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  1. Why you kill us all Pavera!
  2. My memory is a bit fuzzy at this point remembering what I did in my doom playthrough's 20 years ago but I recall the layouts of many maps and the fact I was a big fucking cheater. Map too hard? IDDQD. Map too confusing? fuck it IDCLEV. Coming back to doom in around 2011 it become apparent to me that I didn't even know some of the maps in doom 2. I never played them before because I skipped straight over them with cheats...... Did you make it all the way through doom as a kid or were you as much of a filthy cheater as I?
  3. Maps 4-6 are a total slaughter this month.
  4. Any updates on d3 phobos?
  5. twitch.tv/kingdime BTSX E1 Final
  6. twitch.tv/kingdime Rottking's vinesauce map + more BTSX E1 Final
  7. I had to put it in an_mutt to rile you up :) toss me a better quick and dirty explanation of your doom stream!
  8. A real post for once in the stream thread, I attempted to filter out the inactive streams on the front page and add in new streams that are currently active. I mostly just checked the last page or two of the thread, please send me a message if you intend to be an active doom streamer and secondly if I accidentally removed you from page 1 but are still indeed an active streamer. Secondly, I created a twitch team page a while back called ultraviolence a while back to consolidate the doom streamers into a single area to be easy to find. If you want to be part of this team don't hesitate to ask. I'll place this update in the front post for a few days so it doesn't get left in the dust by the activity of the thread. Keep on running fast and killing monsters!
  9. twitch.tv/kingdime Ironman Challenge
  10. twitch.tv/kingdime Can we beat the alfonzo?
  11. Wrong, underhalls is the best doom 2 map. Short, punchy and the first time you got to pick up the SSG!
  12. Feels good that im not the only one. Last 2 ironman months I've died to a cyberdemon rocket instead of my own.
  13. twitch.tv/kingdime Starting off with disjunction.wad
  14. twitch.tv/kingdime Doom 4 Challenge Run, No BFG
  15. Doom difficulty is a weird topic because I've watched many players stream the game for the first time with vast amounts of FPS experience. Some will figure out the game mechanics quickly, others get their ass handed to them. Doom 1 and Doom 2 were never difficult games in comparison to the build engine FPS games that came out a few years later, with the notable exception of nightmare difficulty. But as a kid using only a keyboard back when I was 6 or 7 years old playing doom was damn hard. So difficult in fact that I would cheat my way to the end of missions. What attracted me to doom 20 years later to come back and try the mods? What does doom bring to the table that allows it to sustain itself with such a large community? -An extremely diverse enemy roster complete with area denial attacks, splash damage and monsters that force offensive tactics to succeed. The pain elemental and archvile are genius creations that change up how a doom marine tackles an encounter. -Interesting assortment of fun and iconic weapons. -Killing feels great. (Nothing is more satisfying than destroying 50-100 hitscanners in a few rockets.) -Fast and fun movement to guide your way through encounter. -Superb looking sprites and art style.