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  1. i HATE that ren and stimpy clip you're talking about.
  2. Doomworld Confessions

    hey uhh uuuhhh you mind like uhhh not saying stuff like that. what the fuck dude
  3. Favorite spices, seasonings, or condiments?

    You gotta get some of that lemon pepper rub on chicken tenders.
  4. Ever tried watching a movie with a sex scene in it with your parents? That's the most uncomfortable it gets.
  5. malwarebytes safety?

    I always install Malwarebytes whenever I have a new computer. It's safe and probably the best at what it does. Never once had an issue with it. It's not going to do auto scans for you, but it's not a bloated commercial antivirus program.
  6. Most recent movie you saw

    Just saw Rogue One the other day. I was enthralled. A wonderful entry into the series.
  7. Favourite Fast Food Place?

    Now that I've thought more about it, Five Guys is pretty great. I also really like a couple local fast food places too, but I don't get a chance to visit much since I'm not downtown everyday anymore. Though, McDonalds really has been upping their game recently. They're getting new burgers on the menu and most of them are actually pretty good.
  8. It's bad being a adult?

    Honestly, I'm 22. Not really into adulthood yet, but getting close to five years in being one in the eyes of the law. Nothing's really much different from when I was a teenager. I was in post-secondary for a little while, but took a break to just work. There's certainly a lot more freedom (as with the McDonalds post above), but it balances out with responsibility. Rent, working full time, etc. As much as I complain about being an adult sometimes, it's actually pretty rad at other times. Parents can't ground you anymore, no curfews, you can get into rated R movies whenever you want. Even with chronic depression, my transition to being an "adult" and having to deal with life after high school sucked for a little bit, but only because of the choices I made and the courses I took in college. I guess it also helps that I don't totally hate my job, even though it's actually pretty frustrating most of the time. The only big tip I can give is to make sure you live with your parents or with roommates as long as you're able. It's a pretty different world now (at least in North America) than it was 30 years ago. Difficult to just graduate, get a career, and buy a house.
  9. Post a picture of yourself!

    My purple hair has long since faded, though.
  10. Obscure Songs

    Funny thing is, I was in the midst of listening to that album before I clicked on this thread. I'm always ready for obscure old school death metal. Here's another:
  11. Bobby Prince battling cancer

    Smack cancer in the face with a MIDI keyboard.
  12. Big surprise, this kind of stuff gets onto the Steam store all the time. They really have no quality control beyond the hundred bucks to get it on Greenlight and enough votes on Greenlight to get it on the store.
  13. user Malinku was murdered

    Horrible to hear a community member here passed away. Worse to know it was murder. I hope justice is served.