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  1. wheresthebeef

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Keep all of them except the stupid possessed wielding riot energy shields. An annoying enemy that can sometimes one shot me and is a pain to fight. Sometimes their shield goes down quickly after being shot, sometimes it seems it just soaks up every single thing you throw at it. Just get rid of them.
  2. wheresthebeef

    Perfect Dark Zero is Underappreciated

    Rewind has been worked on since well before this console generation even started. I'll believe it when I see it. Crytek was also foolish to acquire Free Radical and NOT let them work on Timesplitters related stuff. They bought the right to Homefront, had Free Radical work on a brand new game, years later they couldn't pay the staff and sold them and the rights to Homefront off. Instead they could've taken a small chance on Timesplitters by first making a remaster of the three games, combining them into one, put in online, and release it. If it doesn't sale, oh well, it didn't cost that much to make, if it sells well, go on and make a full sequel. Instead they made them make a different game and shit the bed.
  3. wheresthebeef

    Crowbar Collective posts 2 new Xen screenshots.

    Seems like Xen might be half the length of the Black Mesa campaign when its finished. That is a hefty update and no wonder its taken so long.
  4. wheresthebeef

    Perfect Dark Zero is Underappreciated

    I really liked PDZ and I really appreciate the amount of options it gave you; split screen or online coop, 4-player split competitive and online, and picking what weapons are in the maps and difficulty changing objectives in missions. Games released the same year and ever since don't do as much as it did as a launch title for 360. That said, it needed a lot more polish and a couple fundamental changes to make it truly great. Timesplitters felt like a more true evolution of Goldeneye/Perfect Dark and its upsetting they never got remastered/more sequels.
  5. wheresthebeef

    Some E3 Alpha (2002) custom maps

    These actually look pretty cool, especially the first one. Get a lot of Nostromo vibes from it.
  6. I find In N Out overrated entirely. Love how they pay and treat their employees and how cheap their food is, but I'd much rather go to Smash Burger. Speaking of, Smash Burger's Smash fries are pretty great. Sonic is pretty good too.
  7. wheresthebeef

    Firehouse Subs: Founded by Firemen

    It's nothing compared to Wendys amirite
  8. A big brute like enemy that throws parts of its body at you that explode, and everytime it picks off a piece it gets smaller and weaker. Make it look Human-ish and make it sound like its suffering. Assuming Samuel Hayden is the main threat (or becomes one of them) a legion of robots that attack you. Just terminator exoskeleton like slow enemies with projectiles and lasers shooting out of their eyes and electric attacks and when they are destroyed they blow up into lovely metallic gibs and electricity starts shooting out lighting up the area for a brief moment. Would make for a nice beak from all the demons.
  9. wheresthebeef

    Post Apocalyptic Currencies

    In all honesty, if someone had a case of Baja Blast and were trading for food or something else I had, I'd probably make the trade. As for everyone else, I don't think there'll be a currency but rather just straight trade for goods. If I have a ton of corn and you have some extra munitions, it would make sense to trade those for each other and not have to rely on a separate currency. If there is an actual trade route with some sense of government, then I could see bullets or something equally important being the general currency. Really depends on which exact post apocalypse scenario we are looking at.
  10. wheresthebeef

    The big thread of what E3 announcements interest you!

    Every single previous Super Smash character is going to be in the new Super Smash. 65+ characters. That shit is cray My friends will still just all pick OG Link, though
  11. wheresthebeef

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    Excited for it being solo and coop and can't wait to play it. However I have questions regarding the story. Does this mean no Wolf 3? Is BJ not successful? Is BJ an old man and Wolf3 takes place after this? Is this just a dream that doesn't actually happen?
  12. wheresthebeef

    Multiplayer speculation

    Just coop, prefer a campaign but horde mode would be fun for a bit.
  13. wheresthebeef

    Command and Conquer: Rivals

    Of all the games announced and shown at E3 so far, I'm surprised this got its own thread.
  14. wheresthebeef

    Will Doom Eternal Be Unfinished?

    Doom 2016 needed some additional polish. There were a number of small niggling issues, stuff like glory kills not working right on slopes, sometimes enemy attacks would knock down all your armor and half your health, Imps getting 'under' you and slashing away before you could find them phasing through your body back and forth, direct hits with rockets sometimes not triggering an explosion but the enemy gibs, and sounds cutting out. I wouldn't say its unfinished though, and I have no doubt Doom Eternal would be less complete.
  15. wheresthebeef

    Reused Assets.

    They should also reuse the cut monster from Doom 3 that was shown when the game was first revealed. Sure it'll look horribly low poly with low res textures, but what the hell. In fact they should use the unfinished Revenant sprites from Doom 64 as well while they're at it. Yeah it's a game they didn't make themselves and a demon being sprites would look weird next to current tech models, but its Hell, Hell is weird. Oh and put in Half-Life 2's cut Hydra enemy. The game already has tentacles so they should pay Valve to bring over that unused enemy too.