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  1. nukeykt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Microsoft used Watcom C instead of their own compiler to build Doom95 exe. Also exe has debug symbols that can be dumped with Watcom's WDUMP utility.
  2. nukeykt

    Doom OPL Windows MIDI driver

    It is included in zip file
  3. nukeykt

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Started turning Calico Doom to 32x Doom
  4. nukeykt

    Doom OPL Windows MIDI driver

    Yes. It is quite possible. I'll try to do it on weekend. What do you think about addition of smooth stereo panning?
  5. nukeykt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Before it was rewritten by John Romero. Possibly id software used "The Laughing Dog Screen Maker" only for new version because they no longer use this library.
  6. nukeykt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In one file in the idsetup source was mentioned that setup utility was written by Scott Host and Paul Radek. So i decompessed and opened early version of setup EXE and found Paul's name and his library name. Then i remembered that Galactix setup was written by the same programmers and it credits Paul for "windowing routines". Apparently it is earlier version of Doom/Raptor setup. I dissassembled Doom's setup EXE and found functions by Paul. Then i cross referenced some code with OLDSETUP.C from sources and found library's function names. These names clearly suggest that library was used to draw windows. Yes. Setup was completely rewritten by John Romero. And it is no more uses Paul's library. Possibly id Software wanted to get rid of it?
  7. nukeykt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Early versions of Doom setup use library written by Paul Radek to draw windows.
  8. Works perfectly in Raptor.
  9. nukeykt

    OPL questions

    You are looking at the older version of the Chocolate Doom code. Latest version is nearly perfect(if not perfect) compared to Vanilla Doom.
  10. nukeykt

    EXE hacking

    A while back i tried to get it working on Yamaha YMF718 card, which is WSS compatible. DMX detected it, but failed to initialize it.
  11. nukeykt

    2017 Goals

    My goal is to create port which is functionally close to vanilla as possible. It preserves original VGA Mode Y graphics for example. It also is multiplayer compatible with Vanilla Doom. It is nearly complete now. Also i'm thinking about porting Chocolate Doom to DOS using pcdoom sources. pcstrife is strife equivalent of pcdoom.
  12. nukeykt

    2017 Goals

    My goals: -Release pcdoom v2, finish pcstrife -Work on Doom 1.6 and earlier emulation in Chocolate Doom -Finish porting DMX to SDL library -Start work on Nuked OPL2 emulator
  13. nukeykt

    R.I.P DOOM on DOSBox?

    I wonder why Radek shared DMX source to Romero. I doubt that id had any DMX source(except headers) during Doom development.
  14. nukeykt

    Vanilla DOOM dirtybox?

    You can look at my pcdoom or pcstrife source ports: https://github.com/nukeykt/pcdoom https://github.com/nukeykt/pcstrife pcdoom is a Doom 2 1.9 source code reconstruction(not perfect). Video code is very close to vanilla (With VGA Mode Y and dirtybox). pcdoom is also can be linked with DMX library. pcdoom source code is a mix of linuxdoom and heretic sources with portions of code based on disassembly of doom exe. pcstrife is a Strife equivalent of pcdoom. It is based on pcdoom and Chocolate Strife and is not completed yet. Video code in pcstrife is a bit closer to DOS Doom/Strife than in pcdoom.