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  1. A couple of issues so far: -MAP03: I am stuck in the screenshot provided. Went trough the pictured door and heard something opening behind (the teleporter closet at the right). Now the door won't open again, and that "teleporter" doesn't seem to work. -MAP04: Terrible frame drops in the final arena. I think the reflective floors from the small sectors surrounding the teleport landing are the offenders. You don't even get to notice them during a regular playthrough tbh.
  2. Just finished the thing. Astounding job, this will be hard to top... In fact, it'll be impossible to top without setting CPUs (at least 1 of its cores) on fire. My R5 3600 suffered at many spots. I've been browsing the thread a bit and I couldn't see anyone reporting this...
  3. oh seens like the admins have removed the split page because i cant acces it anymore


    1. pagb


      I requested a thread name change. Guess they were more radical.

  4. Don't make up stuff, man. It wasn't about the thread splitting, it's about the TITLE of the new thread. Sarcasm and child abuse jokes while moderating? Wrong and distasteful. DW is the only place in the whole internet where I had to reach to the admins to delete/modify a news post about me because of distasteful naming from the admins/mods. And I'm calling admins to please change the title of this thread again, I don't want anyone googling up my nick seeing it associated to that kind of jokes.
  5. Things like that is why I don't linger around here much anymore
  6. - I've mixing for twenty-something years. If the ports are updated frenquently it's not an issue until one of them *really* falls behind - I picked random 4.02 x64 builds. I think the first I tried was the penultimate one, dated from yesterday. - That's right. I've been using VMS for so long I forgot I use it. But music volume slider always worked fine for me in every other port in existance. - I'm running a R5 3600... and even at 720p I can't get locked 60fps when playing this addon. I guess I'm out of luck asking if there's a not-that-higher-precision-renderer? Right? - Will try the Choco thing later, thanks!
  7. - Eternity wouldn't start if running from my main Doom folder. Had to do a separate installation just for itself - Eternity would crash if I tried to start a game with Heartland loaded. Had to try 3 different recent builds - Music volume slider just doesn't work at all. - Very poor performance at high resolutions, even on vanilla maps - "Meh" performance at 1080p - Mouse input doesn't feel responsive, not even with smoothing off and vsync off - Changing "wipe style" has no effect at all. It's always a crossfade. (EDIT: Ok, this one seems to be Heartland's fault)
  8. I ran into half a dozen issues just even before starting to play the actual addon. That's why.
  9. pagb

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Maybe I'm dumb and missing something obvious... But I went for the clock tower straight from e2m1, and there's no portal back. I also seem to be... stuck?
  10. pagb

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    I get it... but when I play doom is for killing, not running past 60% of the monsters. If I wanted that, I'd speedrun xD... so I don't share it. You should also understand that in this level pack, you aren't always allowed to go back to clean shit, so you can't take your backtracking moment for granted... Which is also the most boring part of a level. And moving the ammo until the end is just going to puzzle players, making them think that they missed a room with ammo or something. The weak sniper monsters are a good touch though. EDIT: Having watched your gameplay in full... Absolutely no one approaches a new, unknown level like that.
  11. pagb

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    4K, had to 50%... so it's 1080p to get it playable, as 75% still dipped below 60fps at times. My old 6 core Xeon wouldn't be able to run this propertly, and we're talking about a CPU that is rocking Eternal at stable 60fps at its new home.
  12. pagb

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    Yep, blue skull. And since I'm at it, I'm currently at MAP10, so I'll share my nitpicks until now. MAP03: The start is though. If I didn't resort to the secret blue armor and plasma gun below de bridge, I don't know how many tries would it take me to complete the level (no saves) MAP04: I'm the usual guy who likes his Doom dark, as it was back in the day. But this level is way TOO dark, first time in many years that I had to bump up my brightness in Doom. And that's with an IPS panel, which is already brighter. MAP09: I don't know how this map is for people with lower hardware, but the amount lightmaps MURDER the framerate. It's the first time I see the main CPU core GZD is using clogged not by portals or outrageous amounts of linedefs drawn... but lightmaps. I had to scale down resolution to 50% to get it at stable 60fps (Ryzen 3600).
  13. pagb

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    It was a very long level. hate them. The area with the two cibbies was the main offneder, felt a bit uncomfortable to fight on.
  14. pagb

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    Huh? This MAP02 was a drag though. 13 to go... Beautiful stuff!
  15. pagb

    Hocusdoom RELEASED (in /idgames)

    Found something. In MAP34, there's a jump pand to get you out of a lava pit It doesn't propel you high enough to get out of the lava, so you are stuck there.