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  1. PureSlime

    What are you listening to?

    Holy shit what? So like, this is After Death but they can legally use the Nocturnus name now? That's wacky and weird. Here's what I'm listening to. Kinda sucks that it's so hard to find a copy of, and it's not on Spotify.
  2. PureSlime

    Doom Eternal coming to Google's Stadia platform

    Jumping, boosting, and platforming over those huge (insta-death?) pits seems like it'll be a major pain in the ass. I know the last game did it in a few instances and I think those were some of the more frustrating parts. It seems like it'll break up the action a little too much. But what do I know? I'll reserve any proper judgments until I get to play it myself.
  3. PureSlime

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    something I started work on but never got anywhere with
  4. PureSlime

    Most recent movie you saw

    Oh wow my thread from almost three years ago is still going. Most recent movie I saw was Captain Marvel. Liked it quite a bit. Think it's one of the stronger entries in the MCU. I'm not sure if that's a high bar though, since most of the films in the series are "good enough" imo.
  5. PureSlime

    Doom 2 the Way id Did

    Does a fantastic job at mimicking Doom II, but as a result doesn't deliver as tight of an experience (through no fault of the mappers, that's just the Doom II style). Really recommended if you enjoyed the first one.
  6. PureSlime

    Doom the Way id Did

    Very well-made. It almost seamlessly mimics the style of the first three original episodes, but tweaks the formula to streamline it in certain places and extrapolate upon it in others. A cool look into a sort of "alternate reality" version of Doom. It feels like it spilled over from another timeline where everything was the same, but still a little different.
  7. i HATE that ren and stimpy clip you're talking about.
  8. PureSlime

    Doomworld Confessions

    hey uhh uuuhhh you mind like uhhh not saying stuff like that. what the fuck dude
  9. PureSlime

    Favorite spices, seasonings, or condiments?

    You gotta get some of that lemon pepper rub on chicken tenders.
  10. Ever tried watching a movie with a sex scene in it with your parents? That's the most uncomfortable it gets.
  11. PureSlime

    malwarebytes safety?

    I always install Malwarebytes whenever I have a new computer. It's safe and probably the best at what it does. Never once had an issue with it. It's not going to do auto scans for you, but it's not a bloated commercial antivirus program.
  12. PureSlime

    Most recent movie you saw

    Just saw Rogue One the other day. I was enthralled. A wonderful entry into the series.