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  1. For ages, I didn't see your reply to that post of me. I have forshamed myself, father.

    1. Mauzki


      For context the "post a picture of yourself" thread.

  2. Gotta love it when your time online is comparable to the moodswings of someone with bipolar

  3. Mauzki

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I met my bf wearing it, so its already affective.
  4. Mauzki

    Post a picture of yourself!

    fuck it I'll post an actual pic of myself
  5. Mauzki

    Let's Be Revealing

    Favourite Movie Genre: horror Favourite holiday: Christmas Favourite Memory: meeting partner in the summer Worst Memory: spilling hot water on my feet! age: 18 Favourite outfit: Mix of things, I as a joke wear this long soviet jacket, but usually will wear my trust ushanka with some bare bone hoodie. Favourite genre of music: Black metal Most hated genre of music: most modern rap and NU metal. Right handed Worst injury: kettle water across my feet, I walk a bit funny because of it, it messed with my nerves! I'd say success is just being happy with what ever you've got And partly, black and white and sometimes orange. And being ace doesn't mean you can't be in a relationship. Just as the other guy said!
  6. Mauzki

    Doom95 on Windows 10

    Ironic as doom 95 can get running on Linux with wine (and with wine its not emulate technically!) Its an odd momment when a program has better compatibility with Linux then windows.
  7. Yo, where have you been? I wondered what happened to you. 

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    2. Mauzki


      hahaha, its weird to think it was that long. Lot changed from that time, got a new partner (<3) moved and such, but I should be more alive now, well alive as in not being dead for a year.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      A year away from this place really does wonders to a man!

    4. Mauzki


      It does, I like to believe I can make better wads now, ooh my first follower, I'm not so much of a loner now.

  8. Mauzki

    Hermit.WAD, feedback wanted!

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I'll get to working on the wad. And yes It was intended to be a craft top. And hahah, yeah its preety much a low effort death trap. Hah thanks again, I'll get to working on it. I'll see if I can get to recompiling it :)
  9. Mauzki

    GZDoom preventing PUBG from starting up?

    Damn, what a cool feature. Blocking overrated games.
  10. Mauzki

    Hermit.WAD, feedback wanted!

    Hello! I haven't really uploaded a wad in well ages! This is Hermit.wad! It contains 5 levels, new midi's for each level, there is a few custom sounds and other then a few right handed models not much of a change! Limited ammo and hopefully challenging This wad really doesn't require the use of Jumping or free look, etc. The story; After the demonic take over of earth, you know the only way to find any form of safety is to use the top secret UAC facility you work at, maybe there you can find safety or not.. either way pack that shotgun and stop being a HERMIT I'm so sorry Tested with: Zdoom GZdoom Zandronum Chocolate-Doom Will NOT work with: Chocolate doom Pr boom+ Thank you :) hermit.zip
  11. Mauzki

    Xiller's Hellcity

    It's got some nice designs in there for sure, the music works well too. But I think the wad could really do with some better direction, as myst.haruko said the map is somewhat unpredictable and feels quite imaginative, from my view the map really didn't have a sense of direction and just didn't make sense, with that the themes really don't differ that much with texture placement. Its a good wad no doubt, but the flaws lie within the concept of the wad itself, so its more for something to look out for a next wad project.
  12. Mauzki

    New Forum

    The hell is this new UI? I can't find any posts about the redesign of the website, is there anyway to set it back? I noticed posthell is gone, but man this UI just seems like the windows 10 start menu, in fact I shouldn't even give it that.
  13. Mauzki

    Create a Doom themed T-Shirt

    I'd honestly save up for that, it looks quite good, you mentioned stickers? Is it possible to get that in sticker form? That would look cool on my tower.