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  1. Okay, after the fiasco in Decino´s latest video I decided to fix map20 myself since the submitted fixes went horribly wrong. I don´t know why was the overall design of the contraption changed so much that it can break - according to comments it can cause HOMs, the linedefs with the crucial anti softlock sideswitches FLIPPED and textures of 2 of the 3 shootables switches changed. It kinda feels like a bad joke bth. The damage is already done though... Anyway here is the fixed version made from my saved copy. Tested in Crispy Doom. MAP20_FIX_DEFINITIVE.7z
  2. @Engired One more thing - I noticed that the names of my maps are different - is this intentional ? Were the original names too long ?
  3. Happy to see the project finally finished. BTW @Engired you used the old version of my MAP29 - it has a couple of texture displacements and a few bugs. The fixed version is on page 12 - https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/127105-try-to-recreate-tnt-from-memory-community-projectclosed/?page=12
  4. @Engired Sending a new version of map29, because I noticed some texture misalignments/displacements that I had previously overlooked. I did a couple of tweaks as well. MAP29_fix.zip
  5. Okay, map29 - Descent to Underworld is done. I didn´t bother memorizing the layout of the blocky marble temple maze since it´s pretty much a copy/paste design but I improvized in the same fashion. As usual basic difficulty and coop/DM settings are included. MAP29.zip
  6. Dosbox for casual play, GZDoom for mods.
  7. Almost done with Map29 - just a few rooms left + DM/Coop item placements.
  8. I can give map29 a try, if nobody minds.
  9. Kloki38

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    EDGE sometime between 2009/2010. It came bundled with the GoldenEye TC, which was also the first Doom mod that I have played. The second is either Skulltag or Zdoom - whatever was packaged with Psychophobia.
  10. @Engired I decided to replay my maps and found some bugs that I overlooked. Here are the new - fixed versions. MAPS 20,27 FIXED.zip
  11. I used the same tools back then too. Although I think DOOM 32X DeHackEd Patcher didn´t work for me. I also used Saxman´s additional level patch that added 9 more levels and HexEditor Neo for changing the messages in the start-up screen.
  12. Lol, I´m surprised that somebody remembers Portalus.
  13. Sorry for the delay, some things got in the way. Anyway, here is my map 27: Draconian Mountain. Includes basic difficulty and coop settings. MAP27.zip
  14. @Engired Sorry for the delay, I am a bit busy right now. But I should have the map done by wednesday.