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  1. wheresthebeef

    Working Out thread

    Thats one of the worst thought processes you could have. Don't focus on anyone else but yourself in the gym. You may never be able to reach Brad Pitt Fight Club physique, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't absolutely kill it in the gym everytime you are there. The best feeling is when someone more chiseled than you is doing some workout and you are next to them doing the same workout but better >:) Also listen to some music that gets you going. Its easy to ignore everything around you when music you are super into is blasting in your ears.
  2. wheresthebeef

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Romero has said in the stream that if this box sells well he will absolutely do another one for Doom II, including releasing the wad itself for free.
  3. wheresthebeef

    Working Out thread

    My wife is a personal trainer so I have no choice but to workout. I fucking hate burpees I fucking hate bear crawls I love pretty much any upper body stuff I love the GHD machine I love that I have unnaturally big calves/legs and so I can always do 10-reps max weight on any leg machine I don't hate crossfitters I FUCKING HATE THAT I NEED TO EAT A BETTER DIET TO GET RID OF ALL THIS FLABBY FAT HANGING OFF THESE SCHWARZENEGGER MUSCLES Been thinking about doing the Spartan race but my cardio is crap. My wife has the trifecta which is pretty cool because you get a third of a medallion for each one you do and getting all three lets you put them together (they have magnets inside)
  4. wheresthebeef

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    It isn't hard to see why its news. He helped create the very game this website is named after and is(was) a big name in gaming. People simply aren't going to be as interested if xXxVampire_Marine_KillahxXx made a mapset as they will one of the original creators. Hell, even AAA studios that make a mapset for a game they didn't even help create would be in the news as evidenced by Machinegames' Quake 1 Episode released a year or two ago. The simple fact you are here posting in the thread about his episode proves this. Sure there might be better wads, hell for all we know this could be the very worst wad ever created, it will still make the news because the dude has clout.
  5. wheresthebeef

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    Can you show where he says he created it all by himself?
  6. wheresthebeef

    So, John Romero is teasing a thing

    Are you referring to the line "SIGIL™ is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM® created by John Romero." If so, he isn't saying Doom was created solely by him, he's saying Sigil is a free medawad created by him.
  7. wheresthebeef

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Just find some stock image of a weird terrain, photoshop a couple hell locations on there, then have Romero's head on a stick progressively coming out of the ground in the middle with every level you beat until by the final level he is fully exposed and you must enter him to beat the episode.
  8. wheresthebeef

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    This is a great birthday surprise for my birthday. Thanks, John! Stoked to try this out
  9. wheresthebeef

    Epic Games stops development of Unreal Tournament

    Its a pretty false and dumb statement to make
  10. While I liked the Red Dead references and how accurate they were and it really seemed like the creators were playing it the same time I was (since they make these the week they air) which made it feel REALLY current and kinda unique, I think it is going to date the episode pretty quickly. A dated joke/reference is fine, but not when it makes up 1/2 the jokes of the episode. The school shooting jokes this whole season however are spot fucking on and haven't gotten old, even though that sounds morbid on paper. I also liked the Halloween episode. Those scooters really did just start showing up in my city and they are EVERYWHERE
  11. Bigger set pieces. I can make a great map, its when I try to incorporate a larger set piece, usually a huge outdoors area, where I end up dissatisfied with just about every design I try. It always ends up feeling barren so I start to overly detail areas that really don't need it and my time should be spent elsewhere.
  12. I turn it off for both Blood and Shadow Warrior. Half the art being 2D and the other half being voxels isn't an appealing look to me. If all the assets were comprised of voxels I'd probably be into it, otherwise I think the 2D art looks 1000x better.
  13. That shotgun is the first time I've personally thought voxels have actually looked good
  14. wheresthebeef

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 It has a lot of really great moments, lots and LOTS of small details and a good deal of polish. The amount of customization is pretty staggering and the amount of systems at play are overwhelming. That said, there's a lot of slow boring parts to it too. Controls feel finicky and can cause issues and sometimes the console's performance can cause some framerate issues, especially when playing first person and trying to turn the camera. There's a lot of mundance activities as well, like doing chores for your gang's camp, picking up hunted animals and putting them on your horse to either sell or donate to your camp, hair grows in real time so if you want a big bushy beard you have to wait, among many other things that feel fine doing them in a first playthrough but I'm going to hate them in a second playthrough. The physics system is still a good time though. I got off my horse, went to grab a rifle from it's saddle, another person on a horse was riding by too close and bumped into my character who then stumbled into my horse and fell over right into the giant pile of shit it had dumped just seconds before, now smearing all over my character who now has to go through a river or take a bath to wash it off. Also the game has dismemberment, so using shotguns at close range is highly encouraged.
  15. wheresthebeef

    Beta 64 - A 31 level megawad for Doom64 EX!

    Only about 5 maps in, but I have just a couple thoughts so far. I really like it, it feels like vanilla Doom 64 maps. Some enemies are getting introduced real early, but that isn't a bad thing, just means the later content starts earlier than it would in vanilla 64. There's been at least two maps where there was point of no return without any warning, unless I was missing something I got locked out of returning to parts of the map and was forced to proceed to the exit, missing out on items and secrets. On level 4, there's a part where you pick up a shotgun and the platform its on lowers with you on it. Problem is, I had full ammo so I spent maybe 10 minutes running back and forth in the map trying to find out where to go. Wasting a shot to grab the shotgun was the last thing I thought to do and it was the right way to proceed. Enjoying it so far though!