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  1. wheresthebeef

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    I actually think Doom lends itself to using a controller perfectly just because of the lack of Z-axis aiming. The only times theres an aiming issue is when you have to quickly turn around. Some of the console ports fixed this by letting you hold down the run button to also make turning faster. IIRC, the newest Bethesda console ports don't have this feature though unfortunately. I know the OG Xbox Doom 3 had this but BFG Edition didn't.
  2. The creator seems to have immediately abandoned the project after releasing this demo, so I'm assuming this is all that will come of it... I always like this version of remaking maps from other games. Remake the layout and the encounters but make it work in the context of the game you are making them for. Will check this out later.
  3. wheresthebeef


    I like their paid mod program. Part of the reasoning they give for why certain specific mods will be allowed on there and have a price tag is because they wanted every mod to be canon but also because they reassured they were giving their own top QA tests for them. A number of paid mods have game breaking bugs that have been well known for a while that still aren't fixed.
  4. wheresthebeef


    I was worried for Arkane because they always made great games that didn't sell enough and the PS5 exclusivity for Deathloop felt like a desperate effort to make money. I was always scared Zenimax would've given them the axe, even if it was unlikely. This makes me happy it likely won't happen at all now, and there's so many possible cross-development situations between studios that could happen now its pretty insane. Maybe Obsidian will make a new Fallout since Bethesda will be busy with Starfield and then ES6 for the foreseeable future. Also Doom and Halo under the same roof. Wow.
  5. wheresthebeef

    Will the Fallout TV show be any good?

    Make some of the highest rated and high selling games, make one bad one, give no chance to make it up with something new and instead they deserve to be shutdown. Fucking what? Also Fallout 76 is their only "failure" so I have no idea what you mean by more failure then success. Fallout 3, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter, and Elder Scrolls Online have all been successes and usually highly rated. Plus we have no clue with Starfield yet. They have a chance to address and fix any issues people have had with their games so we'll have to wait and see. And given the fact Outer Worlds came and went and no one seems to ever talk about it, its clear no one can do what Bethesda does.
  6. wheresthebeef

    Will the Fallout TV show be any good?

    A post apocalypse show with the style and humor of Fallout sounds like a great time to me, so long as the budget is high to make it not look cheap. If its setup like Mandalorian where each episode is something new and slightly unrelated to the ones before and after (like old western shows), I'll like it even more. They can save some money where some episodes could take place literally entirely in a Red Rocket truck stop, but it needs a big budget so that the episodes that take place in the bigger locations like a destroyed city it doesn't look like CG crap. I'm optimistic overall.
  7. wheresthebeef

    F.E.A.R. Should it be rebooted?

    I've played all the Jupiter engine games in that video. It was cool playing what were essentially mods for FEAR 1. My favorite was the one that was set in a skyscraper fighting terrorists. It was basically FEAR Die Hard.
  8. wheresthebeef

    John Romero making you his B..

    I've always taken issue with him saying he never wanted it yet he signed off on it. Also in that "A visit to id Software" video, he says stuff like "Eat shit, faggot" as possible chat macros. I'm pretty sure he was known for smack talk in games in general. It was suppose to be lighthearted and I think this ad was suppose to be smack talk just like in deathmatch, it was just very poorly thought out. The fact the magazines also allowed it is another head scratcher. He appears much more humble now, likely due to the backlash of this ad and the reception of Daikatana in general.
  9. wheresthebeef

    F.E.A.R. Should it be rebooted?

    I disliked the direction Bloodshot went and I absolutely hated the psychological horror stuff. It just wasn't fun fighting things like the tar people or whatever. The atmosphere was also just too dark and depressing. Being in the ghetto and dirty back alleys shouldn't be all cupcakes and roses, but it shouldn't have been as gritty and edgy as it was. It was just completely unappealing. Criminal Origins pulled it off nicely. It also tried too hard in the horror department. Less is more. Bloodshot has the bear while Criminal Origins has way more effective scares. CO also had some psychological scares, like the dummies in the department store that would teleport towards you when you didn't look, but it was more subtle than stuff like the possessed dolls in Bloodshot. Also my favorite "scare" in the entire series is at the Apple Orchard. Theres no one else there, theres no combat, so the tension is constantly building while you explore. You then eventually open a door that reveals a staircase leading down to a dark basement.... yeah FUCK that. Also the greatest issue with Bloodshot is no PC port. The combat in Bloodshot was good, all the new additions were great, and the detective stuff was a step up from Criminal Origins. Implement this stuff in a game with CO's atmosphere and enemies for the perfect sequel. The last I heard, Jace Hall had the rights to Condemned and said if any studio came to him with a great idea for a new Condemned, he would let them make it.
  10. wheresthebeef

    F.E.A.R. Should it be rebooted?

    This is also a really great time to tell everyone about Trepang 2 Go play Trepang 2 demo and then buy the full game whenever it releases. It is a FEAR 1 spiritual successor
  11. wheresthebeef

    F.E.A.R. Should it be rebooted?

    I would actually much prefer a sequel to Condemned that ignores Bloodshot. With FEAR, I'd rather just have more maps, weapons, and enemies for the first game. It was perfect.
  12. wheresthebeef

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    Thats completely fair and respectable.
  13. wheresthebeef

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    That has to be the stupidest thing I've read in a while. It doesn't matter what engine someone decides to make a game on, if they make something great and doesn't require Doom, they should be able to release it standalone, whether for a price or not.
  14. wheresthebeef

    Fallen Aces - New New Blood FPS

    This was revealed during Realms Deep. To me, its the most interesting looking game announced with the most original art style. I also immediately thought of Action Doom 2 when it was revealed. The art style combined with the mobster theme is right up my alley. Eagerly anticipating this one!
  15. The most ironic thing about that thread is the person making the most fuss has DukeNukem as his name and avatar. Theres such a huge amount of irony that they would advertise it on a cereal box.