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  1. AdamAK

    Double Impact

    Great WAD. Though the texture style is that of Doom E1, the layouts and monster placement are quite different. It's a challenging mapset that forces you to make accurate shots fast, given the dominance of hitscanners and low hp provision. Expect to get lost regularly, as the maps can get fairly big and you typically get keys before you've found any doors to use them on.
  2. AdamAK

    How could I import more than one custom monsters

    I've never worked with GZDoom Builder before, but it sounds to me like you indeed made an error with actually importing the monsters in Slade. What I'd do in your case is to import the monsters into your WAD via Slade and give the lumps whatever names you want to give (e.g., ROTTWEIL for the Rottweiler and HELLWARR). Then, create a DECORATE lump with the content Make sure that both actors have an ID that isn't used by something else already (e.g., 20001 and 20002 are generally safe options). To use them in Doom Builder 2 (but this may be different for GZDB), you can just drop a Thing with those ID tags and it should show up fine in-game. I take it you've read up on monster editing on the ZDoom wiki, by the way? If not, then that's a good place to check out. Has quite a bit of information (though it'll likely take some experimenting before you'll understand it all). Hope that helped.
  3. You can easily do this in vanilla doom, actually. No need for Zdoom at all. Check out Plutonia MAP20, and have a look at how the Revenants teleport in near the end. That's an easy method for creating a teleporting monster trap. Basically, you'll want to create an off-map monster closet with a linedef teleporter leading to whatever area you want your monsters to end up in. Then aggro the monsters either via sound (e.g., they appear as soon as you fire a single shot) or by lowering or raising a barricade between the monsters and the teleporting linedef.
  4. Just finished playing it. Had a blast with it! Very enjoyable mapset, and I honestly hope you'll make more of them. Layouts were fun, monster placement was good, secrets were fun and progression was fine in general. The only comments I can think of to make even better maps are: -- There were a few too many 64 unit wide mazes. Perfectly fine to have some, but it felt like they popped up too regularly. -- Bit too much nukage? Didn't always feel appropriate (e.g., I think E1M7 blue key room). -- The computer rooms with flashing lights were a bit too big and frequent. Could probably scale it down a bit and add a different type of room in instead. Anyway, I'd love to see you have a go at E2 and E3!
  5. I've missed out on a bunch of these sessions, but will try to tag along again this time. Speedmapping's always been good fun. Will try to persuade a few friends to join, too.
  6. AdamAK


    Played through this yesterday. Had quite a bit of fun with it. I found MAP01 to be the most creative one, but all maps had excellent elements in them. Looking forward to the sequel!
  7. AdamAK

    Valiant.wad - now on /idgames!

    I went through Map31 -nomo just now and found a way to break it. There's a linedef trigger you should move. I've attached a demo (made in PrBoom+) to show you what goes wrong: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2a5f0oy96shzabp/M31BrokenValiantRC1.lmp?dl=0 Loved E1-E3 in this WAD, by the way!
  8. AdamAK


    This mapset is a gigantic pile of shit. The first 3 maps are fun, and then it turns into a BFG spamfest. There is no gameplay in this bullcrap. I'd give this pile of trash a negative score if I could.
  9. AdamAK


    While the level design itself is fun, this mapset needs some rebalancing. There's a nasty lack of health given the number of hitscanners, which leads to savescumming. For the early maps, it could also use some more ammo. Would be nice to have fewer Cacodemons as well, as those are rather tedious to kill with low-tier weapons. Had fun with it, but could've been better.
  10. AdamAK

    Doom the Way id Did

    E1 was incredible in this mapset. Loved it, and it reminded me a lot of the original, without ever feeling like it's copying anything. E2 often feels tedious. The maps are too big given their maze-like structure, and have too many Cacos and Barons. Progression's mediocre. E3's better than E2, but has a silly amount of damaging floors. I had a good time playing the WAD, but other than the stellar E1, this mapset does not live up to its potential at all
  11. Reminds me a lot of one of your compilation wads. Absolutely love it! Experimental doom maps are the best.
  12. AdamAK

    #DooM Speedmapping Session 1

    Just have to note that in map 12, I forgot to make a few linedefs impassable! Just throwing in a version which fixes that (but leaves everything else unaltered). https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5mc3p73zeogwnc/UnfinishedBusiness.wad?dl=0
  13. Played up until MAP19 so far, and it's been very enjoyable. There are a bunch of neat ideas in these maps. Didn't know that the Doom generals on /vr/ did speedmapping as well.
  14. AdamAK

    Deimos Gate [E2M1]

    Found some minor HoMing in the room you open up when getting the rocket launcher. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl3t33ir71kt2be/HoM.png Was a fun map, but I did find the textures set used to be a bit incoherent. Felt clashing at times (e.g., that hell-style room next to a crate room). The mazes felt a bit barren - Lost Souls were kind of unresponsive, so it was very easy to traverse them. Overall, the encounters were quite small and easy as well, given the weapons that were made available. I enjoyed the map overall, but it didn't feel like E2(M1) to me. More like a stand-alone map.
  15. AdamAK

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 7

    Oh, I didn't realise it was already part of the compilation. Thought it had to be posted here for that. The version posted here is identical to the one I sent over Skype once the 2 mapping hours were over, so there's no need to update :)