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  1. I thought about this recently too. I have always loved the Gothic theme that Quake had to it. I would love to play a true Sequel to Quake. It would be amazing if they could get Trent back to do the sounds. One thing I would improve on from the original Quake (I am just saying this because it just popped into my head) is the shotguns. I always felt like the Quake shotguns never packed enough of a punch.
  2. Or any wads on your mind that you want to say anything about. Winter's Fury: I absolutely loved the Ice theme to the monsters/levels/etc. But I felt the weapons were god awful. This would be in my top 3 wads if it wasn't for the weapons.
  3. So I downloaded Beautiful Doom earlier and I love the HUD but I have one problem with it. It displays the Kills and the Secrets but does not display the Items. I thought about editing the status bar sprite to add a spot for items but I do not know how to code the item counter. I've tried other HUDS like HXRTCHUD. But I'd love to edit the Beautiful Doom HUD for my own personal use. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this? On another note. I have been messing around with High Res textures and what ever enhancements I can find. Does anyone have any suggestions on some enhancements? Thanks.
  4. Are you going to make more?
  5. For me the Alpha Shotgun is a must. I hate the way the Shotgun looks in the Final Version.
  6. So I downloaded this and gave it a shot. I really like all the new additions to the maps. It was a fresh twist on them. I found every secret and almost every item. I sat down the other day and beat all the maps in one sitting. I really enjoyed this wad. Thank you for the few hours of entertainment.
  7. For me I find new ways to play. New ways to challenge myself. I really like Brutal Doom's hardest difficulty.
  8. Man I really hope these are the real deal. If they are indeed the real deal I'd trade one of my kidneys for these. Doom has been such a big part of my life since 93 and this would be the greatest thing I could possibly own.
  9. I would assume Plutonia would be more demanding just for the simple fact of how many monsters the maps have.
  10. I am going to go with the Arch-Vile (He is my favorite monster but that doesn't factor into this). He added something new and fresh to the game (even though most people just find it annoying). Being able to raise dead monsters was a pretty sweet idea to add. Also I like the tactic of breaking his line of sight not to get damaged. The only thing I found weird about the vile is that he does not resurect certain monsters. Which I guess is understandable because you don't want him raising Cyberdemons. As a kid I used to noclip into the wall and watch Viles in Map30 to see if he would raise other Viles. I remember being in the wall for almost an hour watching him walk past a dead Vile just waiting for him to resurrect him.
  11. I guess this is related but a mod I truly miss playing is Gloom for Quake 2. That mod was done so well and I loved it. I am not sure if anybody still plays it but I doubt there are many people that still play it. It was so fun to play and I really think it is an underrated mod (I believe it can be turned into a commercial game). I loved saving my frags up to become a Mech and just wrecking shit. Anyone who hasn't seem Gloom here is a Youtube link to a gameplay video:
  12. I have no idea who this is. There I said it.
  13. So I randomly started playing Quake again today for no reason and I am getting into it. I have had it installed on this PC for awhile now and I had forgot about some of the mods I had installed for it. I have plenty of Source Ports installed so I think I am good in that regard. Here are the following mods I have that are note worthy. -In the Shadows -After Shock -Nehahra -Arcane Dimensions -QdQstats -Episode 5: Dimension of the past Any suggestions for any other mods I should try out? I am willing to install one of the other Quakes if someone has a good idea for a mod for me to play. I really feel like recording some demos (Like 100% something) for whatever reason. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. I tried making my font smaller to see if it would correct the problem. Still displays like that on my screen :(
  15. One of the things that bothers me though is the fact my name shows up as: NightmareZe r0 on my screen. I don't know if it looks like that to everyone else. I wish it was all one word.