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  1. I've seen and played an Unreal Tournament arcade machine and I see virtually nothing about it online except a couple rare forum posts. It was a giant box, think something like this: Except it had walls where the open areas are and a single door to let you in. I don't remember the control setup very much, but I know it had a unique game mode where you had to collect balls around the deathmatch levels like Pacman while still shooting others. It had bots and the one I went to had four total machines all linked up so you could play 4 players plus bots.
  2. I didn't realize I wanted a Doom arcade machine until now Using a joystick would work completely fine for Doom; you only need precise mouse control when dealing with vertical aiming so a joystick would be completely fine so long as you also have strafe buttons. The incontinuity between the levels is normal hollywood stuff; go watch The Wizard and see how much of that crap is in it. What I find intriguing is that they show the first and last level of Doom 2 and not simply the first few.
  3. The Kamikazes from Serious Sam. Luring one into a group of demons and killing them with the splash damage gibbing all of them, awesome
  4. Got a couple more enemies to do and my enemy roster will be complete.
  5. More standalone games, commercial or not.
  6. I like the setting and weapons, gives me a serious Darkwatch vibe which is criminally underrated
  7. The last ~10 pages of this thread has been real fucking good Cheers all around
  8. Only length is mentioned, which could be size or time, but the fact they said an hour makes me think they were referring to overall time. Although that map definitely takes a bit more than an hour Wait, the OP and first reply are two different people with the same avatar, I'm stupid
  9. Crouching and idclip wouldn't count as pure speedrun though idspispopd don't either
  10. The actual longest
  11. Ranger is in Quake Champions because he is the original Quake character. Doom slayer is in QC because he is id's most iconic character and a new game just came out last year BJ is in QC because Machinegames gave him a personality and a voice with their new Wolfenstein games Rage guy has no personality, you only ever see what he looks like in a menu, he never talks and only grunts, and even then some of those sounds are reused from Doom 3, most people that play Rage likely dont even know he has a name (I didn't even know), and if anything more people would recognize this guy from Rage before they would the main character: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/rage/images/5/50/Coffer.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111007062452 Now if John Goodman's character was put in Quake Champions, I would be all about that shit
  12. I just want Ammo for current weapon, Health/Armor, and any keys to display as just floating text, thats it. So basically Doom 64 I like the art and design of cool huds like those sampled in this thread, but for gameplay I want it minimal.
  13. If they took it back and refunded no problem, then there's no problem. It's only an asshole if they were difficult and refused to refund/take it back/all sales are final. If they keep pestering, put them under spam or block communication and save yourself any stress
  14. It looked and ran absolutely amazing on old consoles; looking back though, some of the skybox stuff looks like absolute ass and I would rather have real time lighting than mega textures and props glued to the table. I thought the vehicles and open world stuff was a great idea but completely wasted since they rarely ever focused on them. Could've just had a linear progression from level to level and focus more on making an ending. That might be why I like the co-op; just a level to level combat sequence.
  15. I feel like I knew this yet seeing it has me actually interested in playing it now