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  1. I don't remember my exact first time, but I do have vague memories of exploring parts of the level. Couldn't tell you the order I discovered stuff though but my mind can recall bits of me shooting or trying to use various things.
  2. I'm like this, I just go sight seeing...and not always after most things are dead either.
  3. Ahh yes, that's the spawns I have. It seems Zandronum is using the normal player starts (but in deathmatch it will use the deathmatch ones) while GZDoom is using the deathmatch ones straight up even in single player. It seems I didn't tell them not to spawn in single player, I'll change that! The batch file tells me it doesn't recognise the train carriage model as an unknown actor type. "Execution could not continue Script error, "Vehicles.pk3:modeldef' line 3: MODELDEF: Unkown actor type 'TrainCarriage1'" Is what it tells me, so....why would it not do that otherwise then? It's always loaded them before...like you say, it still does when not done by batch file. I have to admit, I don't commonly use batch files, would have missed that otherwise, thanks! But aside from that....everything works on your end? It loads up all there is and it's all there? To get a clearer image of what I see, here is what happens in Zandronum for me. Now, here are the differences when I have models turned on and off. And, to my surprise, in GZDoom, it almost works...almost, except the for the models. The actor loads at least in GZDoom, I can hear the trains as they pass by, even use them as they stop...it's just neither the sprite or the model will load visually. Once more this happens to me in both online and offline modes. If you want, here is the full gallery. https://postimg.org/gallery/3jlo6l3xw/
  4. Looks quite normal....How does it go in Zandronum? Because on both that and GZDoom it has the problems for me.
  5. I once took it with me to hospital on my laptop. I was in there for about two weeks so it helped a lot, as well as The Sims did.
  6. Hello, I have run into a new problem today which happened once before, fixed itself...now has happened again. My WAD, in order to work to it's fullest, uses models that represent subway trains. At first, my WAD and the pk3 with my models in it worked together fine...that is, until I loaded them up in ZDL to try and test with a friend. This is how my WAD ended up looking. When it should look like this. It appears that many sprites and textures end up following the train movements and often flicker. If I load up the WAD without Vehicles.pk3 or turn models off in game, all the sprites and textures go back to normal save for the sky....but of course, no trains then. This never happened until I tried to play online with a friend a week or two ago. After a PC restart it all went back to normal for both online and single player. So today we went to try again and what do you know, this happened once again. The first time my friend didn't experience this problem, the second time he did. But he says he fixed it by turning the render to software, closing and changing it back to opengl when reopening then closing and reopening. This didn't work for me....and I can't think why. It even continues to be like this in single player...so if it fixes itself again it'll be any time and not really helping me figure it out. After he fixed it, and we connected everything was fine for him while for me it really wasn't. Here is the WAD on dropbox that we were going to play. This is the same file he downloaded. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfgxkcrtsu84ep3/GTA Doom v4.8 - February 2018.rar?dl=0
  7. It's really not hard to understand, I didn't like the physics.
  8. The game felt really squishy, I didn't feel much impact while attacking the enemies. I guess I don't like how the physics were handled.
  9. Procedural generation isn't something that everyone can get along with. I used to like it, but I have been edging more and more away from the concept. Largely because what is generated is usually very bland. Sure it can be useful to generate huge maps....but it's usually a map of nothingness, repeating what you just explored anyway. I don't see how it can serve Doom much, a nicer more fleshed out map built by a person is infinitely more fun than a level just dumped there by random process...which to be interesting would need the author to go over it anyway, make sure everything works...so they might as just well build it.
  10. I like Ultimate Doom the most, I have lots of fun ploughing through it. There are only a handful of Doom games I really don't like and they are Doom 2 (with TNT and Plutonia) and Doom 2016. Doom 2 makes me feel sick, every time I play it I get that sinking feeling. Plus I can't get along with the level design, the whole thing is just horrible. I really really like the new monsters though, anything to expand enemy variety is cool. As for Doom 2016, I just found it tedious. I didn't feel like I was causing much damage, everything felt like it was made of paper, no satisfaction in killing anything for me. Hated the music (But then I don't like the original Doom music either, despite it's inspirations.) I just didn't have fun with the game. I was hoping to enjoy it like I enjoyed New Order...but, no. PSX Doom though, I put it up there with the PC original. Played that so much as a kid, played it much more than the PC original at the time, I didn't have a PC but a few friends did. Every so often I'll still load it up and play through it. I know it came with some Doom 2 levels, and yeah I'm not keen on them there either...but the other stuff is cool.
  11. This took way too long for me to figure out. But I got it, one for activating the line and another for deactivating it again. Works perfectly thank you! @mgr_inz_rafal and Halfblind Why thanks. I'm gonna focus a little more on pedestrians next, now that I think I've done all I can with the trains.
  12. Well, you're not meant to see that, that's just how it works. It serves as a place for Doomguy to get trapped in, as if he went into the train, I structured it so that hopefully any other players that may wish to use the other trains, would be kept separate and stay "with" their respective train. The camera that follows it works, but is wonkey as Hell. But yeah, I think I'm done with it and I just do something else to it. I have yet to test it in multiplayer, but so far so good. All that really bothers me, is how it is all triggered. the linedef that activates it, can be used even though it's on the floor and the train isn't there....which if someone accidentally triggers it, that would be screwy. I did at one point have a wall that pops up with the switch on it when the train comes...but I soon discovered even then while the wall is down that the switch can still be used....
  13. Hah yeah. I tried to source as many sounds as I could from the GTA series in general. The announcements come from GTA 3. Thought I would "liven up" the platforms a little more. *edit* Alright, now I have come up with a system for the player to "travel" on the train, it is somewhat elaborate but it works, I just need some refinement on it but I'm not sure how to achieve it. Here is a video showing this off. Namely the camera and the way you trigger it all off. what I would really like for the camera is to have a series of interpolation points the camera will follow alongside the track. I want the camera to instantly snap to the next one as it watches the train go by, similar to GTA 3, but without the panning. However the camera keeps on gliding from point to point, losing track of the train....If I could stop it doing this and have it just snap, then hold in place..then snap again, that might play out much better.
  14. I always loved taking down enemies with the shotgun, the basic one. Taking down imps and revenants is too much fun for me. Somebody mentioned sniping with the shotgun, so much fun that is. It really is the weapon I use the most, even if I'm holding the SSG. Yeah, I tend to think that if they could have made Doom like Brutal Doom back then, they would have. The game was always about hyper fantasy violence and fast action, BD just expands on what already exists. Doom like many games, feels like it was released because not much more could/was felt could be done, rather than a final product with no other ideas to it. With all the flak it got for it's violence, it only makes sense that excessive is what they were going for, and BD just extends that. Plenty of games would have been more than what they are, if they could have been, that doesn't speak for every game, but with Doom, they wanted hyper violence...and we got it, somewhat. Now BD makes it more hyper. But people say it's too much, I don't think so but others do and I can't really fault them for it, we all have our own tastes. So if Doom was released as BD is...then there'd be many mods taking away the violence and making it more like the usual. Which is cool, all that flexibility. I also get that BD changes a lot of other things, which I can fully understand why people might not like it, the enemies, weapons, vehicles, physics and general way it plays and operates I can see being a problem for some. That being said, it isn't the be all end all mod, it is nice to play other things too.
  15. Well, I think I managed to get it working. I just could not get the trains to activate the linedefs, at all...whether they were solid or not. I realised they had no monster property assigned to them. So I put it on and what do you know....they disappear and don't load with the map....so, I wonder what if I put the ismonster tag on them instead....now they show up...but still refuse to activate linedefs. They too eventually stop loading in, after changing nothing about them. So I put the other monster property back onto them and they show up again....I have no clue why. But I hope it holds up, it would be an absolute chore to have to keep flip flopping them all the while. Oh well, this is it when it works. It's a simple set up, there is a copy of the normal pedestrian spawners but with a smaller radius and it is activated by the linedefs the train runs over and then deactivated by another linedef when it pulls off. The spawner only spawns when it "sees" the player much like the others in the map...so pedestrians won't spawn when there are no players around and after a certain distance, the pedestrians despawn. So the platform uses this system too, but is doubly activated by the train as well. And as there is no guarantee of anyone spawning, sometimes even if the player is in the radius, no spawning will occur. So it's kinda like some of the time you'll see them get off the train, others you won't. There are copies of each platform spawn with their own id so they only activate at once when they meet a train, and not all at the same time.