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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/kingdime BloodStain.wad
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/kingdime Tarnsman's Suitcase
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/kingdime Stardate 20x7 final release
  4. Well of Souls choice from plutonia is solely because of the invisible bridge. Lets assume plutonia is the hardest content you have faced up to this point. The wall closes behind you and you face off with 2 long range revenants and 4 cacodemons converge on your position. If you freak out and move forwards you bleed out on the damaging floor or get killed over and over in the encounter. It's a very tricky and claustrophobic fight for an uninitiated player. Then you need to figure out the invisible bridge mechanic. Either you get the puzzle off the bat or you fumble around like an idiot for 10 minutes. Your reward for this puzzle? Aztec.......
  5. Human BBQ is a tricky map in the IWAD's, specifically the room with the backpack in the water area is a bit dickish with the chaingunners that can float along the room and getting ambushed with the pain ele + pinkies. Plus I think you can unleash an additional chaingunner by a shoot trigger on the higher section. You'll be shooting chaingunners that hang out there and randomly unleash another monster closet.
  6. Even if i spectacularly survived Vae Victis 1, I doubt it would be much faster than a 1:35:00 or 1:40:00 + compatibility issues on map 3 regardless. Having any previous experience is most helpful on map 6 VV1. I started to explore a bit after dying and still didn't really figure out the progression for caverna fiesta.
  7. www.twitch.tv/kingdime Vae Victus Ironman, Will Malcom and Dumont finish off canada or can i sneak ahead of alfonzo's survival time.
  8. www.twitch.tv/kingdime Vae Victus Ironman, Will Malcom and Dumont finish off canada or can i sneak ahead of alfonzo's survival time.
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/kingdime Mayhem 2017
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/137659585 April Ironman! Did i defeat alfonzo? Or can i take a decent lead on him for 2017.
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/kingdime Mayhem 2016 + ironman challenge + Fveitsi single maps
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/kingdime Mayhem 2016 + ironman challenge
  13. 10p: Breach.wad (Single best doom map I have encountered) 9p: Lunatic.wad (Short and Sweet set of 5 maps that are too much fun) 8p: D2TWID (Lovely set of vanilla maps) 7p: Valiant.wad (More of the above, I find lunatic's maps more fun on average. Ep 4 bogs down a bit in valiant) 6p: Unholy Realms (Lot of doomers don't have this one on their radar, but fucking love blasting through UR) 5p: Pirate Doom (Can't compliment it enough, only reason it's not top 3 is weapon balancing issues) 4p: Sunlust.wad (I think ribbiks maps sadly get underrated from me since "slaughter") 3p: Scythe.wad (While the 2nd iteration is fun, the first is entertaining besides 2 maps. S2 has a shit end imo) 2p: Memento Mori 2 (old school maps and a kicking soundtrack to boot) 1p: BTSX Ep 1 (It's telling how much fun shit is released by you mappers when BTSX is last on my list.)
  14. GDQ's are application based. The runner puts in a run pitch, it's not the organizer's finding runners.
  15. Was inviting naegleria my worst or best idea for Evo of the Wad, I can't decide to this day.