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  1. cortlong50


    update. still working on this. just finishing one more map and tightening up the project a bit. here aresome shots of the PBR that ive added. im not gonna over-do it because it doesnt mesh well with doom sprites...but in small doses i think its fantastic. https://imgur.com/a/BWdjo6e
  2. hey man, i just saw a photo of d3retro with parallax mapping (here 


    i was wondering if you ever released a d3retro with normal maps.

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    2. cortlong50


      have you ever considered just converting the original normal maps from doom 3? that would definitely speed up the process.

    3. hidfan


      yes, the tedious tasks I identified are
      1-to rematch doom3 texture names with D3RetroTex names.
      (using substance tools to generate a heightmap from those normal maps would be an "easy" way to get decent displacement too.)
      2-write all shader/texture files.

    4. cortlong50


      for sure huh? generating with the normals would make things way easier.


      i actually have an idea for the texture files (like scaling for instance) that could make it insanely easy. we use the original texture file you made (that was probably a huge pain in the ass by the way, and i respect your work haha)  we add // to the end of each texture name (we as in i can do it :) ) and then we add NO or SP to the file name (designating spec or normal maps) using notepad++ to automatically add it to the end of the file extensions with // at the end of it.

      then go abck through and remove the // automatically with  the replace function.  it would cut down on time big time. hopefully that makes sense.


      the hardest part is matching the names though...thats a pain in the ass hahaha. 

  3. hey man, you were asking about height maps/parallax mapping in september with the doom3 textures...i was wondering what pack you were using. thanks.

    1. thomascreasap


      i nee doom3 map pack sing play


  4. cortlong50

    Doom 3 PBR textures

    hopefully this isnt too crazy of a bump but i ran this PK3 and absolutely no textures are changed. its really weird. not even the alpha maps. its all just vanilla textures. i got DSC to run (if you can call it that) and confirmed I can run materials in GZDOOM, but further testing has proven useless. i downloaded your pack to see if it could render them and your file organization....but theyre not even showing in game. any help?
  5. cortlong50


    this isnt dead. in fact itll never die. ive just been busy and in kind of a "damn...i am having mappers block" spell right now. it happens, ill keep chipping away until the creativity comes back i do this all the time...like three months of nothing then 40 hour weeks working on it for two months. is what it is...i cant force it. here are some screens to justify this random bump.
  6. cortlong50

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    Would you be interested in working on PBRing with me? I’d love to do that for at least a few textures to play with.
  7. cortlong50

    Cohesive wads/megawads

    back to saturn. there was a reeeeally dope hub based level that i cant for the life of me remember...but im searching now
  8. okay...so Swift Death is an absolute masterpiece. Holy shit. how have i not played this before? like the amount of thought and precision ot takes to play it shows how much thought and precision went into making it. its shit like this where i spend two weeks making one room and im like "but this speedrunning wad is still better."
  9. cortlong50

    Cola 3: The Soda of Style

    this is the weirdest idea ever...and like any other god damn thing you make im gonna download it. not busting your balls...but have you ever considered a super serious weapon pack?
  10. i see a lot of great ideas so far (that were totally shit on) but let me give you my two cents. immersion is a great difficulty enhancer. a map that i can normally burn right through is exponentially harder when i feel sucked into it. eternal was great at this...not really difficult maps...but really immersive maps that made you feel like you were in there and introduced monsters with a feeling of "holy shit what is that" even though youve seen them a thousand times. that feeling of surprise is something a lot of people neglect either by making platforming "vanilla" maps or slaughtermaps....the former im okay with but i fuckin turn off slaughtermaps mad quick. if the first room opens four doors and you get jumped from both sides im out. so you should look at getting into peoples heads and making them feel claustrophobic or boxed in, or like theyre being hunted...coupled with careful resource placement and youll see their play style change and theyll play with less "blow everything away" and more "oh shit its going down". you can shoot that down all you want but thats definitely something ive noticed changes my playstyle and something my entire mapset is predicated on. also spawning a chaingunner behind the player to chew down their health doesnt hurt. but to be honest ive had a hard time making maps harder with the normal shit...so i have to play mind games. one thing ive learned though is using enemies for their purpose. want some shit to mow down? imps and zombies. little hitscan action? Sgts and chaingunners (especially good for ranging you and making you shuck and jive to get to them) wanna get the player moving? demons and lost souls are good for backing someone up...especially after some down town...they turn a corner and theyre getting rushed by some demons. pain elementals are great for this as well obviously. i try to avoid placing them in open areas or shit gets out of hand. wanna set your player up against something heavy and play smart? burn their ammo with easy enemies and set them up against a bruiser. two hellknights and a baron is a great challenge. spawning in a shitload of spiders is a good way to get them in an arena setting. they end up running around in circles...coupled with some other enemies and you have infighting and some good shit happening. cacodemons, mancubus and turreted revenants can break up the tedium when fighting simpler enemies (revenants also a good way to kinda say "back up" after opening a door. ETC. sounds like you need to kinda figure out what you wanna do...and if doom doesnt have enough of that for you, play a different game. I still love all the mechanics and the enemies present enough of their own challenge i dont mind the "same ol same ol" suck your player in with a good map...and then blow their fuckin face off with well placed enemies and scarce resources. straight up.
  11. cortlong50

    Post a picture of yourself!

    “It’s not just a gun. It’s not just a phone. Its a gun phone. Coupled with our ishoe you can now basically do the same thing you did with the iPhone. Only on your foot or in the middle of a firefight. Truly revolutionary.
  12. cortlong50

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I underwent a surgery that improved my aerodynamics so I can run up to 30 miles per hour.
  13. hellground. the whole thing. also anything by corfiatis. valhalla is also a banger.
  14. great map, had quite a bit of fun blasting through this one. did so with a mod setup of my own (it felt right considering it was a little more realistic map,and my mod is geared a little towards realism). difficulty ramps up immediately which is usually how i like it. only really "unfair" part was when all the demons rush you on the catwalk after you raise the tracks platform. but doable. other than that it was dope and even that was dope. showed me how to use some of the textures i havent really managed to fit in yet with the D3 textures as well. ONLY advice i have is there are some empty rooms that are just squares with repeating textures...spice em up to the level of the rest of the rooms which are jaw dropping. also you use a TON of dark rooms (after my own heart) but that really gives you a chance to get some shadow filled rooms with a single point of light that could REALLY spice up some of the visuals which are already killer. id say give it a shot...if thats not your thing thats fine. id really like to do a collaboration with you man. we could really make some good shit. if youre interested in seeing my project (this isnt a plug or at least i hope it doesnt come off that way) search SVNHRNS/SVNEYES, shoot me a message and lets make some creepy stuff.
  15. cortlong50

    How to make Earth interesting in a Doom sequel.

    im doing UAC headquarters, GET YOUR OWN IDEA! just kidding. but seriously...kidding. but seriously. you can literally make it like you were a guy stuck in a building that is under siege by demons...there are a million ideas man. thats exactly how i felt and decided to do the response team to the original disaster. because id love to see something happening parallel to the doomguy. holy shit thats a good idea, if nobody is picking that up...im doing it for my next map pack. (maybe even a cameo from pauley shore)