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  1. Xegethra

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Using the shotgun as a sniper rifle and using it to take down enemies that would easily go down with something else. I just love using that thing even if it gets me killed at times. Sure I do swap my weapons around, but I like to try.
  2. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    Ah I see, sort of how interiors are usually done? But with chunks of land. But yeah if you wanna have a look at the map then go ahead, thanks for that. I'll credit you on anything you do. Also that bike looks cool. Looks like it has some pretty fun physics too. A friend of mine did say they would be interested in modelling some low poly cars but nothing as of yet.
  3. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    There were cars, but static ones you couldn't drive. I took them out because they didn't do anything. I'm still trying to figure them out. I just wish that the source ports could handle larger maps. If the capability is there, more people would make them, justifying the support for them more. I wanted to see how big I could get away with making it....I think I have reached that for sure. Culling would be nice, some way to hide the map. As for compartmentalising the sections of map, maybe at some point. There could be the bigger free roam map and the cut up areas as other levels.
  4. I'd go for an Imp, he looks like he might be down for a night out on the town.
  5. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    That would be nice but I don't think it can be convincingly done, then I'd have to make night time textures and lighting....A separate night time map might be more doable but not for now.
  6. It's 3 out of the 4! So maybe. "Bouqueeeeet Residence!!! Lady of the Underworld Speaking!"
  7. Xegethra

    Why the lack of live-action Doom fan films?

    Oh no...not fan films....Reminds me of all those Streets of Rage ones I somehow kept coming across when all I wanted were some mods for SORR.
  8. Xegethra

    Best games?

    Same here, I feel nauseous when playing it, no joke..so I never play it anymore. Love the new monsters but I don't really enjoy the rest of it.
  9. Xegethra

    Your Favorite Doom Weapon

    The plain old shotgun for me, I generally enjoy using shotguns in video games even if they do vary.
  10. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    Haha I know, maybe one day. I know somebody who may be able to model them too but since looking up ways to pull off a road vehicle I think it's a bit beyond what I would really like. I'd like traffic to drive around, but then I'd have to figure out the spawning and path-finding and how it is detected by the players and all that. I may be able to make static parked vehicles you can nab, I am looking into that. Maybe when Risto's Doomloader gets more headway in supporting custom maps I can see about adding new things through that, maybe make it run better if my understanding of it is right? Well either way, I'm still gonna look into the car thing. Why thank you, I really tried to make it a believable place, well in the confines of a video game of course and there is still a ways to go somewhat.
  11. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    Yeah it's quite big, there is a lot there just in map alone. For now I have got what I wanted in. The other stuff would have to wait. It was a headache making the trains work.
  12. Xegethra

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    Hello, GTA Doom is back, which is a map that recreates the Liberty City map from the original GTA and puts it in a Doom WAD. Thought I would make a new fresh topic about it, although you can still check out the old one here. It's still a WIP, I don't know if it'll ever be finished. I kept holding off the updates until now or it'll never happen otherwise. The aim of the map is to bring some detail to one of my favourites in the original GTA game, I wondered what the map would look like street level and how I can make it a little more interesting. It is based on New York...so, I tried to make it look a little more New Yorky. The intention of the map is to be a deathmatch map, but you can run through it on your own or play it "co-op". It works in GZDoom, Zandronum and I even ran around it in this new QZDoom I had never heard of until now. It was made with Doom 2 UDMF and Doom 2 is it's IWAD. You can get it here. The vehicles PK3 contains the trains you can use. Mediafire Dropbox Due to how much map there is, it will chug in places, I am sorry. I do hope that one day sourceports can take such sized maps but for the most part it runs pretty smoothly save for some areas. When loading in it is best to ride it out, it'll settle after a few seconds. *Warning to anyone who plays this map, there a lot...a lot of flashing colours and images throughout the map...if you have epilepsy then play at your own risk. Also as with the original GTA games, crude, adult and potentially offensive humour is present* Screenshots. If you want you can look at all the most recent ones here. Here is a video of it I made, I'm not the best trailer maker so bare with! For old videos see the spoiler. Here is a map comparison of my map and the original. Stuff that is mostly in the Read Me but I'll spoiler it here too. There are also some pieces of music I have used, some creative commons tracks for some bar music. I got them from the Free Music Archive. Cheap Talk Night Birds The Zombie Dandies But still, despite its shakey nature, I hope that it can provide at least some amount of fun. Thanks for your interest and have a good day! Xegethra
  13. Xegethra

    Custom Texture Use

    It's ultimately a good thing I rekon. It's just variety and they are needed for when a WAD needs to be convincing, stock textures just cannot do that all the time, they need the maps to look appropriate for what it is trying to be. Whether they stick to demon shooting or go in a completely different direction. Plus it would be boring to see the same patterns and colours in every WAD all the time, somebody who is creative who makes these things needs to make it their own and move beyond the stock textures and assets where they feel it is needed.
  14. Xegethra

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    That time when my brother told me that Doom had ants in it in the later levels, after I started playing it, and got a bit ways into it....scared me quite a bit as it's a phobia of mine but as I played on looking out for the things, they never showed up......git.
  15. Xegethra

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    I feel the same way, can't get along with Doom 2. I still get that dizzy queasy feeling while playing and it just makes me uncomfortable. As being mentioned before, all the brown certainly doesn't help. I love the new enemies though, they're fun. I only ever really use Doom 2 to play custom WADs as well, I hardly ever go back and play it. However playing it co-op can help take the edge off it a bit for me but otherwise I stay away. Nothing against those who like it more, we all prefer different things.