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  1. SpaceWAD

    This doom was is a narration/game play of doom with a mix of 2001 A Space Odyssey. Although this game only features some of aspects of 2001: A Space Odyssey, It connects some main features of the movie into the game, including Hal. This slow paced game requires at least 6 minutes to play so don't play unless you are ready to immerse yourselves in the full experience.


       (0 reviews)


  2. Overrun Facility


    I wanted to make a level inspired by the corridors of the original E1M7 from Ultimate Doom.



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  3. Rumble in the Office

    My biggest Doom level until now.

    "You are the new janitor of an UAC complex. You have been hired to keep it clean, because you are the best at your job.

    Your first day, and a full demonic invasion just happened. You are being paid to clean, so it's what you are going to do. But first, you must unlock the security doors.

    Be careful, someone is knocking at your door...

    It's time to take out the trash!"


       (9 reviews)


  4. Outpost HW

    A Doom 1 map in techbase style. 13 secrets to find and 280 monsters in UV. About 7 minutes if not blind on any%.


       (7 reviews)


  5. Monument

    This is a complete episode 2 replacement for DOOM. It's a compilation of all my previously released Shores of Hell themed pwads. I haven't just settled on compiling them into one pwad and leaving it at that. Instead each map has been through hours and hours of either adjusting or complete revamping in DoomBuilder to make them stand out as fresh, new maps that will hopefully give players a solid and fun gaming experience - even for those of you, who've played these maps before. I've been just as serious about this release as all my prior releases and I really hope it shows. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this episode together and I hope you will enjoy playing it!

    Complevel: The episode has been extensively tested on complevel 2 and 3 to find all gamebreaking bugs. In short: It should be perfectly safe for you to use those complevels. If you're the cautious type, I guess you could just use complevel 9 :)

    Note to prBoom users: The new color palette also affects the colors of the automap, so secret areas which by default are marked with purple, are now almost black. This makes secret areas look like their lines are hidden, but they are not. They're there; they're just almost invisible. This is unfortunate, but there isn't much I can do about it. A solution could be to change it from purple to another color such as white: In prBoom go to Options - Setup - Automap - "Secret sector boundary".

    Here's a description of each, individual map, where they come from and what's been done to them:

    !Mild spoilers ahead!

    E2M1: First map from "Rip it, Tear it, Smash it!" from 2002. Minor adjustments in gameplay and looks. Level name: "Rip and tear" Music: "Pipeline" by James "Jimmy" Paddock

    E2M2: From 2002 A.D.O. E2M2. It's from 2000. Has undergone massive revamping! It was a cramped level, so it's been opened up in a lot of places, and a whole lot of other stuff. Level name: "Beta station" Music: "Vinefort" by James "Jimmy" Paddock

    E2M3: The first of three parts from "The Wailing Horde", which was released in 2014. Lots of adjustments and additions in terms of gameplay and design. Level name: "The wailing halls" Music: "Feel the pain" by Paul Corfiatis

    E2M4: Major adjustments and changes when compared to how this part looked in The Wailing Horde. Second part of said pwad. Level name: "Hive of the horde" Music: "Stormwater" by James "Jimmy" Paddock

    E2M5: Originally my ancient map "The Unknown Chasm" from 1998. It was a crappy map for Doom II, but had potential, I guess. Massively revamped to be released as a submission for a contest on Doomworld in 2015. Then, lastly, further refurbished for this mapset. Level name: "Chasm control" Music: "Ominus" by Xaser Acheron

    E2M6: Second map from "Rip it, Tear it, Smash it!" from 2002. Several adjustments and light refurbishment in terms of both gameplay, layout and texturing. Level name: "Smash it!" Music: "Dance of the trooper" by Paul Corfiatis

    E2M7: This is "High/Low 2" from 2007. Has undergone a lot of changes big and small throughout the level in terms of both gameplay and architecture. Level name: "Hunt 'em highnlow" Music: "Hysterical horror" by Paul Corfiatis

    E2M8: A never before released level. Originally intended for Paul Corfiatis' Doomed Space Wars, but I scrapped it. Took it up again for this mapset and made it work as a boss level. Level name: "Domain of evil" Music: "Sick Building Syndrome" by James "Jimmy" Paddock

    E2M9: Third part of "The Wailing Horde". Minor adjustments to accomodate its separation from the original pwad. Level name: "The end?" Music: "Caught in the shadows" by James "Jimmy" Paddock


       (34 reviews)


  6. Oblivion

    In 2010 I released an E1 replacement for DOOM called Phobos Massacre. I was relatively inexperienced as a mapper at that time, and it really shows in the levels, which are quite bad.

    I initially wanted to come back to this old mapset and just see if I could touch it up, but after looking over the levels I quickly realized that most of them were either unsalvagable, or they were in need of a LOT of work. So despite the fact that this mapset uses Phobos Massacre as a base, the content is about 75%-80% new. I've thoroughly changed each of these maps, scrapping sub-par areas and creating new layouts and architecture. In some cases, entire levels are completely new because there was no part of the old level worth keeping. Enemy and item placement has been reworked, co-op starts have been added, difficulty levels have been implemented, and proper playtesting has been done to ensure compatibility with -complevel 9.

    This levelset is old-school, and as such you will break the levels or otherwise ruin the intended experience if you utilize jumping, crouching, or freelook.

    I always balance my levels so that they play well from a pistol start. This often means that players who play these levels in succession will build up a large ammo stockpile, which some people gripe about. In my opinion, for the best challenge, you should try to play each level from a pistol start if you can. If you'd rather experience this as an episode, but still want more of a challenge, consider using the -fast command line parameter.

    The music is mostly taken from The Plutonia Midi Pack which, according to its text file, may be used as a base for modification or re-use. The exceptions would be one track by Paul Corfiatis and one track by Graeme Norgate and Robin Beanland.


       (27 reviews)


  7. Enforcer

    A map I started in early 2014 before Uplift. I never completed this map until Datacore asked for a secret map for Hatred Removed ep2 (it explains the map number) but he had to cancel so I realease the map here.

    It's a 2 minutes ep1 style based map for Doom, it's quite easy (this is for real this time cs99cjb, don't worry)


       (13 reviews)


  8. mem_old1

    Old map for Doom 1.


       (5 reviews)


  9. Mayhem Mansion

    Trailer: youtu.be/khGBUUnrlgE

    In early 2013, I watched a video of an obscure FPS game called "Exploding Lips", a game that pretty much made no sense and pretty much sucked. Yet for some reason I liked it anyways, so I decided to make something inspired by the game.

    Mayhem Mansion, you explore a haunted mansion full of giant disembodied lips, TV with legs, angry books, and other things trying to kill you for no reason whatsoever, but don't worry because you have your trusty weaponry and magic!

    The layout and path is similar to Exploding Lips, but with less backtracking and less "How the fuck was I suppose to figure that out?"-ness.



       (37 reviews)


  10. bee hive 3D

    your misson is to break into bee hive headquaters and drink all the honey


       (11 reviews)


  11. Nitro's Chex Quest

    This is the final version of Nitro's Chex Quest. This is designed for the DOS version of Chex Quest which can be found online as freeware.


       (1 review)


  12. The Oozing Affair

    Nine maps using Chex Quest resources for E1 of Ultimate Doom.


       (15 reviews)


  13. Mapgame


       (71 reviews)


  14. Beyond Horrible!

    Taking place where a new nightmare ended. The player now finds him self on Venus! You must fight your way through the Venus base and find out what the hell is going on......


       (15 reviews)


  15. The Outer Darkness

    This map is heavily inspired by Episode 4 of The Ultimate Doom, especially E4M1 and E4M6. It was originally made for a project called The Ninth Gate that never saw the light of day.

    Most of it was made (on and off) during 2001-03 using DoomCAD (the exit area was built using Doom Builder though). I didn't know you could select multiple linedefs in DoomCAD back then, so I was actually insane enough to manually select each and every linedef, apply the texture and align it. If only I had that kind of patience/time now :)

    The map is very straightforward (too straightforward maybe?), so you shouldn't have any problems finding your way. The level music is from Duke Nukem 3D, the other tracks (which are awesome IMO) were composed by Damian Lee.

    Note: The lava in the map doesn't hurt, it's used for artistic purposes only.


       (16 reviews)


  16. Meek

    Like any good employee I have installed DB at work and so when I get bored I do a little editing. This little level is a product of boredom at work over the last few months. It's nothing spectacular... at all. It's just a short episode 1 style level, which started out as doodles and ended up as playable.

    It was originally intended that this level would only be released on http://www.wadsinprogress.info. A community member on said site made me think twice and here it is uploaded to the archieves. Enjoy! :)


       (23 reviews)


  17. Meretricious Plunge

    One new level with a hellish theme, similar to bits of Episode2 and Episode3. This was originally supposed to be a contribution for DarkHaven's megawad project which was codenamed X-DOOM... Sadly, that project died, despite the fact that my map for it got finished. So I've decided to release it now as a separate add-on, cause otherwise I would've felt like I wasted too many productive hours for absolutely nothing.

    GAMEPLAY HINTS: If you get lost or stuck, look at the walls and try to search for some shootable switches. Also, try pressing SPACEBAR in front of certain walls. And quicksave :)


       (18 reviews)


  18. THe Outer Base

    Ultimate/Doom wad. Very much an "old skool" affair, with gobs of bad guys and as little to fight them off with as possible ;D


       (5 reviews)


  19. Under Neith

    A sequel to Neith.wad. The title was suggested by NiGHTMARE. The theme kind of goes all over the place. I spent over a year on this map so maybe it isn't all that consistent. It's kind of an experimental design, and maybe it's ugly. I've spent too long looking at it to tell anymore.


       (24 reviews)


  20. Mansion Of Time

    This wad was originally created for an ancient project called the 9th Gate. It has been about 5 years in the making and I finished this level like 3 years ago! (It took a long time, but I finally finished it and was pleased with it).

    I've replayed the level today and I thought it would be a good idea to release it as I spent a lot of time on this and the 9th Gate is taking far too long to finish.

    Here is one of my best levels... probably :D. I made this 3 years ago (after ROTGS... I think... not sure...). This is Also another of my rare Vanilla levels (has no special effects, relies on good gameplay to make the level good... Curunir should be pleased ;) ).


       (18 reviews)


  21. Of Demons And Men

    A modern remake of one of my very first maps.


       (11 reviews)




       (17 reviews)


       (16 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done with these settings:   - Crispy Doom 5.3.
      - Ultra-Violence
      - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset.
      - No saves, mostly.
      Very decent tribute to the original game. Each map is essentially a remix of the ID's levels, built around the same theme and music tracks per episode, albeit with the author's personal changes to the design. Aesthetically, the only notorious difference, and by no means less important, is the texturing he decided to use in some sections. In general the maps look extra polished, there were no signs of misaligned textures, but I wasn't that attentive to be honest. He did left the most distinctive visual features of each map untouched, for example where it's supposed to be a dark secret dungeon, it is a dark secret dungeon, just not copy-pasted.    As said before, Wonderful Doom is just a revamped Ultimate Doom. If you know the game by heart, there may be little room for surprises, so you can take it as a memory test. Of course, the author added his own touch to the gameplay. I would underline the size of the rooms in comparison to the iwad, tending to be more compact though in no way less attractive. In consequence, they lead to a bit more claustrophobic combat, specially throughout the latter episodes, sometimes you'll find yourself in a hairy situation like a slow drop in a cluster of imps and barons coming from the shadows, or starting surrounded of pinkies and barrels to detonate using your ol' peashooter. Another thing is the resource balance, sometimes giving more leeway where there wasn't originally, other times less obvious for the pistol starter. This is part of several plot twists Wraith added here and there to the main concepts to keep it somehow fresh and interesting, but I'm not going to spoil any in particular.    Secret-wise, I guess it's not needless to say almost all of them can be found normally, there is one in E2M9 that can't be triggered due to the teleport line. Otherwise, there are no broken sectors or staircases of secrets (sorry to burst your bubble ;P). There are no disliked maps, and so I'll avoid to pick favourites this time. I also didn't care if most maps were extremely similar to the iwad ones, but that could not be the case for you.   Overall, I won't lie and say this turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable. It's what I expected from an author with such love for plain vanilla Ultimate Doom. Nostalgia fans should give it a go. Well, as long as you wish to "play Original Doom one more time", otherwise if you expect a thing like "Doom the Way ID Did", it might not be wise to download this. My rate is 8/10.
    • By bemused · Posted
      This is clearly the most groundbreaking, exciting release of the decade. Forget your megawads, this is where its at. Wonderful, delightful, sublime, glorious... all words that dont even come close to expressing just how great this wad is.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Another abomination in doom mapping. It's crap even in crap category.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Ugly, rectangular, not enough ammo. In one word: CRAP
    • By Meril · Posted
      Sound replacement is terrible. Sounds are very annoying. Level also is ugly. Only thing I like is sprites replacement. Kicking nazi asses is same as good like demons ones ;)