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  1. NightmareZer0

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I think the first game had some good ideas but they were just executed very poorly. I hope they get it right this time. Also in my opinion they should do something with the original quake instead of making a sequel to a very average game that didn't really work well at all. But I hope it is good this time around. I didn't even really play much of the original Rage. It was just so boring I couldn't get into it.
  2. NightmareZer0

    AnDoomEdit WIP (Android Doom Level Editor)

    I love this. Keep up the good work man.
  3. NightmareZer0

    Doomguy Hands / Textures

    Thank you. I said JPEG cause I was taking a guess at the fileformat for the picture was.
  4. NightmareZer0

    Doomguy Hands / Textures

    Hi I had a question. There is this jpg floating around with the Doomguy's hands for the weapons. I was wondering if anyone had this image? Also I was going to try to add some higher res textures to my project and wanted to know the best way to go about this. It's going to be using Zand 3.0. Thank you.
  5. NightmareZer0

    Doom Center

    Yes that. We are planning on adding more shit to it. Would love some ideas from people. I thought of adding a drag strip so people could race. Would be awesome if we could get more people to work on it with us.
  6. NightmareZer0

    Doom Center

    So my friends and I are going to start working on Doom Center. Does anyone have any ideas for what we can add?
  7. NightmareZer0

    DOOM v1.9 - Shareware

    Best game ever made. Period. This started it all.
  8. NightmareZer0


  9. NightmareZer0

    Todd Rogers Plays Quake 3 Arena

    A video I made for fun and a few laughs. Let me know what you think...
  10. NightmareZer0


    You have probably seen this already but there is a "Hot Coil" challenge... News sources are just farming for stories and posting this dumb shit. Which inturn gets more people to partake in the Stupidity.
  11. NightmareZer0

    Why do video game movies do so poorly?

    This will explain some..
  12. NightmareZer0

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I fail to see any resemblance.
  13. NightmareZer0


    I just found this amusing and felt like sharing. China temporarily bans the letter N on the internet. NNNNNN https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/01/asia/china-letter-ban-trnd/index.html Type N to pay your respects..
  14. NightmareZer0

    Doom 3 running on the Switch.

    The original has already been ported.
  15. NightmareZer0

    Doom 3 running on the Switch.

    Apparently more Doom games are being ported to the Switch. https://kotaku.com/hackers-are-working-to-bring-every-doom-game-to-switch-1823307504