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  1. wheresthebeef

    (q1 and q3) VS (others)

  2. wheresthebeef

    What is Doomguy's race?

    His race is the par time
  3. wheresthebeef

    What is This Sci-Fi Shooter Called?

    If it isn't Planetside, the description reminds me of Section 8, though its likely Planetside
  4. wheresthebeef


    Its exactly this. This date is used by many different stores/websites for games without a date. Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, and Rage 2 all have the same date, for example.
  5. wheresthebeef

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    He's a positive person with a good attitude You can never have enough of those *edit* Oh, and he has a good voice. Perfect for what he does.
  6. If you hate Randy Pitchford for Duke Nukem you must absolutely despise George Broussard
  7. wheresthebeef

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    You might be right I'll probably use the one with the background for certain explosion effects but the text only version will be for explosions caused by weapons.
  8. wheresthebeef

    Doom Rendered in TEXT - 1337D00M | Nostalgia Nerd

    When he showed it in the Impossible mode with Monochrome, it was actually incredibly easy to see what was going on just by unfocusing my eyes and sort of half-crossing them. I could probably beat the game like that, though I'd need a break since my eyes would probably be spinning to the back of my head by then.
  9. wheresthebeef

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Trying some comic book style text effects. Yay or nay?
  10. wheresthebeef

    Dimension Drifter [Early Access / TPP / Indie]

    It just looks like Unloved with a reskin?
  11. Just give us different color versions of the Praetor suit. Nothing too fancy.
  12. wheresthebeef

    My ideas for a Duke Nukem fangame

    Honestly, Duke Reloaded didn't look that great IMO It was being made before Rise of the Triad 2013 came out, and while I enjoyed ROTT '13, it felt like an amateur project cobbled together. Bombshell was much better and Rad Rodgers even more so, so the team definitely found their groove, but at this point I'd rather they stick to their original IPs than go back to Duke. It'd be great if the Ion Maiden devs Voidpoint were to make something Duke related because they understand Duke and it'd be a labor of love, but I also hope they find success with their own original projects so they get as much profit as possible. Those guys are great!
  13. wheresthebeef

    Some good news for Star Wars fans

    Episode 7 started out on such a good note and then Episode 8 really fudged it all up. Part of it was completely out of their hands like Carrie Fisher's passing yet Part of it was them having no plan for the overall story. Say what you want about Episode 8, the bigger issue is JJ Abrams had a plan for Episode 7 but nothing for 8 other than to let someone else write it. And with the way Episode 8 ended, there's not a whole lot of story left, it felt like the conclusion of a trilogy. Episode 9 is about to be a soft reboot while still being a sequel in a trilogy. I also rather liked the Solo movie. Upset we won't see any sequels to it like we were supposedly going to.
  14. wheresthebeef

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    If we are going to consider the Doom movie as canon, then we actually aren't fighting the forces of Hell and instead all the demons are actually just science experiments gone wrong from DNA modification. As for NPC allies in Doom, they aren't needed. They would ruin the flow of combat. I can see a couple scripted sequences where you fight alongside some weak little marines that get killed off from single fireballs or a boss fight where sentinels help you kill a boss or something, but otherwise NPC allies don't really need to exist in combat. Human allies, however, yes please. Gimme dat coop
  15. wheresthebeef

    Thoughts on Blood

    The game is the best Build engine game yet its been treated the worst as far as official support. Warner Brothers refuses to allow the source code to release, they refuse to sell the IP rights (at least not without a huge amount of money) and they refuse to do anything with it at all. Jace Hall(who worked on the original) has talked to them, Devolver Digital tried to get it, and Night Dive wants it too. Its real unfortunate because the game is great and could really benefit from a modern day source port ala EDuke32. Blood GDX is good but its still just an approximation and not the real deal. It seems like every game from this era's first episode were always the best, and Blood is no exception. You start in a morgue, fight into a train station, ride on a train, go through a carnival, explore a horror themed water ride, explore some cathedrals/temples, and end on a boss fight on an altar. Also, using TNT against a horde of enemies and seeing them go flying is the most satisfying thing.