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  1. There's been a shift in game development that has been happening the last several years; big AAA publishers aren't the only way to get a big game funded, with that also means the creative freedom remains with the developers, for better or worse (sometimes the most creative need to be reeled in) You have games created by very very small developers, sometimes just one person, becoming mainstream; you have the big Naughty Dog or Rocksteady or Bungie developers still making huge blockbusters; and you have the kinda medium sized but still relatively small teams making games like the recent Shadow Warrior or Gone Home or Battlegrounds, all being successes because they weren't required to sell over 5 million copies just to break even through development costs. I think you are going to see less and less singleplayer AAA games and more loot crate microtransaction style things because those cost near nothing to make but end up selling more than the games themselves. You are going to get those great singleplayer experiences mostly from indie games since they aren't worth it to most publishers. That's why while it sucks the people at Visceral lost their jobs and their Star Wars game seems to be basically canned while it gets reworked into something else, they are now free to (HOPEFULLY) form an indie studio and make a new great singleplayer game.
  2. !kraM ih hO !TON did I !reh tih ton did I !tihsllub s'tI !eurt ton s'ti ,reh tih ton did I
  3. They asked for a good parkour wad, this looks bad. I liked the vaulting in the Doom 4 for Doom wad
  4. I used to think the pistol was actually the back of the marine as if it was a third person shooter. It doesnt make sense but I was also a kid at the time and first person shooters were completely foreign to me. The shotgun looks less like a person yet I think I still thought it was; don't quite remember what the fuck I was thinking when you shot and it pumped
  5. E4M2 It looks great, a fun challenge to pistol start, one of the last maps made for Doom 1 and 2 so it employs a lot of experience Romero learned making maps up until that point, and I hear it was made in less than 8 hours.
  6. The Black Cube is the one featured in the visit to id software during Doom 1 development that Romero shared a couple years ago, yeah? I really like the simple design of the building and the layout of the offices themselves.
  7. Donna Jackson putting in work still Great visit, always like seeing the original models and shotgun of Doom
  8. There's a reason why Bethesda is constantly going after other developers when they have game names somewhat similar to their own IPs, things like Scrolls by Mojang or that Pray to the Gods game. My parents do the same thing at their grocery store; they don't allow anyone to solicit out front, not Salvation Army, not Girl Scouts, nothing, because otherwise they would legally have to allow panhandling or people trying to petition for the weirdest shit and annoying customers with wanting signatures.
  9. You mean without ever picking up more health or armor? That would be an interesting mode. Get rid of all armor and medpacks and make Beserk only power your fist
  10. I don't care either way, but I know water slows things down which could be the intention of the mapmaker. I love the way it was used in Turok 2 and (I think) Rage Wars, the water could be a vertical wall or even a ceiling you could drop from or jump into and start swimming. Gravity didn't mean shit and it added a cool sort of zero gravity element to it.
  11. Vegas (Henderson specifically) is my favorite city/place to have ever lived and I really hope me and my family all end up moving back there sometime down the road. This is the tragedy that has struck me the most out of the ones happening the last 10 years because I don't like seeing my city attacked. Curse this fucker for ruining it and trying to associate his name with the city and musical event like some others have done.
  12. I don't see a Doom 3 collector's edition for original Xbox in your pic, LGN ;)
  13. Goldeneye is in IP hell Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, and Conker are all Microsoft IPs A Turok game is a possibility though I don't think it'd hold up at all on the hardware Any WWF game would likely be a no Battletanx is possible Doom 64 could go either way Duke Nukem: Zero Hour I don't see happening Fighting Force could happen Gauntlet Legends may or may not be in IP hell Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Shadows of the Empire might not happen if Disney decides it isn't cool Any sports game is likely a no, so no NFL Blitz One of the Rampage games could happen Don't see either Quake game going on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games likely have licensing issues with music and the IP and whatnot Vigilante 8 is possible Daikatana and Superman are definites Thinking back, they may not allow any M rated games to be on it anyways, so Goldeneye would've been the only shooter if they could get the rights somehow.
  14. Dualshock 4 will also work with DS4Windows Doom works perfect with a controller because it was made with no Y-axis aiming in mind, so it controlled perfectly fine on the PS3 and 360 ports for this reason.
  15. I've said it before, but there's a very easy way to make a Quake sequel that includes both Quake 1 and 2's universe. You start out fighting the Strogg like normal, and at some point portals open that take you into the dark gothic Cthulhu world of Quake 1. Now you get Strogg and Cthulhu monsters fighting and you can have some environments that are all screwed up by the portals so half the level is a space base and the other half is a castle, both colliding into eachother. Quake Champions is fine, the level art is fantastic as well as the ambient music just like the id Software made DLC maps for Doom were great looking. Playing a singleplayer (with coop PLEASE) campaign in these levels would be really, really great.