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  1. Hey! I was getting back into mapping to revive an old life project, but when trying to get all the tools back together, i keep getting this error So there's a bunch of stuff in there, but the most persistent one seems to be the GLDEFS not finding certain decorate classes. I went back to the wads and all the stuff is there. I open those wads and there's a decorate file in each of them defining the precise classes that seem to be missing in the crash report. If you have an easy troubleshoot for any of the others i can appreciate it too, I havent looked into all of it cause its wierd everytime. Everything seems to be right how I left it, but i get all this errors that didn't happen before. I assume it must be something that changed across the years, Last time i worked on this project was around 2017. Here's an example decorate of an object that says it doesn't exist, this is the first in the list before. but its right here in the same wad as the GLDEFs its calling for it. The rooting of the file is Weapons.pk3/spraycannon.wad, then i have both the decorate (first in the list) and the GLDEFs on that wad. I can't think of anything else of relevance to this case, I appreciate your time. EDIT: the way i load the resources on gzdoombuilder is doom2.wad and gzdoom.pk3 up top, and the weapons.pk3 in question is down under in the list.
  2. Thanks a lot! there's a lot of stuff i don't know yet, i appreciate you sharing your knowledge!
  3. Ok, but what if i want to activate it via script? How do you change those values in an ACS script? Do i have to use fake powerups to boost stats? still, when you finish a map all powerups are gone in the next one, so that doesn't work if i want to give permanent boost to a stat.
  4. What do I need to do if I have to change some of these properties with scripts that are activated ingame. For example, let's say the player starts with a Player.RunHealth 20 but then through a powerup, he can lower it to Player.RunHealth 5, and then after 30 seconds go back to the original value. Or even change the player speed movement at any given time. Thanks!
  5. Lycaon

    How do i make this railing work

    Thank you all for your time, sorry I couldn't answer before. I'm not using UDMF but Zdoom in Hexen Mode, so maybe that's why the walkable middle texture flag for action 121 is not working correctly. The problem is that it takes it as if the texture was on the ground and not on the balcony, so you have an invisible railing on the floor and an ethereal texture on the balcony. Zulk-RS got what i meant, I'm not really good explaining this kind of spacial problems in english maybe. I tried your 1 unit sector solution but it gives a lot more complications as it requires me to create multiple new 3d floors and add visibility and shootability properties, whereas my custom bridge solution seems to be much cleaner. Well i simply used regular Custom Invisible Bridges to create that effect and so far it seems to be the best solution. No shootability or visibility problems, lets me handle it very easily and the only down side is that it doesn't look so clean in the editor, but other than that, i think that's the best way to go. Again, not so clean, and maybe UDMF 3d midtextures are better but in my case they don't seem to work, as it doesn't block stuff from above the balcony but as if the midtexture was spawned in the regular floor. BTW this is how it looks now
  6. Lycaon

    How do i make this railing work

    I managed a ham fisted solution using lots of custom invisible bridges, it seems to work just fine but i'm guessing there must be a cleaner solution.
  7. How can I make this railing possible in GZDoom? I'm using a 3d floor to make a balcony and i need the player and monsters to be able to go under the balcony but also be blocked by the railings on the sides of it when standing in the 3d platform. Same for the fence marked in yellow, i need the player to be blocked by it but also be able to go above it to use the elevator on the right. I thought about making a 3d floor for the railings and fences but that would make the blank spaces of the texture black. Thanks in advance!
  8. This map pack is officially sugoi
  9. Wow I sure wish to see a japanese take on this western game, this is very interesting. Will play it tomorrow.
  10. bump. Anyone has any critics on the map? I sure would like to hear what you have to say if you played this, since I intend to improve this as much as I can.
  11. Lycaon

    My Dungeon Synth project

    @darkreaver I hope I can finnish this album this year... I've been busy with many other things, but I assure you more will come. I couldn't find any of your releases on that bandcamp, how do I find your... band's... bandcamp (solo project in this case), if that makes any sense? @gaspe Yes, the theme goes around classical age mythos and philosophy, with a hint of gnosticism. I started this album way back in 2013 when I was really into all that stuff, and have already wrote unsung "lyrics" for each of the songs, so the layout of the album is already done since the beggining. I even have the composed melodies, just haven't recorded them yet. I'm lazy like that.
  12. Looking forward to it. BTW you might have noticed there is a v0.41 now, I didn't announce it before cause it's pretty much the same, just some minor fixes and couple new textures.
  13. Lycaon

    My Dungeon Synth project

    I used a Casio CTK 4200. Nothing too flashy, just what I had around here at home. It has some pretty cool sounds on the orchestral-real instrument department, but I don't really like the straight synth sounds, hence why they are so sparse. I would have thought someone would have posted dungeon synth in this forums already, since I think Doom has a kind of Black Metal vibe to it somehow, the rest is math. EDIT: Just noticed all the avatars on this post are related to the occult lol.
  14. Probably map28 of CC4, that castlevania vibe goes perfectly with doom
  15. That would be sweet, let me know if you plan to do it, I'd like to see it to know how people fare in the map