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  1. DavidRaven

    Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    This looks very promising, I'm looking forward to play it!
  2. DavidRaven

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.2 (8 Nov 2018)

    Amazing map, I liked the design A LOT. One of the most beautiful maps I've ever seen!
  3. DavidRaven

    Haunted Base

    @StormCatcher.77: thanks a lot! :) I've watched the whole demo, it's been very useful to make some small improvements (like the sliding doors after the cyberbaron, I've edited them a bit so the player won't be confused anymore). I'll surely make more stuff :D @KVELLER: thanks! maybe I put too much ammo, I'll correct this in the next wad :)
  4. DavidRaven

    Haunted Base

    @mgr_inz_rafal: thanks a lot for your feedback! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the map :D yeah, maybe I should detail a bit more some parts, like that nukage trap, and should have positioned the last monster better (in the last room, maybe) about the crouching problem, yes, that may be because it was the first time :D of course, once I've finished my map for the Relax project, I'll start a sequel :D @pulkmees: if you're talking about the teleporting enemies, no, they're the waiths from doom3 ;)
  5. DavidRaven

    Haunted Base

    Hello everyone! This is the first map I publicly release. It's a big single player map with a few custom monsters (can probably be played in co-op but I've not tested it). While being a dark and claustrophobic map (you get some flares and a flashligh), I've tried to combine that with some decent fight zones. Technical info: Port: made for GZDoom 3.3.0, will work on Zandronum 3.0. Can probably work on more recent versions of them. Freelook: yes Jumping/crouching: yes Inventory items: yes Map: MAP01 IWAD: Doom2 Feedback is appreciated! Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zinou5ylkgpndxv/hauntedbase.zip?dl=0 Credits: Screenshots:
  6. DavidRaven

    RELAX (Chillax 2) Updates thread

    Hello, I'm one of the mappers of this project! I'm bumping this topic with a few screenshots from my map.