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  1. Update #5 The game is finally slowly approaching completion. Here are some new informations/plans/screenshots: General info 3/4 of the mod is currently finished (or 3 islands of 4). The finished mod will have 72 maps (this includes intro maps, outro maps, cutscene maps, secret maps and multiplayer maps) divided into 14 chapters/hubs (the first one had 60 maps and 11 chapters) with two slightly different stories depending on which rebel group the player chooses to stay in. The difficulty settings have changed a bit - currently it has 3 - very easy, easy and standart. In very easy mode ambushes are much easier to deal with, health items are used automatically to avoid dying and keys are shown on the map. In easy mode ambushes are easier, keys are shown on the map and on standart ambushes are as intended and above mentioned bonuses are not available. Recieved damage, numbers of items in maps remains the same in all of them. Beta testing/release date The mod shoud be finished by the end of this year and the testing should begin in late December/early January but due to the lenght of the mod I do not know how long the testing will last (and how many people will participate in). But I think the mod should be out in the 1/4 of 2021. Voice acting ? Since this is a story focused mod with a lot of dialogues in text form I´m thinking about including voice acting to spice things up. I had already asked a few friends of mine who worked with me on the original SOTP for Stranded II and they said yes, so I am curious where this will end up. New pickup/inventory message system It is slightly more advanced than the original, which i found to be rather dull and very hard to change in my case. Besides telling the player what he/she picked up it also warns the player when the inventory slots are full. In case of full inventory the surplus item/weapon is dropped on the ground, where it can be picked up again later on. The messages are also bigger and use a different font. Lockpicking minigame A simple acs minigame which I originaly wrote as an experiment for myself. Since it works rather well I decided to add it into the mod. The goal is to press a key when the number in the box changes to 10. If the player makes a mistake, the whole table resets and the player has to start all over again. New screenshots from various maps:
  2. Kloki38

    Old Trash Game Recommendations?

    The Fortress of dr. Radiaki https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/fortress-of-dr-radiaki Or anything made with Pie in the sky engine.
  3. Kloki38

    Old Trash Game Recommendations?

    Yes, it does - Alone in the Dark 1 and 2, Wolfenstein 3D, Quarantine, Myst, Robinson's Requiem, Wing Commander, Poe'd,Need for Speed, Killing Time The Horde,Rebel Assault...
  4. Kloki38

    Doom version 1.1 Disk

    As was previously said, this is just a worthless copy/backup of the original floppies. The original floppy version has 4 disks, Ultimate has 5. The original releases of Doom don´t have any form of copy protection, so at the time it was very easy to copy it (and then give the backup to somebody). In the 90´s not a lot of people cared about whether the game they are playing is a pirated copy or not - it was a different era.
  5. Kloki38

    do you know any doom wad/mod or retro FPS that has dragons?

    The only other retro fps with dragons I am aware of is Witchaven. Besides that there is also a first person dragon riding simulator called "Dragonstrike" from 1990.
  6. Kloki38

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    WIP ancient egyptian styled maps for
  7. Kloki38

    The Waterfront

    For 1995 standards the level has very good visuals, okay custom gfx and above average level design. The map itself is not very big, but it´s still fun to play.
  8. Kloki38

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I am looking for a wad/map I played a long time ago. It was made probably between 2005 - 2010 for Skulltag. The map took place in some kind of an abandoned/ruined city filled with demons. You started in small room with a teleporter, which took you into the city. The wa had new enemies like the fallen one from realm667. The plot had something to do with doomguy's nightmares. The main track of the map was the same midi used in the first map in Temple of the Lizardmen 2. EDIT: Finally found it. It´s called Doomdream.
  9. Update #4 Not really a proper update, but I decided to update the old demo version (It did not work correctly in the latest version of GZDoom). Fixed a few unpleasant bugs and added a couple of things from the dev. build, like proper full screen hud, new pistol and a few new sprites. Link is in the first post.
  10. Today I switched to the latest version of GZDoom (I was using 4.3.3) and noticed that in every map with a camera GZDoom writes this in the console: AimingCamera (id of the camera): Can't find TID 0. 0 always was a default value, so did something change or it's a bug ? EDIT: nvm, this version of GZDoom does not like empty camera values.
  11. @Graf Zahl Sorry to bother you,but how can I fix it ?
  12. No, not at all. The only reason I set it as a puzzleitem is because I could not figure out another proper way how to make an unusable inventory item.
  13. I have a problem with this decorate. I made a coin players can use in shops to buy stuff. I set the inventory max amount to 99, but it only works fine in single player. In MP all players can only pick up one coin and the rest is ignored/can´t be picked up. ACTOR coin1 : puzzleitem 20059 { Inventory.PickupMessage "coin" Inventory.PickupSound "coin" Inventory.Icon "COINA0" Inventory.MaxAmount 99 scale 0.3 +Inventory.alwayspickup States { Spawn: COIN A -1 loop } }
  14. I think it was arround 2003/2004 when I was 6/7 years old. It was a shareware copy from a shovelware cd my dad bought a long time ago (I still have it,it's called Gigapack vol. 1). It also has shareware versions of Heretic, Wolfenstein 3D, Raptor, Duke Nukem 3D... I played them with my dad - and we finished most of them. We also had pirated Doom 2, which we did not finish at that time, because we got stuck/lost in the downtown map and he did not know what to do (he hates that map to this day :D).