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  3. Enjoyed the fun matches I had over the years with demonsphere in quake and doom, I got rocked in nearly every match but who cares when you're chatting it up and having a good time with an awesome individual like DS. My favorite memory concerning DS was convincing him to continue his ultra-nightmare doom 4 run late into the evening after we both had admittedly consumed a few drinks. Demon pulls up his run a in the advanced research complex before you get the BFG. Poor demon botches the grab and falls into the pit after over correcting his landing. We laughed and joked about the situation for another hour until demonsphere mentioned that UNM runs would be strictly a sober affair from now on. Demon persevered and got his UNM completion a few days later. RIP Demonsphere, you will be dearly missed.
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  5. That Caco avvy is adorable!

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      It's alright. :3

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  14. Well of Souls choice from plutonia is solely because of the invisible bridge. Lets assume plutonia is the hardest content you have faced up to this point. The wall closes behind you and you face off with 2 long range revenants and 4 cacodemons converge on your position. If you freak out and move forwards you bleed out on the damaging floor or get killed over and over in the encounter. It's a very tricky and claustrophobic fight for an uninitiated player. Then you need to figure out the invisible bridge mechanic. Either you get the puzzle off the bat or you fumble around like an idiot for 10 minutes. Your reward for this puzzle? Aztec.......
  15. Human BBQ is a tricky map in the IWAD's, specifically the room with the backpack in the water area is a bit dickish with the chaingunners that can float along the room and getting ambushed with the pain ele + pinkies. Plus I think you can unleash an additional chaingunner by a shoot trigger on the higher section. You'll be shooting chaingunners that hang out there and randomly unleash another monster closet.