I remember, you can't finish MAP13 and MAP14 because the exit button can't be pressed because it has a linedef right in front of it. Basically every map where my run is a GZDoom run on Doomedsda is one that had some PrBoom issues. Good luck with your run though.
  4. Why not a map with an inaccessible platform with a shootable exit switch on it? The player starts at a platform on the opposite end with a clear view of the switch in NoMonsters. In UV place a cyberdemon that can't be moved in front of the switch. The player has no way to reach the platform and needs to shoot the switch and doesn't have enough ammo to kill the cyberdemon.
  5. Cacatou

    What makes maps keyboarder-unfriendly?

    As a keyboarder, I've got to say that after experience pretty much everything becomes simple enough. The only complaints I have are when there are really precise strafe-50 jumps (generally take a few tries), or platforming like HR MAP31 (one of the worst map sections I've ever attempted). Even generally roaming with SR50 and rocket jumping are doable albeit with a lot more effort. I feel that people who play with mouse tend to overestimate how difficult it is to play with keyboard only because the shift from mouse to keyboard seems really drastic.
  6. Cacatou


    You do know that a forum is meant for discussion right? When someone posts a thread, it isn't just for their opinion, it's meant to start a discussion. Otherwise, you could say the same about the people defending Brutal Doom. People were "bashing" Brutal Doom but that doesn't mean they're obligated to defend it. I'm not against Brutal Doom in the least, it's just another mod that I don't play. The plain fact is that it was the fans of Brutal Doom who made bullshit claims like the fact that "ZDoom and Zandronum are the only two source ports that matter" which is absolute tripe. Also just repeatedly claiming that this is a circle jerk makes it look like you have no real points to make and are here just to bash the community for holding opinions different from yours.
  7. Cacatou


    I think the problem isn't really with the Brutal Doom mod or anything. It's just the fans. It's as though every once in a while a fan will post a thread about it here and expect others to share his opinion. When they don't, a huge shitfest begins and that's why these threads just end up helled. As for Brutal Doom as a mod, Doomworld isn't really noted for being a place that goes gaga about mods. A lot of people here just prefer Doom as it is and bullshit claims like "Brutal Doom is what Doom should/would have been" don't really help your point. They just make you look like a deluded fanboy.
  8. I'd recommend Alien Vendetta MAP07, MAP30-owait Honestly it'd be: Alien Vendetta: MAP25 Plutonia 2: MAP28 and MAP29 Scythe 2: MAP27 PRCP: MAP15 Vanguard: MAP10
  9. PRCP was definitely a great mapset. But I just loved the ending maps of Plutonia 2. It felt more like it retained the true spirit of Plutonia and PRCP seemed like it sometimes tried a bit too hard to replicate the feel.
  10. Cacatou

    Wads balanced for TAS'ing.

    Personally PL2 is what came to mind given how many tricks were intentionally put in for speedrunning. As for the damaging floor idea for IWADs, I believe it'd be possible to make a Dehacked patch that causes the player to lose 10 health every second. But I'd love to see some the ideas mentioned come to fruition.
  11. Honestly, I'd disagree a lot on the gameplay progression. I really enjoyed being forced to use the weapons I tend to ignore as it made gameplay far more interesting. But then again I enjoy really tough maps, the only complaint I have with MAP06 is that the four Masterminds are on crushers but I think the central area should also have a crusher. Played so far till halfway through MAP10 and my only complaint might be that the new Zombie Elites seem slightly too fast in firing. I'd make them a bit more bulky instead cause they often seem to get caught up infighting.
  12. Cacatou

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    It's a testament to Ty. Even the lack of stories tells about his character. Someone who worked and ran everything so efficiently that he often fell behind the scenes. The kind of person who would really be missed when they're gone.
  13. Loved Doom 2 and tried this out. Halfway through MAP04 and I've got to say that it's really good. It has enough expansion and differences to be its own mapset but has enough similarities to still be Doom 2. It's amazing and I hope you finish it soon.
  14. Cacatou

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    A community always feels the pain of its members. Ty was a constant in Doomworld, ever-present and always working. He truly was an essential pillar of the community. Thank you Ty.
  15. Cacatou

    An idea worth spreading?

    Anyways Hexen already had keys bound for a lot of the items. From memory: 5 - Icon of Defender 6 - Porkalator 7 - Banishment Device 8 - Chaos Device 9 - Disc of Repulsion 0 - Flechette Backspace - Use All Items \ - Quartz Flask