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  1. pagb

    Hocusdoom BETA (new version 01-13-19)

    Does it have autofire yet? Last time I tried this, my finger ached a lot after 10 mins.
  2. pagb

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    I'm halfway through it and it's beautiful AF. My only grope are the "·%·$&%· Astral Cacodemons, a single fireball just killed me for 94% damage, WTF?!
  3. pagb

    REKKR - V1.15

    Good job on this wad. It really catches the "doom clone" feel from the 90s. And I always find SUPER amusing to check what kind of dehacked trickery is used in this kind of project. Man... this should be avaiable on Steam or something, it's better than 95% of the catalogue.
  4. pagb

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    A beautiful and very pleasant journey, good job on this wad!
  5. pagb

    REKKR - V1.15

    ...and that's why I am super stuck trying to solve the puzzles at E2M9 EDIT: Gew tired of it... and it was a hell lot more entertaining figuring how they work in Builder and then trying my solution in-game :D
  6. pagb

    Brigandine [RC2, updated 2017-05-13]

    I also slipped through the grates, using gzdoom with gameplay options to default. I slipped through twice. Anyways, astounding looking wad, and I also liked the music a lot. Somehow it reminded me of NIN.
  7. pagb

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Platforms worked flawlessly with latest Gzdoom x64
  8. pagb

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    It's RC3a, yes. Will try a newer gzdoom tomorrow.
  9. pagb

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Using a few months old gzdoom build, btw.
  10. pagb

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    I'm on map28... what do i do here? The platforms activate and move just once, I can't get to the lift because they're static.
  11. pagb

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    So today I played map20, UV pistol start. I found it much harder than others, I took me like 30+ tries whereas every other map was 1-6 tries tops, the initial courtyard could have the damn chaingunner removed imho, because you just can't snipe him easily as there are usually imps in front serving as meat shields. Anyways, I wasn't here for that. If the level idea was to give the player the freedom to choose between SSG or RL and then also which key to use, then ammo needs retuning. I found myself going tyson a lot when doing any other path that wasn't RL>Red Key. Also, I couldn't reach one of the secrets, buy I saw talk about it here, so it'll be fixed I hope. Using RC2 of course.
  12. Not Romero's best at all, but it's like playing a custom wad from '95 (and one of the good ones) all over again. The portals look rad.
  13. pagb

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

    I actually like the new caco
  14. How do I get those .udmfs to a playable wad? I'm going nuts and google doesn't seem to help >_<
  15. I like some discarded textures. Can't wait for a texture pack :D http://i.imgur.com/CwQlviS.png