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  1. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.3 - WIP

    I'm sorry, I didn't catch your question! A couple of buildings have openings on the roadside. They have stairs that will lead up to rooftops. But yeah, I have updated the WAD. There is a working subway now.
  2. Xegethra

    Script already has a body. Trouble with ACS

    I can see that being useful thanks. There are....a lot of numbers currently.
  3. Xegethra

    Script already has a body. Trouble with ACS

    That is indeed the case, how embarrassing. I didn't find it before as ctrl+f didn't find anything. The built in search bar I missed did. Oh well, I have changed the numbers now thanks.
  4. I'm not really sure what the problem is, as far as I can tell I have set the script up like I have any up any other. But they won't compile and I get the "Script already has a body" error. Here is what they look like. So thank you if anyone can help, I'm a bit lost.
  5. Steam - xenetholina I don't play a whole lot online. Currently all I am playing is APB, Cities Skylines, Euro/American Truck Simulator, Mafia 1, Yakuza 0 and a bit of Deep Rock Galactic.
  6. Xegethra

    Does anybody here play APB?

    Yeah the population is quite low these days. I used to play GTA online but I cannot stand that grind....oh no, I'll be dead one day and I'd rather spend it having fun. Plus, the rewards for everything is pretty boring...it's something with rockets again. I used to like the experience, but I'm not one of the majority unfortunately, who likes high corporate tech and military machines. I like the old days when we got lowrider DLC....
  7. Xegethra

    Does anybody here play APB?

    I know it's a terrible game, but it's like my crack, I'll be with it until it dies. So I was wondering if anyone here might play it and if so, looking for someone else to play with? I'd ask on the actual forums and I have done in the past....so I'm asking here. I have both a criminal and a hardly ever played enforcer. Just asking cus me and a friend play from time to time, but the two of us seems a bit lonely. We're not interesting in clans, not on it enough and too many arbitrary rules in them. I'm not great at the game or anything, but would like to get somewhere in it.
  8. I got nothing video game related this year, but I did get a bunch of eclectic 80's records, some Giger books, shirts and trousers and a lot of sweets....I am now a dead diabetic. I was going to get some LEGO but that isn't coming until my birthday now.
  9. I have to agree, I'm not a fan of TNT or even Plutonia. Both just make me zone out.
  10. Xegethra

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm trying to make a map from GTA 1 as a deathmatch map. The actual map is done, but I'm looking to add stuff to do other than just shooting at each other. *edit* *Rhebiz post below mine, dunno how to copy quotes* sure
  11. Xegethra

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Trying to figure out how to get this thing to work. I had a look into it, can't find much in the way of achieving it....But I know it's a ball ache (willing to try though, the trains almost made me kill myself anyway.)
  12. Xegethra

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Using the shotgun as a sniper rifle and using it to take down enemies that would easily go down with something else. I just love using that thing even if it gets me killed at times. Sure I do swap my weapons around, but I like to try.
  13. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.3 - WIP

    Ah I see, sort of how interiors are usually done? But with chunks of land. But yeah if you wanna have a look at the map then go ahead, thanks for that. I'll credit you on anything you do. Also that bike looks cool. Looks like it has some pretty fun physics too. A friend of mine did say they would be interested in modelling some low poly cars but nothing as of yet.
  14. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.3 - WIP

    There were cars, but static ones you couldn't drive. I took them out because they didn't do anything. I'm still trying to figure them out. I just wish that the source ports could handle larger maps. If the capability is there, more people would make them, justifying the support for them more. I wanted to see how big I could get away with making it....I think I have reached that for sure. Culling would be nice, some way to hide the map. As for compartmentalising the sections of map, maybe at some point. There could be the bigger free roam map and the cut up areas as other levels.
  15. I'd go for an Imp, he looks like he might be down for a night out on the town.